Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 430

Chapter 430 Bidding Farewell To The Sect

Chapter 430 – Bidding Farewell to the Sect

Lin Xuanzhi asked, "Whats the information you got?"

Yang Shuo said, "I have heard some news, but most of them are useless, so I wont waste Young Masters time. There are three most useful ones. First, the Yuan family will be attacked and besieged by some unscrupulous people on the night after seven days. Second, the Peak Master of Breaking Sword Peak in Profound Sky Sect failed to pass tribulations two days ago and died."

After that, Yang Shuo looked at Yuan Tianwen. "These two are related to Young Master Yuan. The first one is probably to force you to show up at your Yuan familys house. I have secretly passed the news to Yuan familys master and his wife. I think they will be prepared in advance. However, for Esteemed Qing Yun, you can only mourn the outcome."

Yuan Tianwen clenched his fist and asked through gritted teeth. "How many people know about my master?"

Yang Shuo replied, "Although your master is dead and gone, he still pretends that hes still in closed-door cultivation. If I had not heard someone suspect that he was dead and sent someone to sneak into Breaking Sword Peaks seclusion room to find out, I still wouldnt have known it was so."

Yuan Tianwens face darkened. "You dare break into my masters cultivation room? You are too bold."

Yang Shuo raised the corner of his lips and said casually, "In our line of work, the head is always pinned to the belt. If you want information, you have to be more desperate and deadlier than others."

Yuan Tianwen stared at Yang Shuo for a moment. Although he was in a low mood and wanted to hit someone, he still remembered to give Lin Xuanzhi face and gave up the impulsive idea.

Lin Xuanzhi narrowed his eyes. "What is the third one?"

Yang Shuos eyes evoked a strange expression. "Third, nowadays there are rumors that Yan Tianhen has the constitution of an exceptional furnace. If you have him, youll be on top of the world. But this kind of rumor has not yet spread, and its popularity is not wide enough. In addition, an exceptional furnace has always been stunning in appearanceHaha, dont glare at me like that, Im just telling the truth. However, I think Young Master can make use of this to your advantage."

"To my advantage" Lin Xuanzhi chewed the word for a moment and asked, "Where is the owner of Wishing Lane now?"

Yang Shuo narrowed his eyes. "He should now be gathering news from Sky Peak City. Eight groups of people were sent from the city to track Young Master from different directions. This route that Young Master is taking right now is the safest way after many considerations."

Lin Xuanzhi nodded. "Since some people think that Ah Hen is an exceptional furnace and want to publicize this news, then we might as well let the Five Continents have a few more exceptional furnaces."

Yang Shuo smiled. "Young Master is wise. I shall do it now, but does Young Master have a candidate?"

Lin Xuanzhi replied lightly, "Since Yin Xinghan is so unscrupulous, lets start with him first."

Yang Shuo nodded. "Understood. Within three days, Young Master will hear the news."

"In addition." Lin Xuanzhis eyes darkened as he asked, "Do you have anything about the Liu family?"

Qing Zhu and Liu Zhaoyue looked at Yang Shuo uniformly.

Liu Zhaoyue bowed his head despondently.

"However, regarding Master Liu, Yan Lie gave me some news."

"What news?" Qing Zhu immediately became nervous.

Yang Shuo answered, "He seems to have been badly injured, but the man has disappeared. Ren Bulin and Yin Xinghan are now searching for traces of Master Liu in Sky Peak City. A man is not dead until one sees his corpse."

For a moment, Qing Zhu was stunned, and his heart beating violently. His body felt unstable as he said in a trembling voice, "Liu Mengchen must still be alive. I want to find him."

Liu Zhaoyue was also excited. "I am with my sister-in-law."

Yang Shuo gazed at them. "If I were you, I would forget it. Master Liu may be hiding in a safe place. If you break into Sky Peak City rashly and are caught by Yin Xinghan, hell use you to threaten Master Liu out, and youll lose more than you gain. If he is really alive, he will try his best to find you."

Esteemed Lan Yue interjected, "Do any of you have stray belongings of Master Liu?"

Qing Zhus eyes lit up but quickly showed reluctance. "I have a lock of his hair. I wonder how it can be useful to Esteemed Master?"

Esteemed Lan Yue said, "Things from the body are better. When I return to Profound Sky Sect, I can use the astrolabe and hair to search for the general position of Master Liu."

Qing Zhu nodded hastily. "Then lets go quickly."

When Lin Xuanzhi saw this, he said to Yang Shuo, "You have worked hard for me in recent days."

Yang Shuo smiled. "Its not hard. I still have some useful news that has been written in a scroll. However, its not suitable to stay here for a long time. Its better for Young Master to leave early."

Yang Shuo carried a guqin behind his back. He took it out, jumped on it, then flew toward the south, disappearing in the horizons.

"Who is that man?" Esteemed Huai Yu couldnt help but frown. "He was able to follow me all the way here without being discovered by me, but his cultivation isnt so high."

Lin Xuanzhi replied, "It doesnt matter who he is. The most important thing is that he can bring us very useful information."

Esteemed Huai Yu nodded. "So it seems."

Lin Xuanzhi asked again, "Martial Uncle, does Uncle Su already know about the siege?"

Esteemed Huai Yu replied, "A few days ago, we received a message from someone who secretly delivered it. Su Mo couldnt help but worry about the Yuan family, so he had already rushed back and left me here to meet you. Su Mo is a cautious person and raised a number of people. In addition, the elders sitting in the Yuan family are powerful, so he would not easily let them fall into a desperate situation. Besides, Profound Sky Sect is not just a decoration. No matter how arrogant Yin Xinghan is, he still cant be so unbridled right under Profound Sky Sects eyes."

Because their hearts were in knots, the speed of the next journey was inevitably accelerated. It was almost a day and a night trip. Stumbling, they shortened the journey to five days and arrived at Profound City in the East Continent from the junction of North and Central Continents.

After more than three years, when he saw the gate of Profound City again, Lin Xuanzhi felt as if he entered a separate world.

As soon as he arrived at the gate of the city, Lin Xuanzhi saw Hai Kuanglang and Zhan Fengting waiting nearby.

Zhan Fengting had been on tenterhooks for a long time, but when he finally saw all of them, he was relieved to see everyone had come back safely.

"Fellow martial younger brothers, masters." Zhan Fengting greeted, "You finally returned safely."

Esteemed Lan Yue asked, "What is the situation in the city?"

Zhan Fengting didnt waste words and went straight to the point, "There are many more foreign cultivators in the city. According to the situation, they came for the Twin Lotus Lamp, but Xuanzhi is not here. So those people have not acted rashly."

Hai Kuanglang came over and said, "The Yuan family has found a lot of rogue cultivators to settle in the Yuan family, but I dont know why."

Yuan Tianwen snorted coldly. "If Yin Xinghan didnt intend to operate against my Yuan family, my father would not have to act like this."

Hai Kuanglang suddenly realized. "So this is why. However, the Yuan family can be described as the largest family in the East Continent. If Yin Xinghan does this, isnt he afraid of causing public anger?"

This was different from the Liu family, who were not natives in the Five Continents. They were still in a servant-master contract with the Upper Realm, so no one would say anything much if Yin Xinghan coldly destroyed them.

However, the Yuan family was different. They had been in the Five Continents for many years and had many marriages with other great families, so their relationships were intertwined. It was truly "One prospers, then all prosper, but if one perishes, then all perish". Yin Xinghan was just an outsider. If he started anything against the Yuan family, wouldnt it be clear that he would challenge the authority of every family in the Five Continents?

If Hai Kuanglang could think of this, then so could Yin Xinghan.

"Yin Xinghan has always been arrogant and scheming. He doesnt care what others think." Esteemed Lan Yue faintly informed, "I am afraid that in his opinion, it doesnt matter at all if he makes enemies with the entire Five Continents."

"Among everyone in the prophet family, besides that old bastard, the one I hate the most is Yin Xinghan." Esteemed Huai Yu said with obvious disgust, "But they just happen to be part of the prophet family."

The status of the prophet family in the Nine Lands had always been comparable to that of the emperors advisor.

They were the people closest to the Dao of Heaven, and this unique advantage made every word they say like a gospel to fanatical believers.

However, Esteemed Lan Yue said, "You must not forget that I am also a person from the prophet family. Even if I have been outside the family for many years, my birth cannot be changed."

Esteemed Huai Yu was stunned. "But, Senior Martial Brother, you never tell lies or make false statements."

"It depends on who your enemy is."

Yuan Tianwens desire to return home was like an arrow. He immediately took Duan Yuyang back to the Yuan familys home, while Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen walked towards Profound Sky Sect together with Esteemed Lan Yue. When arriving into their own territory, Lin Xuanzhi still had a lot of confidence in his heart. He wouldnt say that he was swaggering, but at least he did not hide it.

Although there were many foreign cultivators in Profound City, even if they saw Lin Xuanzhi, they would never make a move. However, Yan Tianhen soon discovered that those people were staring at Lin Xuanzhi with eyes like hungry dogs seeing meat.

Profound Sky Sect, Sinking Sword Peak.

It had been three days since their return. Lin Xuanzhi took out a magic treasure he hurriedly refined and knocked on Esteemed Lan Yues door.

"Come in."

Lin Xuanzhi pushed through the door and saw Esteemed Lan Yue in the middle of divination as he watched the change of the celestial bodies on his astrolabe. "Master, Ive refined the black turtles inner core into this staff. Master can try to see if its appropriate."

Three days ago, Lin Xuanzhi asked for the magic staff in Esteemed Lan Yues hands. He didnt say what he wanted to do at that time, but Esteemed Lan Yue handed his staff to Lin Xuanzhi without a single word.

Three days later, Lin Xuanzhi refined the same inner core of a black turtle that he won from the Bai family at the Hundred Families Gathering a long time ago into an astrological staff.

Esteemed Lan Yue took the staff and looked at the blue-white stone inlaid on top. He couldnt help feeling a little moved. "How is it possible that you can forge a spiritual tool?"

Lin Xuanzhi said lightly, "Ive always been able to refine spiritual tools, but Im afraid to show it all at once and attract peoples attention, so Ive always improved my refining ability at a normal pace. Only now, there is no need to cover it up."

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