Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 432

Chapter 432 Chaotic Battle At The Mountain Gate

Ch432 – Chaotic Battle at the Mountain Gate

Profound Sky Sect had been challenged by many sides. However, due to the dignity of the whole sect, no one dared to directly rush up to challenge the sect gates barrier. In recent days, Profound Sky Sects disciples who had been wandering outside had been hurt, and some people had even been beaten in secret.

Lin Xuanzhi sighed at the end, "Those disciples, in fact, are not totally unreasonable. It is because of me that the sect was implicated."

He didnt know when Bei Shitian arrived, but the man said. "The source of this matter is not necessarily on you."

Lin Xuanzhi asked, "Why do you say that?"

Bei Shitian replied, "A few days ago, when the sects disciples were repeatedly oppressed, Master sent me to investigate the situation. I found that although those disciples were injured, no one was worried about their lives, and they could return to normal after resting for a while. Moreover, I followed a disciple and finally found that the person who attacked him was one of our own disciples of Profound Sky Sect."

Wan Yitong was stunned, then he flew into a rage. "Isnt this one of our own people screwing with our own people? They want to use this method to force Xuanzhi to face those guys in order to maintain a sense of morality. Who on earth came up with this dirty method? It is simply despicable!"

In Profound Sky Sect, besides Sect Master Jiang, who else would want to kill Lin Xuanzhi so badly?

Just then, Hai Kuanglang came from the outside with a gloomy face.

He looked at Lin Xuanzhi with complicated eyes. "Master has sent a message. He wants us to solve Profound Sky Sects dilemma by ourselves."

Lin Xuanzhi corrected, "Im afraid its not us, but me."

"Dont say that," said Hai Kuanglang

Lin Xuanzhis heart warmed and he couldnt help but think, What kind of virtue do I have? How did I get the sincere treatment of these senior martial brothers?

This was definitely much better than the situation from his previous life.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled faintly, which was quite comforting. "In this case, I might as well follow his advice."

"What do you want to do?" Hai Kuanglang asked, frowning.

Lin Xuanzhi said lightly, "Since someone is calling for a fight, I will go."

"Dont be silly." Wan Yitong cocked his head. "You are no match against those people at all. Dont forget that Mo Yan. At the beginning, we had no strength to fight back, so we were pushed down the cliff by him. Even if your cultivation has grown now, compared to him, there is still a difference in level."

"Master" Wan Yitong looked surprised.

"Xuanzhi, I will ask you again." Esteemed Lan Yue waved his hand and motioned for Wan Yitong to be quiet. "Have you made up your mind?"

Lin Xuanzhi nodded and answered without hesitation, "My mind is made up."

Esteemed Lan Yue continued, "A letter from the Central Continent said that the Bai family and Huangfu Family are willing to give you a helping hand. The Ji family from the South; the Ji family from the West; the Qi family from the North; the Lin, Duan, and Yuan families from the East; as well as the twelve sect forces including North Continents Heavenly Fire Sect and South Continents Delightful Law Sect and Longevity Sect are willing to stand on your side. Cant even that shake your determination?"

Lin Xuanzhi was stunned for a moment. Then he lifted the front of his robes, knelt on the ground, and said to Esteemed Lan Yue, "Master, It is I who has failed your kindness. Your disciple is unfilial."

It seemed that Esteemed Lan Yue was a little angry, and he stared at Lin Xuanzhi for a moment. "Then you can resolve it yourself. None of you are allowed to help him!"

Watching Esteemed Lan Yue turn and leave, Wan Yitong was puzzled for a while. He asked Lin Xuanzhi, who already got up to sort out his clothes, "What did you do to provoke Master? Did you have an outrageous plan? Its the first time Ive seen Master angry to such an extent. Youre a little fierce However, so many people are willing to help you, it seems that you have a good character. The Bai family even came forward; it seems that Yin Xinghans side will be flustered."

"Senior Martial Brother." Lin Xuanzhi looked at Wan Yitong. "I actually have the Twin Lotus Lamp."

Wan Yitong stopped talking.

Zhan Fengting looked at Lin Xuanzhi, as if he had something more to say, but finally sighed.

Bei Shitians eyelid twitched as he frowned.

Lin Xuanzhi continued, "I dont want to deceive people who are willing to trust me. Just leave it at that. I will resolve the outside matter myself."

Wan Yitong watched as Lin Xuanzhi left by sword and his body disappeared. It took him a long time to find his voice. "How can the Twin Lotus Lamp be on him? Where could he be hiding it? Its getting harder and harder to understand him."

Hai Kuanglang looked at Wan Yitong. "Why dont you go and have a look? Afterall, he is our Younger Martial Brother."

Outside the mountain gate, there were a group of people surrounding it. Some of them came from mercenary groups while others were rogue cultivators, who were there to purely enjoy the fun. However, there was no better organized and premeditated group than the joint forces of several aristocratic families and Sky Peak Sect.

"Say, do you think Lin Xuanzhi will appear?"

"Its hard to say" Another person answered, "I heard that many families and sects are on his side. Its not easy to sniff him out."

"I heard that the reclusive Liu family lost their members because they angered Sky Peak Sects newcomer from the Nine Lands. If Lin Xuanzhi has even a little backbone, he wont continue being a coward, right?"

"Who knows? Anyway, we have been here for so long, and we havent even seen a trace of Lin Xuanzhi. I think hes hiding in the mountain like a turtle."


When those words fell, a flash of light appeared from the sects barrier. Most people felt their vision blur as a man in white with black hair and a pale blue sword stood in front of everyone.

This person was Lin Xuanzhi.

Lin Xuanzhis sword landed heavily on the ground, and the cracked ground spread like a spider web under his feet.

A strong wave of aura swept over them, causing five or six people to feel unstable by the impact. Their whole bodies trembled.

"Lin Xuanzhi, you brat, you finally dared to come out!" A deep voice came from the sky. Mo Yan with seven cultivators in ghost face masks passed overhead from the crowd and landed in front of Lin Xuanzhi.

Mo Yan looked at Lin Xuanzhi, who was full of sword Qi, and said coldly, "Back then, I underestimated you. I thought you would die at the bottom of the cliff, but you actually climbed up on your own. However, today is the day you die!"

Because of Lin Xuanzhi, Mo Yan was not spared Ren Bulins ire. In the illusion of Twin Moons City, Lin Xuanzhi had learned of his dilemma, which made Mo Yan hate Lin Xuanzhi inexplicably.

Hence, no matter whether the Twin Lotus Lamp was on Lin Xuanzhi or not, Mo Yan was not going to let him leave alive.

Coincidentally, Lin Xuanzhi thought the same way.

Besides Mo Yan, there was no other person who could have revealed the matter regarding the Twin Lotus Lamp.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled lightly. "Today is also the date of your death."

While speaking, Lin Xuanzhi had already pulled Zhige from where it was inserted on the ground, and threw several thunderballs toward Mo Yan and the others at the same time.

With a wave of his hand, Mo Yan scattered the thunderballs that came at his face. His expression was full of killing intent. "This is an insignificant trick. Do you still want to kill me with that?"

Lin Xuanzhi made a hand seal and sneered, "An insignificant trick is enough to deal with you."

Those thunderballs were scattered across four directions by Mo Yan, and the cultivators who had been standing around all quickly dispersed. However, their speed was not as fast as the thunderballs explosion. They only heard bang bang bang, and many cultivators who could not escape were injured by the strong blasting force.

For a moment, there were groaning sounds.

Mo Yan shot a sharp wind from his palm and sent it heavily toward Lin Xuanzhi.

Lin Xuanzhi waved his Zhige sword to fight with Mo Yan. Before dealing with Lin Xuanzhi, Mo Yan was 100% sure that he could kill Lin Xuanzhi in one strike. But now, Mo Yan found that his every move and style seemed to be neutralized by Lin Xuanzhis swordsmanship.

When Wan Yitong and the others arrived, they saw Lin Xuanzhi fighting with Mo Yan in mid-air, sparks flying off in all directions.

Wan Yitong was taken aback and looked at the sky. "How did Xuanzhi get so powerful? He clearly didnt have the power to fight back last time."

Bei Shitian frowned and held his sword. "His cultivation doesnt seem to have improved, but his swordsmanship now contains a very strong and pure killing intent."

"Hes probably comprehended a new sword intent." Hai Kuanglang said while playing with an ice sword in hand, "We might as well help him deal with the others."

Several subordinates brought by Mo Yan also joined the battle. Hai Kuanglang took the lead in releasing a roaring ice dragon, and all the cultivators who were ready to help Mo Yan were blocked behind the ice dragon.

"Your opponent is me." Hai Kuanglang smiled rather arrogantly, with both hands propped up toward his sides. The originally slender ice dragon became extremely thick, as if it had grown from infancy to adulthood.

The ice dragon growled and rushed at the cultivators. It could freeze people into popsicles if it touched human skin, and its lethality was considerable.

Bei Shitian looked at the cultivators who kept coming and was also provoked to kill and fight. He took out his sword, Killing God, and licked his lips as he sneered, "Come."

Ever since his cultivation improved, he hadnt found the right opportunity to try it out. Now, these cultivators had delivered themselves to his door. Naturally, Bei Shitian wouldnt let this chance go.

Seeing this, Wan Yitong was unable to resist his itching hands and also pulled out his sword, Sorrowful Sound. Once Sorrowful Sound was drawn, all the ghosts wailed simultaneously.

At that moment, the vast open space outside of Profound Sky Sects gates became a chaotic and fierce battleground. These disciples of Profound Sky Sect usually didnt show off much or displayed their skills. But in fact, if one looked at the entirety of Profound Sky Sect, these Sinking Sword Peak disciples were all outstanding people. In the case of four against many, they didnt fall behind at all.

After all, their cultivations were already in the Primary Realm. Although the number of cultivators who came to besiege Lin Xuanzhi was large, those who were already at the Primary Realm were still in the minority.

Mo Yan launched a Mountain-Destroying Palm while the heavy weight of his enormous palm came for Lin Xuanzhis head. If Lin Xuanzhi hadnt dodged, he would have been crushed to death.

Between Lin Xuanzhis eyebrows, a cluster of flame seals suddenly lit up. He pulled out the Zhige sword, and the one style and three moves of the "Lotus Seed Asking Buddha" finished in a split second. A bloody severed hand fell from the sky, and the Mountain-Destroying Plam that couldnt be dodged dispersed on its own before it could even touch Lin Xuanzhis head.

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