Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 433

Chapter 433 A Single Sword Through The Heart

Ch433 – A Single Sword Through the Heart

Mo Yan stared at Lin Xuanzhi in surprise, as though unable to believe that the other party could disperse his attacks so easily and even cut off one of his hands!

Once Zhige was drawn, heaven and earth faded away.

This was a prophecy the creator of the Zhige sword foretold back then, but many people had already forgotten about it. However, after looking at Lin Xuanzhi, who had already become one with the Zhige sword shining with a cold green light, many people present were suddenly reminded of this sentence.

Lin Xuanzhis black hair fluttered, his robes whistling in the wind as he held his sword across his chest. Without saying a word, he continued to fight Mo Yan.

The tip of his blade was wrapped in something like smoke and fog. But if you looked closely, youd find that it was a silent burning flame which could not be seen at a distance. Only Mo Yan felt this strange power that seemed to have a bloodthirsty desire, and it brought him indescribable shock and unusual fear.

Impossible. It was absolutely impossible!

Lin Xuanzhi was clearly only at the Condensed Pulse Stage of Primary Realm cultivation. However, after he drew Zhige from its scabbard, his cultivation seemed to have immediately jumped to the Profound Realm, and his entire being became much more terrifying. His swordsmanship and attacks had also become extremely aggressive, which meant he intended to fight to his last breath.

"Small Mingyin Flame?" Yin Xinghan, who was watching the battle from a distance, could clearly see the flow of energy wrapped around Lin Xuanzhis sword blade, and he was completely shocked. A string of beads in his hand fell to the ground and rolled everywhere.

The man holding a sword beside Yin Xinghan was the main personal bodyguard sent by Yan Zizhang to protect Yin Xinghan. His name was Qu Buyi. He stepped forward and whispered to Yin Xinghan, "Sir, didnt the Small Mingyin Flame disappear along with the Crafting Monarch back in those years? Could sir have seen wrong?"

"Impossible!" Yin Xinghan shouted, his pupils contracting. "The Small Mingyin Flame was a rare fire created by heaven and earth. If it was refined, it could instantly improve ones cultivation to a higher realm. I have seen the appearance of the Small Mingyin Flame wrapped around a persons body in the secret script, which looks exactly the same as Lin Xuanzhis right now! There is absolutely no mistake!"

The cold teal Qi surrounding Zhiges blade had climbed along Lin Xuanzhis arm to his whole body.

Mo Yan released a loud shout, and his whole person began to grow bigger. The muscles of his body suddenly protruded, his skin turning shiny black and hard as a rock.

With a clanging sound, Zhige was blocked by Mo Yans arm.

Mo Yan thrust a huge palm toward Lin Xuanzhi, shooting a wind blast. He nearly overturned Lin Xuanzhis body in the air.

Lin Xuanzhi steadied himself and deftly turned over. His sword techniques changed several times. In his left hand, he added an item shaped like a crystal cylinder with icicles on many sides, then suddenly changed his sword style to launch a move called "Lotus Stirring the Nine Heavens."

From Mo Yans perspective, the Zhige sword suddenly multiplied into tens of thousands of swords, pointing towards him from all directions. Before he had time to think of which one to deal with, his heart suddenly hurt.

Mo Yan dropped to the ground, his soul wanting to flee. But then it was sucked away by a strong force.

Lin Xuanzhi held the Yin Ghost Banner in his hand and shook it hard. All the cultivators who died during this battle also had their souls sucked into the Yin Ghost Banner.

As soon as the Yin Ghost Banner appeared, the surrounding air had grown colder.

This time, Mo Yan became a corpse.

"Teal Lotus Nine Styles!" Yin Xinghan cried out in a low voice, having connected everything in his mind. When he spoke, his voice seemed to crack, "Lin Xuanzhi has the blood of the Xuan family in the East Lands! Lin Zhan was most likely Guang Ling, the East Sovereign Xuan Wushes favorite lover in the beginning! He is the first heir to the Nine Lands in the prophecy. Kill him quickly!"

Qu Buyis pupils contracted abruptly, and in an instant, his body had already reached Lin Xuanzhi. His cultivation at this time was the peak of Profound Realm. Without much hesitation, he prepared to hit Lin Xuanzhi with all his strength

"You dare!" A fierce shout emerged from the sky, and Feng Jingyu slapped him away. Before Qu Buyi could even release his attack, he was sent flying far away by a single slap to his face.

A man in golden-red robes with a gold crown and phoenix eyes landed in front of Lin Xuanzhi. His eyes were brimming with a golden-red light, which was so beautiful and unique from human beings. With a wave of the feathered fan in hand, Qu Buyi, who had just climbed up, was easily overturned on the ground again.

Lin Xuanzhi gently coughed, and swallowed the blood in his mouth.

"West Phoenix Monarch?" Yin Xinghan felt as if hed been struck by lightning. He felt a sense of inexplicable fear in his heart, but suddenly everything became clear to him.

Yin Xinghan flew up to the top of a high building that wasnt far away from Feng Jingyu. After standing still, he narrowed his eyes and stared at him. "Didnt you die at the hands of the Heavenly Luo King and Queen?"

"Haha, that pair of adulterers and whores? Did you really think that I, Feng Jingyu, would be so easily killed?" Feng Jingyu smiled contemptuously, and fully released his spiritual aura. The feather fan pointed to Yin Xinghan as he spoke, "I wanted to say it before. That fan of yours is really ugly. Dont imitate this kings style!"

Yin Xinghan suppressed a mouthful of blood in his throat and almost choked to death.

The iron feathered fan in his hand suddenly felt heavy and scalding. It wasnt like he could put it away, but he also couldnt keep it out.

Yan Tianhen, who came with Feng Jingyu, almost rolled his eyes and whispered, "Maomao, are you here to make people laugh?"

Feng Jingyu shouted, "What are you uttering nonsense for? Shut up!"

Yan Tianhen immediately shut up and looked at Lin Xuanzhi anxiously.

Qu Buyi managed to get up and wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth. WIth half his face swollen, he stood beside Yin Xinghan.

Yin Xinghans eyes suddenly trembled, staring at Feng Jingyu and Lin Xuanzhi, as well as Yan Tianhen who had arrived at an unknown time.

I see, I see!

Although the name Yan Tianhen was not the original name of that exceptional half-Divine Devil furnace, he was still surnamed Yan. In addition, with his appearance and the people from the Nine Lands who appeared around him, how could Yin Xinghan still not guess his identity?

Lin Xuanzhi, who was predicted to be the first heir to the Qianyuan Dynasty and the Star of Salvation before he was even born; Esteemed Lan Yue, or Yin Kongsang, who had already come to the Five Continents early on and was currently Lin Xuanzhis master; the West Phoenix Monarch, who was thought to have died in the Nine Lands; and even the Crafting Monarch Bai Wen, whom nobody knew was alive or not, but nevertheless gave Lin Xuanzhi the Small Mingyin flame

So thats how it is, I see!

Yin Xinghans expression changed a few times before he had a feeling of transparency. He couldnt help but throw his head back and laugh as if hed gone crazy. "There was actually such a big secret hidden in the Five Continents. Yin Kongsang, Yin Kongsang, you were one step ahead of me after all! Hahahahahaha"

"Who is Yin Kongsang?" Yan Tianhen asked in confusion.

"Esteemed Lan Yue." Feng Jingyu swept his eyes towards Yan Tianhen in disgust. "Youve been here for so long, but you dont even know his name."

Lin Xuanzhi wanted to say that he didnt know it either, but he kept his mouth shut and never spoke.

Yan Tianhen asked with great anxiety, "What is he laughing at? Has he gone crazy?"

Feng Jingyu replied, "He was already insane to begin with; at most, hes just become crazier."

After Yin Xinghan laughed enough, he glared at Lin Xuanzhi coldly. "This time, you are dead for sure. I will never let you leave the Five Continents alive and go to the Nine Lands."

"Its not up to you." Lin Xuanzhi smiled lightly. "The Twin Lotus Lamp is in my hands. Similarly, the Yin Yang Umbrella, Heavenly Thunder Tripod, Four Directions Seal, and Five Elements Converging Soul Plate will all be in my hands. I will certainly open the Five Continents barriers and go to the Nine Lands. If you have the ability, take these magic treasures yourself!"

Yin Xinghans face changed dramatically, and his breathing grew very short. "Did Yin Kongsang actually foresee all these already? Where exactly are these magic treasures?"

Feng Jingyu sneered, "Youre not stupid, are you? Lin Xuanzhi would be crazy and stupid if he were to tell you their whereabouts. Yin Xinghan, you better hurry up and get lost. Ill give you a chance to live. If it wasnt for the fact that this king didnt want to kill people at Profound Sky Sects gates for the time being, you would already be ashes by now."

Yin Xinghan couldnt help but think of the fire that burned an entire region of the Wutong Mountain and destroyed a whole team of Black and White Crow Guards. Suddenly, he broke out into a cold sweat. He resisted the impulse in his heart and struggled to say to Qu Buyi beside him, "Lets go."

They were outnumbered. If there had been no Feng Jingyu, Yin Xinghan would have personally dealt with Lin Xuanzhi, but the West Phoenix Monarch Feng Jingyu was standing right in front of Lin Xuanzhi.

The West Phoenix Monarchs power and prestige was well known throughout the Nine Lands. Even if Yin Xinghan had never had a direct confrontation with the West Phoenix Monarch, he had still seen the scene of a million corpses burnt to crisps in his anger.

Even if the barrier of the Five Continents had suppressed their level, no matter how high their original cultivations were, they were all at the peak of the Return Origin Stage in the Profound Realm at this time. In theory, there was no distinction between who was higher and lower. But in reality, ones comprehension of their own techniques, the degree of body refinement, combat experience, the secret skills one mastered, and so on, made an enormous difference.

Feng Jingyu had already surpassed the Profound Realm a long time ago. He was one of the strongest people in the Nine Lands. His cultivation level was unfathomable. While Yin Xinghans cultivation level was also deep, when compared to Feng Jingyu, the only one in the Nine Lands who inherited the Phoenix clans entire legacy since birth, he couldnt hold a candle to him.

Yin Xinghan was not afraid of Feng Jingyu, but he would not deliberately challenge Feng Jingyus authority and patience in a situation where he was caught off guard.

Even if at some point Yin Xinghan thought Feng Jingyu was bluffing about his strength, all the same, Yin Xinghan didnt dare to risk a gamble.

If he lost, hed die.

Defeated, Yin Xinghan ran away. Many of the cultivators on the scene had been provoked to besiege Lin Xuanzhi by Yin Xinghan. At this time, seeing their leader flee and Mo Yan killed by Lin Xuanzhi, the others didnt know what else to do but to retreat.

A crisis was resolved in a short amount of time.

Feng Jingyu proudly raised his hand and said triumphantly, "Fortunately, this king came in time. Otherwise, you would have been slapped to death by Yin Xinghan, that wicked and vile man!"

Yan Tianhen said discontentedly, "My Dage has already comprehended the sword intent of the Teal Lotus Nine Styles and refined the Small Mingyin Flame. I dont know how powerful it is. Didnt you see him easily kill Mo Yan?"

"Really?" Feng Jingyu just curled his lips and smirked, looking at Lin Xuanzhi, who was standing beside him with a pale complexion.

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