Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 434

Chapter 434 The First Ranked Heir

Ch434 – The First Ranked Heir

Lin Xuanzhi showed a wry smile and shook his head, his left hand trembling slightly. "Im already at the end of my strength. When I fought against Mo Yan, I just looked calm."

Mo Yan was two small stages higher in cultivation than Lin Xuanzhi. If it werent for Mo Yan underestimating his enemy, and Lin Xuanzhi suddenly breaking through the fourth style of the Teal Lotus Nine Styles "Heartless Lotus Seed" which was extremely destructive and helped him jump two small stages with one full-powered blow, it wouldnt have necessarily been so easy to kill Mo Yan.

However, for the current Lin Xuanzhi, he only barely managed to pull off Heartless Lotus Seed, so he could only use it once, and that single attack had already consumed all his spiritual Qi. Furthermore, the backlash from the Small Mingyin Flame also caused Lin Xuanzhis Qi and blood to boil and churn. Earlier, he was forced to grit his teeth and endure so that he wouldnt spit out a mouthful of blood.

If it werent for Feng Jingyus timely appearance, Lin Xuanzhi wouldnt even have had the chance to dodge Qu Buyis attack and would have died.

It could be said that Feng Jingyus timing was very appropriate and excellent.

Yan Tianhens expression changed slightly, so he quickly went over to support Lin Xuanzhi. He looked at him anxiously. "Dage, we might as well leave here first."

Lin Xuanzhi nodded.

After this battle, Lin Xuanzhis body was not only empty of spiritual Qi, but he also caused some repercussions to himself when using the Small Mingyin Flame for the first time. It was like waves of cold air permeated his insides and every part of his body, but it wasnt just cold. It was an ominous feeling that seemed as if he was being secretly watched by ghosts and demons.

In the legends, the Small Mingyin Flame was a kind of fire born in hell. Speaking of it, if it was refined by a master without a strong heart, they would have been instantly crushed to death.

When Lin Xuanzhi refined the Small Mingyin Flame, he did it in a short amount of time while using aggressive methods, so even though the Small Mingyin Flame was now under his control, it sometimes didnt want to listen to Lin Xuanzhi, occasionally stirring up trouble for him. This caused some complications for Lin Xuanzhi.

Fortunately, after being influenced by the sword intent from Teal Lotus Nine Styles, Zhige was recognizing Lin Xuanzhi as its master more and more, and no longer acted up willfully whenever Lin Xuanzhi drew it out. Otherwise, Lin Xuanzhi might have died this time.

Yan Tianhen and Lin Xuanzhi flew back to Sinking Sword Peak with their several senior martial brothers.

After Feng Jingyu appeared on the stage and completed his mission, he was also depleted of spiritual Qi. With a poof, he suddenly transformed back into a little fat bird again.

Yan Tianhen couldnt help but have a headache when he saw it. Sure enough, it was just a farce. He just looked powerful.

Before long, Qu Buyi pushed the door open.

On the side of Qu Buyis face, one could clearly see five red fingerprints, which made the skin look quite swollen. It could be seen that the two slaps from Feng Jingyu were not soft at all. Moreover, it was incredible that the two slaps he did completely overlapped each other and were on exactly the same spot!

"How did inquiring go?" Yin Xinghan asked.

"The news that the Twin Lotus Lamp is on Lin Xuanzhi is well known. Those sect disciples and aristocratic families who were originally called by Esteemed Lan Yue and the Yuan family have changed their attitudes because of this incident. Most of them have decided to withdraw from the alliance," Qu Buyi informed.

Yin Xinghan frowned. "Thats not what I want to know. I asked you to inquire about the news concerning Lin Xuanzhi, Yan Tianhen, and that West Phoenix Monarch Feng Jingyu How could he suddenly appear in the Five Continents and mix with Lin Xuanzhis company?"

Qu Buyi told him with some difficulty, "Sir, this is the Five Continents. Im afraid there are not many cultivators that know who the West Phoenix Monarch is."

Yin Xinghan took a deep breath. "Thats true."

He swept Qu Buyi a glance. "Lin Xuanzhi is the Star of Salvation from the prophecy. Was there any news about this?"

Qu Buyi shook his head. "It seems that no one has ever mentioned it."

With a cold smile, Yin Xinghan tapped his fan on the palm of his hand. "East Sovereign ah, East Sovereign, he really is incredible. Over 20 years have passed, but no one in the Nine Lands knows that he has a son and is still hiding the secret so tightly! He truly played well like an interesting golden cicada shedding its shell! However, even our Lord has already noticed this matter, otherwise, he wouldnt have issued a Scarlet Kill Order on Lin Zhan. Unfortunately, Liu Mengchen was not a reliable one"

Qu Buyi didnt say a word. After all, Lin Xuanzhi was the first heir of the Nine Lands, and he didnt know it until today. Moreover, the prophecy of the Star of Salvation had never been heard of in the Nine Lands. It was likely suppressed by the Yan family many years ago.

Sometimes, knowing too much was not a good thing.

After a while, Yin Xinghan said slowly, "In this case, we should find a way to resolve the great trouble of Lin Xuanzhi for our Lord while in the Five Continents. That way, our Lord will have one less enemy to deal with, and can sit back and relax."

Qu Buyi frowned slightly. "Its just that Lin Xuanzhi suddenly became so powerful today, and he also refined the Small Mingyin Flame. The West Phoenix Monarch also stands at his side. Im afraid this matter isnt easy to handle."

It had to be said that Lin Xuanzhi killed Mo Yan so easily today, which gave Qu Buyi a great shock. Moreover, whoever was slapped on the face would feel great pain. Qu Buyi had been slapped twice by Feng Jingyu. Although it looked like only a superficial injury from the outside, in reality, his internal organs were almost misplaced. If it werent for the fact that he cultivated a profound level top-grade defensive cultivation method Iron Merit and the fact that he wore armor, his body would likely have become paste by now.

It should be known that Qu Buyi in the Nine Lands was an expert who ranked among the top of the list. But when he went up against Feng Jingyu, he didnt even have the slightest strength to fight back. This absolute level of suppression made Qu Buyi frightened.

Yin Xinghan became a little angry. He thumped the table heavily. "This Feng Jingyu is really troublesome. He has repeatedly messed up our Lords plans several times. At the beginning, if it werent for him standing on You Mings side and helping him send that little bastard away, how could so much trouble appear out of thin air for us over the years?"

Not only did Feng Jingyu help You Ming, but he also helped You Ming flagrantly. If it werent for the fact that he was the only member of the innate divine phoenix clan in the Nine Lands with an outstanding position among the bird clans, holding the willing submission and loyalty of tens of thousands of birds, and the fact that his cultivation was among the top one hundred in the entire Nine Lands, he would have already been chased down and killed by the Yan family.

Later, nobody knew what kind of stupid thoughts were going on in that head of his, but Feng Jingyu actually started helping Ling Chigu too, who supported the third successor for the throne. This really made Yan Zizhang even more annoyed.

Theyd thought that Feng Jingyu had died when he was protecting Ling Chigu as he escaped, and that the Phoenix clan had disappeared from then on. They believed that the West Land would be in great turmoil, and they could then choose a new monarch who could be used by Yan Zizhang. But unexpectedly, this Feng Jingyu was like a cockroach who just wouldnt die. He was still alive and kicking, and he even jumped out in front of Yin Xinghan, beating people up the moment he showed himself and exuding deep prestige and pressure. Yin Xinghan was filled with resentment and a bit tired of dealing with him.

However, compared to Lin Xuanzhi, who was actually the first heir of the Nine Lands, the one predicted to ascend to the throne and unify them, everything else was not worth mentioning.

What good was the Star of Salvation?

The title of the first line in succession for the throne was the real piece of news that could scare someone to death.

This was the real reason why Lin Xuanzhi had to be killed.

What was even more frightening was that Lin Xuanzhi was mixed up with Yan Tianhen.

He heard that Yan Tianhen was adopted by Lin Zhan. It could be seen that Lin Zhan was also the chief culprit in smuggling the Star of Destruction too.

To be honest, although Yan Tianhen had been pursued since birth, he in fact also had the right of succession, and his ranking was even before Yan Zizhang.

If East Sovereign Xuan Wushe planned to join hands with Yan Zhonghua

Yin Xinghan took a few deep breaths and finally calmed down a little.

After a long time, he said slowly, "No, I have to try my best to tell our Lord that Lin Xuanzhi has the Small Mingyin Flame, and the first heir from the original prophecy has grown up safely. Its not definite but the Crafting Monarch might be in the Five Continents too."

"But" Qu Buyi frowned. "The Five Continents barrier can only allow entrance and not exit. The news we tried to send before couldnt be transmitted at all."

Yin Xinghan smiled coldly. "It couldnt be sent out because the grade of the Voice Transmission Talismans was not high enough. I had planned to use divine level Voice Transmission Talismans as a last resort. Seeing the present situation, Ill have to use them in advance. However, you should not let more people know about it, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble."

Qu Buyi hurriedly replied, "Your subordinate obeys your orders."

Central Continent, Sky Peak City, Bai Familys House.

"Young Master, Lin Xuanzhi admits that the Twin Lotus Lamp is in his hands." Bai Wuyas expression looked displeased as he spoke to Bai Yichen, who was quietly tending to the flowers and plants.

Bai Yichen looked up at him with a smile. "Why are you so angry? Who provoked our Wuya?"

With black lines on his face, Bai Wuya exclaimed, "Young Master, that Twin Lotus Lamp has clearly been in his hands for a long time, but Lin Xuanzhi refused to admit it until now, and he still wants to lie to us so that wed protect him. Isnt it too unkind?"

Bai Yichen corrected, "What you said is wrong. At that time, he was at a disadvantage and was constrained by people everywhere. How could he admit that the Twin Lotus Lamp was in his own hands? After he arrived in the East Continent, it was already kind of him to deal with all the trouble himself and take all the blame before we actually acted to help him. Even if he stubbornly refused to admit he had the treasure, dont tell me that you can still discover hed been lying?"

Bai Wuya was struck dumb.

After thinking for a while, he frowned and said, "I heard that Lin Xuanzhis cultivation seems to have made another breakthrough. His Zhige sword finally made its appearance in the world, and he actually killed Mo Yan easily. Whats more, according to our spys narrative, the tip of his sword was wrapped in what appears to be the fire and smoke of the Small Mingyin Flame after it was refined."

Bai Yichen held up a gorgeous flower and said lightly, "So thats why he suddenly changed his mind and wanted to carry things on his own. It turned out that he has become so powerful. However, he couldnt have just relied on the Small Mingyin Flame alone to kill Mo Yan."

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