Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 44

Chapter 44 Each On Their Own Path

Ch44 - Each on Their Own Path

Yan Tianhens face immediately paled. He took two steps back and really wanted to hide himself in one of the cracks in the ground he, he had actually kept Lin Xuanzhi in the dark about coming to the banquet!

Duan Yuyang had also began to blink his eyes like his life depended on it. He rolled his eyes, who would freaking know why Lin Xuanzhi would suddenly come here, he had obviously mixed in an entire Sleeping Pill into his food!

Lin Xuanzhi walked over and stood in front of Yan Tianhen, lightly casted a glance over him, then continued walking and stood in front of Duan second elder. He properly completed a formal bow before he said, Huarong has met Duan second elder.

Duan second elder muttered to himself for a bit before he revealed a faintly discernible smile, then nodded and said, Not bad, not bad.

Lin Xuanzhi said, Duan young masters skill at feeding others poisonous pills isnt bad either.

Duan Yuyang, ……

Fuck, he actually dared to lodge a complaint!

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Duan second elder laughed out loud, then gave Lin Xuanzhi a medicinal pill bottle and said, My little grandson over here can be a bit naughty sometimes, but he doesnt have any ill intentions. Huarong, do pardon his actions.

Lin Xuanzhi accepted this bottle of medicinal pills that came from a primary level cultivator contentedly, then lightly smiled and said, I should be the one thinking Duan young master for taking care of Jiadi, I will definitely make a visit one of these days to give my thanks.

Duan second elder was even more pleased.

Duan Yuyang almost rolled his eyes up to the heavens. He didnt know what kind of crazy pill Lin Xuanzhi had taken lately, but he actually knows how to play victim now!

Lin Xuanzhi. Yuan Tianwen said.

Yuan Tianwen. Lin Xuanzhi replied in acknowledgement.

When they were in Profound Sky Sect, Yuan Tianwen and him, along with two other extraordinarily talented people, were called the Four Swords. But because Breaking Sword peak was quite a distance from the Broken Sword peak that Lin Xuanzhi was in, and Yuan Tianwen was rarely at home to begin with, the two didnt have many interactions to speak of and had actually never met face to face before.

Lin Xuanzhi swept a glance over Han Yuran, then said, There are some words that we are both well aware of, so theres no need to say them. I will no longer be involved with you. From now on, well both travel our own paths, I wish us both well.

Han Yurans face was still stiff as he said, As you wish.

Lin Xuanzhi had achieved his goal for today, so he turned around and looked at the Yan Tianhen who had hung his head down low and couldnt wait to stuff himself into the earth and said, Ah Hen, lets go.

Even though Yan Tianhen was scared witless of his upcoming punishment, he still obediently followed behind Lin Xuanzhi, and under the gazes of the crowd, they left the Han residence.

Two little tiger cubs sashayed their butts and lifted their chests up high as they quickly followed along.

After Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen left, Duan second elder also brought Duan Yuyang along with him and left.

Before he left, Duan Yuyang looked at Yuan Tianwen with meaningful eyes and said, Yuan young peak master, I hope you wont regret the decision you made today in the future.

Yuan Tianwen didnt understand the meaning behind his words, but Duan Yuyang had left and it was Han Yurans birthday banquet, so its not like he could leave Han Yuran behind and follow along to ask Duan Yuyang what he meant.

Yuan Tianwen could only suppress the doubts in his heart and said to Han Yuran, Yuran, whatever I said was the truth, I came here with the goal of proposing to you. Coincidentally, Lin Xuanzhi had annulled his engagement with you today, so I was wondering if you would be willing to be my fiance.

Han Yuran bit his lower lip and looked to be at a loss. After a short while, he lifted his head up to look at Yuan Tianwen and said, Yuan Dage, I……to be honest with you, I had already invested all of my feelings into Xuanzhi. Now that he suddenly annulled our engagement, I do feel quite upset about it, so please pardon me for not being able to promise you anything for now.

Han Wuyun evidently looked like his anxiety was shooting through the roof. He really wished that he could take Han Yurans place and promise Yuan Tianwen in his stead as he said, Yuan young peak master, why not you stay at my house for a few days, then after Yuran feels a little better well consider your proposal again.

Yuan Tianwen expressed his understanding as he nodded and said, I understand, and I naturally wouldnt force you too much. Yuran need not feel conflicted, we can just let nature take its course.

Han Yuran reluctantly gave him a faint smile, then his long eyelashes drooped and his face revealed a despondent look.

This kind of pitiful look in everyones eyes clearly helped them imagine that Han Yuran had treated Lin Xuanzhi with utmost sincerity only to be abandoned by Lin Xuanzhi in the end. The crowd couldnt help but feel sorry for him.

However, even though there had been a disruption, the birthday banquet quickly resumed its former liveliness.

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