Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 445

Chapter 445 Entrusted By The Palace Master

Ch445 – Entrusted by the Palace Master

Xia Yuzhi looked at Xia Xiaochan, who was puffing in rage, and couldnt help but show a gentle and warm smile. "You dont have to bother with them. Nothing is more important than your safety."

Xia Xiaochan snorted and muttered, "I definitely wouldnt be able to endure it if I did not remember what you said before, about how when you go out, if you can bear it, you must not unrestrainedly fight with others."

Xia Yuzhi happily spoke, "Yes, our familys Xiaochan is the best."

Five days later, Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen brought Feng Jingyu and came to the Jade Cicada Palace, and was warmly welcomed by Xia Yuzhi.

During the meal, Xia Yuzhi took the initiative to talk about Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land, "A hundred years ago, several good friends, including Ji Lianfang, and I once entered Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land. There were many dangerous moments in Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land, and the extreme weather went from cold to hot, and there were all kinds of ferocious beasts that cant be found elsewhere. When I met Xiaochan, he was being chased by a giant bird. I saved Xiaochan and Xiaochan followed me when I left Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land and drew up a hundred-year contract to repay the debt in gratitude."

Yan Tianhen clicked his tongue and stated, "Your business is really profitable, indeed really profitable."

Xia Yuzhi smiled and said, "However, now that a hundred years have passed, it should be time for Xiaochan to regain his freedom over his life. When he returns to Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land this time, it can be assumed that he can find other opportunities."

Xia Xiaozhis hand that was holding the cake suddenly stopped and he looked at Xia Yuzhi. "What do you mean by those words?"

Xia Yuzhi simply and lightly answered, "You should have your own life."

Xia Xiaochan blankly stared and said, "You dont plan to go to Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land with me?

Xia Yuzhi replied, "There are only a total of six spots in the transportation array for that day. You, Xiao Mo, and Lin Ran occupy three seats, so there are no more seats."

Xia Xiaochan stood up. "This is out of the question, you have to come in with me."

Nevertheless, Xia Yuzhi faintly smiled. "Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land is not of great use for me. On the contrary, your two Senior Martial Brothers can get a lot of benefits from being inside, it is not necessary for you to squander it on me."

"Stop saying so many excuses." Xia Xiaochan glared at Xia Yuzhi and said, "Is it that you no longer want me? No, you must be thinking this way!"

Xia Yuzhi sighed and said, "What you said is too unreasonable. Have I ever expressed the idea that I dont want you? Once you return to Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land, if you want to come out, you can just immediately leave obediently. The doors of Jade Cicada Palace will forever be open for you. You dont have to worry about this."

"Thats not what we talked about before." Xia Xiaochan trembled with anger. "A few months ago, you promised me that you would spend a hundred years with me in Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land until Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land opens next time, you will bring me out."

Xia Xiaochans eyes were red, and he felt that ever since his body recovered, Xia Yuzhi became more and more indifferent to him, as if he was deliberately drifting apart from him.

Xia Xiaochan kicked the chair next to him to the ground with one foot, and then spread his legs and ran away. Yan Tianhens face was stunned, and he seemed to understand a bit why Xia Xiaochan was so angry, at the same time he seemed to have no idea what they were making a scene about.

However, Xia Yuzhi apologized, "Xiaochan has been spoiled by me, so please forgive him."

Lin Xuanzhi nodded. "He is indeed really spoiled, but it depends on who spoiled him."

Xia Yuzhi couldnt help but smile bitterly. "In the end, its still my fault."

In the next few hours, Yan Tianhen never saw a trace of Xia Xiaochan. However, when Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land was about to open, Xia Xiaochan ran back again, but he was carrying a bulging traveling bag on his shoulder, and looked like he was going to run away from home.

"Old Xia, after I leave, you have to take good care of yourself." Xia Xiaochan finally gave in first. He stood in front of Xia Yuzhi and looked at him eagerly. "I didnt mean anything I said before, so dontdont take it to heart."

Xia Yuzhi raised his hand and patted Xia Xiaochans head very gently. "Even if we dont talk about it, if we lived together for a hundred years, we will naturally have feelings of love for each other."

Xia Xiaochan nodded and cleverly and cutely said, "Wait for me to come out of Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land, then we will go somewhere else and live in anonymity for the rest of our lives."

Xia Yuzhi was slightly stunned, then nodded, saying, "On the road you should be more obedient. Although you have lived for more than a hundred years, youve always been under my protection, you dont understand much about the dangers in this world. If something happens in the future, you should listen to others more."

Xia Xiaochan cutely nodded, which was quite different from his previous appearance with a small bad temper.

Yan Tianhun was listening nearby, and leaned to Lin Xuanzhis ear and whispered, "Why do I always think there is something in Palace Master Xias words that seem like hes making funeral arrangements?"

Lin Xuanzhi said, "That you would have to ask Palace Master Xia."

The Heavenly Swamp teleportation array was about to open soon. Xia Xiaochan, as the acting master of this transportation array, naturally needed to go to its side to watch over it.

After he left first, Xia Yuzhi stopped Lin Xuanzhi as expected. "Sir Yan, Master Lin." Xia Yuzhi deeply bowed and said, "I already know that the Heaven Reversal Pill was made by you two. Many thanks to the both of you this time."

Yan Tianhuns facial expression changed slightly and puzzledly asked, "How did you know? I obviously hid it so well."

Xia Yuzhi answered, "I didnt mean to pry about the master who didnt want to reveal his identity. However, Xiaochan could smell the residual powered fragrance left on the master and accidentally discovered his identity."

Lin Xuanzh maintained his composure and looked at Xia Yuzhi and quietly said, "What does Palace Master Xia want to say by uncovering this matter?"

Xia Yuzhi nodded his head and said, "The two Sirs have treated me with kindness as heavy as a mountain, and I will never do such a thing like returning kindness with ingratitude There is one thing, I didnt tell Xiaochan a word about it, out of fear that after he learned it, he wouldnt go to Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land."

Yan Tianhen asked, "Could it be you want to tell me and my partner?"

Xia Yuzhi nodded. "I wonder if the two of you have ever heard of the Five Continents barrier and the five hidden treasures?"

Yan Tianhen raised a brow. Without changing his tone, Lin Xuanzhi continued, "Naturally, I have heard that Profound Sky Sects Esteemed Lan Yue has already declared to the world about this matter. Who in Five Continents doesnt know?"

Xia Yuzhi let out a sigh of relief. "Since you know, its easier for me to speak of it. Briefly speaking, Sky Peak Sects prophet, Master Shen Ji, the Divine Dreamwalker, sent someone to me a few days ago to demand the Jade Cicada King in the palace. He wanted to let the Jade Cicada King take him to Thousand Stars Island to find the entrance to the seal.

However, I expected that he didnt know that Xiaochan is the Jade Cicada King, therefore I deceived him first.. I want to wait for Xiaochan to enter Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land, so even if Yin Xinghan found his identity, it would be useless."

Yan Tianhen couldnt refrain from saying, "Yin Xinghan is really shameless. Did he threaten you?"

Xia Yuzhi said, "Right now its just threats and bribes. He said he would come to get the Jade Cicada King in a month. When the time comes and I cant bring him out, Im afraid it will become a threat of force."

"Speaking of which, can Xia Xiaochan really find the entrance of Thousand Stars Islands Great Demon-Sealing array?" Lin Xuanzhi lightly asked.

Xia Yuzhi glanced at Lin Xuanzhi. "He found a strange barrier on Thousand Stars Island decades ago. If I didnt feel the danger and stop him from going deep into it, I suppose that perhaps the Great Demon-Sealing Array would have already been presented in front of the common people a long time ago."

He meant that Xia Xiaochan could definitely find it then.

Lin Xuanzhi hooked his lips up and said playfully, "Arent you afraid that our purpose for coming to the South Continent is also the Great Demon-Sealing Array?"

Xia Yuzhi sighed and said, "When people come to the South Continent, are there many whose purpose isnt the magic treasure in the Great Demon-Sealing Array? However, you have saved Xiaochans life, and your abilities are not bad. Even if Xiaochan follows you, it is better than following those heartless people."

"You have thought it through." Lin Xuanzhi spoke, "I will try my best to protect Xia Xiaochan from falling into the hands of Yin Xinghan."

Xia Yuzhi spoke his thanks.

Yan Tianhen asked, "Then what are you going to do?"

If Xia Yuzhi cant give Xia Xiaochan over when the time comes, according to the style of Yin Xinghan, he wont let him go.

Xia Yuzhi smiled. "The Jade Cicada Palace was originally built on Thousand Stars Island. There are thousands of islands in Thousand Stars Island. The waterways are complex and the poisonous fog is pervasive. Even if the one who wants to come is prophet Shen Ji, he would not dare casually trespass."

Yan Tianhen said sincerely, "Palace Master Xia, if it is within your ability, please dont show mercy to Yin Xinghan."

Xia Yuzhi said, "I will do my best."

Not long after they communicated with each other, the Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land teleportation array activated. Six people stood on the six corners of the teleportation array, and it lit up. In a short time, the six people who stood there disappeared without a trace. The teleportation array also burned to ashes, and once the wind blew it disappeared.

Xia Yuzhi stared at the empty ground, squeezing his lips slightly and remained silent. After a while, he called his subordinates and asked, "Have this years transportation talismans and teleportation arrays all been sold?"

"As soon as it was released, there was a panic to buy and nothing was left." The subordinate answered.

Xia Yuzhi nodded and said, "How did Master Lin deal with those extra transportation talismans and teleportation arrays in their possession?"

The subordinate said in confusion, "It was sent to the East Continent by a group of birds. I dont know who the birds gave them to. Those birds were too smart and cautious. Our people did not dare follow too closely and soon we lost them."

Xia Yuzhi said, "Then you dont have to keep following. Is everything packed up?"

The subordinate nodded. "Complying with the instructions of the Palace Master, everything has already been packed up."

Xia Yuzhi looked at the lush and quiet Jade Cicada Palace, sighed lightly and said, "Then start sending them back to Thousand Stars Island in batches. Within a few days, more and more people will come to visit the Jade Cicada Palace to borrow the Jade Cicada King."

Yin Xinghan was only the first to come to him demanding for the Jade Cicada King. Slowly, when others realized that the Jade Cicada King could find Great Demon-Sealing Arrays, they would come to him one after another familiar or unfamiliar.

Whats worse, in this world its not only the people in Jade Cicada Palace who know Xia Xiaochans identity, but also the master of Ji family and a great elder of the Baili family, who entered Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land with him. He was afraid that the future wouldnt be peaceful.

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