Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 446

Chapter 446 A Slave Contract

Chapter 446 – A Slave Contract

Just as soon as they entered Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land, they were assaulted by hot air, which made them unable to open their eyes. As far as the eye can see, it was a wilderness of blazing fire and many burning bodies.

The burning corpses were very big and evidently were the beasts inside the Mysterious Land.

"This is the first rate area in Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land." Xia Xiaochan was a native insect of Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land. He naturally knew Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land very well. He stepped down from the flying sword and stepped on the loose black muddy soil under his feet. "The Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land is rumored by outsiders to be a paradise for cultivators. However, in reality, there are hidden dangers everywhere. If you are not careful, you will die here. This is not some kind of easy place you can casually enter."

Lin Xuanzhi said, "It is precisely this kind of place that indicates a large opportunity might happen."

Xia Xiaochan glanced at Lin Xuanzhi and smiled. "Thats true."

Xiao Mo frowned and asked, "How did this fire start? I dont see any kindling."

Xia Xiaochans complexion was slightly grave as he replied, "This is a masterpiece of a Divine Flame Beast. Every once in a while, it will come out for food. It likes to eat cooked beasts, but these beasts are old beasts with rough skin. It takes ten days to a half a month to roast with the fire of a Divine Flame Beast."

Just as he said those words, they saw a golden red flame shoot out from behind Lin Xuanzhi, and the beast that was being roasted in front of them suddenly burned to ashes.

Xia Xiaochan, ".."

Xia Xiaochan turned his head and suddenly saw a dusty bird who was hiccupping. He immediately fell on his butt in fright.

"When, when did this bird follow us in?" Xia Xiaochan turned pale and frantically tried to get away, crawling behind Xiao Mo.

Xiao Mo stared at the two small white cats standing on Yan Tianhuns shoulders in surprise and asked, "Where did these two cats come from?"

Clearly, when entering Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land, other than people, there were no other things.

"Ah." Yan Tianhen thought, Its not like I can say that these three little guys were released from the soul plate, right? So he cleared his throat and answered, "It was me who stuffed them in a storage bag and brought them in."

"Dont tease me." Xia Xiaochan immediately debunked Yan Tianshens lies, "The storage bag can only contain living things; its impossible for dead things to enter!"

Yan Tianhens expression was slightly embarrassed. He was just about to continue to explain clearly, when suddenly a tall man with inky black hair, pure black eyes, and pale skin appeared behind him.

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"Cor-cor-corcorpse ah!" Lin Ran screamed in horror, "You are of the Yin Corpse Sect."

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As soon as he said those words, they saw Ling Chigu holding a piece of bamboo that he got from somewhere, and suddenly waved it in a sweeping motion. Unexpectedly, several demonic beast corpses that had been gnawed clean uniformly stood up. The empty eyes lit up with strange green light, as if about to kill people.

Yan Tianhen, ".."

Lin Ran, "Ahhhhh!"

Xiao Mo looked shocked, but Xia Xiaochan barely recovered from the initial panic and took a deep breath. He asked with rare solemnity, "Who on earth are you people?"

Feng Jingyu jumped into Ling Chigus hand, and Ling Chigus hand was loosened gently, and the bamboo was put away.

Xia Xiaochan was dumbfounded.

Since Lin Xuanzhi released Ling Chigu from the soul plate, he did not intend to hide anything. He said bluntly, "My real name is Lin Xuanzhi, you may have heard of me."

Xia Xiaochan made an "ah" sound and pointed to Lin Xuanzhi and spoke, "You are the one being chased!"

Lin Xuanzhi nodded. "Thats me."

Xiao Mos complexion changed a few times, and his expressions were quite rich and complex. Lin Ran was timid and no longer knew what to do; he really regretted that he didnt insist on letting Master come in. This, this was simply too big of a surprise!

Yan Tianhen touched his nose and said, "If you dont want to be together with us, lets go our separate ways here."

Xia Xiaochan stared at Yan Tianhen and said, "Do you think I am stupid? You guys arent even afraid of Yin Xinghan and are also dreaded by him, plus you are an alchemist. Besides following you guys, its not like I will push you out? Im not a fool."

When Yan Tianhen heard this, he nodded with joy and said, "You still have a good eye and brain. Unlike Yin Xinghan, who knows what is going on in his head? Ever since he came to the Five Continents, he has started to cause us trouble."

"Definitely." Xia Xiaochan suddenly nodded and said, "That Yin Xinghan, his mind is probably full of only shit, thinking that he is the only one who is important in the entire world."

Zhuoye could not help but raise the corners of his mouth and asked, "Do you have a problem with Yin Xinghan?"

Xia Xiaochan said, "That is a must, he went to Old Xia and insisted that Old Xia hand me over. If it wasnt for making it easier for Old Xia, I would not have separated from him and come alone to the Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land."

Lin Xuan and Yan Tianhen couldnt help but glance at each other. This Xia Xiaochan and Xia Yuzhi were interesting. They kept secrets from each other but thought of the other. However, between them, they really lacked communication.

Lin Ran saw that Xia Xiaochan had been so calm and could not lose his dignity as a Senior Martial Brother. He stood up and patted his ass and said, "I just lost control and was barely scared."

Yan Tianhen patted Lin Ran on the shoulder. "Your heart is not good, you need to do some more thrilling things and exercise your heart more."

Lin Ran reluctantly lifted his mouth.

Lin Ran thought, His reaction could be a little more intense. If it werent for the calmness of Young Palace Master and Xiao Mo, which made it seem like he was making a fuss over nothing, he would definitely lift his feet and run away.

After they revealed their identities, Xia Xiaochan obviously became more warm to them, unlike what was expected he was not scared away by them. However, Xia Xiaochan subconsciously stayed away from Feng Jingyu, out of fear that Feng Jingyu, an insect-eating species, would swallow him when he was hungry.

To this, Feng Jingyu said that he was not any normal bird, and he would not eat any strange bugs. It didnt take long for the earth to shake, and a huge winged demonic beast fell from the sky and roared and spewed a mouthful of flames.

Thanks to Lin Xuanzhi and others who responded quickly, they hid behind a huge rock around them, and with the auxiliary camouflage of the Jade Cicada King, they were not seen by the big demonic beast.

"This is that Divine Flame Beast with rough skin. It likes to play with fire when its bored and also likes to hunt demonic beasts." The Jade Cicada King whispered, "It is a bully in the first rate area, and no one dares to provoke it."

"Even you dont dare provoke it?" Yan Tianhen asked in a low voice.

With a look of "Youre kidding me", the Jade Cicada King said, "Im so petite and exquisite, and the Divine Flame Beast has lived for at least thousands of years, so its cultivation is in the Demonic Core period. Compared with it, I am far from it."

Yan Tianhen clicked his tongue twice. "You are really a weak chicken."

Xia Xiaochan said with dissatisfaction, "My ability to hide is top-class. Besides, I can still find the entrance to mysterious lands. I can only say that my head works well, so my strength decreased. Im proud of it!"

Yan Tianhen, ""

The Divine Flame Beast rushed out and found that some blind thing made the demonic beasts it had been baking so hard for so long all disappear. It suddenly roared violently for a moment, and the ground shook, the noise deafening and scary.

After a moment, a demonic beast the size of a child rushed up from a distance, flapping the wings made of meat on its back, and let out a cry, then promptly fought the Divine Flame Beast without another word.

Yan Tianhun didnt understand the story, so he asked, "What is this?"

Xia Xiaochan hissed and explained, "This is a Fire-Devouring Beast, which can devour all kinds of flames. It is the natural enemy of the Divine Flame Beast. When I was in Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land before, the Fire-Devouring Beast had grown as big as the Divine Flame Beast. Now this one is just a cub. Fire-Devouring Beasts are very concerned about their offsprings. If the big Fire-Devouring Beast was still alive, it definitely wouldnt bear to let the cub out. It seems that the adult Fire-Devouring Beast has already been killed by the Divine Flame Beast."

While speaking, the Fire-Devouring Beast had been slapped by the Divine Flame Beast and sent flying, but in the process of flying backwards, the Fire-Devouring Beast also opened its mouth and sucked all the flames around it into its mouth, only to see that its stomach swelled slightly, and when it hit the ground and was about to stop, it suddenly sprayed a mouthful of poisonous water wrapped in flames toward the Divine Flame Beast.

The speed of that poisonous water was fast and fierce, like lightning. Almost instantaneously, the spray landed on the Divine Flame Beast.

The Divine Flame Beast couldnt dodge in time and was sprayed with a mouthful of poisonous water. The thick scales on the outside were melted by the poisonous fire water. It was so painful that it howled loudly, and flung its tail violently towards the Fire-Devouring Beast.

The Fire-Devouring Beast was small and fast, but it was no match for the Divine Flame Beast, so this Fire-Devouring Beast was about to be hit so hard by the Divine Flame Beast that it would be sent flying again.

With a thought, Lin Xuanzhi accepted the Fire-Devouring Beast into the soul plate, and in passing, threw a burnt demonic beast corpse. With a bang, that demonic beast was sent flying after being hit by the tail and exploded, becoming meat paste. The Divine Flame Beast thought it had annihilated the Fire-Devouring Beast and roared several times toward the sky, carrying a few roasted beasts and flying towards the distance. The Divine Flame Beast was huge, it seemed to cover the sky and the sun and looked full of power. All the people who saw it were silent, out of fear that this ancestor would find them in an unguarded moment.

After all traces of the Divine Flame Beast disappeared, Lin Ran stated with difficulty, "That was a close call."

Xia Xiaochan nodded. "The Divine Flame Beast is already very territorial. If it finds that outsiders have broken into its territory, it will definitely hunt them down till one side dies."

As soon as the words were spoken, a small Fire-Devouring Beast quietly climbed up Lin Xuanzhis head, resembling an alpaca, as it gazed curiously at the many people in front of it.

Xia Xiaochan, ""

Xiao Mo, ".."

Xiao Mo gulped. "Immortal Master Yan, this Fire-Devouring Beast, how did you switch it out right under the Divine Flame Beasts eyes?"

Although he saw Lin Xuanzhis movement just now, he didnt know how Lin Xuanzhi did it.

Lin Xuanzhi lightly said, "It was willing to sign a slave contract with me. Naturally, I am willing to give it a helping hand."

Lin Ran stared and asked, "A slave contract?"

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