Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 448

Chapter 448 Intruders

Ch448 – Intruders

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In the blink of an eye, another half of a month had passed.

Yan Tianhen had stopped pressing forward to continue cultivating since seven days ago, not because his body could not bear it, but when Yan Tianhen went to the thirteenth level, he suddenly felt that the seal in his body seemed to loosen. After a strand of demonic Qi escaped, it unexpectedly attracted movements from the demonic beasts outside.

More importantly, with every step forward Yan Tianhen took afterwards, his Dantian Qi Sea hurt as if it seemed to be tearing, and Lin Xuanzhi was extremely afraid that he would break through the seal in a moment of carelessness, which would cause irreparable consequences because of the incorrect method used, and asked Yan Tianhen to stop going farther.

However, Lin Xuanzhi would not give up this opportunity. Day and night, he used his body to bear the huge lightning strikes that chopped down from the sky, and let his bodys veins, bones, and muscles be tempered over and over again, thus becoming incomparably firm and tough.

The farther inside he went, the more terrifying these lightning strikes were. If it wasnt for Lin Xuanzhi transferring these lightning strikes to the soul plate for it to dissolve somewhat, and then send back to his body, hecould not guarantee that he could walk to the end area alive.

What surprised Lin Xuanzhi was Ling Chigu. Even Ah Bai and Hu Po, as well as Feng Jingyu, could not stand the intense lightning strike and pressure and shrank back from the innermost layers, but Ling Chigu followed Lin Xuanzhi step by step. Although the pace was slow, it was extremely firm. Even if his skin burst occasionally, he also walked without changing his expression, as if life and death were meaningless.

After he thought about it, Lin Xuanzhi grew a feeling of admiration for Ling Chigu.

Ling Chigu was a corpse and couldnt feel as much pain, and his body was able to endure much more than ordinary people. He had also benefited from the soul plates tempering for many days and Feng Jingyus care, who would feed him some pills from time to time. Thus, Ling Chigus response to the outside world became stronger, and his pain nerves were also "resurrected" a little.

Contrary to expectations, corpses also had the instinct to avoid harm.

There was only one explanation for how Ling Chigu could walk to this step with such steadfastness his firm willpower was like a mountain. It was a kind of tenacity and unyielding character that came from his experience on the battlefield and belonged uniquely to Little General Ling.

In another half a months time, when a muffled thunder spike fell from above and after passing through the heads of two people who were almost kneeling on the ground, there was a violent quake throughout the whole area.

Seeing the thick thunder across the sky in the distance, Yan Tianhen, who was cultivating outside, couldnt help but stand up, trembling in fear.

Lin Xuanzhi had already been inside for a whole month, and during this time Yan Tianhen did not receive the slightest bit of news of Lin Xuanzhi, which made him very anxious.

Feng Jingyu was also unable to sit or stand still.

He flew on top of Yan Tianhens head for a while, then flew in front of Yan Tianhens eyes, and grabbed Yan Tianhens hand from time to time, which made Yan Tianhen who wanted to be nervous unable to be nervous.

Feng Jingyu took a deep breath and said, "You cant say for sure, maybe the two of them were crushed into meat pies and roasted into burnt corpses."

Yan Tianhen, ".."

Cant you think positively?

At this time, Xia Xiaochan, who was cutivating at the outer edge, walked over with difficulty and informed, "There is too much noise here, which has attracted many cultivators to investigate this location. How much longer until theyre ready to leave?"

Yan Tianhen shook his head. "Well, I dont know yet, but didnt you say before that the Divine Flame Beasts territory is in front, and humans couldnt come here easily?"

Xia Xiaochans expression turned dark. "This wouldnt have happened if the cultivators who came in from outside didnt make too much noise and attract the Divine Flame Beast to another area. Two days ago, some people from Sky Peak Sect were trapped outside by my illusion array, but the illusion array can only trap them for three days at most, and eventually, they will come in."

Yan Tianhen frowned and asked, "What kind of people are those outsiders?"

Xia Xiaochan answered, "They are all mixed, some of whom are from Twin Flower Sect, some from Thousand Stars Island, and some people from the Central Continent and East Continent. However, their cultivation is not high, but just that there are many people."

Yan Tianhen breathed a sigh of relief. "It doesnt matter if there are many people, I am just afraid that powerful people will follow over here."

"Many people are also not okay." Xia Xiaochan said with some worry, "My two martial brothers had to meet with people from Jade Cicada Palace who just entered a few days ago. They all bypassed the lightning strike area to meet them in a lower ranked area, so theyre not here anymore. If the people outside break my barrier and Immortal Lin and your contracted servant have not come out yet, we will only have two people who can fight."

Feng Jingyu slapped Xia Xiaochan on the head. "Have you forgotten this Venerable?"

Xia Xiaochans legs went soft and sat on the ground.

At this moment, after hearing a bang, Xia Xiaochans face changed. "The barrier is broken! Its a day earlier than I expected, there must be a powerful person there."

Yan Tianhen and Xia Xiaochan glanced at each other, and at the same time, they dashed towards the edge of the area, and made preparations to attack.

Only to see several dozens of people dressed in different styles coming towards them, and many cutivators were swearing, obviously dissatisfied with being trapped in that barrier.

When everyone saw Yan Tianhen and Xia Xiaochan suddenly appear in front of them, someone shouted, "Who made that trashy barrier?"

Xia Xiaochan suddenly became angry and spoke, "Even if the barrier was trashy, it still trapped you for so long. You probably still took advantage of others to get out. It seems that you are trashier than trash, so youre just a big piece of trash!"

"You smelly boy, do you know who I am?" The man who just spoke scowled and showed a fierce expression.

Xia Xiaochan glanced at him and said contemptuously, "Arent you people from the Twin Flower Sect? There is nothing to show off."

At this time, another person suddenly pointed to Xia Xiaochan. "I know who this person is. He is the Young Palace Master of Jade Cicada Palace, and the Jade Cicada King that Mr. Yin mentioned before. He can find the position of the seal on Thousand Stars Island. Everyone quickly tie him up!"

Xia Xiaochans face suddenly turned dark. He swore once, then turned around and slowly walked forward and suddenly turned into a transparent jade cicada the size of a thumb, hiding in Yan Tianhens clothes.

Yan Tianhen, ".." Your uncle!

Yan Tianhen turned around and ran towards the lightning strike area. After a months training, his tolerance for this area had become very high. Compared to other people, he had a natural advantage here.

As lightning struck down one by one, Yan Tianhen let the lightning strikes hit his body. In any case, his body had been refined several times, so the lightning outside was just like a tickle for him.

However, this was not the case for others.

Although those cultivators who could get a transportation talisman could be considered not cannon fodder, they could not really be considered very powerful either, so when they all ran into the lightning area, it was as though earth spirits bound their legs to the ground. One by one, they rocked their bodies back and forth and screamed because of the sudden increase of lightning strikes in the sky.

Of course there were also ones with higher cultivation.

The man from Twin Flower Sect before was as light as a swallow while holding a sword as he quickly ran towards Yan Tianhen. Yan Tianhen saw that he could not dodge, so he shot five or six Yin Flame Palm toward the back one after another and smashed a lot of marks into the ground. There were still a few palms that were dodged by the man, so it spread to the cultivators behind him. Several people were suddenly pierced through the chest by these attacks cold Yin wind, which turned out to be fatal!

This move aroused peoples murderous desires even more!

In addition to the people from the Twin Flower Sect, there were some cultivators from the Yin Corpse Sect who drove some Yin corpses forward to chase after Yan Tianhen. There were many Yin corpses; some were demonic beasts. Most of the big demonic beasts were fast and heavy. Even if they were struck by lightning, they still wouldnt retreat and soon caught up to Yan Tianhen.

A three-meter-high Yin corpse of a Thunder Frost Lion who had a rotten smell suddenly leapt and landed in front of Yan Tianhen, blocking his way.

The Thunder Frost Lion was covered with black corpse spots all over his body. The meat around his gums had already rotten and stunk. His huge teeth were also bared. His pitch black eyes looked very scary.

Yan Tianhen paused and waved a whip at the lion, but the lion dodged him.

Yan Tianhen waved the Yin flame whip continuously, and made the whip longer and hooked around the lions neck, trying to wring its huge head, but only to find that the lion had an unknown special treatment done, and his neck was surprisingly hard. The lion even scratched with his claw, which not only dispelled the Yin flame but also nearly hurt Yan Tianhen with the wind blade.

"JieJieJie" A short man with a Yin corpse lizard demonic beast rushed over from behind. He was also surrounded by a Yin corpse snake king. He showed a smile that didnt reach his eyes. "Give me that Jade Cicada King quickly, and I can still leave your corpse intact, otherwise-JieJieJie!"

Yan Tianhen secretly thought, You came at the right time. He had been cultivating the Imperial Corpse Technique in a hurry these days and had also accelerated the cultivation of his Gu worms. His original purpose was to control more corpses, but he had never tried it because he rarely found suitable experimental subjects.

Now that the South Continents Yin Corpse Sect people came to him, there was no reason for Yan Tianhen to let them go.

He formed some hand seals and spiritual Qi rushed to his head. The three Gu worms he had been raising in his body quietly flew towards those three Yin corpses. Suddenly, they drilled into the demonic beast Yin corpses skulls.

Those Gu worms were nurtured using Yan Tianhens own flesh, blood, and spiritual Qi, so there was also a natural master-servant contractual relationship between them. The situation on the Gu worms side could be transmitted back into Yan Tianhens mind in an instant.

The Imperial Corpse Technique was divided into many schools. Some relied on sorcery, some relied on Gu worms, and some relied on secret manuals. The Imperial Corpse Technique that Yan Tianhen cultivated was a combination of Gu worms and secret manuals, while South Continents Yin Corpse Sect cultivated using a combination of sorcery and Gu worms, or a single one of those.

At these times, they were competing over whose Gu worm was more powerful.

At this time, Yan Tianhen was very grateful to his Mingyin constitution. He found that the Gu worms refined by this kind of physique were naturally made for Yin corpses. The attributes of these two things fit well, but his Mingyin constitution was a bit more gloomy than the Nine Cold Pools, so Yin corpses naturally liked him more.

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