Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 450

Chapter 450 Awakening From A Deep Dream

Ch450 – Awakening From a Deep Dream

Feng Jingyu flew around Ling Chigu, and Ling Chigus gaze constantly followed him.

Yan Tianhen went to Lin Xuanzhis side. "Dage, have you developed a lightning-tempered body?"

Lin Xuanzhi nodded and clenched his fist. He felt much stronger than before. Suddenly, he smashed his fist towards a huge stone in the distance, and a loud rumble could be heard. The stone was instantly smashed to pieces.

Right now, the lightning strikes were circumventing Lin Xuanzhi and Ling Chigu, avoiding them as much as possible. After all, these lightning bolts bullied the weak and feared the strong. If lightning fell on Lin Xuanzhi now, every single strike would definitely be dispelled by Lin Xuanzhi.

Feng Jingyu was pleasantly surprised. "I didnt expect that Ling Chigu could also refine a lightning-tempered body."

Lin Xuanzhi nodded. "Little General Lings perseverance is extraordinary."

Feng Jingyu nodded. "Hes a man who never shouts about bitterness or tiredness. Even if hes injured, hell still grit his teeth and endure it. Otherwise, itd be impossible for so many people in the military to willingly follow him when he was so young."

Lin Xuanzhi said, "Just now, I collected some fragments from the disciples of Corpse Palace. I dont know what theyre for, but we might as well leave here before doing research."

Xia Xiaochan nodded. "Its not suitable to stay here for a long time. I think these people were just bait to explore the situation. The people behind them will likely come soon when they find out that these people have died. I know a place where we can strengthen our physique. We might as well head there."

Thus, Lin Xuanzhi and the others flew to another region on their swords.


All of a sudden, a piece of jade in Old Corpse Ghosts hand was broken into pieces. His complexion changed. Liang Tong, his disciple, came over and asked, "Master, what happened?"

"Mo Jianchi is dead," answered Old Corpse Ghost.

Liang Tong was surprised. "Mo Jianchi himself is a corpse. Moreover, he has already reached the level of a Corpse Ghost, and he even can control a variety of corpse puppets. How could he be killed so easily?"

With a long face, Old Corpse Ghost clenched his fist and replied, "He must have met someone more powerful."

Liang Tong frowned. "Who could it be?"

Old Corpse Ghost made a hand seal with his fingers pressed together. When nothing happened, he tried it again. "Fucking bastard! That person actually took away the essence of life!"

Liang Tongs face also turned white. "The essence of life should we track them?"

A month later, a topless Yan Tianhen came out of a lake.

The effects of this lake were similar to the lightning strikes. It could temper ones body after soaking in it, but one needed a lot of patience to endure the pain it caused.

The water itself had Yin attributes, and when Yan Tianhen took a dip in it, there was not much discomfort, so he persevered for a whole month.

It was really convenient to have Xia Xiaochan as a guide. At least they never met any other person while sneaking into this secret place aside from that land of lightning strikes.

Moreover, Xia Xiaochan was very generous in telling Yan Tianhen the location of the body-tempering lake, which led to Yan Tianhen training his body almost masochistically every day.

When tempering ones body, one couldnt wear clothes, otherwise the effect would be greatly reduced.

So when Yan Tianhen came out, he was completely naked.

During this period of time, Feng Jingyu used his innate bloodline suppression to force Xia Xiaochan to find something for him to eat in the forest every day, while he watched Ling Chigu hunt in the forest to improve his cultivation. He didnt often appear in front of Lin Xuanzhi nowadays.

At first glance, Lin Xuanzhi saw Yan Tianhens grand appearance coming towards him.

Crystal clear water slid down the skin on his chest, and when they fell to the ground, it was trampled by Yan Tianhen, creating one wet footprint after another. The teenagers beautiful body made one feel that he looked delectable, as though he was full of endless temptation.

Yan Tianhens clothes were all in Lin Xuanzhis storage bag. Walking up to him, he blinked at Lin Xuanzhi. "Dage, where are the clothes?"

Lin Xuanzhi suddenly curled his lips to reveal a smile full of suggestive hints. He raised his hand and touched the beautiful and strong muscles on Yan Tianhens chest.

Yan Tianhen, ""

He seemed to understand what Lin Xuanzhi wanted to do.

Yan Tianhens cheeks flushed. He raised his head and looked up at Lin Xuanzhi, who was slightly taller than him. Throat bobbing, he asked, "Dage, do you want to sleep with me?"

The originally very nice atmosphere dissipated by half from Yan Tianhens words. Lin Xuanzhi couldnt help but laugh. "The word sleep is too euphemistic and simple. I want to make love to you."

Yan Tianhen giggled with a blushing face. He wrapped his hands around Lin Xuanzhis neck, and pecked softly at his ear. "Dage, in fact, Ive been waiting for a long time."

The flames in Lin Xuanzhis body quickly turned into a forest fire.

If someone told Lin Xuanzhi in advance that his first time with Yan Tianhen would also be their last time together in this lifetime, Lin Xuanzhi would surely have laughed and felt that the person was not right in the head.

If someone told Yan Tianhen the same thing, he would probably wave his fist and beat the person who tried to jinx them to the ground, knocking out all their teeth, for spitting around nonsense.

However, in reality, when the two people completely combined and the spiritual Qi in Yan Tianhens body circulated around, Yan Tianhens spiritual foundation gradually became extremely clear and thorough

"Kill medo a good deed, just love me this once Kill me."

"Yan Tianhen, Ill only ask you once. Did you kill Leng Jixue?"

"My father is dead, he died because of you. I will never treat you as my Didi in this life. Leave."

"I dont even want to see you again in my next life."

"Dage, lets end it."

The past events flashed through Yan Tianhens mind like a fleeting view of dreams surrounded by unknown incense smoke, as if they were paying homage to his ridiculous past, a past where he wanted to weep but had no tears to shed.

His surroundings were dark; his entire body was cold.

His brain was suddenly filled with countless pieces of memories, some happy, some difficult, some sad, some delightful.

But the vast majority of them were sorrowful and miserable.

There were also a few, unspeakable joys.

Through a cave entrance, Yan Tianhen looked at the distant mountains with their backs to the hazy fog and didnt speak for a long time. He also did not move. His body had been draped by their torn clothes, and it was sticky wet underneath him.

The seal in his body had absorbed a lot of Lin Xuanzhis spiritual Qi through the sex, which forcefully broke half of the seal and almost ignited his other halfs demonic lineage.

However, Yan Tianhen did not feel a surge of strength. His heart was only full of desolation and exhaustion.

When they finished having sex, Yan Tianhen asked indifferently, "Why arent you together with Leng Jixue?"

In that instant, Lin Xuanzhis heart plummeted into an icy cave, and he knew that Yan Tianhen had already restored his past lifes memories.

Ever since his rebirth, he had been wondering what the trigger for Yan Tianhen to recover his memories would be. He once thought that it would be when they unlocked the seal in his body, or by the reappearance of the Revert World Mirror. He also speculated that the constant loop of the West Continents Great Demon-Sealing Array would trigger it

But he never thought the trigger for Yan Tianhen instantly recovering his memories would be the union of their bodies, which stimulated Yan Tianhens furnace constitution.

Lin Xuanzhi stood up wrapped in his clothes. He looked at Yan Tianhens expressionless face with extremely complicated eyes. It took a long time before he could find his own voice.

"How much do you remember?"

After a while, Yan Tianhen turned his eyes and looked at Lin Xuanzhi. He gave him a smile that was a little bewitching with eyes half-narrowed. "Not too much, and not too little. Just enough for me to remember how I got into your bed and how I was betrayed by you."

Lin Xuanzhi felt a pain in his heart, and even his breathing seemed to sting.

Yan Tianhen used the word "betrayed".

In his previous life, he went to Sky Peak Sect and became Ren Bulins core disciple. In Sky Peak Sect, he was always treated as if he was the brilliant moon that all the stars twinkled around. At that time, there were no relatives around him, only Leng Jixue treated him sincerely, and there was Master Ren who paid attention to him and wasnt stingy. That was why Lin Xuanzhi was naturally willing to do anything for Sky Peak Sect.

At that time, there was a seal picture hanging in Ren Bulins room. It looked enchanting and peculiar, like the red spider lily from hell, and it was even more gorgeous, which made Lin Xuanzhi unable to forget it.

When Yan Tianhen was in love, such a pattern would appear on his lower abdomen. The deeper the emotion he was feeling, the more gorgeous the flower would bloom, with the petals growing larger. Even the slender branches would extend to Yan Tianhens lower back.

Lin Xuanzhi once asked what this was when the relationship between the two of them was still slightly gentle, but Yan Tianhen lightly brushed over the matter. Lin Xuanzhi also didnt care much. He thought he had no feelings for Yan Tianhen, so he didnt want to care too much about him either.

Lin Xuanzhi never thought of telling people his bedroom matters, but he still said it later, even though he didnt mean it.

At that time, he hated Yan Tianhen. He thought that Yan Tianhen had killed Leng Jixue, whom hed regarded as his best friend. It just so happened that at that time, Yan Tianhen had been bewitched by someone and continuously killed several of Sky Peak Sects inner-door disciples, which caused hostility and pursuit from the righteous path.

Lin Xuanzhis heart was full of gloomy emotions during that period of time, which made him feel terrible. He couldnt tell whether it was because of Yan Tianhen or because of Leng Jixue, but everyday, he mingled with Su Zixing and Shen Changgeng, who had deliberately approached him.

After a moment of drunkenness, he actually confided the secret of Yan Tianhens red flower lily seal image to Su Zixing and Shen Changgeng. The two then turned around and sold the news to Huangfu Jin. Huangfu Jin hated Yan Tianhen and spent a lot of money to buy this information. Of course, he definitely didnt buy this information because he wanted to keep this a secret. He sold this to a peddler who specialized in disseminating information. Within a few days, the entire Five Continents knew Yan Tianhens new identity that of a heavenly furnace constitution.

This was the most Yin-aligned constitution in the world, which had been extinct for tens of thousands of years in the cultivation world. However, according to secret records, this kind of human furnace could grant supreme benefits to a person if they mated even once, but the narrative was very vague, and it was unclear what the benefits were.

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