Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 458

Chapter 458 Threaten The East While Striking The West

Chapter 458 – Threaten the East While Striking the West

The woman smiled sweetly. "Whats the hurry, sir? Theyre nothing more than two mice now. They can escape today, but tomorrow, theyll still be found by me, the cat. Its merely the difference between an earlier death and a later death."

Yin Xinghan swept this woman a glance. Seeing her was akin to seeing himself when he first arrived at the Five Continents.

Yin Xinghan warned in a soft voice, "Dont underestimate them too much. You Ming and Yin Kongsang arent incompetent. If it werent for Lord Chuibi blocking them from coming here, you wouldnt even have the chance to fight them directly."

The womans interest was piqued, and her eyes flashed. "Yan Tianhen is the son of You Ming and King Ye, a natural half-Divine Devil. I think its excusable that he could escape from my hands, but who is the one who fought with me just now? Im afraid that he must have an extremely powerful magic treasure in his hands, or else it would have been impossible for him to endure that palm strike of mine just now."

Yin Xinghans eyes lowered slightly as he responded impassively, "He is Yan Tianhens adoptive brother in this Five Continents and is also a genius who has received Heavens mercy. Both the Twin Lotus Lamp and Small Mingyin flame are in his hands right now."

The womans expression suddenly changed, and her willow eyebrows arched up. "Its fine if its just the Twin Lotus Lamp, but how come even the Small Mingyin flame is in his hands? Why didnt you say this earlier? You caused Laoniang to lose an opportunity!"

Yin Xinghan glanced at her. "You were the one who didnt want to listen carefully."

The woman narrowed her eyes and smiled lovably again. "Finding out right now still isnt too late. Theyll become two corpses before long. Based on that meager cultivation they displayed just now, Master gave them too much face by sending both me and Lord Chuibi here."

Yin Xinghan didnt respond.

He knew Lin Xuanzhis identity, and Yan Zizhang also knew. However, it was hard to say who else knew in addition to them.

At least, from the conversation just now, Yin Xinghan could wholly infer that Yue Suhua knew nothing about Lin Xuanzhis identity.

Whether or not he should tell her wasnt something that Yin Xinghan could decide, because the person who could decide this matter was still sitting on the throne of the Nine Lands Royal Heavenly Capital.

Thousands of miles away, the winds and clouds suddenly changed, and dark clouds covered the sky. All traces of life disappeared within a hundred miles, and the insects and birds didnt dare to make a sound.

Two figures suddenly flashed by. One could only see the afterimages left behind in the split second. In the blink of an eye, the two people had already exchanged hundreds of blows, and that number was about to reach a thousand.

The surrounding rocks were smashed to pieces, and the mountains shook from the attacks. Destruction raged everywhere. There were many overlapping trees, all of which collapsed in rows, as though a violent storm had swept through here.

Two cold lights clashed. With a loud bang, You Ming and another young man in red stood in the clouds as they faced each other.

Lord Chuibis eyelids twitched, and his murderous aura intensified.

Lord Chuibi said, "This mouth of Mt. Fuyaos Demon Venerable You Ming really makes people want to tear it up."

"Its not bad, not bad. Ying Chuibi, the head of the Crow Guards, makes people want to tear apart his entire face, which is much better than tearing up just the mouth." You Ming smiled irreverently and jabbed specifically at peoples sore spots, "Dont know if your sister has already gotten everything she could wish for and married into the Xuan family as Queen? Back then, the entire Nine Lands knew that your eldest sister wanted to marry Xuan Wushe, and Xuan Wushe has also softened with regards to herHehehehe, I just dont know if Sovereign Wushes heart can be moved by your infatuated eldest sister after so many years."

Strong killing intent flashed through Lord Chuibis eyes. Ever since he took control of the Black Crow Guards, no one had dared to insult him so blatantly for many years.

The matter between Ying Hongyi and Xuan Wushe was a humiliating piece of history that couldnt be mentioned in the Ying family.

"Theres no need to trouble you, a wife who had fallen out of favor and been abandoned by his husbands family like a worn-out shoe!" Lord Chuibi suddenly threw a row of thunder bombs toward You Mings face, sealing off all his escape routes. Clearly, he wanted to keep You Ming here.

You Ming indifferently conjured a handful of black petals and threw them around himself. The petals made contact with the explosive thunder bombs in a symphony of blasts and actually enveloped all the thunder bombs, which delayed the explosions for a few seconds. Yet when they finally exploded, all traces of You Ming had long since disappeared.

Lord Chuibi lifted up his eyelids.

All of a sudden, a sword appeared behind him and stabbed him directly through the chest.

Lord Chuibis body suddenly burst and scattered into many bits and pieces, which looked particularly bloody and gory.

You Ming saw a piece of wood that had been punctured by the tip of his sword and suddenly flew into a rage, sending a sweeping slash towards the ground with his sword. The entire land was lifted up and twisted into pieces.

"Puppet arts." You Ming looked towards the south with a dark expression.

Evidently, Lord Chuibis attack this time was merely to sound him out, and You Ming also couldnt turn this place into Ying Chuibis grave after all, they were both great powers who had lived for many years. Even if theyd always hated each other, they didnt necessarily intend to kill each other at any cost as soon as they met and fought. Whats more, both sides were strong enough to put up an equal fight, and it was unknown who the final winner would be.

Right at this time, Esteemed Lan Yue had already arrived here to rendezvous with You Ming.

"Lord Chuibi came." Esteemed Lan Yues aura was tinged with slight murderous intent, and he said with sunken eyes, "He took elite subordinates from the Black Crow Guards and came to the Five Continents to capture Xuanzhi and Ah Hen."

You Ming clenched his fist tightly. "Which division of the Black Crow Guards did Shixiong fight against just now?"

"Not death guards," Esteemed Lan Yue answered. "They should be shadow guards."

You Ming was slightly relieved.

If they werent death guards, then there was still room for moderation.

Death guards would endlessly pursue the enemy until one side was dead rather than allow any prey that had fallen into their hands to escape.

What You Ming hated the most was the team of death guards from the Black Crow Guards. Back then, when he ran towards the demon realm while hugging Ah Hen, he was hunted down by the Black Crow Guards death guards and cut an extremely sorry figure, and he nearly died halfway on the journey when they surrounded him. After that, You Ming would gnash his teeth in hatred whenever he thought of the Black Crow Guards death guards.

They were stopped on their way to the South Continent.

You Ming gritted his teeth. "I didnt expect that Ying Chuibis puppet arts had already been cultivated to such a realm. If there are more puppets, Im afraid even I will barely win."

Esteemed Lan Yue remarked, "Its good as long as you can win, but Im afraid that the current Ying Chuibi can no longer be mentioned on equal terms."

"I know." You Ming frowned, "I dont know when he came to the Five Continents, and why he couldnt wait to meet me halfway on the road."

Esteemed Lan Yue lit a talisman. After the dark blue flame burned up the talisman, his expression changed slightly "Threaten the east while striking the west."

You Ming was stunned.

"Ah Hen and Xuanzhi have already left Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land in advance," Esteemed Lan Yue continued with a dark expression, "And at the mysterious lands exit, they met Yue Suhuas pursuit. At this time, theyve already fled to an unknown location."

You Mings expression changed dramatically. "Yue Suhua, the head of the White Crow Guards? Fuck, I knew they didnt have any good intentions! They actually sent such a person to deal with two children, theyre truly shameless!"

The Black and White Crow Guards belonged to the Royal Heavenly Capital Yan familys assassination organization, and all the shady deeds were carried out by them, either secretly or explicitly.

Black Crow Guards were mainly in charge of killing, assassinating, and finding people. White Crow Guards were mainly in charge of collecting intelligence from all over the world and also making deals with buyers and sellers in passing, as well as following the Yan family around.

The leaders of the Black and White Crow Guards were two of the Heavenly Capitals Four Generals. Be it in terms of strategy or in terms of cultivation, they could be regarded as the Yan familys pillars. Any one of them would be enough for Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen to die without a burial site, let alone the fact that both of them had been sent at once.

Yan Zizhangs intention to kill Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen was abundantly clear, which also completely offended Demon Venerable You Ming.

"Since Zizhang is determined to kill them, then I absolutely wont sit still in resignation." You Mings eyes were endlessly dark as he gazed at the mountains in front, taking in the panoramic view of the broken mountains and destroyed rivers. "Ah Hens seal has already broken by half. This half of his demonic bloodline is enough to allow him to command the demons."

"You should think about this carefully."

You Ming looked at him. "Hes caught in a dead-end without any retreat routes. If he hadnt killed people and exposed his demonic bloodline, I could still convince myself to let him slowly grow up like an ordinary person. But now, he has already exposed his identity, and countless people in the Five Continents want to kill him, not to mention he also has Lin Xuanzhi, whos carrying the Twin Lotus Lamp and Small Mingyin flame."

After thinking for a moment, Esteemed Lan Yue nodded. "Speaking of the Small Mingyin flame, he obtained this item from the Bai familys Young Master, Bai Yichen. Bai Yichen personally paid Profound Sky Sect a visit to ask me about Lin Xuanzhis identity some time ago. I noticed that his body contained extremely powerful and boundless spiritual Qi, and his cultivation can only be higher than yours or mine. Say, who in the world can he be?"

You Ming raised his brow. "The Small Mingyin flame is said to be Crafting Monarch Bai Wens crafting soulfire, but Bai Wen is a great power who was active during the period when the demon was sealed. He had already disappeared when the Great Demon-Sealing Array was completed. Could Bai Yichen be that Crafting Monarch Bai Wen from back then?"

"Very likely." Esteemed Lan Yue nodded. "If he truly is Bai Wen, then hes the one who understands the Five Elements Sealing Array the best in this world. After all, he personally repaired the Four Directions Seal and Yin Yang Umbrella in those days."

You Ming frowned and suddenly said, "So thats why he was always staring at Lin Xuanzhi. They all say that Bai Wen had always been looking for someone who could inherit his mantle. Lin Xuanzhi is quite talented on the crafting path, so its not surprising that Bai Wen has set his sights on him."

Esteemed Lan Yue side-eyed him. "What are you so excited for?"

You Ming answered with a dark expression, "I dont know whether Lin Xuanzhi, this boy, is fickle. What will happen to my familys Ah Hen if Bai Wen, this thousand-year-old fox, seduces Lin Xuanzhi away?"

The corners of Esteemed Lan Yues mouth twitched, and he was unable to comprehend You Mings thought process. "Matters have already developed into such a critical situation, yet youre still paying attention to these things."

"Heaven is large, Earth is large, but my son is the most important to me. In theory, Ah Hens seal shouldnt have been unlocked so early; who knows what happened? If Lin Xuanzhi abandons Ah Hen or if someone tries to sabotage their relationship, that would be bad." While speaking, the two people had already traveled thousands of miles in an instant.

When they arrived at the exit to Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land, there were many people surrounding the exit, but they didnt see Lin Xuanzhi or Yan Tianhen. They didnt even see Yin Xinghans faction, who should have been waiting here.

From a distance, You Ming saw the huge palm print that made the land sink. His eyelids twitched involuntarily. "Yue Suhua has already attacked."

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