Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 459

Chapter 459 Great Reversal Palm

Chapter 459 – Great Reversal Palm

You Ming grabbed a young cultivator beside him who had been clicking his tongue while chattering incessantly about how strong Yue Suhuas palm attack was. He scowled and asked, "What happened just now? Wheres Lin Xuanzhi?"

Normally, You Ming deliberately concealed his aura, which was still alright, but at this time, he displayed his imposing manner to the fullest. The pressure emanating from You Ming almost pushed this cultivator to his knees. With his legs shaking all over, he stammered, "Th-they had a f-fight. Lin-Lin Xuanzhi and that devil r-ran away together. I dont know where they went! I dont know anything ah! Im begging you, please let me go!"

"Get lost." You Ming threw the cultivator aside and turned to Esteemed Lan Yue. "Shixiong, is there any way to find Lin Xuanzhi and Ah Hen?"

Esteemed Lan Yue took out the celestial staff that Lin Xuanzhi had refined and threw out a compass-like magic treasure. The celestial staff gently touched the center of the compass, and Esteemed Lan Yue made a hand seal while silently chanting something. There was a flash of starlight on the compass, and Esteemed Lan Yue opened his eyes. "South."

The two people instantly disappeared without a trace.

The cultivators who had gathered there to admire the handprint-shaped deep pit were all startled by the two peoples sudden speed, and they began to chatter endlessly "Who were those two just now? Their auras were terrifying."

"They didnt use any transportation talismans or teleportation arrays just now, did they? They could actually disappear in the blink of an eye, so much so that not even their shadows could be seen anymore. I can tell that their cultivation is profound and not something that we can glimpse into."

"Really? You dont know those two? Although I dont know who that gorgeous man is, I do recognize the other upright and noble-looking gentleman."

"Ah? Who is he?"

"He is Profound Sky Sects Esteemed Lan Yue. Hes also the powerful prophet who released news about the magic treasures connected to the Five Continents seal."

"So that was him! Hes Lin Xuanzhis Master. Since he came here, hell definitely help Lin Xuanzhi."

"Lin Xuanzhi has rare treasures on him, which is already enough to make people green with envy. Now his younger brother Yan Tianhen, who never leaves his side, has been revealed as a demon. Before that, there were also rumors that one of them is an exceptional furnace It can be assumed that more and more people will want to kill them. Esteemed Lan Yue has a noble character and high prestige. If he truly is smart, then right now, he should choose to be a wise man and look after his own safety first."

"Ha, Yan Tianhen, that demon, is truly savage and unrestrained. He killed countless disciples. We must capture him as soon as possible so that stability can return to the Five Continents."



Feng Jingyu threw down the three people and two tigers, along with an unreliable Fire-Devouring Beast, who grabbed Lin Xuanzhis hair while sliding to the ground.

"Hurry and take a look at his condition." Feng Jingyus eyebrows were almost knitted into a ball when he looked at Lin Xuanzhi, whose clothes were full of blood.

Yan Tianhen knelt beside Lin Xuanzhi and pressed his lips tightly together as he felt Lin Xuanzhis pulse.

He had been constantly channeling spiritual Qi into Lin Xuanzhis body along the way here and had even stuffed him several pills used to stabilize ones cultivation and treat internal injuries, but the effect wasnt very obvious.

Lin Xuanzhis face was pale and colorless. His eyebrows would become slightly wrinkled from time to time. Evidently, his internal injuries made him feel uncontrollable pain even while unconscious.

If not for the fact that he had already tempered his body inside Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land and if not for the fact that Yan Tianhen reacted quickly and used the bracelet Lin Zhan left him to block a blow before they ran away, hes afraid that Lin Xuanzhi wouldve already been killed on the spot and smashed into meat paste when Yue Suhuas first palm strike hit!

Yan Tianhen said anxiously, "Not good, his internal organs have been damaged, and he simply cant recover in a short time."

Feng Jingyu also frowned and pressed on Lin Xuanzhis heart. "Yue Suhuas Great Reversal Palm is very famous throughout the entire Nine Lands. Although shes a woman, shes even fiercer than a man. A single palm strike from her can crack an entire mountain. The fact that your Dage is still alive right now can be considered a great fortune."

"What can be done about this?" Yan Tianhen was extremely distressed. He had no time to care about who Yue Suhua really was. He was too busy flipping through the Profound Book of Poisons in his sea of knowledge, only to find that it mostly contained methods involving mutual harmony and restraint among the five elements, which was beneficial to cultivation or poisoning people, but there were very few healing methods.

Yan Tianhen almost burst into tears, and even his hands were shaking.

When Feng Jingyu saw this, he kicked Yan Tianhens butt. "Look, your Dage hasnt died yet. Werent you eager to kill him just now? How come you look like this now that hes actually dying?"

"I didnt want him to die." Yan Tianhen roared in a low voice, "My mind was merely in an awful mess before, so I didnt want to see him for the time being. Ive never gravely injured him. Dont misunderstand me!"

Feng Jingyu nodded half-heartedly. "If worst comes to worst, Ill spit some saliva again and stuff it into his mouth to keep him alive for the time being."

"Your saliva has no effect on human beings. Dont you loot a burning house and take advantage of my Dage." Yan Tianhen glared at Feng Jingyu angrily.

Feng Jingyu rolled his eyes speechlessly. "Then theres no other solution. Well, why dont you stew the Jade Cicada King instead? Perhaps he can provide Lin Xuanzhi with some nourishment."

Xia Xiaochan, who had been subtly reaching a hand out to poke Lin Xuanzhi, was suddenly dumbfounded. He stared at them with a pair of wide eyes. "There wont be any nourishment even if you eat me. Dont randomly get ideas about other people, okay?"

Feng Jingyu gave a Tsk. "Look at you being a scaredy-cat. I was merely joking, yet you took it seriously? In fact, Im worried that my brain will become stupid after eating you."

Xia Xiaochan fumed in rage as he glared at Feng Jingyu, looking as if he dared to get angry but didnt dare to speak out.

Yan Tianhen irritably snapped, "You two, dont say these useless things. Hurry up and think about what I should do."

Feng Jingyu looked at Lin Xuanzhi, whose forehead was covered with sweat drops the size of beans, and sighed. "To be honest, Yue Suhuas Great Reversal Palm is notoriously incurable in the entire Nine Lands. This is not only because her palm strike contains the aura of an extremely powerful flame, but also because Yue Suhuas palm is highly poisonous. If this palm strike hits someone dead-on, the poison and rare flame will be transmitted along the victims heart and blood vessels to the four limbs and hundreds of bones in ones body. The victim will experience excruciating pain while their internal organs are dissolved from the inside so that eventually, only their skin will be left."

Yan Tianhen got a fright and turned deathly pale. "Why is it so scary? Dont tell me that he cant be saved?"

Feng Jingyu answered, "He can indeed be saved. Do you think its so easy to melt a persons internal organs? Xuanzhi has refined a lightning-tempered body to begin with, so his internal organs and veins are harder than that of other people. Itll most likely take several months for his internal organs to completely dissolve. However, if you can refine the Fateful Imbue Yang Pill specially used to resist the Great Reversal Palm within these few months, everything will be easily resolved, and your Dage can even absorb the thunder and fire Qi inside the pill to obtain a lot of benefits."

Yan Tianhen hurriedly asked, "How do I refine the Fateful Imbue Yang Pill? Have you seen the formula?"

Refining a pill was easy, but finding the formula was hard.

However, since Feng Jingyu dared to say so, it was naturally because he had this formula in his hands.

Feng Jingyu nodded. "This king just so happens to have such a formula, but there is one thing: refining this pill will greatly damage your cultivation. You should think about it carefully before refining it."

After a pause, Yan Tianhen said firmly, "Give me the formula."

Feng Jingyu looked at Yan Tianhen with deep meaning. "Youre even willing to damage your cultivation for him, so why did you get into such an ugly quarrel with him before? Ive racked my brains constantly on the way here, but I still cant figure out what kind of deep hatred you two have."

Yan Tianhen couldnt help but smile bitterly. "Im afraid that even if I explain, you still might not believe this kind of thing. If you want to know, you can ask my Dage again after he recovers."

Feng Jingyu frowned. "Ah Hen, you are one with your Dage. Right now, countless people are watching you both like prey. No matter what, you shouldnt give outsiders any loopholes to exploit because of internal strife. Do not do stupid things that will hurt your loved ones and make your enemies happy."

Yan Tianhen was enlightened, and he recalled the stupid things hed done before. He couldnt help but nod in embarrassment with a red face and mumble, "I wont do this again."

If it werent for his temporary fit of anger and awful control over his demonic Qi attracting so much trouble, Lin Xuanzhi wouldnt have been targeted like this.

Feng Jingyu rolled his eyes and changed the subject, "The formula is in my mind. Ill read it to you. You should write it down."

Yan Tianhen nodded and listened to Feng Jingyu recite the pill formula.

To Yan Tianhens surprise, he could actually find all the spiritual plants the formula required. When he was at the summit of Profound Sky Sects Broken Sword Peak back then, Esteemed Huai Yus spiritual herb fields contained all of them. Before Yan Tianhen left, he transplanted many of those spiritual plants into the soul plate in Lin Xuanzhis consciousness.

Although the spiritual plants used were extremely expensive just the basic materials alone cost millions of gold Yan Tianhen didnt care at all.

After hearing the formula, Yan Tianhen looked at Feng Jingyu with distrust and asked, "Are you sure it only requires these spiritual herbs? Although these spiritual plants are hard to find, theyre not particularly rare at all. The Great Reversal Palm is so powerful; how can it possibly be neutralized with such simple spiritual plants?"

When faced with Yan Tianhens doubt, Feng Jingyu merely swept him a glance. "I havent even finished speaking yet. Whats your hurry?"

Yan Tianhen stared at Feng Jingyu eagerly.

Feng Jingyu held out a finger and explained, "This is just the basic formula. The most important sacred item needed for the pill is a drop of this kings blood."

Yan Tianhen was stunned. "Your blood?"

"Thats right." Feng Jingyu nodded. "The Phoenix clan has an innate divine bloodline, and their blood contains energy from pill fires, not to mention the fact that the Phoenix clans divine fire is the most Yang-aligned flame in this world, which is also contained in their blood. After its formed into a pill, it just happens to be capable of devouring the Great Reversal Palms poisonous flames."

Therefore, the most difficult and most valuable ingredient in the Fateful Imbue Yang Pill was a drop of blood from Feng Jingyu.

Yan Tianhen looked at Feng Jingyu with a burning gaze. "Maomao, we have such a good relationship. Youll help me with this tiny favor, right?"

Feng Jingyu gave two evil chuckles. "Whether or not Ill give it to you depends on whether youre willing to exchange something for it."

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