Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 465

Chapter 465 Divine Troops Descend From The Sky

Chapter 465 – Divine Troops Descend from the Sky

Two days later, the Great Demon-Sealing Array let out a thread of endlessly fluctuating qi, which made Yin Xinghan, who was constantly observing the stars, catch it red-handed.

Yin Xinghan clenched his fist and took a deep breath. "The Great Demon-Sealing Array in the West Continent is hidden behind many overlapping barriers. It is very difficult to find. We must get the Jade Cicada King before we can bypass the Thousand Stars Island and find the true location of the Great Demon-Sealing Array."

Yue Suhua frowned. "Since the Great Demon-Sealing Array is about to be opened, why did You Ming and those people still havent made any movements? Is it because they have another plan? "

Yin Xinghan was also puzzled. He sent a lot of people to look for a Great Demon-Sealing Array in advance, but there were many beasts on the sea, and there were many barriers. If the subordinates were not lost halfway through the road and couldnt find the route, then they were all thoroughly chewed by the beasts, leaving no bones behind. However, there was no movement from Lin Xuanzhis side. This made Yin Xinghan speculate that they had the Jade Cicada King, and they didnt need to investigate anything in advance.

Yin Xinghan summoned his subordinates who were sent to monitor You Ming and asked them about the recent activities of those people. "Three days ago, several of them left the house together and went to the market to sell fish, and even entered a fish shop. I was still thinking, why would they personally move together to go out to buy a fish? However, after they bought a few fish, they went back together and up to now still havent come back out yet."

Yin Xinghans heart was tight as he asked, "Havent come back out again? Not a single one?"

"Yes, I dont know what theyre secretly tinkering around in there."

Yin Xinghan and Yue Suhan exchanged glances. The two of them stood up at the same time and left. During this whole journey, there was a turbulent storm in the dark, in Yin Xinghans heart, an idea gradually took shape.

What was the most powerful evil Yin technique of Demon Venerable You Ming in those days?

It was the Imperial Corpse Technique.

When talking about controlling corpses, he could be said to be on the same level as the techniques founder. Moreover, You Mings painting skills were very powerful, including the technique of changing the faces of the dead to the living. What if Lin Xuanzhi and the others had already run away, leaving behind a few corpses? In this world, there would never be a lack of mass graves.

A fishing rod appeared in Lord Chuibis hand. It had a long silk thread hanging from it, and a fishhook as sharp as a beak at the bottom of the silk thread.

Who knows how many people had died under his fishing rod. Those people were all his fish. When You Ming saw the fishing rod, he also became a bit serious. He got up and clapped his hands as he smiled, "So youve even taken this thing out. It seems that you are serious."

Lord Chuibi whispered in his throat, "No one dares make fun of me like this."

You Ming clicked his tongue and added fuel to the fire. "Actually, there are people who dare to tease your wishfully thinking older sister like this."

"Youre courting death!" Lord Chuibi flew completely into a rage. The fishhook advanced toward You Mings neck. The fishhook produced a serene remote blue gloss and was extremely fast. If your cultivation was not up to standard, you wouldnt even be able to sense how the hook got before your eyes, and your neck would have been hooked down before then. You Ming rushed out to the roof as soon as he lifted his foot, striking out with his palm. Although it looked easy, he actually broke out in a cold sweat. After a few years of not meeting, Lord Chuibis angling speed turned out to be many times faster.

This was what Lord Chuibi cutivated, the method of assassination. This fishhook as thin as silk and as fast as lightning was indeed an excellent assassination device. It was impossible to defend against it effectively.

You Ming was on the alert. In the flash of an eye, he had already started exchanging blows with Lord Chuibi a hundred times. If it was 20 years ago, Lord Chuibi was absolutely not a match for You Ming, but then You Ming had a Qi deviation while cultivating, and his cultivation realm fell. In addition, his body suffered badly over the years, and it didnt take long for it to seem slightly exhausted. The two men had fought to a standstill, and neither could get a head over the other.

But no one showed any signs of fatigue.

You Ming wanted to delay these people for some more time, so he fought while retreating in the direction of the coast. He concentrated on dealing with Lord Chuibi, while Yin Xinghan and Yue Suhua attacked him from behind. Yue Suhua sent came palm after palm towards You Mings back. With a wave of his sleeve, You Ming slashed out a black fog cover, which blocked all these palm strikes.

"Tire him out, then kill him." Yin Xinghan had been deceived, so his killing intent was very high. His face was ashen, at this point he found that apart from You Ming, the others had completely left, so he was afraid by this time, other than You Ming, they wouldve already reached the seal. Since they were incapable of immediately taking the Four Directions Seal, they would settle for the next best, and discuss after dispatching You Ming first. In the blink of an eye, the dark clouds were overwhelming, and the entire mountain was cut flat. You Ming had never fought to his hearts content for a long time. The murderous intent and demonic nature in his heart, which had been suppressed with great difficulty, was nearly excited by these people. He resisted the impulse of turning his eyes red into demonic transformation, out of fear that he would start killing indiscriminately if he was not careful.

He didnt want to become a lunatic.

He didnt want to become an unfeeling lunatic who forgot all about the past.

But these people were pursuing him step by step after him, unwilling to let him go.

You Ming was distracted, his left arm was hooked by the hook. A piece of flesh was hooked down, his heart ached with pain. His right leg was also hooked, and the hook went deep into the bone, as if trying to break his leg. You Ming shouted, a black fire sharply cleaved off the transparent silk thread, and saved his leg, but the hook was as thick as two fingers and pierced his thigh bone and passed through. You Ming bit the tip of his tongue, keeping himself conscious, but his eyes had turned blood red. He didnt want to kill anyone, but someone insisted on taking his life.

The smell of blood aroused the consciousness of You Mings demon side deep in his heart. He pulled out his life origin weapon from his sea of knowledge, a crescent-shaped blade. In a single attack, he nearly cut Yue Suhua, who was ambushing him from behind, in half. Yue Suhua looked startled. She retreated toward the back, clutching her abdomen, and took a few pills to speed up healing. Two against one had this advantage.

If one was injured, the other could still fight, so that the injured one had time to heal and wrap up the injury, but in contrast, You Ming was somewhat at a disadvantage.

He didnt dare stop.

He couldnt stop.

Although he was certain that he wouldnt die here, he also didnt want to let himself sustain too many injuries. Thousands of hooks rushed towards You Ming, and You Ming transformed his curved blade into thousands of illusory ones. They flew towards the fishhooks making swishing and crisp sounds when they collided and cut all the fishing wires. The main part of the fishhook came towards You Mings front with a fateful force. You Ming hit this fishhook with his curved blade, which contained black flames and made the hook fly out.

"Ahh" You Ming suddenly screamed. The hook in his leg bone swelled a few fractions and made his bone marrow ache.

With this falter, the fishhook was almost at his eyes.

You Ming thought of nothing at this moment, and yet, he thought a lot.

He thought of his son who still hadnt acknowledged him as father, and the man who wasnt willing to forgive him, no matter what, throughout the years. A cold glint flashed through You Mings red pupils. Perhaps this pair of eyes could no longer be saved, but someone who had cultivated to this realm didnt need eyes to see the world. If this hook went into his eyes, he was confident that he could make Lord Chuibi pay a more painful price. A delicate scent came with the wind. Among the thick stench of blood, it was particularly unique. You Ming fell into a trance for an instant. He wondered if he was seeing an illusion, then saw a crackle. A white flawless slender well-proportioned hand, at a distance of only half an inch from his eyes, caught the magnificent fishhook between two fingers, as though picking a flower.

All was silent; people were fickle and unpredictable.

You Ming looked at the man who appeared in front of him with confusion and disbelief. His mouth trembled a little, but he was unable to say anything.

"Yan Zhonghua!?" Yue Suhua cried out in horror. Without even thinking about it, she directly took out a magic treasure and used it, frantically trying to escape towards the horizon. Unexpectedly, she had abandoned even her own companions.

Yin Xinghans complexion was as pale as snow. Just as he was taking a few steps back, someone pressed down on his shoulder.

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