Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 467

Chapter 467 Meeting Chongyue Again

Ch467 – Meeting Chongyue Again

At this time, Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen, under the leadership of the Jade Cicada King, took a boat across the criss-crossing waterways on the Thousand Stars Sea, passing by many sect cutivators, and quietly came to a sea full of fog. The sea was quite calm, and there was no sight of the slightest waves.

It was precisely because of this that it seemed particularly strange.

Xia Xiaochan turned into his human form, looked at the sky, and then gazed out at the sea. "The entrance is here. When the fog clears, we can enter the Great Demon-Sealing Array. Youll have to look for the specific entry method yourself. You cant let me think of all of it."

"I know you dont have enough brain cells, thank you for your hardship." Feng Jingyu patted Xia Xiaochan on the shoulder and nearly scared Xia Xiaochan enough to pee himself.

Yan Tianhen stood in the front of the boat and looked around; everywhere he looked, it was a vast expanse. Compared to the misty forest of Esteemed Huai Yu, there was nothing meant to prevent crossing over.

Yan Tianhen said, "No one would easily enter places that radiate an aura of something going wrong at a glance. What do you think?"

Not to be left behind, Lin Xuanzhi also looked toward the sky peak, but his line of sight was completely cut off. Even if the spiritual Qi was concentrated on his eyes, he still similarly could not see anything clearly.

"Do you repeatedly look up because there is something up there?" Lin Xuanzhi asked.

Xia Xiaochan nodded. "You guys cant see clearly, but I can see it as clear as daylight. Its very strange that the sky peak and the lake are integrated. You will know when the fog clears up."

Feng Jingyu stood beside Ling Chigu. He tilted his head and looked up for a moment. He couldnt help but laugh, "As expected of the innate ability of a species, this king cant see anything."

Today was the day the Great Demon-Sealing Array opened.

You Ming made a move to lure the enemy away by distracting Yin Xinghan and the others, who were eyeing the Great Demon-Sealing Array covetously, thus reducing the difficulty by half.

The place of the Great Demon-Sealing Array in the South Continent was extremely unique and concealed, and its layout was meticulous. It was like a maze. If not for having Xia Xiaochan, this guide that led them here, they would probably have to look for ten years or eighty years and still wouldnt touch even the edge of the Great Demon-Sealing Array.

When the cloudy fog was all gone, Yan Tianhen pointed to the sky and said, "How could we appear there?"

And in one glance, they could tell that the sky peak was really a mirror, and the appearance of the lake at this time was completely reflected in it, but when you looked at it carefully, the mirror image was reversed, which made people unable to grasp the mystery.

Esteemed Lan Yue looked down at the water under his feet, then at the sky. "This is a Yin Yang Eight Trigrams Array."

The so-called Yin Yang Eight Trigrams Array meant that everything was reversed Yin and Yang, concave and convex. Looking at the position of the boat, it was precisely on a point on the Eight Trigrams. On its exact opposite side was another point. The sea surface had become a slightly dense dark green, and the sky was a clear and transparent blue-green. This echoed each other, becoming a contrasting difference in color and luster.

It was indeed a Yin Yang Eight Trigrams Array.

Yan Tianhen observed it carefully for a while. "Martial Uncle is really incredible, it really is an Eight Trigrams Array, but the illusion fog around us has already cleared away. Why hasnt the Eight Trigrams Array been cracked yet? Where on earth is this entrance?"

Esteemed Lan Yue gently waved his hand, and the small boat went forward. It was not difficult to open the Yin Yang Eight Trigrams Array, but it was just that the boat was in the wrong position. The so-called Yin Yang Eight Trigrams Array, naturally, meant that Yin and Yang must mutually extinguish each other. When the boat had traveled to the center of the largest circle in half of the Eight Trigrams, the sky suddenly lifted and the sea dropped. They merged together soon afterwards.

The ship in the mirror and the actual ship both rotated faster and faster with the rotation of the Eight Trigrams. Just before Yan Tianhen nearly threw up, the rotation suddenly slowed down and quickly stopped. Looking around again, they could see a plane of nothingness. A young man in a blue robe was sitting cross-legged on a square cloud, his eyes closed gently, his long hair hanging loosely on his legs, and it wasnt known if he was alive or dead.

Yan Tianhens throat tightened. He asked, "Is this man the devil sealed here?"

Lin Xuanzhi frowned slightly. He stepped forward and said, "Senior Chongyue."

Yin Chongyue slowly opened his eyes and looked at Lin Xuanzhi and others.

He seemed to show both some confusion and relief. Just like this, Yin Chongyues adult face appeared in front of them. Yan Tianhen stared blankly; he could not help but feel shocked.

Although he hasnt been to the North Continent before, he was afraid that the sealed Divine Devil in the North Continent was also Yin Chongyue. Although he vaguely knew before that all the Five Continents Great Demon-Sealing Arrays all were sealing the same devil, however, seeing with ones own eyes such an array that could split up the soul and seal them separately, Yan Tianhen inevitably felt tremors.

He knew better than anyone the agony of having ones soul being torn apart and unable to be unified. Therefore, he was more empathetic than anyone else. He couldnt separate Little Monkey in Twin Moons City from the pale and thin man in front of him. Even if Yan Tianhen lived two lives, he still couldnt change the side of his nature that was inclined to kindness.

Yin Chongyues eyes fell on Yan Tianhen. He hooked his lips and said, "Are you sympathizing with me?"

Yan Tianhen paused. He didnt know how to respond.

Yin Chongyue was dismissive, saying, "Since you all can come here, it means that the west array has been broken, and the ones who want to break the array is you."

When Lin Xuanzhi heard this, he saluted Yin Chongyue and said, "Senior Yin, are the different Great Demon-Sealing Arrays on the Five Continents all connected?"

Although Esteemed Lan Yue could deduce the time and general position of the Five Continents seals, it was extremely consuming and couldnt be precise. If Yin Chongyue knew of a method, it couldnt be better.

Yin Chongyue pulled the hair hanging at his chest behind his ear and said, "Since you have all come here, its no harm to tell you. The seals of the Five Continents mutually complement and restrain each other, with water in the South, fire in the North, gold in the East, wood in the West, and soil in the center. You undid the soil in the center. Originally, the next one shouldve been the gold that can restrain the soil. You should have gone to the East to find the Great Demon-Sealing Array, but you did just the opposite, looking for the seal of the West first. All of a sudden, it was all messed up. After the West, it was the South. The water in the South has not yet been undone, but the fire in the North has ignited again however, your luck is not bad, and the mistakes from acting before thinking have not caused any irreparable consequences."

Yin Chongyue smiled softly for a while. "After getting the Four Directions Seal here, go look for the location of the final magic treasure."

Yan Tianhen looked puzzled when he heard it, but he was good at grasping the key points. He frowned and asked, "When did we find the magic treasure of the center? As far as I know, the three magic treasures Twin Lotus Lamp, Four Directions Seal, and Heavenly Thunder Tripod have already emerged. As for the seal of the Central Continent, until now the seal has not shown any signs of revealing itself."

Yin Chongyue couldnt help breaking into laughter, and a pair of clear and moist eyes fell upon Lin Xuanzhi teasingly. Lin Xuanzhi remembered the soul plate in his sea of knowledge.

Its just that hed never associated the soul plate with the Five Elements Converging Soul Plate before, because in the thousands of years of his previous life, most of the time, the Soul Plate had always watched him forge magic weapons silently, failing and succeeding again and again. Lin Xuanzhi always thought that the soul plate was a space where the soul could rest for a while. Since the Qi inside was quite suitable for refining magic weapons, he assumed it was the hidden treasure of an almighty craftsman of the distant past.

However, ever since he got the Twin Lotus Lamp, this idea had increasingly been reversed. When the Twin Lotus Lamp fell into the soul plate, the soul plate was upgraded by many levels. This not only expanded the area of land, lakes, and mountains, but even the sun, moon, and stars also flashed faintly.

However, before the Twin Lotus Lamp entered the soul plate, in the whole soul plate space, Qi was so rich that it took only one year to plant and harvest mature spiritual plants. After the Twin Lotus Lamp came in, although the Qi concentration increased several times, the speed of the spiritual plants maturing slowed down.

Lin Xuanzhi observed and pondered it, only to find that eight or nine out of ten, it was because the sliver of soul in the soul plate absorbed the Qi from the Twin Lotus Lamp. The souls outline gradually became clear, his appearance gradually deepened, and Lin Xuanzhi always felt like he had seen this person somewhere before.

Looking at Yin Chongyue again today, all the puzzles felt like they had been solved. "The Five Elements Converging Soul Plate is on me." Lin Xuanzhi looked Yin Chongyue in the eye and said, "I just never thought that you were the soul in the soul plate."

Yin Chongyue stood up. He seemed to be floating in the air. In the blink of an eye, he arrived in front of Lin Xuanzhi. He looked at this man with skin like ice and snow, bones like white jade, and thousands of stars in his eyes. He said, "Seeing you, I suddenly remembered something. I have a thousand-year arrangement with you. You havent forgotten it, have you?"

Lin Xuanzhi knew that from now on, Yin Chongyue had remembered all of the past life.

A sense of destiny rushed into Lin Xuanzhis chest, and he chose to accept it calmly. Lin Xuanzhis smile was faint. In this realm of nothingness, it was like a touch of bright light. Although it was not gorgeous, it penetrated deeply into the heart. "Regarding the thousand-year arrangement, Huarong has always remembered it in his mind; he wouldnt dare to forget it even for a moment."

Lin Xuanzhis voice sounded as though it was hitting jade. Yin Chongyue nodded with satisfaction. "I knew you were a man who wouldnt break your oath easily. Back then, the effort I spent exhausting my spirit and mind to keep your soul intact wasnt in vain."

Yan Tianhen listened and was confused, asking with a tight frown, "What do you mean by exhausting your spirit and mind to keep his soul intact? Why do you guys have a thousand-year arrangement? My Dage is clearly no more than twenty years old this year."

Yin Chongyue touched his chin. "This kind of thing is a secret agreement between me and Huarong. Others dont need to know, and they dont deserve to know."

Yan Tianhen felt very wronged and annoyed. "Do you know what my relationship with him is? If Im not qualified to know, then no one else in the world is qualified to know."

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