Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 471

Chapter 471 Strange Events

Chapter 471 – Strange Events

While Lin Xuanzhi was grinding some wood. Yin Chongyue floated beside him. He stared at Lin Xuanzhis hands and asked, "What are you thinking now?"

Lin Xuanzhi continued to grind wood and said without looking up, "I will never break my promise to you."

"Of course not." Yin Chongyue rolled his eyes with disdain. "You and I have made a life and death contract. If you dare to break it, you will be inhumanely destroyed by Heaven without me having to do anything. I just want to know that you and him have already come to this point, so are you really willing to let him go?"

Lin Xuanzhi glanced at Yin Chongyue. "If I cant give up on him, are you going to break the contract with me?"

Yin Chongyue rolled his eyes. "No."

"So whats the point of asking whether or not Im willing to let him go?" Lin Xuanzhi continued to work on the wood very calmly.

Yin Chongyue inexplicably felt a little upset. "I dont want to do this either, but I have no other way."

Lin Xuanzhi nodded. "I have never blamed you or anyone else. If it werent for you, I wouldnt have been able to give Ah Hen a new life anyway. It was my own willingness however, I may have to ask you something."

Yin Chongyue asked, "What is it? Just say it, and Ill help you."

Lin Xuanzhi stopped grinding the wood all the time and said, "After I fall into a slumber, let Ah Hen forget about me."

Yin Chongyue was silent for a moment.

After a while, he said, "Its wrong for you to think like this. You probably wont find another person in this world who loves you more than he does. In any case, if I were him, I would never forgive you no matter what. But that silly Didi of yours is different. Dont look at how indifferent he is to you right now; its obvious hes about to forgive you. If he knows that you are dead, he will certainly try his best to find a way to bring you back to life. For example, finding the pill formula for the Nine Ranks Resurrection Immortal Pill. If you let him forget you, you will really die."

Yin Chongyue said a lot of things, which could be said to be earnestly sincere.

However, after listening to it, Lin Xuanzhi was very moved, but then he refused. "Forget it. Youve been thinking about a person for thousands of years, isnt it hard?"

Yin Chongyue replied, "Its not easy, but when I think that he could be alive, I think its worth it."


Lin Xuanzhi blew the debris from the wood and said very calmly, "I dont think its worth it."

"You are such a coward." Yin Chongyue hated how Lin Xuanzhi was a lump of iron that couldnt be refined into steel faster.

"I am indeed a coward," Lin Xuanzhi frankly admitted as if he werent ashamed but rather proud. It may be that once bitten by a snake, he was afraid of being bitten again for ten years. When hed dreamed about his and Yan Tianhens ending from their previous life, he would feel scared all over.

Seeing that this man wasnt making any sense, Yin Chongyue reluctantly replied, "Fine."

In fact, he thought to himself, After you die, you wont know what Laozi will do. If you want to arrange other peoples lives for them, then Laozi will let that person choose for himself.

If Yan Tianhen didnt want to remember him, Yin Chongyue didnt mind sealing his memories away. If Yan Tianhen chose the same as what Yin Chongyue did, then he naturally wouldnt play the villain.

For Yin Chongyue, he felt that Lin Xuanzhi was too controlling. He wanted to properly arrange Yan Tianhens entire life for him. Although his original intention was right, in the end, he still couldnt ignore Yan Tianhens will, right?

Lin Xuanzhi returned to his task, while Yin Chongyue squatted beside him and stared at him grinding his wood. A whole day passed, and Lin Xuanzhi came out of the soul plate after a month passed.

As soon as Demon Venerable You Ming saw him, he raised his eyebrows. "Your cultivation has improved again?"

Lin Xuanzhi nodded. "Im already in the Profound Realm, Unified Spirit Stage."

You Ming frowned and studied Lin Xuanzhi. "Its unreasonable for you to improve your cultivation so fast."

Lin Xuanzhi said with a smile, "Martial Uncle should know that I have the Five Elements Converging Soul Plate and the Twin Lotus Lamp still inside it. With such treasures, it would be stranger to say that I couldnt quickly improve my cultivation."

You Ming clicked his tongue. "Dont fucking fool me. Ive already heard my Senior Martial Brother talk about Yin Chongyues matters. You havent told me the truth. What is the shady business between you and Yin Chongyue?"

Lin Xuanzhi thought for a moment and answered, "He mistook me for Xuan Jiuxiao, so he wanted to tie the knot with me, but I refused. So he asked me to work as a laborer under him for a hundred years without pay."

You Ming, "" As if I would believe your lies!

Lin Xuanzhi preemptively asked, "How was Ah Hens cultivation during this time?"

When speaking of Yan Tianhen, You Mings eyes became tender, he was also full of pride. "How could it be worse if I personally trained him myself? He has now successfully entered the Profound Realm Separated Spirit Stage, and it wont be long before he surpasses you."

Lin Xuanzhi was even more happy when he heard this. "I hope that day will come soon."

You Ming glanced at him. "So? What kind of deal have you reached with Yin Chongyue?"

Lin Xuanzhi smiled but remained silent, making it clear that You Ming could not get a word out of him.

You Ming grew incredibly gloomy and said maliciously, "Brat, dont think I cant do anything to you. If you dare to hurt Ah Hen, Ill take your dog life."

"Youll take whose dog life?" Esteemed Lan Yue walked over and looked at You Ming unhappily.

You Ming immediately became a lapdog and smiled in flattery. "I was kidding. Senior Martial Brother, youre getting more radiant these days."

Esteemed Lan Yue was too lazy to pay attention to him.

Lin Xuanzhi saluted Esteemed Lan Yue. "Master."

Esteemed Lan Yue nodded. "The location of the Great Demon-Sealing Array in the East Continent has already been determined."

Lin Xuanzhis heart jumped. He asked, "Where is it?"

Esteemed Lan Yue answered in a complicated tone, "In Qing City."

Lin Xuanzhi, ""

In recent days, the Lin family had not been peaceful. First, some disciples in the clan had their essence blood sucked dry in the middle of the night for unknown reasons, and became mummified bodies. Then, several of them had their chest and belly cut open, and their dying faces were miserable and terrifying.

Several elders of the Lin family attached great importance to this matter. When the first corpse appeared, they ordered a thorough investigation, and ruled it out one by one. Even the stone under the land was turned over to be rummaged through. However, they still didnt find any clues.

Another dried corpse appeared the next day. The investigation soon reached its peak, and under the master of the Lin familys command, the disciples of the Lin family were led by Fourth Elder Lin Runru, and began to rush toward several other big families in Qing City.

They forced these families to carry out internal investigations quickly with bribes and threats. Originally, several families were unwilling to cooperate, but when a disciple of the Duan family became a mummified corpse, all the families finally paid attention to this matter.

However, it was already too late. Before long, this strange event appeared in many big families. One night, Lin Liuchun heard a scream and immediately grabbed his clothes as he rushed in the direction of the voice. He saw a servant on night watch duty, who looked as if something had bitten his neck. The whole person was bent over and twisted in a weird angle. In fact, his surroundings were empty, and nobody was there.

Lin Liuchuns hand became a deadly claw, but he caught empty air. When he frowned, he only felt that something flashed past his side as fast as the wind. When he reacted, he was left with the watchman, who was lying on the ground and twitching, almost dead. He hadnt seen anything else.

He hurriedly saved the servant, fed him a medicinal pill, and invited a pharmacist to look over him for fear that the only witness who hadnt yet become a corpse in front of that strange thing, would die in a moment of carelessness.

Unexpectedly, the person was saved, but the man began to talk nonsense. When he saw Lin Liuchun, he screamed wildly like he was being stripped of his clothes. He even rolled and crawled under the bed. He shivered and said that Lin Liuchun attacked him and bit his neck. He also guaranteed that he would never mistake Lin Liuchun.

Lin Liuchun felt wrongfooted and wondered if the mans brain was so frightened that he went insane. However, when this man took out a jade pendant from his waist, the room full of people, even Lin Liuchun, changed their expressions.

Lin Runru asked, "Didnt you say that when you found him, he was already in a coma? You have never contacted him in the past few days. How can he have your jade pendant with him?"

This jade pendant was given to Lin Liuchun by someone else. Lin Liuchun had not taken it off for many years. When Lin Liuchun touched his waist, his jade pendant indeed wasnt there.

Although he didnt know the reason, he still felt it was interesting someone wanted to deliberately frame him. However, he never competed with anyone in the Lin family for resources or position, and his temper was too loose. He had always been occupied with zither, chess, calligraphy, painting, poetry, and drinking wine all day long, so he shouldnt have offended anyone. Therefore, the guy who wanted to put him in the land of injustice did this for what reason?

Third Elder had always been good at hammering before, but this time he actually said a few fair words. He felt that Lin Liuchun was not so indiscriminate that he would actually take a fancy to someone with such a low cultivation.

Lin Runru, after thinking about it, still grounded Lin Liuchun for the time being, and waited until further investigation. Ever since this day, Qing City had never seen another dried corpse again. Lin Liuchun pondered carefully and was afraid that things were not finished yet.

A few days later, a disciples chest and stomach was cut open and his death was even more miserable. However, Lin Liuchun had been trapped in isolation in the ancestral temple which blocked spiritual Qi and cut off his contact from the outside world. It was impossible for him to have gutted the disciples belly, so who did it?

Lin Liuchun was deeply disturbed by the unknown creature that he couldnt catch in his sight that day. However, even if he spoke out, most people would think that he was deliberately shirking his responsibilities and making things up. Lin Liuchun simply stopped talking.

The uneasy atmosphere gradually spread from the Lin family to the surrounding families. Finally, one night, Ji Lanjun, who was committing atrocities, was caught red-handed. She was also suppressed in the ancestral temple.

Ji Lanjun was discovered to have held a pair of scissors in her hand, which was full of the blood of the disciple who was nearly stabbed to death. It was quite terrifying, and then someone found some belongings of the disciples who had died before in Ji Lanjuns boudoir. As a result, Ji Lanjun became a target of public criticism that even jumping into the Yellow River couldnt wash away their suspicions about her.

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