Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 478

Chapter 478 For As Long As I Live

Chapter 478 – For as Long as I Live

Esteemed Lan Yue and Yin Xingli set up arrays around the entire Lin residence. Lin Xuanzhi didnt have much knowledge in arrays and couldnt help too much, so he left with Yan Tianhen first.

On the way back, Yan Tianhen said, "Believe it or not, I really did see another face on Third Elder just now. It looked like a corpses face, except it was moving. When he was about to leave the house, his head turned around to stare straight at me and even gave me a strange smile."

"Shh–" Lin Xuanzhi took Yan Tianhens hand and spoke softly, "I know Ah Hen wont make such jokes. This is no place to talk. Lets talk about it after we go back."

Yan Tianhens heart, which had been left hanging all this time, suddenly found a place to settle down.

As long as someone believes him, all his grievances will disappear.

Yan Tianhens hand was held in the palm of Lin Xuanzhis hand. He felt the warmth coming from Lin Xuanzhi and couldnt help having a delighted and sweet feeling in his heart.

In fact, from when he first recalled his past lifes events until now, he had thought a lot and thought very thoroughly.

Why should I torture myself in this life with the sufferings and mistakes from my previous life?

Clearly, it was already impossible for him to leave Lin Xuanzhi Lin Xuanzhi had treated him like that in the past life, yet he was still so infatuated with Lin Xuanzhi, so now that Lin Xuanzhi treated him so gently and sincerely, how could he be willing to give him up again?

He wasnt a fool who would reject such a good person and stubbornly insist on making life difficult for himself.

Yan Tianhen finally understood. Its just that he hadnt yet found the opportunity to reconcile with Lin Xuanzhi.

Moreover, it was quite shameful to talk about this kind of thing.

Nope, he still had to delay a little before discussing this.

So with his hand held, he was led all the way to the house. Even until he entered Lin Xuanzhis room, Yan Tianhen still felt dizzy and disoriented, like he was in a dream.

When Lin Xuanzhi saw this, he thought it was because Yan Tianhen was traumatized just now, so he said softly and slowly, "Ah Hen need not be afraid. No matter what kind of thing the Third Elder is, I will never let him have a chance to hurt you."

Yan Tianhens mind suddenly came back to himself. He looked down at his hand that Lin Xuanzhi had released and sighed with some loss.

Lin Xuanzhi pushed Yan Tianhen into a chair and stuffed a cup of spiritual tea that could ease emotions into his hand. After drinking a few mouthfuls, Yan Tianhen recounted in detail the strange things he saw today about the Third Elder.

When listening, Lin Xuanzhi frowned slightly from time to time, as if hed thought of something, but he didnt say a word. Only when Yan Tianhen finally finished talking did Lin Xuanzhi say, "Based on your description, it doesnt seem like he truly has two faces. The other face may be someone elses."

Yan Tianhens hair stood on end when he heard this. He couldnt help rubbing his arms and asking, "What does this mean? Could it be that theres another person growing on him? "

Lin Xuanzhi pondered for a moment. "Its hard to say why this is. I suspect that something unclean has possessed Third Elder. However, I still have to tell Martial Uncle about this. Maybe there are other reasons."

Lin Xuanzhi paused, thinking, Seems like theyre about to break off. No wonder You Ming looks like an eggplant that had frosted over in recent days and appeared very disheartened all the time.

Lin Xuanzhi said thoughtfully, "However, this shouldnt be the case. King Yes attitude towards Martial Uncle doesnt seem like he wants to break off their relationship."

Yan Tianhen sighed. "I dont understand what exactly happened to them either." He shrugged, showing a look of distress.

Lin Xuanzhi looked at him. "Then who does Ah Hen want to follow?"

Yan Tianhen gazed at Lin Xuanzhi and felt that his eyes were really beautiful, like all the stars in the sky were placed into the boundless sea.

"I dont want them to separate, and I also want to stay together with Dage," Yan Tianhen summoned up the courage to say.

Lin Xuanzhi paused, stunned. His gaze looked a little inexplicable.

Yan Tianhen was a little nervous for a moment. He straightened up and stared at Lin Xuanzhi. "Recently, Ive thought a lot about both the past life and this one. Although you werent very good to me a long time ago, Ive still decided to forgive you. B-but if you dare to attract bees and butterflies again, treat others better than you treat me, or suspect me and frame me, then Ill still ignore you."

The room was very quiet for a while. After saying these words, which sounded like forgiveness on the surface but were in reality a confession, Yan Tianhen secretly clutched the tips of his fingers. He was very nervous for some reason, and his heart was pounding.

Just when Yan Tianhen wanted to ask Lin Xuanzhi what he was thinking and at the very least give him an answer, Lin Xuanzhi suddenly stood up. He walked beside Yan Tianhen and bent down, then suddenly hugged him in a princess carry.

Yan Tianhen, "! ! ! !"

This is too sudden. Do you want to roll the sheets?

In a few short steps, Yan Tianhens face reddened with excitement.

Lin Xuanzhi placed him on the bed and leaned over him with deep feeling in his eyes. "Ah Hen, there are certain words that, once spoken, can no longer be taken back."

Yan Tianhens gaze just happened to fall on Lin Xuanzhis protruding Adams apple. He watched the Adams apple vibrate slightly along with Lin Xuanzhis speech. He only felt that it was round and lovely, like a mischievous tadpole inviting him to peck at it.

So Yan Tianhen did just that.

His teeth gently bit Lin Xuanzhis Adams apple.

Lin Xuanzhis body clearly stiffened, and he heard Yan Tianhen whisper, "A mans word holds enormous weight and cant be taken back. Whoever backs out is a little dog!"

Lin Xuanzhi laughed.

Yan Tianhen felt that his ears were going to be pregnant, and asked dizzily, "Dage, you still havent said it yet."

Lin Xuanzhi bowed his head and kissed Yan Tianhens lips. He solemnly and gently promised, "I swear that for as long as I live, I will put Ah Hen in the most important and deepest position in my heart."

Yan Tianhen was indeed really happy and didnt recognize the implication behind Lin Xuanzhis words.

Yan Tianhen was a standard happy-go-lucky fellow and hedonist if he could lie down, then hed never sit; if he could sit down, then hed never stand; and if he could roll the sheetshe would never be shy and refuse his desires, so they rolled together very congenially, and an entire night passed.

Yan Tianhen slept until noon the next day. He first moved his body, then got out of bed when he felt nothing serious.

The part that shouldve been overused didnt have much feeling. At first, Yan Tianhen thought it was because Lin Xuanzhi gave him medicine, but then he recalled that he had done it with Lin Xuanzhi in his past life and also never had much discomfort, so he couldnt help feeling that this exceptional furnace constitution was indeed extraordinary.

Moreover, Yan Tianhen found that his Dantian Qi Sea was very warm when he circulated spiritual Qi, and his cultivation seemed to be more refined.

So he happily decided to roll the sheets with Lin Xuanzhi every day.

Perhaps, after rolling around for a while, he would become an exceptional powerhouse.

Although Feng Jingyu was already able to maintain his human form right now, he seemed to prefer to indulge himself and stay in his original form, so as soon as Yan Tianhen went out, a fluffy yellow-billed bird landed on his shoulder.

"I cant believe youre rolling with him again," Feng Jingyus tone was very complicated.

Yan Tianhen chuckled a few times. "Originally, I also didnt expect this to develop so quickly, but who let my Dage be a tenacious little monster?"

Feng Jingyu shivered with fright. He felt that there was something wrong with Yan Tianhens style today.

"Your Dage is truly a prime example of practice what he preaches."

Yan Tianhen happily recalled the triple jump last night and couldnt help nodding. "My Dage really is different from those artificial, coquettish, and flirty sluts outside. He truly takes action and keeps his word, never wasting time with useless words."

Feng Jingyu was simply fed up with Yan Tianhen. He rolled his eyes and coldly said, "Cant you be a little reserved? At the very least, youre the one whos pressed down. Wheres your bashfulness and restraint?"

"Maomao ah," Yan Tianhen spoke meaningful and heartfelt words, "as a virgin who hasnt rolled the sheets yet, my current happiness is beyond your imagination. Youll understand once you roll with Ah Gu."

Feng Jingyu, "" How can this person be like this ah?

Yan Tianhen mused, "But you and Ah Gu seem to be of different species and sizes ah. I reckon itll be a bit difficult to roll the sheets."

Feng Jingyu, "" Get lost!

So Feng Jingyu flapped his wings and flew away. He didnt want to be with this fellow who didnt pay any attention to his own influence and tried to launch personal attacks on others.

His IQ will be pulled down.

Feng Jingyu flew directly to the Lin familys meeting hall. Lin Xuanzhi had just finished checking over the arrays arranged overnight throughout the entire Lin residence and was about to leave at this time.

Feng Jingyu landed on Lin Xuanzhis shoulder, and when his head tilted, he saw several red spots on Lin Xuanzhis neck.

Feng Jingyu, ""

Lin Xuanzhi conveniently held Feng Jingyu in his hand, glanced at him, then told Lin Runru, "Ah Hen should have woken up already, I will attend to him first."

Lin Runru was experienced and knowledgeable. As soon as he saw Lin Xuanzhi this morning, he knew that hed done something unspeakable last night, so Lin Runru waved his hand. "Go, go. Its rare that you can still have these thoughts at such a time"

Lin Xuanzhi couldnt help laughing when he heard this.

This kind of opportunity decreased with every act, so he naturally had to grasp it calmly.

When walking on the path, Feng Jingyu squeezed his head out from Lin Xuanzhis palm. "Ive been thinking about it, and I always feel that theres something wrong with you."

"Hmm?" Lin Xuanzhi raised an eyebrow.

"How long has Yin Chongyue known you?" Although Feng Jingyu used a question, he quickly answered his own question, "I assume its more than just these few short years, right?"

"Since when did you pay so much attention to me?"

"Dont interrupt. The Five Elements Converging Soul Plate is the most important magic treasure in the Five Continents seal. In theory, its impossible for it to be obtained first, and based on when Ah Hen speculated you first recovered your past lifes memories, you simply did not have the time to go to the Central Continent to take the Five Elements Converging Soul Plate."


"So the soul plate was already by your side when you first recovered your memories." Feng Jingyus pair of golden-red eyes looked like they contained the light of wisdom that saw through everything. He continued, "Yan Tianhens rebirth shouldnt be a coincidence of Heaven, but rather man-made, right?"

Lin Xuanzhi smiled. "Yeah, I exhausted all means to turn back time with much difficulty. Theres nothing to hide about this kind of thing. If Ah Hen asks me, I will also tell him the truth."

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