Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 481

Chapter 481 A Strange Place

Ch481 – A Strange Place

Thinking of the Inverted Big Dipper Array, Lin Xuanzhi couldnt help sucking in a cold breath.

The Big Dipper Array had seven stars, which corresponded to the seven floors, but in their ancestral shrine, the first floor did not need a teleportation array at all, so where does the extra teleportation array lead to?

Whats more, he had just overlooked a pointthe teleportation array that appeared every ten years when he came to the ancestral temple was not the one they just stood on, but it just happened to be the array at the other end that they mistook as the "first floors array"!

"Dage, whats the matter?" Yan Tianhen looked at Lin Xuanzhi puzzledly.

Lin Xuanzhi calmed down and squinted his eyes, "We went to another ancestral shrine."

Yan Tianhen paused, "What do you mean?"

Lin Xuanzhi turned around and looked back at the exact same corridor behind him, "It seems that the two arrays at the opposite ends are the ways to teleport people to two different spaces. If I guessed correctly, on the ancestral worship day once every ten years, the array is facing the right direction. However, at other times, the Big Dipper Array is inverted. If we want to go to the seventh floor on any normal day, we have to go to the teleportation array at the other end. It seems that we are on the wrong path."

Yan Tianhen shivered with fright.

Lin Xuanzhi squeezed his hand, "Dont be afraid, Im going to see what that creature is trying to do."

When he squeezed Yan Tianhens hand, he felt that his hand was a little cold, as if it were a little wet, but Lin Xuanzhi didnt care too much, thinking that Yan Tianhen was just afraid.

He took Yan Tianhen and walked forward a few steps. Although his steps were light, he felt that there was something wrong with the floor when he stepped on it. The sound reverberated in the corridor where there was no end to it. It sounded very sinister.

The corridor was very long. Lin Xuanzhi walked for a long time, but there was still no end in sight. He stopped, bit his finger, drew a symbol out of thin air, and flicked a drop of blood towards the front, saying, "Break!"

This wasnt all; Lin Xuanzhi turned around again, using the bloody finger to draw between the eyebrows of Yan Tianhen beside him.

The space was instantly distorted, and the Lin familys ancestral temple appeared in front of him.

He was still on the first floor, and even his feet had not stepped out of the teleportation array just now, but the others had disappeared.

Standing next to him, Yan Tianhens face changed slightly, and suddenly withdrew his hand.

"When did you see through this?" A young man wrapped in a white robe quickly retreated back, only to find that he had been blocked by a magic weapon that he didnt know when Lin Xuanzhi placed on him.

Lin Xuanzhi looked at him, "From the beginning, you pretended to look like him, but its a pity that you didnt handle the details properly."

"What details?" The young man pursued him relentlessly, unable to believe that he could be seen through so easily.

He clearly had been observing Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen secretly for a long time, he even imitated their movements and expressions, but how could Lin Xuanzhi see through it at a glance?

Of course, Lin Xuanzhi naturally would not tell such things.

Lin Xuanzhi drew out the Zhige sword, "Even though your illusion is powerful, you are just a scapegoat for someone else. Where is the real murderer now?"

The young man looked at Lin Xuanzhi in astonishment, "How do you know that I didnt do it?"

Lin Xuanzhi said indifferently, "The smell on your body. The one who really killed those people, inhaled the incense of the Lin family."

The boy was taken aback and couldnt help sighing.

Obviously, he also knew that the smell on his body was completely different from that of the real murderer.

"I saw that you are a descendant of the Lin family and originally didnt want your life, but now I have to take it." The young man said in a low voice, and suddenly there was a black umbrella in his hand, and he came towards Lin Xuanzhi.

Yan Tianhen felt the goose bumps on his arm, looked around warily, and walked forward. He didnt know why he turned around and came to a dark and steep wilderness.

The surrounding trees were low and chaotic, with gusts of Yin wind and shadows of ghosts. Looking towards the sky, there was only a pale moon in the gloomy dark night sky that emitted a strange white light, and the shadows on the ground were like winding tentacles.

Yan Tianhen swallowed hard.

He felt something drifting by and it even brushed against his arm.

Yan Tianhen shivered and rubbed his small arm again.

After observing for a while, Yan Tianhen found that he still had to walk forward, otherwise it wouldnt be a solution to just stand there.

Although the trees here looked messy and disorderly, if you observed closely, you could see a small path in the middle. Yan Tianhen walked on the weed-free path, only feeling that the soil under his feet was very soft, as if it was making people sink down.

He sped up unconsciously.

He didnt know how far he had gone. Yan Tianhen saw a large number of lights appearing in front of the shadows, and voices uttering words could be faintly heard, but there were clouds of fog that appeared out of nowhere, dispersing those lights. It spread out, and against the pale moonlight, it became more and more strange.

Yan Tianhen paused and ran forward quickly.

The more he ran forward, the denser the fog became. Just as Yan Tianhen blindly rushed forward by relying on the sound, his eyes suddenly opened up, and the fog had scattered. He looked intently in front of him, the lights were bright and it was crowded, the cries and shouts became one, it seemed to be a square, but it was more like a market.

Big red lanterns were hung upstairs on both sides of the streets. There were men and women on the road, and many people were wearing masks, talking in twos and threes, smiling and laughing as they walked forward.

Yan Tianhen saw a beautiful woman dressed in a cloud and mist palace costume. The beautiful woman smiled at Yan Tianhen and continued to walk forward.

However, when this beauty passed by Yan Tianhen, he saw a long, thick tail dragging behind her, still swinging on the ground.

Yan Tianhen, ""

What the hell is this place?

Yan Tianhen began to observe the "people" around him.

Soon, he discovered that although the "people" here all had human appearances, they all had tails, wings, or other limbs. Some of the outstretched arms were not like that of humans at all, but they seem to some undescribed animal. These animals were something that Yan Tianhen had never seen before.

At this moment, Yan Tianhen heard a quarrel around him.

A voice said, "I bought a Wisdom Stage fox demon inner core last year with only three middle-grade spirit stones. How come it costs 30 this year? Your price increase is too great, right?"

Then a voice that sounded very confident, "This year, the Wisdom Stage fox demons have become less and less, it is difficult to find them. Rare things are expensive, and the price is naturally higher."

The voice said, "I wont buy it because it has risen so much."

The other voice immediately became angry, "Laozi worked so hard to get it. You have to buy it today, even if you dont want to, or else you wont leave here alive!"

The original voice also became angry and sneered, "I wont buy it, what will you do?"

"Then you will die!"

He saw a person who was originally three meters tall suddenly became violent, and in a blink of an eye he became a two-storey monster with rough and hard armor-like skin and strong limbs, with a long tail behind him.

Another "human" who didnt want to pay a high price to buy the demon fox inner core also changed his appearance. He turned into a humanoid with a serpentine tail. He sneered and wrapped his sturdy tail around the huge monster. A flame flashed in his hand, then the head of the ugly monster had actually been cut off.

"Fuck!" Yan Tianhen blurted out.

The "people" around were not even surprised, and some were even pointing and giggling.

"Aiya, he ran into a hard nut."

"He doesnt have the ability but still dared to raise the price out of nowhere. He deserves to be killed."

"This demon looks amazing, but in reality, it had just cultivated a demonic core. Its really boring."

"You can tell with a glance that he is a newcomer, and he doesnt understand the rules at all. He dares to sit in this Pagoda Ghost Market and raise the price, hes really looking for death."

Yan Tianhen: "" It turned out that this place was the Pagoda Ghost Market.

Yan Tianhen watched as the snake-tailed monster stretched out his slender fingers and easily pulled out the heart of the dead monster.

The inner core of demonic beast cultivators was hidden in the Dantian Qi Sea, but the core of demons was in the heart.

The guy with a snake-tailed human body looked at the demonic core the size of a thumb and snorted disdainfully, then just threw it into his mouth, chewed, and swallowed it.

Afterwards, he picked up the storage bag that had fallen on the ground, threw it directly into his clothes, and turned into a human form casually.

"Grandpa is in a good mood today, so I will leave it to you." The snake demon who got the demon foxs inner core was in a good mood, leaving the slain demon to the low-level demons around him. He just waved his hand and walked away a few steps. Yan Tianhen watched as five or six demons that couldnt disguise as humans swarmed up. They quickly divided up the demon with claws and fangs and ate him.

Yan Tianhens face turned green.

Its too cruel, its really not suitable for him to stay here for too long.

Yan Tianhen hurriedly looked back to find the way he came, however, at this moment he found out that all the bustling people in the front and back were just "people". There were no villages in front of them and no shops in the back, let alone the road which he took, he could not even see the fog anymore.

A young man dressed in black holding a white umbrella looked at Yan Tianhen from a distance in the crowd, gave an eerie and malicious smile, then turned and disappeared.

Once youve entered the Pagoda Ghost Market, youre on your own.

Suddenly, someone patted Yan Tianhen on the shoulder.

Yan Tianhen turned his head abruptly and saw the guy with the snake-tailed figure just now, looking at him up and down with a smile that didnt reach his eyes. "Little fellow, is it the first time youve visited the Pagoda Ghost Market?"

Yan Tianhen stared at his hand for a moment, then asked, "Did you wash your hands after you grabbed the heart?"

The smile on the mans face stiffened for an instant.

Immediately afterwards, he laughed out loud, "Interesting, but I dont need to wash my hands, I only need a purification charm. However, it seems that this really is the first time you came here, little fellow, you are really not afraid of death."

Yan Tianhen asked sullenly, "How can you tell?"

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