Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 488

Chapter 488 Subdue Ying And Yang

Chapter 488 – Subdue Ying and Yang

"I broke his living body, and he also broke mine." Yin Chongyue had a hand on his cheek, an image of innocence and beauty, "but I liked the pain he brought me. At that time, I was aware that I had the appearance of being crazy for two winters." He said, "I cant do this kind of thing, and he is very opposed, so it caused me a lot of pain." Yin Chongyue curved his lips and looked at Lin Xuanzhi. "I hate him as much as I love him. I cant bear to hurt him, so I have to hurt everything he cares about. On his wedding day I killed Yan Xueyi, Yan Xueyis blood sprayed all over my whole body, to this date I cant forget the way Xuan Lou looked at mefull of disbelief, shock, and as if he was looking at a madman.

"What happened later, I cant clearly remember. I only remember that I killed a lot of people, I killed a lot of good people, there were also bad people, monsters, and mortal beings.. At that time, I thought they were all so annoying. When I heard a sound, I wanted to make the sound disappear. When I saw color, I wanted it to disappear. I wanted the world to end.

It was a chaotic and dark time. Divine Devil Tian Huan killed willfully and without restraint, which ignited a war in all of the Nine lands. At first, people were afraid of him. Later, even devils started to be afraid of him. He killed until his eyes turned red, he lost his mind, he lost himself. He was possessed, he was even strong to the point where even Xuan Lou couldnt suppress him. In the end, Feng Jiuge, Jiushao Monarch, South Emperor Yun Shuijian, North Emperor Longyao Canghai and Northeast Spirit Emperor Rong Qinghan, joined hands with with Nine lands Emperor Xuan Jiuxiao to lay down their lives down to tear the devil Yin Chongyue, into five parts, which were suppressed under a Great Demon Sealing Array and could never be reincarnated.

The disaster came to an end, and the five brilliant talents fell to four. The heavens and the earth fell into darkness, the Milky Way was overthrown, and the stars were dim. The last Myriad Dao Era ended, the cultivation system declined, and the Post-Dao Era was coming

"Dont want to be born on the same year, same month, or the same day, but I wish to die on the same year, same month, and same day."

In the end, it turned out to be a prophecy.

"But my heart was actually clear, I dont want him to die with me at all, I just want him to live well." Yin Chongyue said that and in the end his cheeks streamed with tears and choked while sobbing, "I only want him to live, I only want him to live."

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Yin Chongyue who was collapsing. It took a while for him to ask, "His body is undamaged, and the big holes have been sealed. As long as his soul is found, he can possibly come back to life." Yin Chongyue sucked in through his red nose and raised his head. "When he sealed me, he was so very tired. His soul was fast asleep in his body, and it was only by using the blood of his descendants that he had the capability to wake up again. I have known for a long time that you are his descendant. When I saw you for the first time I knew that you were the closest person to him, so I asked you to make a contract, waiting for the cause and effect to happen, and let him be reborn." Lin Xuanzhi sincerely said, "Its hard for you to be cautious." Yin Chongyue flashed an unsightly smile and said, "You unexpectedly can confront it so calmly." Lin Xuanzhi said, "Because what Heaven takes from my body is far more important than my life." Yin Chongyue froze. He stared at Lin Xuanzhi for a long time before asking, "What is it?" Lin Xuanzhi shook his head and said, "I can not say."

Yin Chongyue did not ask any more. There are some things that he doesnt really need to know, because even if he knows, what should have happened and what has happened, he cant change it. Its better to be deaf and blind from the beginning.

Lin Xuanzhi suddenly asked, "What are your plans after he wakes up?"

Yin Chongyue was stunned for a moment and said, "I am old."

He is obviously a young man, but his heart has gone through many vicissitudes, and he has become a crumpled dead wood, with not a bit of hope for life when spring comes.

However, at the moment he saw Xuan Lou, all the past things, words and pictures that he deliberately made all rolled into his mind like a tidal wave. They were never cultivation partners, nor lovers. He even killed his beloved, he cost him his throne and life.

They are probably enemies.

"Originally, I thought that after his resurrection, I would live in seclusion with him in the countryside, wandering in nine lands, not caring about anything, two people would be happy together." Yin Chongyue was disappointed and said, "But I just remembered that he was not a stranger to me. He didnt like me and was so bad to me. Before his death he thought about how to kill me. How could he be willing to be with me after his death?" Otherwise, how did he have the heart to let him become a wandering soul, In such a dark place, where there is no sound from the sky to the ground, Alone for thousands of years? "Lin Xuanzhi, where are you going after you have lost your cutivation?" Yin Chongyue tilted his head and asked.

Lin Xuanzhi said, "I havent thought it out yet. Maybe I will just roam around and see the outside world." Yin Chongyue asked: "Just like you once did in the Nine Lands?"

Lin Xuanzhi nodded and said, "There is nothing wrong with that." Yin Chongyue couldnt help laughing and said, "Lin Xuanzhi, in fact, you didnt want me to erase Yan Tianhens memory, did you? It suddenly occurred to me that there are some things that I didnt need to do at all, however there were other people who would have done something about it." Lin Xuanzhi embraced the wind, "If the result was known, why should he pursue Yin Chongyue so deeply?"

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Xuan Lou.

His long eyelashes were as graceful, radiant and perfect as butterflies wings, with beautiful and long eyes. The shape was also very beautiful, it was unknown the kind of elegant manner he would open his eyes with. There are countless legends in the Myriad Dao Era, that Xuan Lou, Jiuxiao, is the most amazing one among the legends. Even though he was seen through rapidly, barely a glimpse, his reputation would be passed down through the ages. It was enough to crush Yan Chi who was on the throne. Lin Xuanzhi said, "When do you want me to unlock his life?

Yin Chongyue nodded his head and said, "I want to stay here and accompany him for a while. You should also take advantage of this opportunity to say goodbye to your Ah Hen, Im afraid there wont be such an opportunity in the future." Lin Xuanzhi agreed.

Yin Chongyue stood up and walked barefoot towardsf Lin Xuanzhi, and drew a spell between his eyebrows with his bitten finger. Lin Zuanzhis soul sea flashed, a half black and half white, the umbrella of yin and yang fell into his soul sea.

"From now on, they will belong to you. "

The Yin and Yang Umbrella were returned to their original place, and all the magic weapons of the Five continents seal were all there. If nothing happens, the barrier of Five continents will collapse in a few days, and the passage between Nine lands and Five continents will be opened. The rare people that have reached the peak of Profound Realm boundary are bound to take advantage of this great opportunity to leave Five continents and soar to Nine Lands, while those who originally belonged to Nine Lands will eventually return.

The Five continents were bound to fall into turmoil, and even the original division of power will be reshuffled. Lin Xuanzhi felt a little relaxed, also somewhat heavy.

He no longer disturbed Yin Chongyues time with Xuan Lou, but turned around and walked step by step toward the outside.

Step by step with lotus.

Behind him, Yin Chongyue gently sang songs, like nursery rhymes and meaningless tunes. It was nice to hear, yet hard to understand.

When Lin Xuanzhi came out, it was already bright.

It was the seventh floor of the Lin Familys Ancestral Temple. Looking up, the ranks of the ancestors were all arranged. When Lin Xuanzhi stepped out, he saw Yan Tianhens tired face fill with unspeakable joy. "Eldest brother." Yan Tianhen jumped down from his chair and came up to him. Lin Xuanzhi gently nodded to him, then raised his hand to pull him into his arms, and pressed his chin against his forehead and said softly, "I have kept you waiting."

Yan Tianhen breathed a sigh of relief and sullenly said, "You were in there for so long, I thought you werent going to come out and be bound by the Yin Umbrella. A carp jumped up and said," I told you that he didnt want to come out, you still have to rely on my little master to dare to be bold, and never deny it." You Ming kicked the Yin Umbrella down again with one foot and said, "There is no room for you to talk here? Shut your mouth! "

The Yin Umbrella immediately lost his temper and the Yang Umbrella had to hold his shoulder.

The Yang Umbrella soothed him with a pair of smiling eyes, "Dont be angry, Xiao Yin. Its good to resolve the misunderstandings. Who let you have a criminal record? I cant blame the others for doubting you."

The Yin Umbrella glared at her Yang umbrella and said, "Who the hell are you siding with? What benefits did they give you to have you be on their side?"

The Yang umbrella blinked and said innocently, "I am clearly on the side of Xiao Yin." The Yin umbrella said, "Bullshit! If youre on my side, why arent you tied to the ground like me?

".." The Yang umbrella said with a strong relevance, "Because the ground is cold, you like cold places, so I wont fight with you, and I will leave you all the good things."

Yin umbrella: ".." I really have to thank you.

The discussion of IQ between the Yin and Yang umbrella could be ignored, Lin Xuanzhi was surrounded by several other people."Lin Xuanzhi, you really scared grandpa to death." Lin Runrus eyes were red with snot and tears, turned his head and said," Do you know how long you have been in there? For ten months, do you know that if you and Ah Hen had children, they would have been born?"

Lin Xuanzhi: ".."

Yin Xingli was really relieved and moved to say, "Nothing happened to the eldest prince. I finally can have the face to give your majesty a report."

Yan Zhonghua also nodded and said, "My good nephew really has good luck." Even the Yin umbrella couldnt bind Lin Xuanzhi and felt a bit ashamed. The Yin umbrella is a magic weapon to dissolve bones and dissipate souls. The people who are taken in will become a pool of muddy water in a few days, and their souls will disappear and they cant enter into reincarnation. After he entered, if it werent for the magnetic field disturbed by the sleeping Xuan Lou inside, he would have turned into water mist. However, now the Yin and Yang umbrellas belong to him, no matter how he enters there will be no sea. Yan Tianhen said "Elder Brother, you have been in the Yin umbrella for so long, Im afraid you dont know much about things outside. After you went in that day, the three elders suddenly became puppets of the corpse ghost king, and all the people behaved like monsters. The corpse ghost king captured the souls of the three elders, using the entire Qing city as an array, and wanted to turn this place into a dead corpse city, offering the people as sacrifices and be reborn. However, we foiled his plot together, and the corpse ghost king also died. After that day, Master and teacher Ah chi re-divined and found out that the original magic treasure of East continent Seal was in the Lin Family Temple, and went outside of the seventh and first floors, the other five floors were all law circles. Now that the law has been broken, the yin and yang umbrellas have also appeared, it seems the five seals have all been already collected. "

Lin Xuanzhi nodded and said, "Its all been gathered here."

He turned to say, "Why dont I see Mao Mao and Ah Gu?"

Yan Tianhen scratched his head and said, "After the corpse king was finally sucked in and refined by Ah Gu, Mao Mao took him to digest because he was afraid of food poisoning.

Lin Xuanzhi, ".."

Having said that, Yan Tianhen looked at Lin Xuanzhi with shining eyes and said, "Eldest Brother, can we go to Nine Lands soon?

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Yan Tianshens face, which was already weakened a lot. It was faintly visible that he was elegant and beautiful, and he couldnt help but be happy. He smiled and said, "Yes, you only need to sacrifice the array and then you can break the barrier."

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