Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 489

Chapter 489 When The Dust Settled

Chapter 489 – When the Dust Settled

You Ming raised his eyebrows and asked, "Sacrifice to an array?"

Lin Xuanzhi replied, "Sky Peak Sect has an array connecting to the Upper Realm. There are already sacrificial offerings in it, and the flow of spiritual Qi is also the most dense. We can go there and break the Five Continents seal."

You Ming nodded. "Lets pick a time and go together."

Changing the subject, he narrowed his eyes and stared at the Yin Umbrella. "After opening the barrier, we will kill this kid. Its simply perfect."

Yin Umbrellas back was cold, and his hair stood up. He shouted, "You havent even crossed the river, yet you already want to fucking tear down the bridge. Ill tell you the truth if you want to mess with me now, you have to get Lin Xuanzhis consent. I, Little Grandpa, am his person now, so he has the final say!"

Yan Tianhen looked at Lin Xuanzhi in confusion, and his eyes were stunned and surprised.

You Ming exploded in anger and asked, "Lin Xuanzhi, what exactly did you do during those months in the Yin Umbrella?"

Lin Xuanzhis face was full of black lines. He was left speechless.

When the Yang Umbrella saw Yan Tianhen raise his hand, ready to hit the Yin Umbrella, he quickly stood in front of the Yin Umbrella and said, "Dont be angry, he is not, he did not he cannot possibly be Masters person!"

"Bring out the evidence!" Yan Tianhen gritted his teeth.

Yang Umbrella confidently answered, "He is at most Masters umbrella, he is not even human!"

Yan Tianhen was fucking dumbstruck!

Yan Zhonghua couldnt help laughing and clapped his hands., "The Yin Yang Umbrella actually signed a master-servant contract."

"Master-servant contract? Thats all?" Yan Tianhen suspiciously asked.

Yang Umbrella immediately nodded and said, "We were originally a magic weapon contracted with Demon Venerable Radiant Sky, but not long ago, Demon Venerable Radiant Sky actually sold us over to Young Master Lin, so we will follow him from now on."

Yan Tianhen watched the beautiful faces and youthful figures of the Yang Umbrella and Yin Umbrella, thinking, although these two weapon spirits are not human beings, their human forms are still so beautiful. He could not help but feel a sense of crisis. He rolled up his sleeves and said, "I dont care, who knows if you two saw how handsome and domineering my Dage is, so you deliberately approached him like this to take advantage of the situation and harbor ideas about my Dage."

"I promise you that I didnt!" The Yang Umbrella immediately hugged Yin Umbrella, kissed him on the mouth, and solemnly vowed as he stared death in the face, "Little Yin and I already have been married for a lifetime; we are the only ones for each other. We wished to fly in heaven, two birds with the same wings, and grow together on the earth, two branches of the same tree. We will never take a fancy to anyone else again. Even if he is a heavenly immortal, we still wont look at him!"

Yan Tianhen, "."

Yin Umbrella had a face full of black lines. He pushed away Yang Umbrella, who was too deep into the play, and climbed up with difficulty from the ground, "Dont fucking talk nonsense. This Little Grandpa likes big breasts. You are bigger than me down there!"

The Yang Umbrella said, aggrieved, "Were obviously the same size; weve compared it before."

You Ming sucked in a breath, He could not help but click his tongue a few times as he stared at Yang Umbrellas lower half. Damn, exceptionally gifted. You cant judge a book by its cover.

Yin Umbrella widened his eyes. "You are shameless! You actually dare to cheat!"

Yang Umbrella, "Hee hee hee hee hee!"

Yin Umbrella felt the gazes around him get more bizarre; his scalp felt like it was tingling with pins and needles. Yin Umbrella could not stand it and shouted, "Shut up for Laozi!"

Yang Umbrella ran toward the outside while giggling.

Yin Umbrella, ".."

Everybody, ".."

Yin Umbrella sneered at everyone with a straight face, "Oh, you think I am abnormal, but do you know why I am abnormal? If you had been facing such a mental patient for thousands of years and didnt turn abnormal, then I will kneel down and call you Daddy!"

You Ming looked at Yin Umbrella sympathetically and said, "You actually havent been angered to death by him yet. Indeed, people with holes in their heads can live longer."

Yin Umbrella, ".."

Giving you the middle finger!

But then again, since the Yin Yang Umbrella was now owned by Lin Xuanzhi, it was indeed difficult to pursue the mistakes made by Yin Umbrella.

Lin Xuanzhi was definitely not a rigid person. In this world, the cultivation worlds law had always been the law of the jungle. Before, they said that the Yin Umbrella harmed and killed people only because he killed people on their side. Now that Yin Umbrella had changed camps, Lin Xuanzhi was a little more lenient to him.

"Go to read the sacred scripts for 81 days to help the souls find peace and send the departed spirits off. Well leave it at that," Lin Xuanzhi said to Yin Umbrella.

Yin Umbrella almost jumped up. The sacred scripts to help the soul find peace were not something that could be read as one wished. Rather, it demanded the removal of evil karma and the accumulation of achievements and virtue. It was fine for people who hadnt done anything bad to read it; they would naturally feel comfortable, but for people like him, who had hurt many people, every time he read a sentence, he would feel the pain of being struck by heavenly lightning. He could barely even make it through a single recitation, however, Lin Xuanzhi turned out to make him read it for 81 days. This was simply a disguised way to kill him. Yin Umbrella protested.

Upon hearing this, Lin Xuanzhi replied coldly, "Otherwise, I will abolish half your cultivation, which is the same outcome."

Yin Umbrella had nothing to say at this point, so he obediently went to the seventh floor of the ancestral temple of the Lin family and knelt on the mat to read the sacred script of ceremonies to help the soul find peace. Every time he read it, he was struck by lighting as a pledge, which made him cry bitterly and regret his actions.

After 81 days, Yan Zhonghua cast a spell to send those souls back to the cycle of reincarnation. All this was considered as finally sending the departed spirits off.

When the door of the Ancestor Temple opened, Yin Umbrella, who had turned over a leaf, had less death Qi on his body. His fine little face was full of shyness and tension. The Yang Umbrella took him by the hand and pulled him into the sun with a smile. The Yin Umbrella at first shrank back, but when he found that the sun was not so difficult to endure, he stretched his neck out. The image was very cute.

"How come he just went in once and became a little wife when he came out?" You Ming felt it was very interesting. To tell the truth, these people from the Nine Lands, although knowledgeable, had few opportunities to see weapon spirits, and this was the first time they saw twin weapon spirits, so it was a very rare opportunity.

Yin Umbrella, not knowing anything, raised his head and looked at the people around him. He couldnt help getting red in the face, but also grasped the sleeve of Yang Umbrella nervously. A little powdered and jade carved face glanced at everyone, full of fear and reservation, making people feel pity for him.

Yan Tianhen took a glance, then flattened his mouth and said, "Hes actually cuter than me. I dont want him to follow you."

Lin Xuanzhi couldnt help laughing. "But in Dages mind, no one is cuter than our familys Ah Hen."

Yan Tianhen said, "Thats more like it."

The Yang Umbrella held Yin Umbrellas hand and led him to Lin Xuanzhi as he gave a bow, and said, "Thank you for Masters kindness and mercy. Little Yin and I will try our best to serve Master no matter what it is without objection."

Lin Xuanzhi nodded. "How did his mind become like this?"

The Yang Umbrella looked at the Yin Umbrella and said with a smile, "Little Yin was always childish, but it was only when he was later contaminated with too much demonic Qi in the seal that it affected his behavior. After settling his karma, although he has a lot more spirit, his wisdom will fall. He doesnt remember everything completely right now, but after a while, he will return to normal."

"Ah." Yan Tianhen said with disappointment, "Hell return to normal? The current him looks more pleasing to the eye."

Yang Umbrella, ".."

However, itll be pretty good if Little Yin stays like this forever.

After the matters of the Third Elder were dealt with, Qing City was restored to calm and stability. In a few days, Su Mo returned to Profound City with Duan Yuyang and Yuan Tianwen. After all, there were many matters to attend to in Profound Sky Sect and in the Yuan family. Ever since Esteemed Qing Yun died during his breakthrough, Yuan Tianwen had become the Peak Master of Breaking Sword Peak, so naturally, he could not leave for too long.

Before leaving, Yuan Tianwen and Duan Yuyang met with Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen to say goodbye. "Has the date for traveling to Sky Peak City been decided?" Yuan Tianwen asked.

"The 15th of next month," Lin Xuanzhi replied.

Yuan Tianwen mused, "I didnt think that I would be fortunate enough to personally experience such a great event in my lifetime. If it werent for Breaking Sword Peak and my son needing me, I would really like to go with you to Sky Peak City to see the grand scene of the opening of the Five Continents barrier."

Lin Xuanzhi smiled. "How can the Five Continents barrier look better than your son?"

Yuan Tianwen snorted and proudly said, "Thats true. As long as I have my wife and son, Im satisfied."

Duan Yuyang rolled his eyes at him. "No ambition."

Yuan Tianwen let him say whatever he wanted. I wont be shaken.

Yan Tianhen was full of envy and said, "Your feelings are so good, I really envy you two."

Duan Yuyang squinted at Lin Xuanzhi and said, "Your Dage is also good to you."

Yan Tianhen touched his chin and said, "But we dont have a son. Now I think it is be a good thing to raise a son."

Duan Yuyang was happy and winked at Lin Xuanzhi. "Did you hear that? Ah Hens meaning has been clearly hinted at. You have to work hard to sow seeds and strive to harvest a son as soon as possible."

Lin Xuanzhi lightly replied, "Ah Hen is still young, lets see in a few more years."

"But then again," Duan Yuyang said, "after the barrier is opened, are you planning to go directly to the Nine Lands?"

People didnt have to be at the peak of Profound Realm in order to enter the Nine Lands. As long as one could find a method, even a Hardened Body Stage cultivator could pass. Its just that the method was not easy to find, and secondly, the Nine Lands were full of strong people with all sorts of techniques, and danger was everywhere. If ones cultivation wasnt high enough, then going to the Nine Lands was like courting death. Of course, now that they knew the identity of Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen, Yan Zhonghua was no longer low-key. If they wanted to return to the Nine Lands, their safety was still somewhat guaranteed.

Yan Tianhen nodded his head, supported his cheeks, and said, "Yes, both my Master and father want me to leave with them, and Daddy is also in the Nine Lands. My Dage naturally wants to go see Daddy."

Duan Yuyang lightly sighed and said, "If so, then we will probably not see each for many years."

Yan Tianhen asked, "Uncle Mo isnt going to take a look at the Nine Lands?"

Yuan Tianwen said, "My father is planning on going to the Nine Lands in some years when Henger is older."

Henger was the birth name of the Yuan familys little young master, whose actual name was Yuan Chuheng. This name was personally given by Esteemed Lan Yue himself.

Yan Tianhen also looked at Duan Yuyang rather reluctantly and said, "Yuyang Gege, when I get there, I will miss you very much."

Duan Yuyangs nose was slightly sour, but he was very straightforward and clapped Yan Tianhens shoulder. "Its not like we wont see each other in the future. You should get along well over there. When the time comes, I will have a big family to support and come hug your thighs. As long as you dont refuse to recognize me as your Gege, it will be done."

"Will recognize, will recognize." Yan Tianhen nodded hastily and vowed, "When you go to the Nine Lands, Ill bring you to eat fragrant food and drink spicy soups, everything will be covered by me."

"Haha, then Ill be waiting for that day."

The reunion had to come to an end eventually. The few people made an appointment for the future, and then parted ways for the time being.

After a thunderstorm and heavy rain, the weather was clear, and even the spiritual Qi in the air seemed to be rich. In addition, Qing City had just suffered a disaster, but there was a feeling of fortune from surviving a catastrophe. The Lin family captured the Corpse King monster and saved the whole Qing City from dire circumstances. The people of Qing City naturally felt more grateful to the Lin family. The Lin family, which was originally on its way to being Qing Citys number one family, had now fully secured the title. Fame followed merit.

Lin Runru once revealed his intentions of wanting to pass down the position of Family Head to Lin Xuanzhi, but he was rejected by Lin Xuanzhi.

"Lin Zhantian can receive that great responsibility." Lin Xuanzhi not only refused, but also recommended another of the Lin family pupils, who had the ability to replace him as the Young Master.

Lin Runru asked, "Why is that?"

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