Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 490

Chapter 490 Re Entering The Reincarnation Cycle

Chapter 490 – Re-entering the Reincarnation Cycle

Lin Xuanzhi said, "If I leave the Five Continents, I will definitely not come back in a short time. The Lin family cant carry on without someone taking the mantle. Instead of letting me occupy the position, it would be better to give it to someone who could really do things for the family."

After pondering, Lin Runru gave it careful consideration. He voided Lin Xuanzhis status as Young Master, and directly gave him the title as "Sixth Elder of the Lin Family."

There had been no Lin family disciple who had ever acquired the status of an Elder before the age of 100, but Lin Xuanzhi would be the first person. There was not even one person in the Lin family who would disapprove of it.

Lin Xuanzhi had already repaired the furnace that could refine the pill to cure the extreme Yang constitution. Ji Lanjun almost shed tears, and she was grateful for Lin Xuanzhis kindness, as well as the Lin family. She swore to help the Lin family with all her heart and soul.

He had solved all the worries he could think of, and he had also relaxed his mood. Before the day when the Five Continents barrier was lifted, he spent every day traveling with Yan Tianhen to visit the mountains and rivers, indulging in his freedom. Yan Tianhen was a man who didnt like to hide his emotions. He loved Lin Xuanzhi very much and had tasted the sweetness of greed and pleasure. From time to time, he would pester Lin Xuanzhi for intimacy. Naturally, Lin Xuanzhi would embrace Yan Tianhen with an even more enthusiastic attitude.

The two peoples staminas were beyond peoples reach. In addition to Yan Tianhens special physique, although the dual cultivation was laborious, it was also comfortable and ensured great benefits. They took a few days being entangled with one another.

You Ming had never hated his hearing as much as he did now. At first, his face was gloomy, as if it were going to thunder and rain, and then he slowly became numb. Sometimes, he could mockingly throw out a sentence like "Young people really have good stamina nowadays". Then he gave up talking to his son and went on pestering Yan Zhonghua instead.

At first, Yan Zhonghua shut You Ming out of the door cruelly and ignored him. However, in the middle of the night, he couldnt sleep because You Ming was chatting about their happy past outside his door. He opened the door and directly carried You Ming in. Since then, You Ming had moved into Yan Zhonghuas room, and a silly smile appeared on his face when walking on the road every day.

It was not until the day before they left for Sky Peak City that the long-lost Feng Jingyu appeared in front of everyone.

The first thing he said when he fell in front of Lin Xuanzhi was, "I found a piece of Ling Chigus soul fragment."

Ling Chigu followed Feng Jingyus side, and there was a little more liveliness between his brows. It was obvious that some of his soul had returned to its original place, but he still had no reaction to the normal communication with the outside world, nor could he speak.

However, whenever Feng Jingyu turned to smile at him, Ling Chigu also smiled gently in return. This was already a great progress.

Feng Jingyu tasted the sweetness, so he was even more determined to take Ling Chigu and continue to search for the rest of his scattered soul fragments in the Five Continents. He came back this time just to ask Yan Tianhen for Ling Chigu. Yan Tianhen was also very happy for Ling Chigu, but because Ling Chigu was still a corpse puppet with an incomplete soul. He needed Yan Tianhen to supply Yin Qi through the contract. Even though the contract couldnt be lifted, Yan Tianhen promised not to easily summon Ling Chigu to his side, so that Feng Jingyu could be rest assured and take Ling Chigu to find the soul fragments. Feng Jingyu did not stay for too long and left.

Although Feng Jingyu left, he buried a thunder bomb in Yan Tianhens heart. On the way to Sky Peak City, Yan Tianhen mentioned the matter in the carriage. He asked worriedly, "Dage, what is the price you have to repay for my rebirth?"

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Yan Tianhens tired eyes and lovingly took him in his arms. He kissed his forehead. "In my last life, I met Yin Chongyue in the Five Elements Converging Soul Plate. He had a cracked Revert World Mirror in his hand, which was a magic weapon that was left at the beginning of this world, tens of thousands of years ago. If it was repaired, you could turn the time axis back."

Yan Tianhen listened carefully.

"I made a deal with Senior Yin. I borrowed the soul plate, cultivated it for thousands of years, repaired the mirror and made everything start again. In future generations, I will unlock the Five Continents Demon Sealing Array, and let Senior Yins soul return to his place and return to the living world."

"Is that all?" Yan Tianhen was full of doubts and said, "I dont believe its just like this."

Lin Xuanzhi said with a smile, "Of course it wont be so easy. I also promised him to use my blood and cultivation to awaken Xuan Lous soul, which had already lost its way."

"Your blood and cultivation? "Yan Tianhen was so nervous that he grabbed Lin Xuanzhis arm and asked, "Will something happen to you?"

"It doesnt need all my blood, nor will it consume all my cultivation, but my body will be weak for a while, and the cultivation will also decline. At that time, it will all depend on Ah Hen to protect me. Ah Hen would not abandon Dage, right?"

"Whats Dage saying?" Yan Tianhen patted his chest. "I am very powerful now. My father also said that once I return to the Nine Lands, he will unlock the seal in my body, and then I will be more powerful and more than enough to protect you!"

Lin Xuanzhi couldnt help but laugh. "Then I have to hold onto Young Masters thigh well."

Although Yan Tianhen was worried, he also felt good. It didnt matter if he had a lower level of cultivation. Anyway, it was good that Lin Xuanzhi could keep his life. At this time, he already began to wonder what replenishing pill he could refine for Lin Xuanzhi.

When they reached Sky Peak City, Yin Chongyues voice suddenly sounded in Lin Xuanzhis sea of knowledge, "Lin Xuanzhi, I changed my mind."

Lin Xuanzhi asked, "What are you going to do?

Yin Chongyue said, "I want his soul to reincarnate, forget all the past, and turn over a new leaf in the afterlife."

After a pause, Lin Xuanzhi asked, "Dont you want him to remember you?"

Yin Chongyue responded gently, "I dont want him to look at me like Im a stranger ever again. In fact, I regret that I forced him to have a good time with me and cut off all the future roads between us. I also dont want to make life difficult for him. Ive thought about it, and he doesnt necessarily want to remember a bad person like me, so let him be reborn."

Lin Xuanzhi frowned slightly. "But didnt you say before that when he sealed you, he told you to wait for him to wake up before you start?"

"Its just my wishful thinking." Yin Chongyue said faintly, "Its a fantasy I made up myself. In such lonely and boundless days, I always try to find some ways to amuse me."

Lin Xuanzhi was silent for a moment and said, "What do I need to do?"

"You can support his body with your blood, and I will do the rest."

Lin Xuanzhi was stunned. "The soul is gone. What do you want to do with his body?"

"I will not make him into a corpse puppet, and I will not do anything excessive towards him," Yin Chongyue replied lightly. "I only want him to accompany me, watch the sun rise and fall together, watch the rise and fall of the world, and look at the world of mortals for a long time."

Although Lin Xuanzhi thought this was a great disrespect to his ancestor, since he owed Yin Chongyue a lot and thought that Yin Chongyue was really pitiful, he finally agreed. Even if Yin Chongyue killed lots of innocent people, but in terms of the Yin Chongyue whom Lin Xuanzhi knew, he held no hatred but kindness to him.

On the day when the sleeping soul of Xuan Lou was to be reincarnated, Yin Chongyue, whose soul had all returned to its original place, left the soul plate. He stood beside Lin Xuanzhi and looked at the blooming road of heavy lotus paved by the Yin Yang Umbrella. His face looked as if some heavy burden had crushed his back and made him old in an instant. He didnt know which baby the soul of Xuan Lou would fall into, and he dared not divine it. Nobody knew whether it was because he had truly let Xuan Lou go or whether he didnt dare to divine or couldnt divine. Some peoples lives were ruined at first sight, while others were only suitable to exist in memory. If only time could stop at the moment when we first met.

The news that all the magic weapons to seal the Five Continents had been obtained by Lin Xuanzhi already spread all over the entire continent. Although some people had devious thoughts to win the magic weapons for their own use, Esteemed Lan Yue had already said that he would announce to the world about the situation of the Five Continents barrier and its crisis, which will extinguish the thought of robbing the magic weapons from many people.

After all, no one had been able to leave the Five Continents mainland for thousands of years, which was a very serious issue for the cultivators in the Five Continents. Now, someone could finally open the barrier, and no wise man would do bad things to stop it. Of course, greedy and short-sighted people were never lacking. There were still some people who wanted to use Lin Xuanzhis magic weapons, but before they could start work, those people were completely destroyed by some reclusive masters who discovered the changes.

Are you kidding? They managed to resist the Qi deviation just to wait for the Five Continents barrier to open, so that they could ascend to the Nine Lands. How could they let these chop suey minions ruin the good thing halfway? Therefore, Lin Xuanzhis road to Sky Peak City was unimpeded.

There have been some troubles in Sky Peak City these days. It was that the master of Sky Peak Sect was found to have suddenly died in the cultivation room one day, and the cause of death was unknown. However, in order to maintain stability, Sky Peak Sect claimed that hed had a Qi deviation and died, while only a few people knew the real cause of his death.

On the morning of the second day of arriving in the city, Bai Yichen found them by the door.

He was not looking for Lin Xuanzhi, but Yin Chongyue.

"I havent seen you for a thousand years, but Crafting Monarchs elegant demeanour remains the same, only hes half a person shorter now for no reason." Yin Chongyues tone lacked respect, and his content was even worse. He crossed his legs and sat on the chair, and he didnt get up when he saw Bai Wen.

Bai Wen looked at him and said, "You have recovered a lot of your cultivation."

"Its still a little short of its heyday."

Yin Chongyue choked, "But its easy to beat you. Speaking of which, I should have recognized your identity a long time ago: Bai Wen, name Yichen."

Yan Tianhen was also present. He blinked and said, "Senior Yin seems to have a bad relationship with Young Master Bai?"

Yin Chongyue said, "Of course! More than half of the magic weapons that suppressed me in the past were found by him. If it was not, I wouldnt have stayed in the demon-sealing array for so long."

"So you would rather be consumed by a large array that devours your energy and die of old age?" Bai Wen said without mercy. "You should be glad that Xuan Lou loved you badly. Otherwise, I would never let you have the chance to stand here and speak to me again after you killed my Dao companion."

Yin Chongyues facial muscles stirred. He couldnt stop laughing and said, "Dont fucking joke with me. Who did you say loves me badly? Xuan Lou? He tore me apart and left me silent in the dark void for thousands of years. Death was better than that. How can he love me? Are you joking?"

Bai Wen watched him laugh crazily, and only when he was quiet did he say, "Demon Venerable Radiant Sky, dont you ever wonder why other peoples souls were torn apart, but you can slowly absorb the aura of those magic weapons and just be divided into five parts, each of them living well?"

Yin Chongyue said coldly, "Isnt it this Venerables talent?"

Bai Wen chuckled. "In fact, among the six magic weapons, four are indeed the Four Directions Seal I found, the Yin Yang Umbrella, the Heavenly Thunder Tripod, and the Twin Lotus Lamp. But there are two left, and both of them were found by Xuan Lou."

Yin Chongyue frowned. "How can there be two? I remember that he did find the Revert World Mirror. What else?"

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