Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 500

Chapter 500 The Yue Family Arrives

Chapter 500 – The Yue Family Arrives

Yan Tianhen passed a paper man talisman to Baishi Shuying, and the little paper man bounced back and forth and whispered, "Senior Martial Sister, dont panic, we plan to teach Fu Yu this boy to be a new man at the Dao companion ceremony. I might have to trouble Senior Sister for a few more days."

Baishi Shuying smiled with a cheerful sneer.

Since Fu Yu dared to lie to her, and dared to restrain her here, and humiliated her in many ways, he couldnt blame her for becoming ruthless.

It was only a few days, she could still afford to wait.

Within a few days, the Peacock Clan from the West Land came to send off their bride. It just so happened that the first step to the marriage ceremony of a main branch member was to meet the clan first, and get the approval and blessing of the clan leader, which was true in any family.

Therefore, when the Peacock Clan arrived in White Tiger City, the first place they had to go was not to Fu Yus Mansion, but to the Beast Palace. Coincidentally, for some reason, the Beast Empress also invited Yan Tianhen and the others into the palace as guests, and she also wanted them to take a look at Fu Yus future wife.

Yan Tianhen naturally came happily.

Just after entering the palace, he actually saw Yin Nian following the Beast Empress, Yan Tianhens face turned black.

"Empress, its not very kind of you to do this." Yan Tianhen said, staring at Yin Nian with his lips curled.

The Beast Empress glanced at Yan Tianhen and said, "I cant help it. Looking at the whole Nine Lands, who is more strict with secrets and reliable than the Reincarnation Palace? If you dont want to help me, I have to find my own way."

Yin Nian was very cold before, and now when he saw Yan Tianhen meet trouble, he couldnt hold on to the fake deep coldness. He said with a smirk, "This Prince, if you cut off peoples financial resources, you will be struck by lightning. This is a matter between me and the Empress. Please cut your comments and willful interventions. You cant help others, and you will not allow them to invite foreign aid. Isnt this too unreasonable?"

Yan Tianhen said coldly, "Scheming with tigers."

Yin Nian nodded and said, "Yes, it is indeed a matter of the Tiger Clan."

Yan Tianhen: This boy is really mean.

However, it was true that Yan Tianhen couldnt help much, and he didnt bother to pay attention to the servants of Reincarnation Palace. Anyway, it was not too late for a gentleman to avenge himself, even after ten years. His earlier actions were merely done to show his attitude. In fact, there was no need to shout and kill every time he met Yin Nian.

It just so happened that he was the only one invited to come this time, and Qi Feiqing was not with him, otherwise he would have to leave now.

The Beast Empress smiled and invited Yin Nian and Yan Tianhen to sit on both sides of her, while she was sitting in the position of the Beast Emperor.

The Beast Empress said, "There are not so many sparrow spirits in the Fu family to pay your Palace Master."

Yin Nian said, "If there is no sparrow spirit, we can ask for other things."

Yan Tianhen said, "Shut up."

Yin Nian: ""

Yin Nian and Yan Tianhen despised each other and bickered with one another. They even tried to draw their swords several times, but finally both calmed down for a while under the regulation of the Beast Empress.

An hour later, he heard a burst of immortal birds singing outside from far to near. Yan Tianhen knew that the Peacock Clan had arrived.

The Beast Empress stood up and planned to meet them outside.

She realized that after walking a few steps, Yan Tianhen was still sitting on the stone chair covered with thick fur, without any intention of moving. She said, "People from the Yue family have come, I received the news that it was the Yue Familys heir who personally escorted his sister. You are the heir of King Ye. Dont you need to greet him?"

Yan Tianhen did not change the expression on his face. He tilted his head and said, "The Yue Family is a subordinate of the West Phoenix Monarch in the West Lands. I am the second heir to the Purple Emperors Heavenly Capital. It is reasonable for him to give me three kowtows, nine obeisance, and give me a big gift. As far as sentiment is concerned, I have never had any interactions with the Yue Family. Dont even think that putting on a yellow robe makes them think they have become a Divine Clan. Im in a Heavenly Clan. Both logically and emotionally, is there a problem with me sitting here?"

The Beast Empress thought about it, and it was really like this.

In fact, she also despised the Peacock Clans Yue family, but she couldnt help it. There were many things in the Southwest Land, but there was very little sparrow spirit. Every year, they also had to pay tribute to the Purple Emperors Heavenly Capital, and they had to rely on this thing to suppress the Southwest Land. In addition to other important uses, the Southwest Land would inevitably have long-term cooperation with the South Land, which had an abundance of sparrow spirits.

In the past it was the West Phoenix Monarch who reigned. Now the Yue Family had become the quasi-emperor. Even if the Fu Family didnt like the less popular Yue Family in their hearts, they would always have to give them face.

Speaking of cultivation, if one was truly able to remain untainted by worldly matters and only seek the immortal fate, then why could no one successfully ascend to the heavens in these years?

However, she indeed had no control over Yan Tianhen.

Thinking of this, the Beast Empress ignored Yan Tianhen and let him go do whatever he wanted. Yin Nian also did not get up and follow.

After the Beast Empress walked out of the main hall, Yan Tianhen stepped on the chair in a more unrestrained manner. He raised one eyebrow and looked at Yin Nian and said, "Dont you want to curry favor with your employer?"

Yin Nian said happily, "Little Prince Yan, do you have any misunderstanding about me? Even if its about flattering, it should be the employer who should flatter this Young Master. Moreover, the Yue Family are so underhanded. Honorable me is very disdainful of them, so I dont want to give them this face. "

Yan Tianhen was a little curious about how the Yue Family offended Reincarnation Palace, so he asked, "What kind of underhanded things have they done? Is it because of the West Phoenix Monarch?"

Yin Nian looked at Yan Tianhen with a smile and said, "Its you, not me, who has unsavory opinions about the Yue Family because of the West Phoenix Monarch. But its okay to tell you. The Yue Family clearly knows that Fu Yu has a person beside him who is about to become his Dao companion. But they still made a deal with him and asked their familys daughter to come over and be his main wife, forcing an innocent woman to be the concubine. Dont you think it is disgusting?"

Yan Tianhens heart changed rapidly, and his killing intent surfaced for an instant, but he was no longer the boy of seven years ago who would easily show his emotions.

Yan Tianhen didnt change his expression, but made a look of interest, and asked, "Who is that woman?"

Yin Nian said, "I cant tell you this. After all, after the girl escapes out of this quagmire, she has to start a new life. The less people know about this, the better."

Hearing this, Yan Tianhen was stunned for a moment. He felt very surprised. He didnt expect this. In his view, Reincarnation Palaces reputation was already like a rag, yet the kid who had been raised by it could even think so well, which showed that there was still kindness in his heart.

But the Reincarnation Palaces style of doing things really made people disagree.

However, this didnt stop Yan Tianhens opinion of Yin Nian from increasing. When the atmosphere of fierce tension disappeared, Yan Tianhen remembered that he didnt know his name, so he asked, "After talking for a long time, I still dont know your name."

Yin Nian rolled his eyes and said, "I have found out everything about you, even the eighteenth generation of your ancestors. I cant believe you dont even know my name. Do you look down on your enemies like that? This Young Masters surname is Yin, name is Nian. My character is Si. This Lord is the Young Master of Reincarnation Palace. If you want to do business with Reincarnation Palace, you just have to give them my name and the subordinates will give you a discount if they hear it."

Yan Tianhen looked at the boy who was naturally good at familiarizing himself to people. He was speechless for a while, and then said, "I will not do business with people like you. Evil people will not do good things."

Yin Nian snorted, but did not explain, and said, "If you disdain us, be that way. This Young Palace Master was willing to give you some benefits only because you hate the Yue Family. Besides that, I dont care about you."

Yan Tianhen: ""

Speaking of the Yue Family, he didnt know before that they were doing such under-the-table deals under the premise of knowing the relationship between Baishi Shuying and Fu Yu.

This hatred was originally formed with Fu Yu alone. If it could be proved that the Yue Family was indeed underhanded and unkind, the hatred between him and the Yue Family would also be formed!

The Beast Empress led the disciples of the clan to the palace gate to greet the Peacock Clan. Peacocks were naturally extravagant and liked showing off. Every time they went out, they had to shine. Hundreds of birds greeted them, and the scene was very large, although a bit exaggerated, but it was indeed a feast for the eyes. A carriage pulled by Luan birds rode in the sunshine, and the sky was full of all kinds of wonderful birds. They were surrounded by eight flying unicorns in the middle of the Luan carriage, which highlighted the status of the Yue Family.

The Beast Empress stood with her hands behind her back and looked up into the air. She couldnt help saying, "This ostentation and extravagance is really big. Im afraid the entirety of White Tiger City knows now that the Peacocks have come to White Tiger City as guests, right?"

Although the fox minister was not young, he looked very tender, with a pair of erect fox ears on his head. His tail swung up and down. He snorted and said, "Their ostentation and extravagance is really bigger than the West Phoenix Monarchs. At first glance, it is the nouveau riche content with their own insignificant success."

The Beast Empress looked at the fox official and said with a smile said, "I know that you and the West Phoenix Monarch have a good relationship, but now the West Phoenix Monarchs life and death are unknown and he is missing. When there is no tiger in the mountain, the monkey can be the king. This is inevitable."

The fox minister snorted again and said, "I dont want to show them a good face."

The Beast Empress reached out her hand and pulled the fox ministers ear, with a smile on her face, she said, "Dont make trouble for Laoniang, or else Ill make you regret it."

The fox official nodded in a hurry. His ears were pulled and his eyes were red.

After the Yue Family felt that they had enough display, they finally landed on the square at the gate of the White Tiger Palace.

The Luan carriage stopped, and two handsome teenagers opened the bead curtain full of exotic treasures towards both sides, and the people sitting in the car came down one after another.

A young man, and a young girl.

The young man wore a long hairpin of peacock feathers on his head, holding up the black hair behind his head, and the long lock of hair falling on his forehead was peacock green. Coupled with the incomparably gorgeous robes, the whole person looked very extravagant

As soon as he got out of the carriage, many of the Bird Clans who had already turned into human figures looked at him with adoring eyes.

Immediately afterwards, a girl with stunning beauty and perfect figure in an aristocratic formal dress also moved away from the carriage.

The girl also attracted the attention of many bird clan members.

The Bird Clans were born to love beauty, and every few years they would hold a beauty contest, and various birds compete for beauty. That scene was so beautiful.

The two people who got off the Luan carriage were the two descendants of the Peacock Clan, who were famous for their beauty. They also inherited the peacock bloodline a lot. Naturally, it was not a problem to have a large number of people around the Peacock Clan, also the huge number of clusters were used as a capital to show off.

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