Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 509

Chapter 509 Misunderstanding Is Resolved

Chapter 509 – Misunderstanding is Resolved

Wan Yitong was suddenly dumbfounded.

He suddenly opened his eyes, stared at the close at hand, rarely gentle Bei Shitian, and asked, "What do you mean?"

Bei Shitian rose and said, "What I mean is, she is my reincarnated younger sister. Master found her for me and never thought of restoring her memory. She also treats me as an elder brother. She knows my relationship with you and always talks about meeting you."

Wan Yitong took a long time to relax. It was hard for him to believe it. "Its like that? She is your younger sister? "

Bei Shitian glanced at him and said, "Otherwise, what did you think it was?"

"I fucking thought you had found true love, you would pass a few years playing around then throw me away." Wan Yitongs mood was very agitated. He didnt know whether he was angry or relieved. His emotions were very mixed. "She is your younger sister, Bei Shitian, she is actually your younger sister. Why didnt you tell me the truth? Werent you glad to see me jealous and unhappy!"

Bei Shitian warily smiled and said, "I did want to see you eat vinegar. I didnt expect you to turn out to be so tolerant. If Ah Zhu had not told me that you would talk to her occasionally, I would not have known that you had already met her, I had already made a plan for you to come and demand an explanation, but you acted like it was none of your business and even instilled my preferences in Ah Zhu. I dont know whether to say that you are generous or not set on me at all."

"I am not set on you? Are you blind or is your brain damaged?" Wan Yitong was angry.

Bei Shitian sighed and said, "Its that you care about me too much and believe that I dont care about you."

Wan Yitong sniffed, he felt that something was not quite right.

Bei Shitian pressed him down on the bed, and pulled up the quilt and covered him well, then hugged the man and said, "If you dont understand, sleep on it. You are good at seeing things in hindsight."

Wan Yitong, ".."

After a while, Wan Yitong suddenly turned over and pressed Bei Shitian down, "These days you were indifferent to me, ignored me, and gave me looks. Is it because after I found out that you raised a woman, I didnt show any obvious jealousy?"

Bei Shitian snorted.

Wan Yitong felt he was more tsundere than before.

Wan Yitongs mind quickened. He thought about the words Bei Shitian just said, and suddenly he had some confidence in his heart. He sat on Bei Shitians stomach, grabbed his clothes and said, "Bei Shitian, do you like me? The kind of like that makes you want us to be together."

Bei Shitian faintly looked at him and said, "If you ask another word of nonsense, Ill throw you out."

Wan Yitongs mind exploded and he burst into tears and said, "Do you actually like me? You arent together with me because you felt sorry for me nor because you wanted to retaliate against the Wan Family?"

To tell the truth, at this moment Bei Shitian was so angry that his skull hurt and he wanted to whip someone, but he looked at this Wan Yitong and couldnt bear to.

How bad was he to Wan Yitong before that could cause him to say such a thing? Bei Shitian had many mixed feelings in his heart. He pulled Wan Yitong down and let him lie on his body.

Wan Yitong hastily nodded and said, "I know, I know everything. "

Bei Shitian said, "You know nothing. If you know it, you shouldnt always make things awkward for me."

Wan Yitong, ".."

Obviously, you asked first.

"Its also because you were always making things difficult for me." Bei Shitian lightly sighed and said, "Ah Tong, every decision I made is not necessarily the best or the most correct, but it was made after careful deliberations. That night, I had physical intimacy with you because I had already decided to throw everything away and be together with you."

Wan Yitong had a sobbing tone and said, "You are lying, you were obviously taking pity on me."

Bei Shitian asked, "What do I pity you for? "

"You pity me for being driven away by the Wan Family. Since then, I havent had a home. No one cares about me, and no one loves me. Youre worried that itll be too tragic."

Bei Shitians heart thought, If I didnt later hear that Wan Yitong made a fuss at the Wan family, and he personally crossed his name from the family tree and threatened not to be part of the family anymore, I might have really thought it was the Wan family who abandoned him.

Moreover, everyone in Fuyao Sect was fond of him.

Even their Youngest Martial Brother was fond of him.

However, Bei Shitian knew that while he pretended to be pitiful, he was also still miserable. He said, "That day, I didnt know that you had already separated from the Wan Family. I wanted you only because I wanted you."

Wan Yitongs heart was distressed, and his tears couldnt stop flowing out.

After he spent so many years, today it finally paid off. He was distressed that Bei Shitian, since an early age, had carried so much bloody hatred. From then on, he didnt have parents, brothers, sisters, and friends. He secretly vowed to love him and protect him for a lifetime.

He wants Bei Shitian to live for himself, instead of a puppet who only practiced swordsmanship and had thoughts full of revenge day and night.

However much he loves him is how tolerant he is.

Even if in the end the person who was together with Bei Shitian was not himself, Wan Yitong felt that he could accept itas long as Bei Shitian had human feelings, he would do anything at any cost.

Didnt Wan Yitong feel wronged?

Of course he was wronged.

But these feelings of being wronged, if Bei Shitian didnt care, there was no need for them to exist.

Therefore, over the years, Wan Yitong very seldomly complained or cried.

However, today, he couldnt bear it no matter what.

"Why did you suddenly change your mind?" Wan Yitong used his teeth to grind Bei Shitians neck, the words were clearly hard to ask.

"Because I was afraid." Bei Shittian sighed, "Before that day, you went back to the Wan family, and I hadnt heard from you for a whole month. I was afraid that you were really too disappointed in me and missed your family, so you completely gave me up. At that time, every day I was afraid. I feared that you would never come back."

When he remembered those grey days, he felt cold in his heart. He lived every day in fear. He didnt even want to practice the sword. Everyday he waited at the mountain gate for a long time .

At that time, Hai Kuanglang laughed at him and said, "If you had known it would come to this, you would have acted differently back then, wouldnt you?"

Yan Tianhen also said, "Fourth Senior Martial Brother, Im not scolding you. Its just that with your rotten temperament, its not easy to find someone who has such a blind and unchanging infatuation. If I were you, I would have already accepted him."

A single thought decides whether one becomes a Buddha or a demon.

Success or failure was decided in an instant.

Wan Yitong held back tears, "How could I not come back, how could I abandon you?"

Since the year when he was saved by Bei Shitian, who stood by him, he knew that in this lifetime he would never abandon him.

His fate was given by Bei Shitian. Even if he was as low as dust, he would still want to hold Bei Shitian up high, and then protect his feelings, not letting anyone bully him.

Wan Yitongs grief and joy accompanied each other, his mind was shaken, but after the dust settled his thoughts were very clear. He thought that he would not get even a bit of a response for his whole life. He had prepared for the worst, but unexpectedly, through the twists and turns of life he could influence his man whose heart dripped with blood.

That night, Wan Yitong didnt know when he fell asleep, and he also didnt know how long Bei Shitian stared at him after he fell asleep, but finally there was a day, he could be certain that the person who slept on the same bed with him was his lover he could wholeheartedly rely on.

"Young Master." Lin Yufan went into the room and looked at the man standing with his back towards him. "Yesterday evening, Little Prince Yan asked this subordinate some strange questions."

Demonic Spectre Venerable, dressed in a black robe, stood with his hands clasped behind his back. He turned his head and said, "What did he ask?"

Lin Yufan frowned and said, "He asked about the things of the past at the Lin family, and he seemed to be aware that his memory was somewhat missing."

Demonic Spectre Venerable was silent for a moment and said, "If he only just noticed it, then its nothing. Let him think about it for a while."

Lin Yufan looked at Demonic Spectre Venerable and said, "Young Master, why are you unwilling to let him know your true identity? Clearly before the two of you were"

"That was also in the past." Demonic Spectre Venerable interrupted Lin Yufan and said, "Right now, he has everything, but half the time it is inconvenient for me to show my true face to him. He and I shouldnt necessarily be together at all times."

Lin Yufan took a deep breath and said, "Young Master, I never asked before. How many people can remember your past identity?"

Demonic Spectre Venerable was Lin Xuanzhi, but he couldnt be completely regarded as Lin Xuanzhi.

"The number of people who remember me are not little, but also not many." Lin Xuanzhi said flatly, "At least my dad remembers me. After all, father and son are connected to each other. People who have made contracts with me also remember me the Yin Yang Umbrella, Yin Chongyue, and you."

Lin Yufan felt a slight fright in his heart and asked, "Does Third Uncle also remember Young Master?"

Lin Xuanzhi nodded and said, "Otherwise, how did you think I expanded his estate under his eyelids without being discovered by him?"

Lin Yufan paused and said, "What about the East Sovereign Xuan?"

Lin Xuanzhi said, "My dad should not have told him yet."

Not because it was difficult to accept, but because of Lin Xuanzhis request.

He wouldnt easily let people know his true identity unless he had no other choice.

Although Huarong Sword Immortal was the side of his identity walking out in the open, in the end, it was still Demonic Spectre Venerable that was more suitable for moving stealthily in the dark.

Lin Yufan sighed and said, "Its really hard for you and Ah Hen."

Lin Xuanzhi took off his mask, pressed on his eyebrows and said, "In the future, dont let him enter Wishing Lane frequently."

Lin Yufan couldnt help laughing. "Young Master is really mean. You recovered your identity as Huarong Sword Immortal and ran in to scare him. However, whenever Ah Hen came to Wishing Lane, he had never found someone to spend the night with, he just casually chatted with others."

Lin Xuanzhi also faintly smiled and said, "You were tricked by someone, yet youre still putting in a good word for him. Do you seriously think he wanted to go find a girl or a young master? Wishing Lane has a total of 84 branches, half of which are places that just do business with no information gathering capabilities. I think Ah Hen has discovered this clue, so he wants to find out which places are really dealing with intelligence."

From the beginning to the end, he was fishing for information from the girls in Wishing Lane.

Even if the girls dont know the truth, from some descriptions, you could begin to see an outline.

It has to be said that his familys Ah Hen is extremely clever.

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