Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 513

Chapter 513 Singling Out

Ch513 – Singling Out

Yan Tianhen recognized Yin Nian at a glance, and his eyeballs were about to fall off from shock.

Yin Nian carried a blade and lifted up his face to say, "Reincarnation Palace, Young Palace Master, Yin Nian."

When the name Reincarnation Palace was revealed, all the people attending the ceremony had varying expressions. It was Reincarnation Palace.

"What are they doing here?"

"How did Fu Yu offend Reincarnation Palace?"

Everyone began talking a lot. Yue Lingxi looked gloomy and walked a few steps forward. She gazed at Yin Nian condescendingly and said, "Reincarnation Palace is a kind of evil that everyone has to punish. You are not invited to our wedding ceremony. Please leave on your own, otherwise, dont blame this one for not giving face."

Yin Nian laughed a few times and said contemptuously, "Calling yourself this one. Do you think you are the Empress of the West Land? According to this Young Masters knowledge, you tried to climb the bed of West Lands Monarch, Feng Jingyu, many years ago, but he kicked you out and you had to recuperate for many years. You cant afford this title."

Yue Lingxi suddenly turned red, as if she had been slapped severely. Back then, she had become a joke to the whole Yue family and even to the entire Bird clan. Her father locked her at home for ten years before releasing her again. After that, her father replaced Feng Jingyu and became the Regent of the West Land. Since then, no other bird clan dared to talk about it.

But Yin Nian uncovered her scars in the presence of so many people, how could this not make her angry and resentful to the group of people below watching like it was a show? Everyone exchanged glances and the scene was very quiet. This kind of gossip wasnt something you heard everyday, and it was said that Reincarnation Palace never spoke nonsense, which meant that it was true.

"What are you talking about?" Yue Tufeng said, "Today is a good day for my sister. I dont know what your intentions are, but it turns out to be full of nonsense. To pick this moment to make a scene, youre really despicable. Servants!"

"Wait," Yin Nian interrupted Yue Tufengs words and maliciously smirked. "This Young Master is not here to fight today, but to get justice for some girls."

After that, he clapped his hands and five young women who had been hidden behind the men in black all rushed over and cried at the same time.

"Fu Yu, youre a goddamned bastard! You clearly said that you wanted to marry me, so I committed myself to you. Who would have thought that youre really a wolf in dogs clothing? I even had a child, but once you showed your true colors, you wanted to kill me and even took away my child. If it werent for Reincarnation Palaces help, I would be dead by now. Where is my child? Curse you to a horrible death. You give me back my baby, give him back to me!"

"You bastard with a human face and a beasts heart. Your conscience has been eaten by dogs, but you spend your seed everywhere and are irresponsible. My son survived through hardship, but you dug up his internal core and refined his bloodline. You are a devil. I want you to pay with your life!" said another woman who had a beautiful face, but her eyes were red, like she couldnt wait to swallow Fu Yus flesh and bones. After she finished speaking, she instantly turned into a long-tailed cat demon and rushed to the stage as fast as lightning. She then clawed at Fu Yus stunned face.

"Ah!" Everyone gasped.

Fu Yus face hurt, but his heart was furious. He raised his hand and tried to crush the cat demon to death. However, he was hit by a stone and his elbow bent.

The cat demon took the opportunity to flip over and scratch his neck severely.

When Yin Nian saw that it was about enough, he said, "Come back".

Yin Nian said, "Bullshit. We, in Reincarnation Palace, obviously love to chivalrously help the people when there is injustice."

Fu Yu, "."

Huarong Sword Immortal narrowed his eyes and looked quite satisfied.

Yan Tianhen was shocked to see Huarong Sword Immortals reaction as the man took his hand back slowly.

He didnt expect Huarong Sword Immortal to make a move.

However, even if Huarong Sword Immortal made a move, it was so silent that people were unable to find the trace of the person who threw the stone. If Yan Tianhen wasnt by his side and closest to him, he wouldnt have noticed a familiar and slight fluctuation of spiritual power.

The other one who also noticed was the Beast Empress sitting on the other side of Huarong Sword Immortal.

Seeing this, the Beast Empress couldnt help but frown and look at Huarong Sword Immortal.

Huarong Sword Immortal explained, "I dont want to see blood shed."

Beast Empress, ""

But Fu Yus entire face was bloody now.

The Beast Empress naturally wouldnt criticize Huarong Sword Immortal for saving lives. Her voice was somewhat dignified as she said, "Whats going on? Why did Reincarnation Palace bring these women to demand an explanation for a crime?"

Yan Tianhen originally planned to rescue his Elder Martial Sister, but looking at this situation, he decided to wait and see. Anyway, Hai Kuanglang was nowhere to be seen. He probably had already gone to rescue Baishi Shuying.

Longyao Lingheng from the North Land watched this farce like it was none of his business. After all, his real purpose for coming here was not to participate in the wedding ceremony. He didnt have any friendship with Fu Yu, it was all for Yue Tufengs sake.

Fu Yu immediately knelt on the ground and complained to the Beast Empress, "Begging Your Majesty to make a decision. Today, this Reincarnation Palace must have collected a clients money and deliberately brought these unruly people from nowhere to make trouble at my wedding ceremony, which will damage our familys reputation."

Yin Nian sneered, "Beast Empress, there are many visitors from the Nine Lands today. It depends on whether the Beast Empress wants to settle it in private or solve it in public."

The Beast Empress couldnt help but release a sigh. "Why settle it in private?"

Yin Nian held his head high and answered, "Im afraid that after a public settlement, the reputation of the beast clan might plummet and become the target of public criticism."

"You willingly dare to threaten the Beast Empress?" said the fox minister.

Yin Nian shrugged innocently. "I dont want to threaten her either, but who let the younger generation in her family not live up to expectations and forced me to take action? Our Reincarnation Palace also has so many mouths to feed. If you dont take charge, you wont know how difficult it is to raise so many capable thugs."

The fox ministers fur was about to explode, and he angrily said, "We will never be in cahoots with you again."

The Beast Empress had the urge to support her forehead.

However, Yin Nian obviously didnt mean to make a good private reconciliation with the beast clan from the start, otherwise, he wouldnt have made such an aggressive effort to make things happen in a special wedding ceremony, and even blatantly stated that he wanted to make a private reconciliation.

If they really did settle it privately right now, then the face of the Fu family might be completely lost within the Nine Lands from now on. One was because they were being threatened by Reincarnation Palace to make a deal, and the second was because it was dirty business. No matter which reason people believed, the Beast Empress was absolutely unwilling to see either happen.

So the Beast Empress said, "If you have anything, lets resolve it in public. If it is really Fu Yus fault, I will never cover for him."

Yin Nian showed obvious regret and sighed, "I wanted to extort money, but since the Beast Empress is so honest, lets talk about it next time."

The fox minister, "" There will be a next time, my ass.

A look of fear flashed on Fu Yus face. He clenched his fist and took a half step backward. Yue Lingxi looked at his scratched face with disgust and said in a low voice, "Fu Yu, what on earth have you done?"

Fu Yu said coldly, "What I did was just throw away all my former bed warmers after I got engaged to you."

Yue Lingxi was suspicious and asked, "Is that all? Whats the matter with the children they talked about?"

Fu Yus expression looked a little unnatural but he said impatiently, "How should I know?"

Fu Yu thought, In any case, after I did those things, I didnt leave a single trace. These people are all talk, but they have no evidence, so they cant do anything to me after all. Moreover, I have the backing of the Yue family, and the Yue family made friends with the North Land. If I ask Longyao Lingheng for help, he wont stand by coldly.

Another woman gave a sharp cry, threw herself on the ground, and pointed to Fu Yu on the high platform with a shrill voice, "He is a man with a beasts heart. I saw with my own eyes him actually cutting up the guts of the poor child I just gave birth to, snatching the childs inner core, and swallowing it raw."

"Rot in hell!"

Everyone was in an uproar and looked to Fu Yu in amazement.

Fu Yu roared, "Youre talking nonsense."

The first woman cried. "Your Majesty, please thoroughly investigate this matter and give us justice. The children we gave birth to are also cubs of the tiger clan. Do you really have the heart to see the children of the tiger clan treated like this?"

Several other women also shed tears and nodded, knelt down, and begged the Beast Empress.

The Beast Empress was livid, with her fists clenched under her wide sleeves and nails digging into her palms.

She knew what these women said were true.

This was because this was a long taboo method to improve the cultivation ability of the tiger clan. The poisonous tiger eats its own offspring, and the father and son eat each other. As long as they swallowed a hundred inner cores of tigers with the most intimate relation to them, drank their blood, and ate their flesh, they could become a White Tiger Demon Beast with a bloodline strength that reached its peak.

However, this method had long been destroyed by the Beast Emperor for fear that someone would be really crazy enough to do this.

But, it was still passed on.

The Beast Empress looked at Fu Yu. Her eyes cold as if she were already looking at a dead man.

Fu Yu was frightened by this look and said with a pale face, "Your Majesty, you cant believe this nonsense, can you? Not to mention that I dont recognize these people at all. Even if I did, I would never do such a thing."

"Thats right." Yue Tufeng stood up. "You cant listen to one side of the story. Reincarnation Palace may be stirring up dissension. You should never be taken in by them."

"Yes, Reincarnation Palace has always been in conflict with the Divine Clans. Maybe theres some deeper meaning."

"They didnt come early or late, they just had to come at this time. The heavens would strike them down with lightning for ruining ones marriage ceremony."

"Thats right, whats the use of just finding a few people to cry for a while? Is there any evidence?"

They talked in succession, their eyes bright and obviously curious about what was right and wrong.

"The evidence is of course here." A womans voice came, and everyone looked toward the side of the platform, only to see a beautiful woman with simple and delicate makeup and in plain clothes, walking out with Hai Kuanglang.

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