Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 515

Chapter 515 Executed On The Spot

Chapter 515 – Executed on the Spot

Yan Tianhen, however, thought it was very interesting according to the Beast Empress, the Beast Emperor hadnt made an appearance for many years because the Dream Ghost caused him to fall into a deep slumber, but when this reached Fu Yus mouth, it became "the Beast Emperor is unwilling to become subservient to the West Land, so he deliberately avoided making an appearance".

Speaking of which, these were both possibilities, but obviously the former was more likely.

The Southwest Beast Empress already wanted to kill Fu Yu. Of course she knew that the West Land was not so stupid as to have the Southwest Land serve them as subordinates. She could also clarify the situation with the Beast Emperor, but she could never tell the world that the Beast Emperor had fallen into a dream and hadnt woken up for many years. Otherwise, there would certainly be great chaos in the Southwest Land, not to mention the demon clans might take advantage of this opportunity to launch a big invasion. Even the other Lands wouldnt pretend to be ignorant either and might grow restless.

Yan Tianhen curled his lips. "It seems that your two families are very interesting. Originally, you were about to become related by marriage, but now youve turned against each other at the crucial moment. This one really wants to know since this is the case, why in the world did you want to marry someone from the Yue family?"

"Marriage was not my original intention." Fu Yu narrowed his eyes and explained, "If this brother and sister pair hadnt used the position of the future Beast Emperor of the Southwest Land to tempt me over, how could I have colluded with them?"

"Bullshit!" Yue Tufeng was about to explode on the spot. He could finally see the clear picture now. Clearly, this Fu Yu knew that he himself couldnt live any longer, so he wanted to drag them down with him and die together.

Yue Tufeng was so angry that he was about to transform. "Hurry up and let my sister go, or else Ill definitely make you pay with your life!"

Yin Nian also smiled and clapped. "A dogfight. I like watching this kind of play the most. Its really interesting."

Yan Tianhen glanced at Yin Nian speechlessly.

This boy really isnt afraid of being beaten.

The Beast Empresss expression was calm as she asked, "Fu Yu, what do you want?"

Fu Yu was a little crazy as he answered, "You all are not allowed to chase after me. When I leave the Southwest Land, I will release Yue Lingxi. If even one of you comes after me, I will kill Yue Lingxi."

Yue Tufeng came to loathe him. "Bastard!"

He truly regretted making a deal with Fu Yu. Originally, he thought that this person was ambitious but also very easy to control and was a good puppet, but unexpectedly, he was a madman.

He really pushed his sister into a pit of fire.

Yue Lingxi was already full of tears. "Gege, save me!"

Just then, the guards led by the fox minister had also returned, and their expressions were extremely ugly. Several guards held a piece of cloth in their hands, and there was something wrapped inside.

After they entered, the guests could smell a rotting stench.

It went without saying that people realized what those things were. The expressions of everyone present all changed.

Fu Yu didnt expect the Beast Empress to behave in such a manner. At first, he stared blankly in shock, then he took out his sword and suddenly stabbed Yue Lingxis arm. After listening to Yue Lingxis screams, he asked, "Do you really not care about her life?"

The Beast Empress sneered, "What does the Yue family have to do with my tiger clan? Kill and cut her up as you like. This Empress would rather die than be threatened. Guards, take him down."

Yue Tufeng almost swore out loud. Just as he was about to point a finger at the Beast Empress and vehemently curse her, Longyao Lingheng pressed a hand on his shoulder.

Longyao Lingheng curled his lips thoughtfully. "Just watch. I have a feeling that nothing will happen to your sister."

Since the hostage was no longer a hostage, Fu Yu became flustered. He held onto the idea that it was better to drag some people down with you than die alone and directly dug out Yue Lingxis inner core. Then he discovered that the inner core in his hand was actually a stone.

"How did this happen? How can this be?" Fu Yus eyes were about to pop out of their sockets. He took another glance at the woman in his hands how was she a person? She was clearly a mere puppet made of cloth and bamboo.

Yin Nian curled his lips and smiled. He spread open his hands and moved his fingers toward Fu Yu. Ten lines that were hard to see with the naked eye flashed cold gleams under the sun.

"Puppet arts isnt it interesting?" Yin Nian pulled the silk thread in his hand, and the puppet turned around like a living person and hit Fu Yu.

Only then did Yue Tufeng see Yue Lingxi, who no longer had her wedding robe and had been hidden in the crowd by Reincarnation Palace. He immediately went over and hugged her in his arms.

Yue Lingxi burst into tears, feeling very wronged.

People had surrounded Fu Yu on all sides. Fu Yu let out a tigers roar and turned into a white tiger with gleaming fur who had a faint "" character on his forehead. His body was three meters long, with a thick and powerful tail. A single sweep of his tail smashed the puppet at the waist.

Fu Yu jumped up, electricity crackling on his claws. One swipe of his claw covered the entire platform with lightning-element Daoist techniques. The guards couldnt even block and were turned into charred corpses.

This cultivation level was absolutely not something that Fu Yu should have.

Fu Yu made a tiger roar, which passed through the entire White Tiger City as a powerful sonic attack. Most of the guests present were affected by the roar. Many of them directly vomited, and the ones with shallower Dao attainments even spat out blood.

Some people bled from their seven orifices, some people were wailing in anguish, and some people suffered internal injuries.

"Earth Realm." Huarong Sword Immortal narrowed his eyes slightly.

Yan Tianhen also felt so terrible that he almost spat out blood, but a hand pressed on his back, and spiritual Qi poured in, stabilizing his violent and chaotic blood and Dantian Qi Sea.

Yan Tianhen felt much better, coughed a few times, and took a deep breath as he turned around to say thanks.

Fu Yu had already planned to soar into the clouds and escape right after releasing a mass attack, but unexpectedly, a teal light flashed by, and a sharp sword blocked his path.

Huarong Sword Immortal stood in front of Fu Yu with a sword, his posture slim and upright. Even though there wasnt a single trace of killing intent on him, it was still enough to make Fu Yu tremble.

"Fu Yu, you have committed many evil deeds, which would already be a death sentence. If you confess the name of the person behind you today, I can come forward as a guarantor and let you be detained in Myriad Dao Academys prison for one hundred years. After a hundred years, you will still be free," Huarong Sword Immortal said lightly.

"Haha." Fu Yu laughed a few times. "How will you guarantee that? Huarong Sword Immortal, although others are afraid of you, I, Fu Yu, am not. Myriad Dao Academys prison is not a place where people can stay. Even if I die, I still wont go to that prison."

Huarong Sword Immortal also didnt care. He said indifferently, "Since you are so stubborn, then I will not be polite."

"Just give it a try."

Rumor had it that Huarong Sword Immortal rarely drew his sword, but every time he did, blood was bound to be shed.

Yan Tianhen once saw Huarong Sword Immortal draw his sword.

That year, he had nearly been chewed up into food by a fierce beast that escaped from an ancient beast tower. At the crucial moment, a flash of teal sword light fell from the sky and directly cut off the sharp and thick fangs of the fierce beast, and also lifted him up from the ground.

The glint of the sword back then was just like it was right now elegant, sharp, confident, and natural. It contained the vast sword intent capable of unifying all thoughts. Between light and darkness, glory and decline, it had already driven the enemy to a dead end.

Even when he died, Fu Yu probably still didnt understand why the man in front of him was so powerful.

The sword light sealed off all of Fu Yus retreat paths, so that he could not see which sword was the one that could really kill him. He roared and summoned his thunder and lightning, but it seemed that he could not do any harm to Huarong Sword Immortal.

Huarong Sword Immortal seemed to be isolated from him, as if he was in another world. His features were solemn, with some imperceptible compassion and pity on his stunning complexion.

Fu Yu was in a trance, and a strong sense of sorrow suddenly emerged in his heart.

It was precisely this flash of thought that pierced his heart with a sword.

The huge tiger corpse laid on the ground, a pool of blood spreading out on the platform.

Huarong Sword Immortal didnt like the color and smell of blood. He didnt even give Fu Yu another glance before turning around and settling back into the seat again.

Most of the people present were still almost deaf and vomiting blood because of the tigers roar. They sat on the ground and began to meditate with bated breath, while Huarong Sword Immortal had already dealt with todays battle.

After Yin Nian climbed up from the ground, he struggled to look up at Huarong Sword Immortal, whose face was like a jade plate. The corners of his mouth couldnt help twitching. His master really is great he always shows off using the identity of Huarong Sword Immortal while doing bad things using Demonic Spectre Venerables identity, so its not unreasonable for Reincarnation Palace to have a bad reputation.

Yin Nian rubbed his ears, took out a bottle of medicinal pills from his storage bag, and stuffed it into his mouth, swallowing it to calm the churning Dantian Qi Sea.

The higher ones cultivation, the less they were affected. However, that tigers roar just now had almost killed a few people with lower cultivation levels. It was supposed to be a good wedding ceremony, but it turned out like this in the end. One didnt even have to think to know that after today, the entire Nine Lands would know what kinds of shocking things happened to the Southwest tiger clan.

Fu Yu was executed on the spot, so his marriage with the Yue family naturally couldnt continue. The people present were quickly sent away by guards, and the Beast Empress also didnt bother to seal peoples mouths. After all, rumors were like the vast flowing water, difficult to block.

After the farce, the silence was restored at Fu Yus residence.

The Beast Empress had long since left and returned to the White Tiger Divine Palace.

Inside the palace, the Yue family came to say farewells.

Yue Tufeng appeared. Yue Lingxi had probably gotten a scare and was resting somewhere else.

Yue Tufeng looked at Yan Tianhen with a pale face. "Todays affairs are all nonsense made up by Fu Yu. Prince must never listen to slander intended to sabotage relations."

Yan Tianhen sat on the throne with a gloomy expression. His finger gently tapped on the armrest of the chair. "This Prince still needs to make a careful investigation into whether or not he was trying to sabotage relations. However, apart from ostentation and extravagance, the Yue family doesnt have any other problems. You are at the heart of the conflict right now, so you should pay attention to matters."

Yue Tufeng was reprimanded face to face by a person who was much younger than himself and suddenly felt like he had no face at all. But at this moment, he really couldnt afford to offend Yan Tianhen. Just based on what Fu Yu had said today alone, if Yan Tianhen ran back to the Royal Heavenly Capital and told King Ye an embellished version, their West Lands Yue family would suffer severe consequences.

Yue Tufeng took a deep breath and responded, "Thank you, Prince, for reminding this humble one that there are other things to deal with, so I will leave first."

Longyao Lingheng, who came to watch the excitement, also got up. "There are still matters to attend to in this Princes family, so I will also take leave now."

The Beast Empress nodded and said to the fox minister, "Escort the guests out."

Yue Tufeng declined, "No need. "

After Longyao Lingheng and Yue Tufeng left the White Tiger Divine Palace, the two looked at each other and saw the complicated expression in each others eyes. Longyao Lingheng said. "You said before that Fu Yu is absolutely easy to control, but I didnt expect for this to happen."

Yue Tufengs expression was dark as he replied with extreme anger, "How could I have known that he actually knew such a taboo method? If I had known, even if it was for benefits, I would still never push my sister to a pit of fire."

Longyao Lingheng mused, "Its just that dont you think this matter is very strange? It is clear that such taboo techniques should have been sealed away long ago, and Fu Yus status in the tiger clan is not high enough, so he must not be able to easily obtain such forbidden techniques. So who told him the method? Moreover, the pregnancy pill is something that not even my dragon clan can get, yet we actually found three in his storage bag. He could never accomplish such a big matter by himself."

Yue Tufengs eyes sank and he asked, "You mean there is someone behind Fu Yu?"

Longyao Lingheng nodded and recalled, "When Huarong Sword Immortal attacked him, I vaguely heard him ask who the mastermind behind Fu Yu was, but Fu Yu did not say, so Huarong Sword Immortal killed him."

Yue Tufeng gasped deeply. "If there really is someone behind him, this matter will be difficult to deal with."

Longyao Lingheng chuckled lightly. "If there really is someone behind him, then that will be interesting. All the alchemists in the world, apart from the Yan family, are from Myriad Dao Academys Pill Limit Palace. Both of them are righteous path organizations, but who couldve expectedHehehe."

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