Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 517

Chapter 517 Ill Take The Bet

Chapter 517 – Ill Take the Bet

Yan Tianhen left quietly, and he also returned quietly. However, he met Yan Chenxiao and his gang of scoundrels on the way, who had just returned from hunting outside.

Yan Chenxiao had already passed by Yan Tianhen, but he immediately stopped the unicorn and turned his horses head around to face Yan Tianhen, who was leisurely walking on the road.

The young masters flocking around Yan Chenxiao also stopped and looked towards Yan Tianhen.

Yan Chenxiao looked down at Yan Tianhen for a moment, then spoke in a strange tone, "Isnt this King Yes heir? I heard that these days, you actually went to the Southwest Land to make a scene. To think you still have the leisurely mood to do this. It seems that you already plan to give up completely on Myriad Dao Academys entrance exam?"

Yan Chenxiao had never gotten along with Yan Tianhen. He was three years younger than Yan Tianhen. This year, it just so happened that he would also be taking Myriad Dao Academys entrance exam. He had an older brother, Yan Huanyu, who already had a good position in Myriad Dao Academy. He was the most dazzling person in the current generations Yan family, and his brilliance was even enough to overshadow Yan Tianhens, so he had always been very proud and arrogant.

Yan Tianhen glanced at him and coolly replied, "Dont tell me that King Zhangs second son is a worm inside my stomach that knows exactly what I think? Mustve been really hard on you."

Yan Chenxiao sneered, "The only thing you know how to do is blather pointlessly."

Yan Tianhen nodded. "Yeah. I can render you speechless just through pointless blathering, yet you cant even do that. What a shame ah."

Yan Chenxiao, ""

Yan Chenxiao was young and frivolous, with outstanding talent and a high status. Naturally, he couldnt stand this insult. He went on to say, "This Prince heard that all the Divine Clan disciples will be treated equally after getting admitted into Myriad Dao Academy, and the most important part is that you cant take your parents with you. For someone like you who hasnt even weaned off milk yet, dont cry for your mother when the time comes, HahahaHahaha"

The shallow friends who followed him also laughed.

In the entire Royal Heavenly Capital, who didnt know that King Yes Prince seemed as if he was a child who hadnt been weaned yet? All day long, he said "My Consort Mother wants me to go home early" and "Careful, or else Ill have my Consort Mother hit you". And once, King Yes Consort did indeed fight his way to someones doorstep and make a fuss because someone had bullied Yan Tianhen, so King Yes young heir was privately called "the unweaned child" by those who didnt like him.

There was strong mockery in this statement.

For cultivators, the weaker their sense of kinship, the higher their Dao attainments. Yan Tianhens cultivation couldnt be considered low among his peers and children of the same status, but it also wasnt high. All in all, he didnt seem very outstanding.

Yan Tianhen was so dependent on kinship, which indirectly indicated that his affinity with cultivation was low, and his future wasnt very bright.

Yan Tianhen shook his head. "Thats hard to say. My Consort Mother said that one day, he would like to visit Myriad Dao Academy and have a good talk about life with its Sect Master. Maybe after a while, the rules of Myriad Dao Academy will be changed, and people will be able to take family with them."

Yan Chenxiao was stunned. "Are you fucking messing with me?"

Yan Chenxiao, "" Very good. Laozi wont settle this with you for the time being. After I go back and polish up my swearing skills, Ill return again for a fight to the death.

"Bet on next months exam for Myriad Dao Academy." Yan Chenxiao narrowed his eyes, and there was a calculating glint in them. "Every years assessment includes a duel. You can randomly choose your opponent by drawing lots, or you can choose your own opponent. I will compete with you in swordsmanship. If you lose, you will get the hell out of Myriad Dao Academy and continue to be your mommys boy. Hows that?"

Yan Tianhen sneered, "Do you even want face? This Prince is called Little Pill King. Naturally, my alchemy path attainments are high. If you have the guts, why dont we compete in alchemy?"

Yan Chenxiao gave a cold Hmph. "I think youre scared."

"I cant stand provocations. Dont provoke me."

Yan Chenxiao responded, "I think you just dont have the guts."

"Why dont you provoke me some more and find out?"

"Youre acting like such a girl; you dont seem like a man at all."

Yan Tianhen said, "Ill bet. Fuck, whoever doesnt agree to the bet is the grandson."

Yan Chenxiao curled his lips with satisfaction and made a contemptuous gesture at Yan Tianhen. "Lets make the rules clear first. If you are hurt or unfortunately killed, you cant have your dad find trouble for me."

Yan Tianhen sneered, "If I were really killed, my dad would not trouble you. Instead, he would level the entire King Zhangs Palace directly."

Yan Chenxiao, ""

Yan Tianhen said with profound meaning, "However, I, your Gege, will not give you this opportunity."

Yan Chenxiao said angrily, "Who are you trying to befriend with such an affectionate address? I only have one Gege, and youre not even fit to carry his shoes."

"However, this Prince is the second successor, but your eldest brother has nothing. Why dont you discuss with your dad? Let him step down first, and then let your eldest brother take the position."

Yan Chenxiaos expression changed many times. "You mustnt talk rubbish."

Yan Tianhen smiled without saying anything.

It was extremely rare that direct blood relatives, especially fathers and sons, could have succession rights at the same time. Only when the father was dead would the son enter the succession ranking, or if the son died without leaving any heirs, then the father could possibly obtain a succession right.

Generally speaking, this generations succession ranking was the generation of Yan TIanhens father, King Ye, but because Yan Zhonghua voluntarily gave up his right of succession in order to protect his wife and son and because of the Divination Emperors prophecy, which directly determined Yan Tianhens status, he was able to enter the previous generations succession ranking.

But if Yan Chenxiao or his eldest brother wanted to get the succession right in a legitimate way, they would have to kill their old dad, or he would have to abdicate of his own accord.

But no matter which method, both of these signified a rebellion against ones superiors. If it wasnt handled well, then they would have no paths of retreat. The potential consequences far outweighed the gains. Moreover, if Yan Zizhang learned that his two sons actually had such an idea, based on his personality, perhaps he would end his bloodline with his own hands.

Yan Tianhens attempt to sabotage relations could be considered very damaging; it hit the sore spot directly.

"This is treason."

Yan Tianhen shrugged indifferently and curled his lips happily. "King Zhang is neither my king nor my father, so how can this be called treasonous? Your older brother, on the other hand, seems to have much more hope than King Zhang."

"You shut up." Yan Chenxiaos face flushed red. Although he was still pretty good at quarreling with people, who let his opponent be Yan Tianhen? When talking about making trouble, inverting black and white, and speaking conceited nonsense, Yan Tianhen regarded himself as a grandmaster-level expert.

"Your Highness, we should return. Its getting dark." A young man beside Yan Chenxiao opened his mouth. His place wasnt very close to Yan Chenxiao, and it looked like Yan Chenxiao was deliberately excluding him.

Yan Chenxiao looked at him coldly, then gave Yan Tianhen the middle finger. "Wash up and wait for this Prince."

After saying that, Yan Chenxiao turned the horse around and swung his whip, riding towards the east along the center of the broad road.

Several other distinguished families young masters also followed.

The young man whose appearance could be considered delicate and pretty was the only one who was in no hurry to leave. He looked at Yan Tianhen for a moment, then commented, "Who would have expected that Prince Ye is not only articulate, but also so scheming."

Yan Tianhen chuckled "You flatter me. I cant compare to the dog-headed strategist beside King Zhangs second son."

The "dog-headed strategist" was called Shen Qinghe. He was not of high birth, but he was a death guard trained by King Zhangs Palace from an early age. He used to be the number one person beside Yan Huanyu. Later, for some reason, when Yan Huanyu went to Myriad Dao Academy, he left Shen Qinghe in King Zhangs Palace and didnt take him along.

When Shen Qinghe next appeared in public, he was already an attendant by Yan Chenxiaos side.

Calling Shen Qinghe an attendant wasnt incorrect. Yan Chenxiaos attitude towards Shen Qinghe was obvious that is, he regarded him as a servant who handled odd jobs. However, Shen Qinghe was a foolishly loyal person. No matter how his masters family treated him, he still treated King Zhangs second son loyally and sincerely as before, and also dealt with a lot of troublesome matters for him.

In the end, Shen Qinghe didnt say anything. He turned and followed Yan Chenxiao.

Yan Tianhen didnt pay attention to this incident and didnt take it to heart. He walked towards King Yes Palace, anxious to return.

However, what made Yan Tianhen speechless was that when he returned to the palace, he was told by the butler that Yan Zhonghua and You Ming were sparring and shouldnt be disturbed.

Yan Tianhen was speechless for a while, and he really disdained this pair of parents in his heart Rolling in the sheets is rolling in the sheets, yet they had the audacity to say they were sparring.

And it was still broad daylight right now. Having daytime sex; they really were manly.

Yan Tianhen didnt wait for them to come out, but went back to his bedroom to take a bath first, then told the maid to prepare some food. He then started to draw a portrait of Huarong Sword Immortal in the study.

Four hours later, someone finally came to tell him that his two elders had "finished sparring", and asked him to meet them. Yan Tianhen looked at that very abstract portrait, and the corners of his mouth twitched as he rolled up the portrait scroll and threw it aside.

Ive no talent in drawing; I can only accept this fate.

When Yan Tianhen saw You Ming and Yan Zhonghua, the two were kissing and flirting together while eating the dinner that Yan Tianhen had ordered.

You Ming sat up straight when he saw Yan Tianhen. "You returned quite early. I thought Id have to wait until a few days before Myriad Dao Academys entrance exam for you to return."

Yan Tianhen sat down beside You Ming. "The matter was still easy to resolve. Fu Yu was killed on the spot by the man of my dreams."

"The man of your dreams? Who is it?" You Ming was very curious.

Yan Tianhe was very surprised. You Mings intelligence network had always been very powerful, and so much time had already passed since the event. He was afraid that everyone in the Nine Lands who had a right to know all did, but You Ming seemed to know nothing about this.

Yan Tianhen said, "Dad, its been more than half a month since Fu Yu was killed, yet you dont even know who killed him. "

You Ming rubbed his nose and coughed softly. "Well, your father just returned over half a month ago, and I havent seen him for two months, soyou understand."

Yan Tianhen, ""

Yan Tianhen simply couldnt express what he was feeling anymore. He really admired You Ming and Yan Zhonghua these two were able to get together and hang out for over half a month without minding any official business. They really were something.

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