Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 519

Chapter 519 Im A Cut Sleeve

Chapter 519 – Im a Cut Sleeve!

A few days later, Yan Tianhen was about to leave for Myriad Dao Academy.

Before leaving, the Yan family disciples and other children of nobility who were going to participate in Myriad Dao Academys exam this year all had to go to Royal Heavenly Capitals Crape Myrtle Palace to meet the Venerated Emperor.

In addition to them, the other courtiers and important figures of the royal family would all be present, but these people would only stand on both sides of the throne hall today. The middle position was, of course, reserved for disciples who were preparing to set out on the journey.

In fact, this ostentation and extravagance was nothing. If it was another Divine Clan or a family outside of the Divine Clans, they would probably spend a fortune just to express the importance they attached to these disciples.

It couldnt be helped. The Yan family had too many admission spots reserved for them every year. Even if the disciples ranked lower, there would always be masters willing to accept them as disciples.

Even if Myriad Dao Academy didnt have a deep connection to the Qianyuan Dynasty and accepted anyone within the Nine Lands, there would always be someone willing to open a backdoor for the Yan family.

The Emperor wasnt young anymore, but he was still considered young in terms of cultivators no matter whether it was his appearance or his age.

It seemed that he could easily continue his reign for 180 more years.

The Purple Emperor sat on the throne high above, and the people below couldnt see his face clearly and also dared not see it clearly. With a majestic presence, he scanned the Yan familys disciples standing in rows below, then spoke after a while, "This year, there are a total of 32 people in my Yan family who want to take part in Myriad Dao Academys entrance exam, and I hope that when the time comes, there will also be 32 people entering the sect. Apart from this, there are also 32 disciples from the various ministers and officials families. This one also has high hopes for you all."

The 64 disciples who were arranged neatly below spoke in unison, "I will certainly live up to Venerated Emperors expectations."

The Emperor nodded with satisfaction. "In addition to this, this time We also asked for an extra spot for Princess Yuqing. Although Princess Yuqing is not a member of my Yan family, We are very optimistic about her. This woman is exceptionally intelligent and has good character, which makes her qualified enough to enter Myriad Dao Academy."

As soon as he heard this, Yan Tianhen internally rolled his eyes.

The Emperor was probably going senile from old age. Over the recent years, not only did he favor the Imperial Consort who popped out of nowhere, but he also favored his sister-in-law as well. Although this Princess Yuqing had some skills, she was also here to slow people down.

More importantly, Princess Yuqings skill in pestering people was simply top-class.

Yan Tianhen was almost traumatized by her endless pestering.

After the Emperor finished speaking, a disciple of the Yan family spoke up, "The Venerated Emperor is wise. If Princess Yuqing can represent our Yan family to participate in the entrance exam, I think our Yan family will make a big splash again this year."

Yan Tianhen said in his heart, Yeah, make a big splash by losing face throughout all the Nine Lands.

Another Yan family disciple also said, "Princess Yuqing has the disposition and beauty of a celestial being. We have been looking up to her for a long time."

Yan Tianhen sneered in his heart, Youll only understand what the "disposition and beauty of a celestial being" is after youve seen Huarong Sword Immortal. At best, Yuqing can only be considered someone with a weak constitution. You ignorant thing.

Just when Yan Tianhens inner thoughts were being extremely rich and active, the Emperor suddenly addressed him, "Ah Hen."

Yan Huaizhen had never married or had children so far. Even though Yan Huaizhen grew a little too restless and almost crossed the line when the Emperor was in secluded cultivation a few years ago, he still held the Emperors favor. If he had children in the future, the Emperor would probably treat him very well.

In the end, there was still a difference between those born from the Empress and those born from concubines, but this was a matter of birth and couldnt be changed with ones own power.

The Emperor asked, "What do you think of Princess Yuqing?"

Everyones gaze uniformly landed on Yan Tianhen.

Yan Tianhen said magnanimously, "Your humble descendant doesnt have much contact with Princess Yuqing, so we arent very familiar with each other. However, since everyone likes Princess Yuqing so much, and Grandpa Emperor also acknowledges her this much, she must indeed be a nice woman."

Princess Yuqing, who had been standing in the adjacent room eavesdropping, stamped her feet bitterly and angrily said, "How dare he say he is unfamiliar with me? Dont you think he has the heart of a wolf and the lungs of a dog?"

Clearly, she went to intercept, chase, and corner Yan Tianhen very often, and they always made good conversation.

The woman next to her, who was dressed in gorgeous palace clothes and wore noble emerald jade ornaments on her head, said, "Girl, whats the hurry? Keep watching."

Princess Yuqing nervously clutched the handkerchief in her hand. "Jiejie, if His Majesty the Emperor bestows a marriage on us and Yan Tianhen refuses, what face will I have anymore?"

The woman in palace clothes was the most favored Imperial Consort nowadays. She curled her lips and spoke softly, "If he dares to refuse His Majesty in public, Im afraid he will have a hard time in the future. No one can refuse the Venerated Emperor, even if he is the second in line."

Princess Yuqings mood calmed down a lot.

Outside, the Purple Emperor looked at Yan Tianhen for a moment. "You have grown up in the blink of an eye. When your dad was your age, he was already chasing after Zhonghua. Someone told me the other day that Princess Yuqing stopped your horse. We are very pleased after listening to it. Thinking about it, Ah Hen has also reached the age where love first awakens."

Yan Tianhens heart was full of Fuck fuck fuck.

But he was all smiles as he responded, "What Grandpa Emperor said is right ah. I have no plans to die alone."

The Purple Emperor was very satisfied and nodded. "Then, what do you think if We betroth Princess Yuqing to you?"

As soon as this came out, everyone looked at Yan Tianhen again, and their gazes were quite full of schadenfreude and sympathy.

Yan Chenxiao was the one who was full of schadenfreude as he gloated at Yan Tianhens misfortune. The others had sympathetic gazes.

Of course, there were also a few envious and hateful ones.

Yan Chenxiao almost laughed aloud.

Everyone knew what kind of temperament Princess Yuqing had. If someone took this kind of girl as wife and brought her back to his residence, then he would be inviting a Queen Mother into the house.

What was even more hilarious was that Yan Tianhen had no way to refuse.

You Ming, who was standing with Yan Zhonghua at the forefront on the right side, had an obviously dark expression.

This fellow up there is making things difficult for his son ah.

Yan Tianhen couldnt help laughing. "Grandpa Emperor, you are making fun of your grandson. Although I really want to take a bride, if the upper beam isnt straight, then the lower beam will also be crooked. Your grandson is born a cut sleeve who likes males, and hes even the kind of cut sleeve whose sleeves are completely and utterly cut. If you betrothed Princess Yuqing to me, wouldnt that be akin to having the girl be a grass widow who has to wait forever for her husband? Ive never been able to get hard for girls."

"Cough cough cough" Yan Chenxiao was almost choked by his own saliva.

All the others also looked at Yan Tianhen with shocked eyes. Hes really fucking bold and audacious. While standing in this Crape Myrtle Palace, not only did he frankly admit that he is a cut sleeve to the Venerated Emperors face, but he also said such colorful words. Hes really courting death ah!

Unexpectedly, the Purple Emperor also laughed. "You rascal, you dare to say anything. Your temperament is not like Zhonghua, but like your dad, You Ming, dont you think so?!"

You Ming glared at Yan Tianhen, then turned to the Purple Emperor. "Thats true. Its not like he can take after his father in appearance, take after his grandpa emperor in heavens fortune and talent, but not take after me in even temperament, right? At the very least, hes a little rascal that I personally gave birth to after much difficulty. If he doesnt take after me at all, wouldnt I have suffered a great loss?"

"Hahaha.." The Emperor laughed happily.

Everyone knew that Yan Tianhens fortune was extremely prosperous, and his talent in alchemy was also quite shocking, so much so that it was even more prosperous than that of the Emperor, who had been on the throne for many years. However, when You Ming said this, he held the Purple Emperor up high with flattery. For an Emperor who cared so much about fortune, fate, and destiny, how could he not be happy with hearing that? "Oh, you. You will always find the truth."

You Ming responded, "Naturally."

Both father- and daughter-in-law flattered each other and enjoyed themselves.

Yan Tianhen expressionlessly watched You Ming praise the Purple Emperor to the sky with extravagant embellishments and thought, Ha, men.

The Purple Emperor felt comfortable in his heart, so he no longer pursued the matter with Yan Tianhens absurd words.

The Purple Emperor spoke, "When you all leave for Myriad Dao Academy this time, the mountains are high and the roads are far away. Once you leave, you may not come back for hundreds of years. We will give you some gifts to accompany you. It can be considered our kind thoughts and expectations."

The disciples all said, "Many thanks to Your Majesty."

Soon, ladies-in-waiting with good figures and good looks came down with trays, and there was a storage bottle on each tray. This storage bottle alone was a big deal.

The disciples werent inexperienced either. Although they were excited in their hearts, they didnt show it on their faces, so people couldnt look down on them.

The Purple Emperor was very satisfied with their reactions.

The chief steward, who had been with the Purple Emperor for many years, explained, "These bottles are engraved with everyones names. The Emperor places much importance on you all. When you guys get there, you must devote yourself to cultivation and never let His Majesty the Emperor down."

Everyone said in unison, "Your humble servant will devote himself to cultivation and live up to the Emperors expectations."

Since there were names written on these bottles, it wasnt difficult to guess that the contents were different, but it was inevitable that there would be disciples the Emperor favored and those he was distant towards.

Yan Tianhens identity was the most noble, so naturally, the first one was given to him.

When Yan Tianhen picked up the bottle, the Venerated Emperor spoke again, "You are already an alchemist to begin with, so We didnt put medicinal pills in it, but just now, you said you are a cut sleeve, so We sent someone to include a bottle of soft lube made in the palace with a secret recipe."

Yan Tianhen almost spat out a mouthful of blood. He actually didnt realize that the Venerated Emperor was so naughty and mischievous before.

The chief stewards chubby face was bunched into a ball, and he looked at Yan Tianhen with a smile. "Your Highness, if it works well, you can send a message to the palace. Although the palace doesnt have many things, we do have quite a few of these, so I can guarantee there will be enough."

Yan Chenxiao wanted to hold his stomach and laugh. The Purple Emperors action really made him want to laugh until he exploded.

However, Yan Tianhen was a person with thick skin. Not only did he not flush red from embarrassment at all, but he even smiled and thanked him instead, "Truly, Grandpa Emperor is practical and doesnt engage in any tricks or pretenses."

In the next room, Princess Yuqing was so angry that she was about to explode.

She said with bloodshot eyes, "I dont believe hes a cut sleeve. Jiejie, he must have said it on purpose. You cant believe him."

The Imperial Consort said, "Does it matter whether or not I believe it, or whether or not its true? After all, he has already spoken those words in front of the public, and this reason is very convincing. At least, not only does it preserve the Emperors face, but it also doesnt make people feel he was half-hearted Look at his two dads; perhaps he really is a cut sleeve."

"Disgusting. In the end, two men getting together is an act against the heavens. Ever since ancient times, Yin and Yang have to harmonize together. Sooner or later, they will suffer divine retribution."

The Imperial Consort frowned. "Yuqing, its fine if you say these words in front of me, but if you dare to say them outside, this one wont be able to protect you if you get into trouble. Although cut sleeves are rare in this world and cannot become the orthodox way, there are always a few people in high positions who like males. Right now, we cant afford to provoke even one or two of them. Youd better say less."

Princess Yuqing covered her face and cried. "I dont care, I just want him. If he likes males, then I will kill all the men he likes one by one."

After saying that, Princess Yuqing ran away.

The Imperial Consort shook her head helplessly, but she was actually also unhappy in her heart.

After all, no matter how you saw it, Yan Tianhen still refused Yuqing. To be honest, it had never been about whether or not he was a cut sleeve. It had always been about whether his power, influence, and status were enough to oppose the forces behind Princess Yuqing.

The Imperial Consorts eyes sank, and she thought, It seems that Ill have to work harder ah.

Ea: One of my favorite speeches from YTH. Hes really so shameless and bold Can see the old YTHs personality peeking through

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