Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 524

Chapter 524 Ghost Infant Death Array

Chapter 524 – Ghost Infant Death Array

Zang Ziyue wanted to say something, but she was stopped by her rich senior martial brother who came together with her.

"If youre outside, youd better not make trouble." The good-looking man looked at Yan Tianhen for a moment, then looked at Lin Zhizhi, and said, "We are sorry for offending you."

Yan Tianhen sneered and said, "At last, there is someone who can speak human words. Zhizhi, lets go."

Lin Zhizhi coldly looked at Zang Ziyue and turned her head and left.

Zang Ziyue was so angry that she turned blue and said to the man next to her, "Im fed up with you. How can you please me with that soft temperament? Get out of here."

The man sighed helplessly, watching Zang Ziyue disappear before his eyes.

Zang Ziyue went straight back to find the brothers and sisters who had come out with her.

"Oh, who has offended our Miss Ziyue?" When Fang Yan saw Zang Ziyues terrifyingly dark expression, he immediately leaned forward.

Zang Ziyue said aggrievedly, "Just now I saw a piece of clothing in the Immortal Raiments Shop. But there was an arrogant boy who took the dress away first with his girl. No matter what I said, they didnt want to give it to me and humiliated me."

Fang Yan was surprised and said, "Is there actually such an arrogant person in Jade Ocean City?"

A leading elder martial sister in the Sword God Hall nearby comforted her. "These are just mediocre people in the secular world. If they step into our Myriad Dao Academy, they will soon know how to behave."

Zang Ziyue said, "How can these people ever be qualified to join Myriad Dao Academy? In recent years, the enrollment quality of Myriad Dao Academy has really deteriorated.

"Yes." The woman in charge said, "Ill take you to meet Elder Martial Sister Qin Sang. She certainly has a way to teach this kind of person a lesson."

Zang Ziyue nodded and said, "Thank you very much, Elder Martial Sister Hong."

The Elder Martial Sister Hong said with a smile, "Why are you so polite? You will be a disciple of Tool Ocean Hall in the future. There are many places where this elder martial sister will have to rely on you."

Zang Ziyues performance was not particularly top-notch, but it was definitely not bad. Those who could be remembered by people in Myriad Dao Academy were not ordinary people. Every single inner hall disciple of Sword God Hall and Pill Limit Hall had unfathomable potential. Naturally, it was necessary to establish a good relationship, which would be much more convenient in the future.

The two went upstairs together, and Senior Sister Hong knocked on one of the inner doors.

"Come in." A woman said.

The door opened without wind. After Li Hong walked in with Zang Ziyue, she bowed to the woman who was burning incense and said, "Elder Martial Sister Qin Sang."

Qin Sang was a senior martial sister of Li Hongs under the same master and one of the persons in charge of this assessment. When she saw Li Hong, she smiled and said, "Why come to me at this time?"

Li Hong said, "I didnt want to disturb Senior Sister originally, but just now, Senior Sister Ziyue was bullied outside, and we ask Senior Sister to demand justice."

Qin Sang looked at the Zang Ziyue in her eyes and said, "If a person of Myriad Dao Academy is out of the door, how can she be bullied when she should be the one who bullies others? What happened? Tell me carefully."

Zang Ziyue said the matter again with added vigour and embellished facts.

Although Qin Sang felt that a piece of clothing would not be made into a feud like this, since she had asked for it, she would not ignore it.

The maid said, "Yes."

Zang Ziyue immediately became happy and said, "Thank you, Senior Sister Qin Sang."

Qin Sang said, "The assessment will begin in two days. There are still three hundred people with tickets in hand who have not been caught. You two have worked hard these two days."

Li Hong said, "As long as they enter Jade Ocean City, they will inevitably not escape this surveillance."

Qin Sang looked at Zang Ziyue, and said, "You go and handle your affairs first. I have something to say to Li Hong."

Zang Ziyue also wished to find the culprit to find trouble immediately and left with the maid.

After Zang Ziyue left, Qin Sang coldly said, "Ah Hong, you should stay away from this Zang Ziyue in the future."

Li Hong was stunned for a moment, and said, "Senior Sister, she is already an internally confirmed disciple of Tool Ocean Halls Fifth Elder."

"So what?" Qin Sang exclaimed, "Not to mention that she has not even entered yet, everything is full of variables, and that she has such a small and petty mindset, fussy and self-righteous nature, she will sooner or later offend those who should not have been offended."

Li Hong hurriedly said, "Senior Sister, calm down, I will definitely make my mind in the future."

Qin Sangs tone eased, and said, "Thats fine this time."

Li Hong nodded and said, "Thank you, Senior Sister."

Qin Sang said, "Before the day after tomorrow, we will send 300 people who hold tickets to the array. Among them, there is a descendant of the Yan family. Our superiors have instructed that we need to give him a simple array, so dont worry about the others for the time being; we need to find him out first."

Li Hong said, "What is the background of that prince of the Yan family? I have never heard of anyone who can open the back door before."

Qin Sang glared at her and said, "These things are instructions from above, so dont ask questions anymore."

Li Hong said quietly, "Yes."

Yan Tianhen took Lin Zhizhi and then went to Perilla Pavilion and Wishing Lane, and bought some rouge powder and hairpin jewelry respectively.

In fact, Lin Zhizhis skin was already so delicate. Her eyelashes were curled and long, and her eye sockets were a little deep. Her eyebrows were already extremely neat even without drawing them on. Compared with ordinary women, although they were slightly wider and longer, they had a unique charm.

Probably the only place that could be decorated was her pair of bloodless lips.

She had shed so much blood and had even been poisoned not long ago, so naturally, her lips wouldnt look good.

Lin Zhizhi indeed just dyed some water red rouge on her lips.

The whole person became brilliant.

Yan Tianhen appreciated it for a moment and said, "Well, whats your plan next?"

Lin Zhizhi asked, "What about you? "

"Im going to take part in the examination of Myriad Dao Academy," said Yan Tianhen.

Lin Zhizhi nodded and said, "Lets go together."

Yan Tianhen touched his nose and said, "I have a ferry ticket, so I probably wont go for the first assessment."

Lin Zhizhi took out a magic instrument with the shape of a leaf engraved with a name and said, "Coincidentally, I also have one."

Yan Tianhen, ""

He took the leaf and found that "Lin Zhizhi" was written on it. However, she took one look at Yan Tianhens leaf and said, "You lied to me."

Yan Tianhen was embarrassed and said, "I used an alias when I was out."

Lin Zhizhi glanced at him, holding the leaf engraved with the three words Yan Tianhen, took out a forged pen and changed it, then blew it, and then handed it to Yan Tianhen. "All right."

When Yan Tianhen looked at it, the original "Yan Tianhen" had become "Gu Tiantian".

Yan Tianhen, " " Theres something indescribable about this action.

Lin Zhizhi left nobly and coldly.

Yan Tianhen followed along.

Yan Tianhen said, "You cant do this. When they made this thing, it was as a pair. I have one here, and the other is in Myriad Dao Academy. Although my name has changed, the original name is still in the hands of Myriad Dao Academy. Maybe I cant get on the boat now."

Lin Zhizhi said, "You can."

Yan Tianhen said, "The two have to match so get on the boat."

Lin Zhizhi said, "They will match."

Yan Tianhen got stuck, walked two steps quickly to catch up, and said, "Your legs are really long. How do you know?"

Lin Zhizhi said, "I guessed."

Yan Tianhen, ""

You are awesome!

However, it was probably because Lin Zhizhi was too outstanding. As a woman, she was taller than most men, and she was also very elegant and refined. Therefore, the two of them were arrested by Zang Ziyue and a group of people before they left the city.

Zang Ziyue was holding two leaf tickets in her hand, and they were radiating white light.

Zang Ziyue walked to the two of them and sneered triumphantly, "Lin Zhizhi, Gu Tiantian, your good days are over."

Yan Tianhen, "" Damn, the name on the other side really has changed.

Lin Zhizhi glanced at Zang Ziyue, and said, "Ugly people cause a lot of mischiefs."

Zang Ziyue immediately wanted to kill people, she didnt even want clothes, and said directly, "After a while, you will know how to behave."

After speaking, she smashed the two leaves in her hand heavily. Yan Tianhen felt a strong pull. He subconsciously grabbed Lin Zhizhis wrist beside him and disappeared in place in the next second.

The same was true of Lin Zhizhi.

Fang Yan asked, "Which one is this transmission array?"

Zang Ziyue said, "Its the Ghost Infant Death Array."

Fang Yan gasped and said with consternation on his face, "Isnt the Ghost Infant Death Array a Profound Rank assessment array?"

Zang Ziyue was quite pleased, and said, "Its just because this is a Profound Rank assessment array that I sent them in. Its better to have them enter and never come out."

Fang Yan looked back at Zang Ziyue with blinking eyes, and said, "Junior Martial Sister, I still have something to do, so I will bid farewell for now."

Fang Yan turned pale as soon as he turned around.

The assessment arrays of Myriad Dao had its own ranking system, divided into four major difficulty levels Primary, Profound, Earth, and Heaven. Each level was also divided into three sub-levels, namely A, B, and C, for a total of twelve sub-levels.

There were many ways to make a name for themselves in Myriad Dao Academy, the most popular and the most tried, was to enter these transmission arrays, and then go to each different teleportation location to do tasks.

Those who could complete the task would get a huge reward, which was contribution points, the currency used throughout the Myriad Dao Academy. However, at the other end of these transmission arrays, no one knew where it would be or what would appear. There, if you died, then you died for real. You would have no chance to come back again.

Risk and profit were always proportional, so if you didnt have some ability, you either rashly challenged it anyways and died on the other side of the teleportation array, or you shrunk away and dared not try at all.

Fang Yan was not very old, and at this time he was already at the peak of Primary Realms Condensed Pulse Stage. At most, he had entered the Primary Rank Tier B teleportation array. Although he had survived against all odds, he never dared to think about trying again in the next few years.

However, now Zang Ziyue had actually sent two disciples who came for assessment directly into a Profound Rank Tier A array because of her own personal interests. Not even the Profound Realm peak Return Origin Stage disciples dared to easily enter this arrayFang Yan took a breath and decided to stay away from this woman.

This year, Myriad Dao Academy did change the assessment conditions. The sect contributed hundreds of Primary Rank Tier C teleportation arrays and used the boat tickets that were tampered with in advance to send all these disciples into them, and then waited for them to come out.

Although several Tier B transmission arrays had also been prepared, they were not really intended to be used.

A womans heart was the most toxic ah.

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