Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 57

Chapter 57 Do You Admit Your Guilt?

A few of the Lin family’s elders took in this whole sight and one by one began to shower Lin Zezhi with praise.

The frigid face of Madam Bai who sat on one of the five main seats showed some signs of defrosting as well.

To the left of Madam Bai sat the one who wielded absolute authority over the Lin family Lin Ruhai, Lin Zhan’s fourth brother.

Lin Ruhai lightly nodded at Madam Bai and said, “Sister-in-law is really fortunate, Zezhi has such a good heart and is also the most outstanding cultivator of his generation in the Lin family; in the future he’ll definitely be the Lin family’s next young head.”

Madam Bai straightened her back, glanced at the third elder who sat opposite her and said in a cold voice that exhibited neither sorrow nor joy, “Such polite words. Ah Ze might have extraordinary talent, but he still falls short compared to the past Xuanzhi.”

Lin Ruhai looked at the Lin Xuanzhi who was walking over and revealed a displeased look, then said, “This rascal is getting worse by day. Just a few days ago he was mixing around with the people from that vulgar martial hall, and had even lost every single match he fought in. I don’t even want to know how much money he wasted in that place, he has really lost the face of the Lin family bigtime. No matter how amazing he was in the past, he’s just a good-for-nothing now.”

Madam Bai shook her head, then coldly curved her lips up and said, “That might not be, the number of treasures second brother left for his son is too many to count. Who knows what kind of trouble he can cause with all the magic treasures and medicinal pills he has on him. Today he used a Ground Splitting Hammer to smash a doorman to death, tomorrow he’ll dare to kill his fellow clan members, and he’ll do all that just because those people were being truthful.”

When Lin Ruhai heard those words, he was well aware of what Madam Bai was trying to say. He stroked his chin pensively and had his own idea about what to do.

The one who sat atop the main seat was the Lin family’s true head, the fifth elder Lin Runru.

Lin Runru can be considered Lin Xuanzhi’s Dad’s grandfather, and so he’s Lin Xuanzhi’s great grandfather. Even though he had always been the head of the Lin family, he never really bothered with the family’s affairs and had always been deep in the throes of his own cultivation, so he wouldn’t come out of his seclusion easily.

But about a year ago, the Lin family’s supervisor Lin Zhan met with an accident and Lin Xuanzhi became crippled; those in the Lin family who had ulterior motives began to stir, and their ambitions made their heart unsteady. Lin Runru was thus forced to come out of his seclusion ahead of time to return and supervise the Lin family.

From his observations within the past year, Lin Runru couldn’t find anyone pleasing to the eye. He didn’t think anyone had the capability to bear the responsibility of the entire Lin family on their shoulders, hence he temporarily put aside his seclusion to preside over the family, as well as handpick the Lin family’s next head.

Lin Runru closed his eyes and remained still. He looked like he had already entered a state of meditation, so no one dared to disturb him.

While everyone was engaged in a spirited discussion, Lin Xuanzhi walked to the platform overlooked by the five big seats in the hall. After he stopped, he bowed politely to the Lin family’s fifth elder Lin Runru, then stood up straight and said, “Lin Xuanzhi has met the head, fifth elder.”

The clamorous sounds of discussion began to subside.

The lady who was sprawled out on the floor immediately pounced towards Lin Xuanzhi when she saw him. She wanted to grab Lin Xuanzhi’s face, but Lin Xuanzhi simply waved his sleeve and the woman was flung onto the floor once again.

“Aiyoyohe’s killing people he’s killing people! You devil, murdering my husband wasn’t enough for you, so now you even want to kill a powerless woman like me in front of so many people. I know you’re trying to kill so that I won’t talk1!”

Along with her outcry, the whole family that had followed behind her began to wail pitifully as well. The wuwuyinyin crying sounds reverberated throughout the law enforcement hall and its echoes filled the hall.

Lin Runru opened his eyes, then said, “Lin Xuanzhi, do you admit your guilt?”

Lin Xuanzhi said, “Huarong doesn’t know what I’m guilty of.”

Lin Runru said, “This morning, this family came to our Lin family’s doorstep and started to wail loudly with cries of grievances. They said that it was because you had used a magic treasure to kill w.a.n.g Wu just because he had a small argument with you. Did that really happen?”

Lin Xuanzhi carried himself with jade-like grace and stood in a relaxed yet st.u.r.dy manner. His voice was light as he said in a steady voice, “I did kill someone a few days ago. If that person is coincidentally called w.a.n.g Wu, then I do admit to killing him. But there was no argument involved.”

“No argument?” Lin Runru said.

“That’s right, that person one-sidedly insulted me and my Ah Di, I didn’t reply him with even a single word.”

The attendant who stood beside Lin Runru couldn’t control the edges of his mouth from twitching. What Lin Xuanzhi meant was that he wasn’t vulgar enough to insult w.a.n.g Wu back?

1. Original phrase is “”, which is a common phrase used to accuse someone of murder in order to silence the other party. Like killing a witness so that they can’t testify in court

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