Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 60

Chapter 60 Punish The Vile One

Lin Xuanzhi said, “Master need not see that kind of ant, the sight of him would only dirty your eyes. Why not Master hand him over to Xuanzhi to deal with, it would save some trouble for the law enforcement hall as well.”

Even if Lin Xuanzhi said that he wants to be the Lin family’s young master right now, Fifth elder would probably agree, not to mention such a small request? Fifth elder waved his sleeves and said, “Whatever pleases you.”

Lin Xuanzhi said, “Thank you, Master.”

Fifth elder calmed down, then sized Lin Xuanzhi up and said, “You must have been startled today, go back and take a good rest. I’ll look for you to have a nice, long chat in a few days.”

Lin Xuanzhi nodded and said, “Xuanzhi obeys.”

Fifth elder was even more satisfied with this genial and polite Xuan grandson of his, and his satisfaction spilled over to that troublesome kid that Lin Zhan had adopted.

“Your Didi Yan Tianhen is a loyal one who knows how to repay others’ graces, I’ll reward him with one top-grade Recuperate Yang pill.”

Top-grade Recuperate Yang pill!

That’s a profound-level medicinal pill that was worth at least 10 000 gold, and it’s a treasure that can’t be easily obtained even if you have the money!

If at this time someone was still unable to tell how much Master favoured Lin Xuanzhi, then there’s probably something wrong with his brain.

There were quite a few people below who were secretly surprised and envious why didn’t they give Lin Xuanzhi some Five Yuan rice when he was down and out?

Didn’t they just need to follow behind Lin Xuanzhi everyday and grovel before him to be his cow and horse? Taking care of him for ten days or half a month is something they could do too!

That ugly idiot Yan Tianhen was really fortunate!

Lin Xuanzhi accepted the medicinal pill bottle, then solemnly said, “Xuanzhi thanks Master on behalf of Jiadi.”

Fifth elder waved his hand, then disappeared on the spot.

Lin Xuanzhi kept the medicinal pill bottle into his storage bag, then pinched a forged stone to lightly float down to the platform below.

It was only when he had disappeared from the law enforcement hall before those who were kneeling dared to stand up.

The crowd looked at each other in dismay and a fearful look appeared on their faces.

Lin Zezhi’s face had turned pale, and in a place where no one else could see, he clenched his fist so tightly that his nail that dug deep down into his palm squeezed out some viscous liquid.

Bai Susu had not settled down from her panicked state. The envy on her face could not be concealed as she bit down hard on her lower lip and said, “That trash, how could he have become a craftsman?”

“Craftsman” Lin Yurou furrowed her brows and looked at the golden words that were still shining on the warning pillars, then said, “Don’t tell me Xuanzhi Tangxiong is really the one selected by our old ancestor?”

“He might be.” Someone else said.

And there was someone who patted his chest, then heaved a long sigh and said, “Luckily I didn’t throw stones at Lin Xuanzhi when he was down, or else today, I wouldn’t be able to sleep peacefully at night.”

This sentence made quite a few people who were present tighten their nerves they began to try and recall whether or not they had badmouthed Lin Xuanzhi. They had definitely talked about him quite a bit behind his back, but doing it in front of him was another matter altogether.

“Whatever I’ve said before doesn’t count. You guys better not slander me, I’ll definitely not admit it.”

“Pei, just awhile ago you were saying that Xuanzhi Tangxiong is a good-for-nothing, and even said that he’s in this state today because he had reaped what he had sownwuwu, what are you covering my mouth for?”

“Stop trying to sow discord here, I definitely didn’t say something like that!”

“You even said that Xuanzhi Tangxiong deserved it!”

“Pei pei pei, shut your smelly mouth. Xuanzhi Tangxiong is like a dragon that was cooped up in a shallow creek he had just been temporarily trapped, what kind of nonsense are you spouting.”

Lin Zezhi heard the lively conversation that went on around him as everyone was afraid that they had offended Lin Xuanzhi in the past, and were worried that Lin Xuanzhi would bear grudges against them. He didn’t feel too good about all this racket.

It wasn’t easy for him become the center of attention in the Lin family. Why is it that Lin Xuanzhi had just shown his face today as a craftsman, and he would need to return to being a side prop again!

Lin Zezhi was about to go crazy with envy. His fists were clenched so tightly his joints cracked sooner or later, he will make these people regret trying to flatter Lin Xuanzhi today.

Yan Tianhen stood outside the law enforcement with a face filled with anxiety as he kept peeking into the hall. When he saw a figure adorned in a white robe appear within the dark hallway, he immediately shouted, “Dage, are you alright?”

Lin Xuanzhi walked out, then looked at Yan Tianhen under the glow of the sunlight and lightly smiled, “Anxious from waiting for too long?”

“Nope.” Yan Tianhen walked to Lin Xuanzhi’s side, then walked down the flight of steps with him as two tiger cubs followed along by his side.

“Dage, just now Fifth elder disallowed anyone from being disrespectful to you. From now on, will they not dare to insult Dage anymore?” Yan Tianhen said animatedly.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, then held Yan Tianhen’s hand and said, “From now on, they won’t dare to insult you either. Oh right, you should quit your job at the spiritual plant fields ba. Before today I didn’t have a reliable source1 so I didn’t request anything from you, but from today onwards, I’ll be supervising your cultivation progress carefully.”

Yan Tianhen is a smart kid, when he heard this, he understood that Lin Xuanzhi probably wouldn’t lack money from now on.

At the very least, with the Fifth elder’s warning, those who had dared to dock Lin Xuanzhi’s food, accommodation and travelling resources would have to exercise some restraint.

Thus, Yan Tianhen happily nodded and said, “Ok Dage, I’ll go and tell the steward later.”

At this moment, a law enforcement hall guard walked over, then clasped his hands together and said to Lin Xuanzhi, “Xuanzhi young master, how would you like to deal with Steward Zhang?”

Lin Xuanzhi said, “Bring him to my residence.”

Yan Tianhen tugged on Lin Xuanzhi’s sleeve and said, “Dage, what are you bringing him to our residence for?”

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Yan Tianhen and said, “Of course it’s to let him experience how the wicked servant from before had died.”

Yan Tianhen shook his head, then said, “Dage, I don’t want to let him into our yard. That’s where we stay, if he were to die there, it would pollute our yard.”

Lin Xuanzhi pondered for a bit, even though they probably wouldn’t be staying in that yard from today onwards, that place did contain traces and good memories of his and Yan Tianhen’s life there.

Thus, Lin Xuanzhi said, “Ah Hen, why not we make a trip down to the law enforcement hall?”

Yan Tianhen turned around and took a look at the law enforcement hall’s doors. Even though his heart still trembled and quivered at the sight of it, with Lin Xuanzhi by his side, he felt like it didn’t seem as scary as it did before.

Thus, Yan Tianhen nodded and said, “Okay.”

Lin Xuanzhi turned around and coldly said to the guard, “Bring Steward Zhang into the law enforcement hall, and bring two bags of Five Yuan rice over too.”

After Steward Zhang had heard Fifth elder’s warning, he had collapsed to the floor in fear. Lin Xuanzhi had actually managed to regain favour within a day, and had even obtained the Master’s protection.

The Master’s status was head and shoulders above the rest, even Madam Bai wouldn’t dare to touch him.

Steward Zhang really wanted to beat his past self up ruthlessly.

Steward Zhang was dragged into the awe-inspiring and dignified law enforcement hall.

At this time, there were still some spectators who hadn’t left that had originally prepared to see Lin Xuanzhi make a fool of himself.

They first saw two guards who wore full body armours and a pike2 in one hand lift a limp middle-aged man in like they were holding a chicken, then they casually threw him into the middle of the hall. They had thought that the law enforcement hall was going to deal with yet another perpetrator.

However, when they saw Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen follow behind them hand in hand, they changed their thoughtLin Xuanzhi was probably about to deal with someone who had offended him.

This person was probably that pitiful bug Steward Zhang who was almost personally palmed to death by Fifth elder.

Lin Xuanzhi stood about five metres away from Steward Zhang, then swept a glance over the members of the Lin family on both sides of him before he said, “I’m going to deal with a despicable servant now, all of you may leave if you wish.”

The Lin family members looked at each other in embarra.s.sment, then someone said, “Since he’s a despicable servant, then we would also like to see him receive the punishment he deserves.”

“That’s right, this wicked servant actually dared to deceive his superiors and oppress those below him. Xuanzhi Tangxiong, you definitely can’t let him off lightly!”

Lin Zezhi’s face turned ashen. He clenched his fists tightly, this Steward Zhang was his mother’s personal servant whom she had brought over from the Bai family. He had always been loyal, and if it wasn’t because Lin Xuanzhi had gotten Fifth elder to personally give out the order, his mother would have definitely been able to safeguard Steward Zhang.

But now, even his mother had suffered serious injuries and had been brought away by Third elder to recuperate.

A cold, murderous glint flashed through Lin Zezhi’s eyes.

Yan Tianhen felt this sudden gust of cold air that came from the crowd, then warily looked over to where it had came from. When he met Lin Zezhi’s eyes, he returned the other party’s look with an extremely fierce gaze.

Bai Susu was scared stiff by this face full of cracks. She placed her hand on her chest and said, “This ugly idiot really is disgusting.”

Yan Tianhen rolled his eyes, then leaned closer to Lin Xuanzhi.

Lin Xuanzhi was used to curious onlookers so he didn’t really mind the crowd. The more people who stayed, the better.

A guard lifted two bags of Five Yuan rice and walked over.

Lin Xuanzhi said, “Wake him up, then make him stand.”

The guard walked forward, then bent over and grabbed Steward Zhang’s collar. He pulled the unconscious Steward Zhang into an upright position and jabbed Steward Zhang’s back with his finger a few times. Steward Zhang let out a cough, then his eyes rolled about before he gradually awoke.

When Steward Zhang saw the scene in front of him, he was so frightened he instantly started shaking like a sieve3.

“What, what do you want?” Steward Zhang’s legs were trembling and his teeth were chattering. He said, “I am a steward brought over to the Lin family by Madam Bai, if you want to lay a finger on me, you’ll have to ask Madam Bai first!”

Lin Zezhi’s face immediately blackened, even his last bit of intention to save him disappeared.

This idiot, how could he not be begging for forgiveness at this point, and he’s even trying to implicate his mother4. He’s practically dragging others down to die with him!

Lin Xuanzhi curved his lips up into a cold smile and said, “Right now, I can tell you how that servant from before had died.”

Yan Tianhen gave out a hng and said, “He died because he had spoken too much c.r.a.p!”

Steward Zhang’s face paled and he was sweating like a pig. He saw the Lin Zezhi who was standing within the crowd, but the other party didn’t look like he had the slightest intention of standing up for him

It’s over, everything’s over this time.

The light in Steward Zhang’s eyes dulled, and that slow-witted brain of his finally turned around. He immediately kneeled on the floor and kowtowed non-stop as he wailed in agony and begged for forgiveness, “Xuanzhi young master, your old servant here must have been blinded by lard to actually have the gall to disrespect you. I beg you to take into account what I’ve contributed to the Lin family all these years, and how I’ve been extremely careful to not make the tiniest mistake and let me off this once. I’m willing to become your cow and horse in the future and will obey your every order!”

Lin Xuanzhi’s eyes were covered with frost as he said, “I can’t afford to use a despicable servant like you who would deceive his superiors and oppress his inferiors. You weren’t just disrespectful to me, you had also deceived your superiors and implicated Aunt. If I don’t punish you today, our Lin family’s servants might just end up following your example.”

Lin Xuanzhi’s words had completely pushed the responsibility for docking his Five Yuan rice onto Steward Zhang. Thus, Lin Zezhi immediately took advantage of this to stand out and say, “That’s right. You wicked servant who dared to deceive his superiors, my mother had even specially instructed you to take good care of Xuanzhi Tangxiong. But we didn’t expect you to actually pocket the Five Yuan rice behind our backs just for that little bit of benefit it gave you. Even if Xuanzhi Tangxiong doesn’t do anything to you today, I would still kill you myself!”

Steward Zhang was immediately confused, then said, “It was obviously Madam who asked me to”

A fist landed, and one of Steward Zhang’s arms was kicked off5.

“Ahhhhhhhh Steward Zhang let out a blood-curdling screech and rolled about on the floor incessantly.

The murderous intent in Lin Zezhi’s eyes gradually grew. He said to the Lin Xuanzhi who kept silent at a side, “Xuanzhi Tangxiong, since this is a servant that came from my mother’s family, I’ll teach him a lesson on your behalf!”

Lin Xuanzhi coldly laughed to himself in his heart, then said without a change in his expression, “Since he had the audacity to dock my supply of Five Yuan rice, he must be extremely infatuated with this type of rice. Why not let Tangxiong offer him some palliative care, so that he can have his last fill of Five Yuan rice.”

That was when Lin Zezhi knew what those two bags of Five Yuan rice were for.

1. Reliable source (of funds) is implied, which is why YTH knew what LXZ’s implied meaning was

2. Pike:

3. Sieve

4. Added meaning is that Steward Zhang was borrowing his mother’s name to shield him

5. I have no idea why a fist landed and his arm was kicked off and not punched offthe raw wrote it like that ?_?

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