Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 64

Chapter 64 Xuanzhi's Counterattack

Boss Feng took a deep breath. His eyes glowed radiantly as he sighed, “This cup looks so nondescript, no one would expect that it had the ability to filter impurities from the wine it contains and can even gather the spiritual Qi in its surroundings. Even though there’s only a fraction of a difference, if ordinary mortals had drank the mortal wine in this cup, they would definitely be able to reap a lot of nourishment from it. If I were to pour spiritual wine into it”

“That taste, you don’t need to mention it.” Yan Tianhen licked his lips, then said, “This morning, my Dage and I had already tried it with a Hundred Flowers brew. Boss, why not you buy one cup first and pour in some spiritual wine to have a taste when you go back. If you like it, you can come buy a few more cups bei!”

Boss Feng laughed aloud and said, “This little kid here has a pretty keen business If that’s the case, then I’ll just buy all the wine cups here! The taste is secondary, what’s really amazing are the miraculous effects this cup can give its drinker ah!”

“d.a.m.n! Boss Feng is really generous, you’re throwing out a thousand gold just like that?”

“Boss Feng, I have quite a few wine cups at home too, why not you buy a few?”

“Boss Feng, don’t be cheated by him, I recognise the people who usually set up their stalls on this street. These two newcomers, I’m afraid that after their first time here, they won’t be back a second time.”

“That’s right Boss Feng, how could there be cups that can turn mortal wine into spiritual wine? They must have used some sort of diversionary tactic to lie to you!” The surrounding crowd kept talking incessantly as they tried to persuade Boss Feng not to be cheated by Lin Xuanzhi of his money.

After all, it was a thousand gold!

A thousand gold is a big sum even to a cultivator. An ordinary Refining Qi stage cultivator who’s not from a rich family would probably need to work a few years before they could see that amount of money.

Yet Boss Feng only waved his hands and said, “I, Feng Lun, had always done business this way. Kid, if you’re selling me the real deal, I can consider engaging in a long-term business partnership with you. But if you’re selling me fake goods.”

Boss Feng narrowed his eyes, then stared at Lin Xuanzhi and said, “My Feng family’s Heaven and Earth winery can be found throughout the Five Continent’s mainlands. No matter where you run to, you won’t be able to hide from my pursuers.”

Lin Xuanzhi smiled, then said, “Heaven and Earth winery is one of the biggest wineries in the Five Continents, so I naturally wouldn’t dare to deceive you. Also, the Feng Family is a super-first-cla.s.s family, you need only move a finger and we wouldn’t be able to withstand it. I understand the consequences of my actions.”

As he spoke, Lin Xuanzhi took off his bamboo hat and lightly said, “If you ever discover that what I’ve sold you are fake, you need not chase me to the ends of the earth. Why not head over to the Lin family to capture me instead?”

When Lin Xuanzhi revealed his face in front of the crowd, everyone involuntarily sucked in a cold breath of air his appearance could be be said to be extremely unique and unforgettable!

“Lin Xuanzhi!?”

“It’s actually Lin Xuanzhi!”

“Is the Lin family going to go bankrupt? Even their direct descendant young master has come out to do business.”

“Didn’t they say that Lin Xuanzhi had already turned into a good-for-nothing?”

“That’s why he’s here to sell wine cups!”

Lin Xuanzhi didn’t mind the crowd’s critiques, he only said to Feng Lun, “Boss Feng, if I, Lin Mou, wants to do business, I’ll definitely treat my clients with utmost sincerity. You should understand this better than anyone else, that for a business man, his reputation is way more important than money.”

Boss Feng was also incredibly shocked, he didn’t expect that this craftsman who was selling wine wares would actually be Lin Xuanzhi!

Boss Feng immediately said, “Your father often came to my place to buy wine. The three jars of wine that he had ordered before have already been brewed. Whenever you’re free, you can dispatch someone to come collect them.”

Lin Xuanzhi nodded and said, “Then I’ll have to trouble you.”

It’s not that Boss Feng wasn’t willing to dispatch people to send the wine over, but the Lin residence was infamous for being ridiculously difficult to enter. When Lin Zhan was around it was still okay, but not long after Lin Zhan pa.s.sed away, the Lin family began to reject practically almost everyone who had friendly connections with Lin Zhan.

After Boss Feng had suffered a few rounds of humiliation at the Lin family’s door, he swore to never take another step into the Lin residence ever again.

Boss Feng took out a golden banknote that was worth a thousand gold and pa.s.sed it to Lin Xuanzhi.

“Do you still have more of these wine cups?”

“Just these five. The other two I’m leaving behind for me and my Jiadi.” Lin Xuanzhi said.

Feng Lun nodded and said, “Then these wares, were they crafted by you, or were they obtained through other means?”

Lin Xuanzhi smiled, but didn’t reply.

Feng Lun saw that he wasn’t willing to answer, so he didn’t pursue the topic any further. He was anxious to take the cups back to try them with his spiritual wine, so he exchanged a few more trivial greetings before he took those five cups and left.

Lin Xuanzhi resealed his wine jar, then said to Yan Tianhen, “Ah Hen, let’s go.”

Yan Tianhen and Lin Xuanzhi hadn’t even taken a few steps before someone blocked their way.

An icy cold smile appeared on Duan Yuhao’s face before he said, “I was wondering who was using such a vulgar claptrap here to attract attention, and it turned out to be the Lin family’s great young master.” Lin Xuanzhi didn’t have a favourable impression of Duan Yuyang at all, purely because of his ruthless disposition and penchant for murder. In his past life, Duan Yuhao had expelled Duan Yuyang from the Duan family, and after he had seized control of the Duan family, he even managed to kill his own father. And for some reason, he had also ma.s.sacred an entire village that was close by.

Yan Tianhen didn’t have a favourable impression of Duan Yuhao either, and his reason was even simpler. He didn’t like him purely because the Duan Yuyang whom he had a good relationship especially detested this rascal Duan Yuhao.

Yan Tianhen stood in front of Lin Xuanzhi and glared at Duan Yuhao as he said, “Do you have any business with my Dage?”

“Not really, I was just led here by a disgusting and cheap scent. At first I wanted to see which disgusting bug was emitting this gross scent, but I didn’t expect the bug to be the great Lin young master.”

Duan Yuhao revealed a cold smile that harboured malicious intentions and said, “O’ great Lin young master, why is it that I remember you turning into trash, but not a mortal? Don’t tell me you’ve already completely given up on yourself, and had fallen to the point where you would mix around with mortals?”

Lin Xuanzhi ignored him and said to Yan Tianhen, “Ah Hen, let’s leave through another path.”

Duan Yuhao’s complexion worsened, then said, “You dare to disregard me?”

Lin Xuanzhi lightly said, “There’s a proverb that says ‘good dogs don’t obstruct one’s path’. But since there’s a fierce dog in our way, it would be beneath my dignity to argue with it.”

“You” Duan Yuhao was immediately enraged. He began to form Qi seals, then threw a fist at Lin Xuanzhi as he hollered, “You’re asking for it!”

“Dage careful!” Yan Tianhen’s expression changed. He immediately formed Qi seals of his own and threw his palm at the incoming fist, but he was blown away by the sharp gust of wind surrounding the fist instead.

Lin Xuanzhi hurled out a forged stone with one hand and pinched a forged stone in his other to leap up, then caught Yan Tianhen in his arms before he landed back on the ground smoothly.


A loud sound rang out; the forged stone collided with the fist in midair and the collision immediately emitted a huge shockwave. The limestone bricks on the floor had been fragmented into who knows how many pieces; its fragments flew onto the roads and walls on both sides.

They were obviously evenly matched.

Lin Xuanzhi only cared about checking if Yan Tianhen was hurt and couldn’t be bothered with Duan Yuhao, but Duan Yuhao was extremely perturbed at the moment.

Hasn’t Lin Xuanzhi been completely crippled?

How is it that he could still easily leap three zhang off the ground as if he was as light as a feather? He didn’t appear to be like a Refining Qi stage second layer trash at all?

Also, that hidden weapon that he had hurled out could actually withstand the force of his fist that was definitely not something a good-for-nothing is capable of!

Duan Yuhao was appalled to no end, he thought: don’t tell me, Lin Xuanzhi had obtained some great, fated opportunity and really managed to find a sky-level medicinal pill?

No, that was impossible. If that was so, based on how talented Lin Xuanzhi is, he definitely wouldn’t be as obscure as he is now the Lin family would have definitely announced his recovery to every corner of the earth!

No matter what Duan Yuhao was thinking, on Lin Xuanzhi’s side, he had just finished ensuring that Yan Tianhen was safe and sound without a single scratch. And evidently, Lin Xuanzhi had begun to flare up.

Lin Xuanzhi narrowed his eyes, then said to Duan Yuhao, “The Duan family better be prepared to beg for forgiveness at our doorstep!”

After he spoke, he brought Yan Tianhen to leave by another path.

Duan Yuhao paused for a moment, then scoffed, “Didn’t he just use some magic tool to block me, yet he actually treats himself as some sort of important figure now? He even wants my Duan family to beg for forgiveness at their doorstep pei, open your eyes and take a look at the kind of third-cla.s.s family your Lin family is, trash!”

Evidently, Duan Yuhao had treated Lin Xuanzhi’s attack just now as the work of one of the magic tools he carries around on his body.

After all, he didn’t sense any Qi in Lin Xuanzhi’s body.

“Dage, that Duan Yuhao is really too annoying.” Yan Tianhen said in distress, “Yuyang Ge said, Duan Yuhao is especially tyrannical and uses his status as a cultivator to often humiliate mortals.”

Lin Xuanzhi held Yan Tianhen’s hand tightly, pursed his lips and didn’t say a word. He had a cold and austere expression on his face.

Yan Tianhen naturally noticed this, so he changed the topic and said, “Dage, are we still going to Drunk Immortals1 restaurant to eat?”

“Isn’t Ah Hen afraid?” Lin Xuanzhi suddenly stopped walking, then he looked at Yan Tianhen and asked.

Yan Tianhen’s bamboo hat had already been ruined when he was blown up into the sky just now. Right now, his face was in full view and the cracks on his face made him look like his face had been ripped apart, then sutured back together piece by piece.

Yan Tianhen said, “I’m not really scared, cause Dage’s super amazing! Yuyang Ge said that even he wasn’t Duan Yuhao’s opponent, but Dage managed to push him back with just one hit!”

Lin Xuanzhi took a deep breath and kept silent for a long while before he said, “Ah Hen, when you encounter this kind of situation next time, just hide behind me. You’re not allowed to block anymore hits for me, do you understand?”

Yan Tianhen nodded, then gently rubbed his nose and said, “I know that I was holding Dage back, but at that moment my mind had gone blank and I didn’t even think before I rushed forward. But who knew that I’m just way too weak and couldn’t even take one fist from Duan Yuhao.”

Lin Xuanzhi’s heart had almost jumped out of his body in fright.

He sighed, then rubbed Yan Tianhen’s head and said, “Let’s go, Dage will treat you to a meal at Drunk Immortals restaurant.”

Yan Tianhen smiled and excitedly said, “Okay okay!”

Lin Xuanzhi looked at the pure and simple Yan Tianhen who didn’t know how to bear grudges and made a firm resolution he definitely needed to get strong, and needed to train Yan Tianhen to get stronger, definitely!

Lin family, within a sky-level yard.

Ji Lanjun looked to her left and right to confirm that there was no one around, then quickly and nimbly closed the door to her room.

Her white and clean face revealed her anxiety as she looked uneasily at the Lin Zhantian who was sitting by the table gulping down cups of tea without a word. She said, “What should we do? Will he bear grudges against us for backstabbing him today?”

Lin Zhantian’s face stiffened as he said, “He’ll definitely bear a grudge. He had personally handed that Recorder Mirror over to me, but when he needed evidence, I didn’t stand out to testify for him. Not only that, I had even handed the evidence over to Madam Bai.”

Ji Lanjun’s face was full of worry. She pressed down on her forehead and said, “It’s all my fault, I shouldn’t have forced you.”

“Mother, it’s not the time to be saying those kind of words.” Lin Zhantian said, “And it wasn’t entirely your decision. If it wasn’t because Madam Bai had used Meimei2 to threaten us, we wouldn’t have gone so far as to resort to this kind of treacherous behaviour.”

Ji Lanjun took a deep breath. She was filled with remorse as she said, “I just knew that when we had committed that kind of act, we would suffer retribution for it sooner or later. It’s just that, I didn’t expect our retribution to come this early.”

Lin Zhantian solemnly said, “Mother, as long as Meimei can stay safe and sound, I would still make the same choice even if time was turned back.”

Ji Lanjun shook her head and said, “But now Lin Xuanzhi has regained favour and had actually become a craftsman. He’s the first craftsman the Lin family had seen in a thousand years, so his future status in the Lin family will definitely be even more stable than before. Right now, we must be frank and honest with him. Yuhan’s future may even lie in his hands now.”

Lin Zhantian pursed his lips and furrowed his brows, then stood up and said, “I’ll go and look for him now to offer him my apology.”

Ji Lanjun took another deep breath and said, “I’ll go with you.”

1. Erm previously the restaurant was called “Retaining Immortals”, but now it’s called “Drunk Immortals”. I’m pretty sure “Drunk Immortals” is the correct version, the author probably forgot her names or something.

2. Meimei = younger sister

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