Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 78

Chapter 78 Just To Trick Fools

So, this is the legendary G.o.dly pen.

Lin Xuanzhi was about to ask someone to open the box and take out the forged engraving pen for him to see when a waiter walked over.

The waiter sized up Lin Xuanzhi, and when he saw his shabby appearance and how he didn’t seem to have anything valuable on him, he gave Lin Xuanzhi a scornful look and said, “This forged engraving pen costs at least 10 000 gold. You can only touch it if you intend to buy it.”

Yan Tianhen glanced at the unconcealed scorn on the waiter’s face and said to Lin Xuanzhi, “But Dage, why do I feel like he has a particularly horrible disposition? And he even looks like he’s itching for a beating?”

Lin Xuanzhi nodded and said, “There’ll always be situations where one mouse s.h.i.t could ruin an entire pot of porridge, which is why until today, Hidden Tools Pavillion still isn’t the best magic tool shop in the Five Continent’s mainlands.

Yan Tianhen looked like he had just saw the light and nodded, then said, “So what Dage is saying is that it’s because there’s this kind of mouse s.h.i.t that Hidden Tools Pavillion can’t make it big?”

The waiter was so angry he almost spat blood out. But he only heard Lin Xuanzhi shake his head and say, “Mouse s.h.i.ts aren’t that capable. Dage is trying to say that, the upper management’s supervision is lacking, which is why they allow this kind of people to run around here and ruin Hidden Tools Pavillion’s reputation. This is the real reason why Hidden Tools Pavillion can’t be the best in the Five Continents.”

Just as the waiter was about to start swearing at them and chase them out, his line of sight fell upon the entrance and his eyes suddenly gleamed like he had just seen his G.o.d of Fortune. Right now, he practically looks like a dog who just saw a bone dangle in front of him.

The waiter couldn’t be bothered with Lin Xuanzhi anymore. He rushed towards the door ahead of the other waiters who had also seen the newcomer. He welcomed the new customer with a smile and bowed slightly like he was a henchman, then said, “Craftsman Tong, welcome! And I was wondering why I kept hearing the cries of magpies today, so it was because they had already known that you would be coming today.”

Tong Le’s expression remained unchanged as he nodded and said, “I’m here to sell tools, notify your pavilion’s master.”

“That’s great!” This waiter immediately ran upstairs to look for the pavilion’s master.

Meanwhile, the other waiters were staring at his back with eyes full of envy.

You must know, every time Tong Le came, whoever receives him and helps him find the pavillion’s master would be able to get 10% of the proceeds from selling the tools Tong Le brought over. This was practically a G.o.dsent a.s.signment.

“It’s that a.s.shole Fang Yu again who changes his att.i.tude at the flick of a finger.” One of the waiters spat out.

“We can’t help it, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d has a good eye after all.” Another person lightly said.

“Doesn’t he just flatter the strong and step on the weak? He keeps chasing after wild geese, one of these days a goose is going to bite him back. Just wait and see, he’ll suffer his retribution sooner or later.”

“He, I won’t know if he’d get any retribution in the future, but I do know that he’s earning so much now that his money is falling out of his pockets.”

However, although these few people said these things on the surface, they weren’t slow in cl.u.s.tering about Tong Le with huge grins on their faces as they ushered him into the VIP room.

“Craftsman Tong, please come over here, I’ve already prepared some young spiritual tea leaves for you. Its flavour is excellent, you simply must have a taste.”

“Craftsman Tong, what good tools did you bring over today? Could you show it to us so that we could broaden our horizons?”

“Craftsman Tong, when you want to come over again next time, you can just let humble me know and humble me will greet you at the foot of Profound Sky Sect in advance.”

“Craftsman Tong”

Tong Le could be considered one of Hidden Tools Pavillion’s most stable and important customers. He’s the most talented craftsman amongst the younger generation in Profound Sky Sect and has the best prospects; he’s already a teal soul craftsman at such a young age, and he had never crafted a low-grade tool before – most of the tools he crafted were either mid- or high-grade. Such an achievement was considered to be as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns amongst the younger craftsmen. It wouldn’t even be out of the question for him to be on par with the super-first-cla.s.s Bai family’s genius craftsmen.

When Tong Le’s gaze lightly swept over the forged engraving pen that he had taken a fancy to a long time ago but never had the chance to buy because of its exorbitant price tag and his shy pockets he suddenly stopped.

“Lin Xuanzhi?” Tong Le said in astonishment with a face full of disbelief.

Lin Xuanzhi looked at him coldly, then said, “Tong Le.”

Tong Le furrowed his brows and asked, “What are you doing here?”

Lin Xuanzhi said, “Just taking a look.”

There would often be people cl.u.s.tered around craftsmen, and Tong Le wasn’t an exception. In fact, the cl.u.s.ter around him was even bigger and of a higher quality than most craftsmen.

A cultivator dressed in extravagant clothing casted a glance at Lin Xuanzhi, then said in a peculiar tone, “Why aren’t you recuperating in that worn down cottage of yours? If you do so, you could prolong your life by another one or two more years. So why the h.e.l.l are you trying to find some sense of purpose here? Profound Sky Sect isn’t a place where you can return to whenever you please.”

Lin Xuanzhi lightly said, “Naturally I can’t compare to a dog like you who hasn’t even touched the inner doors of Profound Sky Sect.”

This cultivator immediately retorted angrily, “My name is Wu De!’

“O.” Lin Xuanzhi said, “I can’t remember the names of all the random stray cats and dogs I come across. If you’re called Wu De, does it change the fact that you’ve never touched the inner doors of Profound Sky Sect?”

Wu De, “.”

f.u.c.k, he’s never touched them before.

Laughter poured in from all sides. Wu De’s face flushed red, then he said resentfully, “Lin Xuanzhi, why the f.u.c.k are you so arrogant? Don’t forget, you’ve already turned into a good-for-nothing through and through!”

“That isn’t something for you to decide.” Lin Xuanzhi smiled in a poised and n.o.ble manner.

Tong Le sized up Lin Xuanzhi, and for some reason, he had a bad feeling about him.

From what he knows, Lin Xuanzhi should have completely fallen to rock bottom. After he returned to the Lin family, he became a good-for-nothing who was despised by humans and detested by dogs. Not only did he stay in a residence that couldn’t be compared to that of a random outer disciple of Profound Sky Sect, but he also couldn’t even fill his stomach sometimes.

However, although Lin Xuanzhi’s current state and temperament can’t be considered as energetic as when he was at the peak of his glory in Profound Sky Sect, he definitely still seemed quite refreshing and lively. He didn’t appear to be on his last legs as Tong Le had imagined.

A sudden suspicion arose in Tong Le’s heart. Don’t tell him that Lin Xuanzhi’s Dantian Qi sea had been restored?

Thus Tong Le asked, “Has your Dantian Qi sea been restored?’

Lin Xuanzhi said, “Without a sky-level pill, how could it be restored.”

Tong Le heaved a faintly discernible sigh of relief. He smiled at Lin Xuanzhi and said, “It’s been a long time since we last met. I should have gone to the Lin family to pay you a visit, but recently I’ve often been cultivating in seclusion. Master intends to make me the young peak master of Thousand Hammer peak, so he has been arranging all sorts of trainings for me. I really haven’t had the time to spare, so I sincerely hope you won’t blame me for not visiting.”

Lin Xuanzhi slightly nodded his head, then said, “I don’t find anything unusual about that. But I’ve heard that the next young peak master of Thousand Hammer peak can only be decided during the year-end general election next year after everyone goes through a round of compet.i.tions and a.s.sessments. Perhaps, when the sect recruits fresh faces at the start of the following year, a new disciple with an astonishing talent for crafting may appear.”

Tong Le’s face immediately stiffened and turned ugly. He cursed Lin Xuanzhi’s crow’s mouth, yet he maintained a gentlemanly bearing on the surface and said in a cold voice, “Something like that could happen.”

Lin Xuanzhi nodded and said, “I hope to see a new rising star who can add new blood to Profound Sky Sect.”

Tong Le didn’t say anything in reply.

Lin Xuanzhi overbearingly said, “What, don’t tell me you don’t hope for the same?”

Tong Le, “”

Go and die! Of course he doesn’t hope that an even more heaven-defying genius would appear! You must know, almost everyone in Profound Sky Sect firmly believes that he will become the next young peak master. If an exceptional genius were to suddenly appear out of nowhere, he couldn’t guarantee that his spot wouldn’t be taken away unexpectedly.

No, he definitely wouldn’t let that happen!

But, in front of so many people’s faces, Tong Le pretended to be magnanimous as he said, “Lin Shixiong must be joking, of course I’d hope that our Profound Sky Sect gets to recruit more and more heaven-defying geniuses, the more the merrier.”

Lin Xuanzhi’s lips curved up into a mysterious smile and said, “With your good wishes, next year, our Profound Sky Sect would definitely be able to induct a wealth of talents.”

Tong Le, “..” Is it okay for him to tear Lin Xuanzhi’s mouth apart?

Lin Xuanzhi had actually felt a slight twinge in his heart.

Before he had turned into a good-for-nothing, Tong Le and Lin Xuanzhi actually had a pretty good relationship.

Lin Xuanzhi looked up at the young man adorned in a gorgeous and beautifully decorated craftsman robe, then his lips slightly curved up into an icy-cold smile.

No cultivator can avoid magic treasures. The more talented a cultivator, the greater their expenditure on magic treasures.

In the past, Lin Xuanzhi had many dealings with Tong Le in order to maintain and repair his Zhige sword. Tong Le had always expressed a great willingness to help and appeared to be very friendly, so he would always kindly help Lin Xuanzhi wipe down and take care of his sword. He had even imparted some of his knowledge on how to improve the Zhige sword to Lin Xuanzhi.

It’s just thatin his past life, Lin Xuanzhi discovered that the Zhige sword that he had lost after he was gravely injured in the small grotto-heaven was actually taken away by Tong Le. Also, after he secretly used some method to melt his Zhige sword, he used the melted remains of his sword to cast a new sword for the perpetrator who had plotted to kill him.

In the small grotto-heaven that day, Tong Le had also been present. Although Lin Xuanzhi didn’t have any evidence to prove it, the clues that he had unearthed was enough for him to suspect – and to even confirm Tong Le as an accomplice to his attempted murder.

Tong Le didn’t expect Lin Xuanzhi to be this overbearing, so he couldn’t help but taunt, “I’ve never seen the person who’s by your side now, is he a new servant that you bought?”

“He’s definitely a servant. He looks so ugly too, the one who sold him probably made a loss in selling him.” Wu De immediately continued to mock.

“Yeah, I’m young master’s servant.” Yan Tianhen nodded, then looked at Wu De and said proudly, “But, the venerable one in my family saw my young master’s extraordinary talent, boundless prospects and unparalleled demeanour and realised that he is the reincarnation of Xing Jun who came down to the mortal world to overcome a heavenly tribulation. He wanted to build up some good karma, so he could only reluctantly part with precious me as he bestowed me upon my young master. He thought that once my young master overcomes his heavenly tribulation and returns to his throne, my young master would remember this favour. As the saying goes, ‘when one person attains Dao, his poultry and dogs ascend as well’, so he had hoped that young master would give him some benefits in return.”

Wu De was completely stunned. He looked at Lin Xuanzhi with a dumbfounded expression and said, “Is what he said true? Youyou’re really Xing Jun incarnate who descended the mortal world for a heavenly tribulation?”

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Yan Tianhen as he spouted complete rubbish with a straight face to blow his trumpet, and he instantly felt calm.

Tong Le couldn’t bear to look straight at Wu De’s embarra.s.sing face as he casted a cold glance at him, then said, “Anyone could tell that it’s a lie used to trick fools the moment they hear it, yet you actually believed him.”

Wu De knew that he had been tricked, so he smiled a bit awkwardly and glared fiercely at Yan Tianhen. He made a gesture of cutting off one’s head and said, “The ugly ones always do strange things to cause trouble. You better watch out.”

Yan Tianhen steadily nodded his head with the wisdom of an old man, “It is important to know one’s own limitations, you’re actually not that bad of a person.”

Wu De, “..”

Tong Le couldn’t help but say, “Xuanzhi, this servant of yours is a pretty good buy. Even though his appearance leaves a lot to be desired, he does have the gift of the gab.”

Lin Xuanzhi’s eyes lightly swept over him, then said, “This is my Jiadi, not a servant. His words were an outright lie used to trick fools, yet you actually believed him.”

Tong Le, “.”

At this moment, the waiter Fang Yu hurriedly walked down from upstairs with a middle-aged cultivator dressed in a purplish red robe behind him.

This man was Profound City’s Hidden Tool Pavilion’s Chief Steward He. The power he wields here is only second to that of the Hidden Tools Pavillion’s young master.

Hidden Tools Pavillion’s young master was usually too lazy to show his face around here, so most of the time Chief Steward He would settle matters under his young master’s name.

The moment Tong Le saw Chief Steward He, his brows immediately furrowed as he asked, “Is the young master not around?”

Chief Steward He’s smile made those around him feel like they were being bathed in a warm spring breeze. He walked over and said, “I’ll have to tell Craftsman Tong that I’m afraid you came at an inopportune time. Our young master just so happens to be out and hasn’t returned yet.”

Tong Le’s face turned stern, then he said, “Then I’ll wait till he comes back.”

As he spoke, Tong Le prepared to leave.

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