Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 81

Chapter 81 Use One Good In Exchange For Another

Tong Le narrowed his eyes and thought to himself, I couldn’t kill Lin Xuanzhi in the Mysterious Land last time, but since he actually dared to come to my territory by himself, I’ll just have to make it such that he will never be able to return.

Even though he couldn’t kill Lin Xuanzhi with his own hands, there were others who desired Lin Xuanzhi’s disappearance more than him lWYXLC

From the outside, you wouldn’t be able to see the top of Hidden Tools Pavillion, but in reality it was only about ten floors high.

Every time they ascended one floor, Chief Steward He would throw out the token in his hand and form some hand seals to open up the door protected by a magic array.

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When they arrived at the ninth floor, Chief Steward He respectfully said to Lin Xuanzhi, “Craftsman Lin, our family’s young master would like to extend an invitation to you.”

Lin Xuanzhi was slightly surprised. He casted a glance at Chief Steward He and said, “Looks like Hidden Tools Pavilion’s young master is a well-hidden expert.” dGiw3f

“When it comes to being a well-hidden expert, no one can compare to Craftsman Lin.” A young man who sat in a wheelchair came out of the room with a wine bottle in his arms. He had elegant and refined facial features, gentle eyes and was adorned in a set of light blue garments. Anyone who looked at him would think that this man looked very approachable and reliable.

Lin Xuanzhi looked at him, while he also looked at Lin Xuanzhi.

Chief Steward He bowed, then said, “Young Master, I’ll take my leave first.”

Young Master nodded, then raised his hand and pointed at the room, “If you don’t mind, please come in and have a seat.” KtyNkX

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Yan Tianhen, then held his hand and entered the room.

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The room was decorated quite simply, but from all the different kinds of magic tools that were placed atop its tables and hung from the walls, you could easily tell how particular and detailed the owner of this room was.

Lin Xuanzhi pulled Yan Tianhen over to sit down by a round driftwood table.

“This is?” Young master asked as he looked at Yan Tianhen. kzrLX8

“My younger brother, Yan Tianhen.” Lin Xuanzhi introduced simply.

“A handsome boy indeed.” Young Master smiled as he nodded.

Yan Tianhen rubbed his face, then said with a dumbfounded look on his face, “You actually praised me for being handsome!”

Young Master was stunned. P0aw5k

Yan Tianhen felt very moved as he said, “Dage, I’ve finally met someone who’s as blind as Dad. He’s the second person in this world to praise me for being handsome!!!”

Lin Xuanzhi, “.”

Lin Xuanzhi lightly coughed, then said, “Jiadi is still young and insensible, I hope young master won’t take his words to heart.”

This rascal is getting worse and worse at knowing what to say, I’ll need to start disciplining him. L71D j

But Young Master placed his fist on his lips and started chuckling instead, then said, “Your brother is really cheerful and innocent. He’s such a cute, straightforward boy.”

Lin Xuanzhi revealed a rare look of embarra.s.sment on his face and said, “Young Master must be joking.”

Young Master had placed quite a few exquisite snacks on the table for Yan Tianhen to eat. Whatever Young Master takes out will naturally be the best of its kind, so the moment Yan Tianhen popped one of the snacks into his mouth he was immediately hooked. Thus, he began to focus on attacking the plate of delicacies.

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After a friendly start to their conversation, Young Master dove straight to the point and straightforwardly said, “I definitely want that wine bottle of yours, quote me a price ba.” fiscJa

Lin Xuanzhi smiled slightly, then said, “Young Master is a straightforward person, but I will only rent this wine bottle out. I don’t intend to sell it.”

Young Master’s eyes narrowed slightly, then said, “It’s a top-grade magic tool after all, so I can understand why you wouldn’t want to sell it.”

In this world, top-grade magic tools are extremely rare. You could say that they were a one-in-million rarity. Most craftsmen won’t even be able to craft one top-grade magic tool during their lifetime.

The value of top-grade magic tools was evidently already very close to that of high-grade magic treasures. oyKSGq

Thus, only renting out but not selling top-grade magic tools was a very common practice.

However, Lin Xuanzhi isn’t holding back from selling it because of its preciousness.

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“What’s the rental fee you intend to charge, I’m curious.” Young Master said.

“What I want to charge for this magic tool isn’t money, but I would like to offer it in exchange for another equipment.” Lin Xuanzhi said. oJDSCf

“O?” Young Master raised his eyebrows and said, “Let me guess what caught your eye..”

He thought for a short moment, then said, “It should be that forged engraving pen below ba?”

“Young Master does have incredible foresight as expected.” Lin Xuanzhi nodded, then said, “I am indeed talking about that forged engraving pen.”

“You’re really good at doing business aren’t you.” Young Master laughed a bit helplessly, then said, “That forged engraving pen is the only top-grade magic tool I left on the first floor, I didn’t expect that you would set your eyes on it so quickly. If you wanted to buy it with money, I probably wouldn’t sell it even if you offered me an amount that was ten times this wine bottle’s price.” tMu2AL

“You won’t even sell it for ten of these?” Yan Tianhen raised his voice immediately. There were still some pastries in his mouth so he had almost choked on them.

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“Young Master, don’t you have a pretty good eye? You could even tell that I’m particularly handsome, so why can’t you tell that the items crafted by my Dage would definitely be the best of the best!” Yan Tianhen feared that someone would think that an item made by Lin Xuanzhi wasn’t good enough.

“I’m not saying that it isn’t the best of the best, but, a top-grade forged engraving pen is much rarer than a top-grade wine bottle.” Young Master smiled as he explained patiently.

Lin Xuanzhi knocked on Yan Tianhen’s head, then said, “Although the wine bottle and forged engraving pen are both top-grade magic tools, even top-grade magic tools have their own distinctions. The raw materials for a wine bottle are cheap and easy to find, but that forged engraving pen’s raw material isn’t anything ordinary. Just its unprocessed raw material alone is a priceless treasure. It’s not that Young Master doesn’t have good judgment, but it’s really because there’s a huge discrepancy between the value of these two items.” SM2pAH

Yan Tianhen stuck his tongue out, then grimaced and lowered his head to continue eating his pastries.

However, the Young Master was quite surprised. He said, “Based on what you said, it seems like you already know what that forged engraving pen is made of?”

“A divine firminia simplex that had been burnt for a whole ten thousand years by an extraterrestrial fire.” Lin Xuanzhi smiled, then said, “Which is why I changed my plan from selling the wine bottle, to using it as an exchange for the forged engraving pen.”

With this, the Young Master had evidently been shocked speechless. ga6J1e

However, he didn’t continue to ask why Lin Xuanzhi knew all that. He only needed to know that Lin Xuanzhi was an unfathomable person, and that would be enough for him.

Young Master was still hesitant, so he slightly furrowed his brows and said, “To tell you the truth, I had never intended to sell that pen.”

“I’m not asking you to sell it to me now, but to exchange it with me. If there ever comes a day when Young Master no longer wishes to continue with the exchange, then we can just switch back our items immediately.” Lin Xuanzhi said slowly, “Also, I won’t let the Young Master suffer too great a loss. You probably already know that I’ve started cultivating through the equipment path, and would definitely have to walk the path of the craftsman from today onwards. I can guarantee that in the future, we will have many opportunities to have dealings with one another.”

“Right, you’ve already turned into a craftsman. If it wasn’t because I sensed that the Qi within this magic tool is similar to the one in your body, I wouldn’t have thought of that possibility at all.” 5uyr3S

The Young Master’s fingers that were as white as scallions rubbed the low-cla.s.s-looking wine bottle, pondered for a bit, then said, “Alright. After all, that forged engraving pen only serves to be a decoration as the most treasured piece in my collection if I leave it in my shop. Let’s do the exchange today, and I’ll consider it as acc.u.mulating good karma ba.”

Soul Bead cried out excitedly, and he was so happy that he almost fainted.

An indescribable feeling arose in Lin Xuanzhi’s heart.

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In this life, he had so easily obtained this forged engraving pen that would have otherwise fallen into the hands of that person. q0aZsm

But, he didn’t know that if that person could still become this world’s strongest craftsman without this amazing forged engraving pen that can even turn a rotten item into something magical.

Lin Xuanzhi remembered that fierce and gorgeous face of his and couldn’t help but clench his fist tightly; his fingernails dug deep into the flesh of his palm which left deep, half-moon indents.

After they took the divine firminia simplex forged engraving pen, Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen left Hidden Tools Pavillion from its backdoor.

Top-grade magic tools are so rare that even if one appeared at the foot of Profound Sky Sect, it would cause a huge sensation. IjgJNL

The Lin Xuanzhi who had great foresight chose to bypa.s.s the crowd as he didn’t want to be surrounded.

On the other hand, Hidden Tools Pavillion’s front door was not as lucky. Chief Steward He painstakingly tried to disperse the crowd as he explained to them that the top-grade magic tool had already been sold to someone for their private collection and was no longer within Hidden Tools Pavillion. Therefore, it could not be made public for the time being to let everyone feast their eyes upon it.

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After Lin Xuanzhi left, Young Master personally summoned the waiter Xiao Lou.

Young Master sized up Xiao Lou, then said, “I’ve never seen you before, are you new?” ulKbop

Xiao Lou said apprehensively, “I’ve been here for awhile, but my sales performance and judgments aren’t too good, so it’s understandable for Young Master to not know of me.”

Young Master looked into his pure eyes and said, “I heard that you’re Chief Steward He’s relative?”

Xiao Lou couldn’t really understand what Young Master was thinking, and he was afraid of implicating Chief Steward He so he quickly explained, “II actually do have some skills, Uncle He didn’t open the back door specially for me”

When Young Master heard this, he knew that the kid’s thoughts had gone in the wrong direction. But, when he saw this nervous appearance of his, Young Master thought it seemed a bit interesting. QdzNAx

Youing Master couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Do I look that scary?”

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Xiao Lou closed his mouth and immediately shook his head.

Young Master said, “It’s okay, I don’t have the intention to pursue anything, I just wanted to see you. I exchanged another ware for that wine bottle, so its cost should be temporarily reported as a million gold ba. Go and let Chief Steward He know and ask him to record it under your name.”

“a million gold?” Xiao Lou was instantly stunned by this earth-shattering amount. 39CuOn

He started using his fingers to count as if he was in a trance a million gold, then just based on commission, he would be able to earn 10 000 gold!

10 000 gold!!

Oh G.o.d, just use the gold to smash him to death ba!!

When Young Master saw him like this, he said with a laugh, “From tomorrow onwards, you will report to me every half a month. I’ll teach you some methods to identify magic tools.” XAH3VT

Xiao Lou immediately snapped out of his trance, and after he digested the meaning behind Young Master’s words, he was immediately stunned yet again.

Young Master wants to personally give him pointers?

Xiao Lou was extremely surprised. He couldn’t believe that such a huge meat pie would fall from the sky and smash his head like this!

“What, you’re not willing?” 6coqP

“Nonono of course I’m willing, I’m too willing!” Xiao Lou’s eyes were gleaming brightly and his fervent gaze looked like it wanted to bore a hole straight through the Young Master.

Young Master thought that he probably wouldn’t be able to snap out of his trance for awhile, so he said, “You can go back first. Tell Chief Steward He what I told you just now, he’ll know what to do.”

Xiao Lou left in a daze, then continued s.p.a.cing out as he walked to the door and grabbed Chief Steward He’s sleeve.

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When Chief Steward He saw Xiao Lou, he looked appeased as he said, “Looks like you’ve finally gained a foothold in this place.” iMUFEP

Xiao Lou excitedly nodded and couldn’t say anything in return.

A few gold-plate salesman gathered and looked at Xiao Lou with envious eyes.

Fang Yu pulled a long face and said, “How much was that thing sold for?”

Xiao Lou lifted one shaky finger. KkJtzE

Fang Yu had a number in his mind and rolled his eyes, “100 000 gold, what’s so good about that.”

“What 100 000 it’s 1 000 000 gold!” Xiao Lou rolled his eyes at Fang Yu, then laughed and skipped about as he said, “I’m rich I’m rich!”

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“It was actually sold for a million gold?”

“Fang Yu, I’m afraid your sales for an entire year can’t match up to that ba?” BQ9EtW

“Yeah, Xiao Lou is really amazing. You’ve been in this business for three years without much fanfare, yet you managed to achieve such a brilliant feat in just one day!”

“Fang Yu, look at those clients of yours. Their clothes are all so bright and glamorous, but they actually can’t engage in such big deals right?”

“I knew Xiao Lou wasn’t an ordinary person the moment I saw him.”

Fang Yu heard these people step all over him while they flattered Xiao Lou and felt extremely vexed. In the past, didn’t these people do the same by stepping on others while they flattered him? IuMNgm

Fang Yu said sourly, “Didn’t he just make one big deal, even a blind mouse can find a dead rat. Who would’ve thought that someone as down and out as Lin Xuanzhi would have such a good item in his hands? But he won’t be this lucky next time”

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“You’re right.” Xiao Lou even nodded specifically in approval, then grinned and said, “But, that’s not the only thing I’m happy about.”

“There’s something else that you’re even happier about?”

“What is it? Say it say it!” OX9i4q

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