Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 82

Chapter 82 Long Term Partnership

Xiao Lou’s eyes were shining brightly as he said jubilantly to Chief Steward He, “Chief Steward He, I got to meet Young Master and he even asked me to look for him on the first and fifthteenth of every month so that he can teach me the ropes of the business!”

Chief Steward He was so shocked he almost jumped. He grabbed Xiao Lou and asked excitedly, “Really? He really said that??” dWHOGq

Xiao Lou said, “Of course he did! He even told me that as long as I told you about it, you would know what to do.”

Chief Steward He couldn’t restrain the emotions that were boiling within him right now. He sucked in a breath of air and looked at Xiao Lou with an indescribable look, then said, “Do you know Young Master meant that he was going to accept you as his disciple?”

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Xiao Lou was stunned. He stared at Chief Steward He in disbelief.

“Howhow’s that possible?” Xiao Lou had evidently never linked Young Master’s words to his intention of wanting to take him in as a disciple. He was at a bit of a loss as he stuttered, “I, I can’t really believe it. Thisthis can’t be real.” YxBfj7

Chief Steward He patted Xiao Lou’s shoulder a few times and said, “Good, good, good! You really are a child I can be proud of. If your mother knows about this, she’ll definitely be thrilled! Hurry and make the necessary preparations, tomorrow you’ll formally complete the apprenticeship ceremony. From then onwards, you’ll officially be our Young Master’s disciple!”

Xiao Lou felt like he was floating on clouds, and he was so dizzy he could barely stand still.

This huuuge meat pie had actually fallen down from the sky and smashed right onto his head!

Hahaha, this is really excellent news! If mother knows about this, she’ll definitely be so happy that she’ll be make a full recovery straight away! O1pFLq

Fang Yu felt like he had just been struck by lightning. His stared with his mouth agape at the guy that he had always looked down upon, and couldn’t help but go crazy with envy he’s obviously an idiot who got in through the back door who’s utterly ignorant about sales techniques, but because he was lucky enough to into a top-grade magic tool, he managed to gain the favour of the Young Master just like that?

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His gaze fell upon the Chief Steward He who was bursting with happiness as he touched his beard.

A thought flashed through his mind it must have been Chief Steward He who had helped this b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

He won’t accept this! His heart was filled with resentment! pB UJw

However, no matter how angry he was and how much he gritted his teeth with hatred, he couldn’t change Young Master’s decision to accept Xiao Lou as a disciple.

Lin Xuanzhi held the reins of the Chasing Sun horse and came to Gentlemen’s Approach Inn.

Gentlemen’s Approach Inn was the cla.s.siest inn within Profound city; even an ordinary room would cost 100 gold per night, let alone a heaven-level room.

Lin Xuanzhi had shy pockets, but he wasn’t the least bit worried that he wouldn’t be able to afford a room. x8IYOK

“We have four types of room heaven, profound, earth and primary, which room would you want?” A waiter asked.

Lin Xuanzhi said, “There should have been a young master with the surname Duan who came by with two white tigers.”

The waiter immediately revealed a smiling face and said, “Ah, so you’re that distinguished customer’s friend! He has already booked a room for the two of you our Heaven One guestroom. Please follow me.”

Yan Tianhen was shocked. When they followed the waiter upstairs, he couldn’t help but ask Lin Xuanzhi in a soft voice, “Dage, I’ve heard that a Heaven room costs at least 2000 gold per night. This Heaven One room should be even more expensive right?” uEclCt

When the waiter heard this, he immediately turned around and said, “That’s right, our Heaven One is the most expensive room here. Aside from a hall, it also has three guest rooms included in its huge set. Staying there costs 3000 gold per day.”

“3000 gold?!” Yan Tianhen’s mouth was agape. His Adam’s apple arduously bobbed up and down, then he looked at Lin Xuanzhi and said, “Dage, this can’t be the kind of inn that kills and robs its guests, can it?”

The waiter almost slipped and fell.

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Lin Xuanzhi couldn’t help but laugh and said, “This price might be outrageously exorbitant, but there are reasons for it.” KIsZcz

“What reasons?” Yan Tianhen asked.

“This should be little young master’s first time in Profound city right?” The waiter’s att.i.tude was still pretty good.

“That’s right.” Yan Tianhen nodded, then he looked at the eternal flames around him.

“Then it’s no wonder that little young master doesn’t know that our Heaven One room has something special about it.” The waiter said proudly, “Why did Profound Sky Sect choose to situate itself in Profound city? Isn’t it because Profound city is the place with the most concentrated spiritual Qi within the entire East Continent? And our Gentlemen’s Approach Inn is coincidentally located right on top of Profound city leyline’s dragon tail, so our Gentlemen’s Approach Inn prices are naturally much higher than other ordinary inns. And this Heaven One room is even more special. It is located right at the tip of our leyline’s dragon tail, so one day of cultivation in that room is equivalent to cultivating ten to fourteen days at other places!” OTREvS

“It’s that amazing?!” Yan Tianhen’s eyes widened in surprise, then said, “Then if someone lives here for a year or two, wouldn’t they directly break through to the Primary Stage?!”

“Hei, that may not necessarily happen.” The waiter said proudly.

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Lin Xuanzhi did smile though, and said, “If it was that G.o.dly, then the inn’s boss would have achieved immortality a long time ago.”

The waiter awkwardly rubbed his head, then laughed, “We’re just much better off than other places that lack spiritual Qi. Lin young master was from Profound Sky Sect, and any random place in your sect has a much thicker concentration of spiritual Qi than our Heaven One, so naturally we can’t match up.” 2fdlJ0

Yan Tianhen looked at Lin Xuanzhi and said, “Dage, I didn’t think that you would be this famous. I realised that in this city, almost everyone seems to know who you are.”

Lin Xuanzhi smiled lightly and said, “It’s probably because I look quite handsome?”

“That’s very likely.” Yan Tianhen nodded, then touched his face and said, “If that’s the case, then when I come here again next time a lot of people will know who I am too. After all, the Hidden Tools Pavillion’s young master had praised me for being handsome.”

Lin Xuanzhi thought the same as he nodded and said, “That’s right.” oMJlPc

The poor waiter almost fell onto the floor.

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This Lin Xuanzhiis very different from what he had imagined him to be!

And this ugly idiot who has a face covered in so many scars that you can’t even tell what he looks likedoes he have no self-awareness at all??

He apprehensively sent these two great G.o.ds to the entrance of the Heaven One room, then swiftly ran away. cXQYKB

When the door opened, Ah Bai and Hu Po barked anxiously and rushed towards Yan Tianhen.

Ah Bai pounced into Yan Tianhen’s embrace and started to call out in ao ao aos. It sounded like it was complaining, but also like it was trying to act cute.

Yan Tianhen hugged Ah Bai in confusion and kissed its head, then said, “What’s wrong?”

Duan Yuyang’s clothes were in a disorderly mess and his hair was so messy that he looked like he had just been brutally ravaged. He walked out of the room with a long face, then shouted, “These two loyal cubs of yours thought that I bought them because they hadn’t seen you guys for awhile, so they tried their best to cause trouble for me. Luckily for you, honourable me has a good temper and didn’t get even with them, or else you might just be looking at two pots of tiger stew right now!” wXFKlQ

Ah Bai, “Ao ao ao!”

Hu Po crouched down and let out low, warning growls at Duan Yuyang.

Duan Yuyang rolled his eyes and said, “I’m too lazy to get even with you two cubs.”

Yan Tianhen grinned as he placed Ah Bai on the floor, then took a look around the room and happily jumped onto a soft-looking cushion. Ah Bai wagged his tail as he followed behind Yan Tianhen and ran around the whole room. b6XM A

Duan Yuyang rubbed his temples and asked Lin Xuanzhi, “How much did you guys sell it for?”

Yan Tianhen excitedly shouted, “We didn’t sell it for money! Lalala we didn’t sell it for money~!”

“What did you say?” Duan Yuyang was shocked, then looked towards Lin Xuanzhi for confirmation.

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Lin Xuanzhi said, “We didn’t sell it for money.” AjkdpQ

“f.u.c.k!” Duan Yuyang almost jumped up, then said, “Then why the h.e.l.l are you so happy?! I say Lin Xuanzhi, don’t tell me you were duped by someone?”

“Well, no. I exchanged it for something else.” Lin Xuanzhi took out the divine firminia simplex forged engraving pen and pa.s.sed it to Duan Yuyang, then said, “We exchanged one item for the other, but the items still belong to their respective owners.”

“Are you a f.u.c.king.” Duan Yuyang touched the forged engraving pen and swallowed back the word “idiot”, then scrutinised it carefully for awhile.

Duan Yuyang shot Lin Xuanzhi a profound look and said, “you profiteer.” 05X4TC

Lin Xuanzhi smiled, then said, “How could you call me a profiteer with just that pen, I had obtained some other stuff from the young master too.”

“What else?” Duan Yuyang’s eyes lit up.

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“Forged stones.” Lin Xuanzhi said, “And the opportunity to engage in a long-term partnership with them.”

“Nonsense. With how amazing you are, they’re the ones who have more to gain from a partnership with you.” Duan Yuyang blinked and asked, “How many forged stones did they give you?” BtNTOE

Lin Xuanzhi stretched out one finger and wiggled it.

“A hundred?” Duan Yuyang said, “What grade?”

“Mid-grade.” Lin Xuanzhi said.

Duan Yuyang thought for a bit, then said, “That’s not too bad. A hundred mid-grade forged stones already cost about 1000 gold.” nxg5CI

“Every month.” Lin Xuanzhi added.

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Duan Yuyang gulped, then looked at the Yan Tianhen who was surrounded by the two tiger cubs and asked in a soft voice, “So you plan on coming back?”

Lin Xuanzhi said, “That’s right.”

Duan Yuyang felt a bit conflicted as he said, “I thought you would never return to Profound Sky Sect.” Rbd5fE

After all, Lin Xuanzhi was abandoned by Profound Sky Sect.

And with Lin Xuanzhi’s pride, he definitely wouldn’t return to a place that had humiliated him so much.

Little did he expect Lin Xuanzhi to make such a surprising choice.

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Yan Tianhen with a warm and gentle gaze. WBKTyI

He lightly said, “Ah Hen needs a master, and Profound Sky Sect is the most suitable place for him.”

“Can’t you be his master?” Duan Yuyang said, “Even though you can no longer cultivate the elemental path, you are more than qualified to guide Tianhen.”

“Only a great teacher can produce a great student. My Dad couldn’t be hard on him and neither can I, so I can’t teach him.” Lin Xuanzhi shook his head and said, “I will only hold Ah Hen back. I can’t harm him.”

Duan Yuyang looked at Lin Xuanzhi and nodded empathetically, “I can tell. You used to treat him like he wasn’t human, but now you treat everyone else aside from him like they aren’t human.” MoQ2IX

Lin Xuanzhi, “.”

Duan Yuyang said, “This change of yours is truly a bit terrifying.”

Lin Xuanzhi smiled, then continued to ask, “When will you be meeting Yuan Tianwen’s Dad?”

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The light in Duan Yuyang’s eyes dimmed. He shrugged indifferently and said, “There’s no point in meeting him. They’re happily enjoying their family reunion right now, so how does that concern me? I only came here to get some fresh air, I didn’t really think about going to meet Uncle Su.” cCOaAS

Lin Xuanzhi said, “But, are you willing to hand him over on a silver platter just like that?”

Duan Yuyang put on a carefree smile and said, “Since he’s not interested in me and had rejected me twice, there’s no need for me to go invite humiliation for myself again lest they look down on me even more.”

He has his pride. In the past, the sight of Yuan Tianwen and Han Yuran together had irritated Duan Yuyang to no end. But after a few days of sightseeing, the gloominess he felt had dispersed quite a bit.

Duan Yuyang was originally an easygoing and carefree person anyway, he wouldn’t let himself get trapped in a corner. LCJjI3

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, then said, “That’s fine too. There’s something wrong with Yuan Tianwen’s eyes.”

Duan Yuyang let out a haha, then said, “There’s probably something wrong with his brain too, I can’t believe he actually took a fancy to a hypocrite like Han Yuran. Looks like you’re the one with better judgment. You not only kicked that hypocritical Han Yuran to the curb, but even managed to find a child bride for yourself.”

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“Child bride?” Lin Xuanzhi was stunned, then couldn’t help but laugh, “He’s my Didi.”

“Doesn’t look like it.” Duan Yuyang shook his head resolutely. tkMeiW

“Then keep looking.” Lin Xuanzhi said.

Duan Yuyang observed the way Lin Xuanzhi looked at Yan Tianhen again, then couldn’t help but click his tongue in his heart: who the h.e.l.l would look at their own younger brother with that kind of doting gaze?

Just take that younger brother of his as an example. Whenever he saw that rascal, he would suffer from an uncontrollable impulse to hit him.

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