Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 86

Chapter 86 Su Mo's Arrival

“You d.a.m.n b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!” Lin Xuanzhi shouted angrily and threw out a forged stone with all his might. A few m.u.f.fled “pu pu pu pu” sounds could be heard, and the two knife-wielding thugs who were preparing to chop off Yan Tianhen’s head had their throats pierced straight through.

Two crashes sounded, and the two thugs fell to the floor on their backs. TdDJUz

Forged stones that are controlled with one’s soul force are no less lethal than hidden weapons controlled with Qi.

Lin Xuanzhi couldn’t be bothered to look at them. He immediately rushed over to the Yan Tianhen who was lying on the ground and turned him over, then anxiously asked, “Ah Hen how are you? Are you hurt?”

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Yan Tianhen held his waist and uttered two ‘aiyo’s, then grabbed Lin Xuanzhi’s hand and said, “Dage, go and save Yuyang Ge! We’ve entered an unscrupulous shop, this inn’s boss will kill people over just one disagreement!”

Lin Xuanzhi’s face changed, then shouted, “Ah Bai, Hu Po!” C1qzKg

The two white tigers were already barking as they pounced over one of them licked Yan Tianhen’s face while the other stepped all over his stomach.

After Lin Xuanzhi saw that Yan Tianhen was under the protection of these two tiger cubs, he carried him into the room and laid him down on the bed before he turned around and ran downstairs.

Duan Yuyang had already blown up most of the inn. He scurried about the inn as he bombed it while shouting “they’re murderers, murderers!! Shameless b.a.s.t.a.r.ds who bully the weak with their numbers!” and other such insults.

A crowd had gathered outside the inn to watch the show as they gesticulated at the inn. 7edYhH

The boss was almost angered to death. After he was almost killed by a thunderball, he stood in the middle of the room and squinted his eyes that were filled with a thick murderous intent. He used both his hands to form a magic seal.

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“What are you guys doing?” A cold voice travelled over from the entrance, and the hands that were in the middle of forming a seal immediately ceased its actions.

Su Mo walked into the room filled with smoke. His brows were furrowed and he looked very displeased.

The inn’s boss immediately said in a respectful manner, “Madam, these people are causing trouble here. I was just about to deal with them.” gtPqHX

“Deal with your f.u.c.king uncle! Your shop is the one that’s bullying its customers! You didn’t do your job properly after taking our money and now you’re even trying to silence us through murder!!” Duan Yuyang angrily pointed at the boss as he roared, then continued, “So your so-called backer was the Yuan family? Uncle Ah Mo, I can’t believe the servant your family reared would be like this!”

The moment Su Mo saw how Duan Yuyang was trembling with anger, he immediately flew into a fit of fury as well and turned around to say to Yuan Tianwen, “Yuan Tianwen, I handed this shop over to you ten years ago, you better handle this well!”

The Yuan Tianwen who was following behind Su Mo immediately put on a cold look on his face, then walked forward and said to Yuan Dacheng, “Who allowed you to bully our guests under the Yuan family’s name?”

When Yuan Dacheng heard this kid call his master’s wife as “Uncle Ah Mo”, he knew that these two must be acquaintances. Y0r9Ku

Yuan Dacheng immediately softened his att.i.tude and bowed, “Young master, there must be some sort of misunderstanding between us, there must be.”

“Misunderstanding? Pei!” Duan Yuyang jumped down from the table and wiped off the dust that had scattered onto his face because of the thunderball, then said angrily, “We were almost poisoned in their inn under broad daylight, and when I came here to reason with him, he actually shirked all responsibility and even tried to kill us. I’ve finally seen the true colours of Profound city’s Yuan family now!”

“Something like that happened?” Yuan Tianwen’s eyebrows immediately furrowed. His expression turned gloomy as he said, “Recount the entire incident to me, clearly.”

Su Mo’s cold eyes swept over the few thugs whose faces were covered in ash, then said, “What a disgrace. And I was wondering why our inn’s business has been on the decline for the past few years. If I hadn’t come here to take a look for myself, I wouldn’t have known that not only did you raise this bunch of outdated thugs, but they had even dared to lay a hand on our guests!” ZKPkdl

“From what I can see, I’m afraid that the boss here was instructed to do so by someone else ba.” Lin Xuanzhi slowly walked down, then when he was only a few steps away from Su Mo, he stopped. He bowed and said, “Senior Su.”

When Su Mo’s line of sight fell upon Lin Xuanzhi, a slight twinkle could be seen in his eyes, “Lin Xuanzhi, how’s your younger brother doing?”

Lin Xuanzhi was slightly stunned. A trace of doubt flashed through his eyes as he said, “They had kicked Jiadi so his internal Qi is in a mess right now. His current condition isn’t too good.”

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Su Mo said to Yuan Tianwen, “Go upstairs and take a look.” nYRLub

“Dad, I.”

“I’ll handle the situation here.” Su Mo frowned unhappily.

Yuan Tianwen didn’t dare to interrupt his dad’s display of power, so he notified Han Yuran before he made his way upstairs.

Lin Xuanzhi said, “Thank you very much, senior.” A9YqOx

“No need.” Su Mo said, “I’m sorry for letting everyone see our inn make a fool of ourselves today, the Yuan family is willing to take full responsibility for this mess. To all our esteemed guests, your accommodation charges at our inn will be waived for today. In addition, your dinners tonight will be provided free-of-charge, so I hope everyone will pardon us for our unsatisfactory service.”

As he spoke, Su Mo faced the crowd and cupped his hands together. His att.i.tude was neither haughty nor humble, yet it still seemed naturally sincere. Su Mo’s innate poise had shone through in his actions.

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The Yuan family was Profound city’s most influential family, and the top family in the East Continent. The person in front of them now wields a lot of power in the current Yuan family, and most of the cultivators present are locals or pa.s.sers-by who visited this place frequently, so how could they not know how amazing Su Mo is?

Thus, they immediately returned his courtesy one after another and said, “No no, a sly slave causes misunderstandings for his master, so how could we blame the Yuan family for this?” 1N04lT

“Much thanks to Su Xianshi for your generosity.”

Su Mo returned their courtesy in succession, and had managed to settle the disturbance here for now.

“Uncle Ah Mo.” Duan Yuyang jumped down and walked over to Su Mo, then narrowed his eyes and said, “I suspect someone instigated these guys to not only kill us, but to also push the blame onto the Yuan family. You must investigate him thoroughly!”

Su Mo raised his hand and patted Duan Yuyang’s shoulder, then said, “Yuyang need not get angry, I naturally wouldn’t let this sly slave off.” B13XE9

As he spoke, Su Mo narrowed his eyes with a dangerous look on his face and said, “Guards, detain him. I want to interrogate him properly.”

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Yuan Dacheng was stunned, then immediately knelt down and said, “Madam, how could I join hands with outsiders? I don’t know anything!”

Su Mo waved his hand in annoyance, then the servants who were clad in full-body armour behind him immediately walked forward and dragged Yuan Dacheng away.

Duan Yuyang felt extremely relieved. After he uttered a hng, he smiled happily at Su Mo and said, “Uncle Ah Mo, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you and yet I still think you’re the most handsome person I know.” NmLXS7

“You have such a sweet mouth.” Su Mo’s face softened. He smiled as he pinched Duan Yuyang’s face and feigned anger as he said, “But why do I feel like you aren’t willing to see me?”

Duan Yuyang chuckled with a hehe, then touched his face and said, “How could that be? I just feel too ashamed to go see you.”

Su Mo said, “That rascal Yuan Tianwen should be the one who’s too ashamed to face you.”

Han Yuran walked forward and said, “Uncle Mo, I’ll go up to find Tianwen Ge.” N0patc

Su Mo nodded and said, “Go ahead.”

After Han Yuran left, Duan Yuyang asked, “Does Uncle Ah Mo already know about them?”

Su Mo said, “We’ve already met.”

Duan Yuyang looked at Han Yuran’s receding figure, then said with a hint of sorrow in his voice, “Looks like they’re about to become a Dao couple then.” o210Ky

“The date has been set in March of the following year. Before March, Tianwen has to complete a mission that was a.s.signed to him by his sect to toughen him up, so he doesn’t have time.” Su Mo said.

“O.” Duan Yuyang blinked, then said, “Congratulations to them then.”

Su Mo looked at Duan Yuyang and said, “Yuyang, our Yuan family has let you down.”

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Duan Yuyang shrugged and smiled, “Please don’t say that Uncle Ah Mo. Matters of the heart require both parties to be willing. The fact that he doesn’t like me isn’t something I can blame other people for.” 9L6yIZ

Su Mo looked at Duan Yuyang, then said, “Yuyang, tell me the truth. What was the reason for your second visit?”

Duan Yuyang was secretly stunned, but it didn’t show on his face. Instead, he smiled cheerfully as he said, “Aiya, that was because after our family’s second elder found out that I was rejected once, he thought that it was a disgrace and forced me to make the second trip to save our face. But he didn’t expect that he would be rejected once again. Until today, our family’s second elder is still regretting the decision he made that day.”

Duan Yuyang looked bitterly helpless as he said, “Can’t help it, when people grow old their way of thinking becomes different from the rest.”

Having said that, since Duan Yuyang didn’t want to divulge the truth, Su Mo didn’t force him to say anything more. Jk4T7j

Su Mo said, “Let’s go upstairs to take a look.”

Upstairs, Yan Tianhen’s internal Qi was in a mess.

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Yuan Tianwen drove his own Qi into Yan Tianhen, but it wasn’t very effective.

Su Mo walked over and said, “Move aside, I’ll do it.” qH7RM4

Yuan Tianwen thus walked to one side.

Su Mo casted a glance at Yuan Tianwen and the others, then said, “Aside from Xuanzhi, the rest of you have to wait outside.

Yuan Tianwen pulled Han Yuran over, casted a glance at Duan Yuyang, then resolutely left the room first.

Duan Yuyang completely ignored Yuan Tianwen before he also left the room and closed the doors. 8FzPaW

Su Mo stretched his right palm out and pressed it down on Yan Tianhen’s back. A continuous stream of majestic Qi that wasn’t the least bit offensive in nature gently trickled into Yan Tianhen’s body.

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A moment later, Yan Tianhen spat out a mouthful of blood and finally began to regain consciousness.

“Dage.” The moment Yan Tianhen opened his mouth to speak, he wanted to look for Lin Xuanzhi.

Lin Xuanzhi sat in front of Yan Tianhen to wipe his mouth for him, then said as his heart ached, “How does Ah Hen feel?” sP fI9

Yan Tianhen rubbed his stomach and said, “I feel quite comfortable now, it doesn’t hurt anymore.

Su Mo looked at Lin Xuanzhi and said, “Lin Xianzhi, Ah Hen has a special physique, so try your best to not let him get hurt again.”

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Su Mo, then nodded and said, “Senior, there are some questions I would like to ask you. May I know when would be a convenient time for you?”

Su Mo lightly said, “The time has not yet come. I can’t answer the questions you want to ask.” kGp6IF

“Then when would the time come?”

“We’ll talk again when you become the top cultivator in the Five Continents ba.” Su Mo smiled slightly.

Lin Xuanzhi suddenly recalled that before Yan Tianhen died in his past life, the Yuan family had already been mysteriously ma.s.sacred. Only Yuan Tianwen was not implicated as he was in Profound Sky Sect.

The Yuan Zheng and Su Mo couple both lost their lives, and rumours has it that they were thoroughly tortured before they died. 8hnd5e

Lin Xuanzhi shuddered.

When Su Mo asked about Yan Tianhen’s situation, Lin Xuanzhi already had a feeling that Su Mo knew about Yan Tianhen, but that didn’t make sense to him.

In addition to Su Mo’s current att.i.tude and how he had said “the top cultivator in the Five Continents”

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Lin Xuanzhi had a vague premonition that the ma.s.sacre of the Yuan family in his past life has an undeniable link with Yan Tianhen’s origins. Or else, Su Mo wouldn’t be this cautious. dSNprn

Lin Xuanzhi suppressed the urge to immediately resolve the mysteries that surround Yan Tianhen and said to Su Mo, “Then I’ll wait for that day to come. Senior Su should also be wary of being targeted by unlawful people.”

Su Mo shot Lin Xuanzhi an unfathomable look.

Lin Xuanzhi returned his gaze calmly.

Su Mo nodded and said, “Unless I am forced to as a last resort, I will not repeat your Dad’s mistake.” 0a8V1L

Su Mo’s words made Lin Xuanzhi clench his fist tightly. He stared at Su Mo and said, “Senior, do you know who killed my Dad?”

Su Mo shook his head and said, “There are really too many people who want to kill your Dad. But, your Dad may not actually be dead.”

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“What did you say?” Lin Xuanzhi was immediately stunned.

He had clearly seen with his own eyes how his Dad’s soul and corpse had been crushed into pieces! dLc0Ua

“I said ‘may’, don’t carry too much hope.” Su Mo said, “Xuanzhi, do you know how big this world is?”

Lin Xuanzhi said, “Beyond the Five Continents, there are other mainlands.”

Su Mo nodded and said, “The Five Continents is merely a corner of the Nine Lands. Beyond the Five Continents is what the Nine Lands truly look like, and there are many Dao methods, sword techniques, medicinal pills and magic tools there that you would have never seen before. Your Dad had travelled all over the Nine Lands many years ago, what he has seen and experienced is definitely beyond your imagination. So, I don’t believe that he would die that easily.”

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