Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 87

Chapter 87 Seven Stars Murderous Array

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Lin Xuanzhi’s heart surged with uncontrollable excitement while Yan Tianhen’s eyes instantly turned bloodshot and seemed to be on the verge of crying.

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“If Daddy was still alive, then that would really be great.” Yan Tianhen said as he wiped his eyes, “I miss Daddy so much”


Lin Xuanzhi hugged Yan Tianhen and said to Su Mo, “Many thanks to Senior for telling us about this.”

Even though it was just a guess, at least they had something to look forward to now.


Also, whenever Su Mo spoke, it always seemed like he was concealing half the truth. There was a chance that he knewof some secret art that could help Lin Zhan escape or feign his death, but due to certain reasons, he could not speak of it right now.

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Lin Xuanzhi’s heart was full of joy. This trip of his was really worth it, it was extremely worth it!


At this moment, Yuan Tianwen knocked the door and walked in.

His face was a white as a sheet as he said to Su Mo, “Dad, someone just sent us a message: Yuan Dacheng was killed on the road.”


“How did he die?” Su Mo’s expression changed slightly as he asked.

Yuan Tianwen moved out of the way. One of his subordinates said ashamedly, “Someone directly went head to head with us and hit him with one stream of Qi which took his life.”


“With just one stream of Qi?!” Su Mo’s face was filled with astonishment.

He need not ask if they had caught the murderer anymore. Someone who could kill with just one stream of Qi is definitely at least an earth-level realm expert. Looks like he had let his guard down too much.

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Su Mo looked at Lin Xuanzhi, narrowed his eyes, and said, “Nephew Xuanzhi, looks like you have indeed offended a very strong person.”

Lin Xuanzhi was also shocked. He had thought that this incident was at most linked to Du Qiying, but to be able to kill someone who was in the hands of Su Mo’s men so easily this was definitely not something that someone of Du Qiying’s level could do.


Lin Xuanzhi said, “Looks like we can’t stay in Profound city any longer.”

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Su Mo nodded, “What about this, I’ll immediately dispatch some men to escort you guys back.”


Lin Xuanzhi looked at Su Mo, “Then I’ll have to trouble Senior Su.”

Su Mo said to Yuan Tianwen, “Escort them back personally.”


Han Yuran pulled on Yuan Tianwen’s hand and said, “Tianwen Ge will be bringing me up the mountains in the next few days to find a master.”

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Su Mo’s brows immediately furrowed slightly, then said, “Everything has its own order of urgency. I can take you up the mountains to find a master. People will definitely need to give me more face than Yuan Tianwen.”


Yuan Tianwen comforted him, “Don’t worry Yuran, I’ll be back soon.”

Han Yuran could only nod, but when he looked at Duan Yuyang he whispered, “Stay away from him, he has other intentions towards you.” Duan Yuyang only casted a brief glance at him then turned away expressionlessly.


Yuan Tianwen felt awkward and frowned without replying Han Yuran.

In order to speed up their return journey, Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen both rode one horse each, while Yuan Tianwen and Duan Yuyang shared a ride on the pentcoloured crane.


On the road, Yuan Tianwen said, “Yuyang, it was my fault for not treating the matter of you and Duan second elder paying our family a visit seriously. I hope you can forgive me for that.”

Duan Yuyang’s heart was filled with sorrow. He had always liked this little Gege who had never been impatient with him ever since he was a kid. When he had grown up, he had wanted to become a Dao couple with him and accompany him by his side for as long as he lived.

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He had plucked up the courage to visit the Yuan family by himself, and like an innocent fool, he told the smiling Su Mo and Yuan Zheng that he was willing to marry Tianwen Gege and become his wife.

But Yuan Tianwen rejected him without a second thought.


Su Mo was also extremely embarra.s.sed as he personally escorted the downcast Duan Yuyang back to the Duan family.

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Afterwards, he had given up on his feelings for a long time; but when he coincidentally b.u.mped into Yuan Tianwen who was suffering from a Qi deviation and a loss of sight in both his eyes, his expectations were rekindled once again


“I’ve gotten over it now.” Duan Yuyang squinted his eyes and touched the feathers of the pentcoloured crane, then said, “The fact that I adore you has nothing to do with you. All you’ve done is like someone other than me, it’s not like you did anything wrong. In any case, feelings aren’t something we can control.”

When he heard Duan Yuyang’s words, for some reason, Yuan Tianwen felt like his heart was being crushed by a rock that was as heavy as a thousand gold.


Yuan Tianwen looked at Duan Yuyang’s face that overlapped with the one in his memories. He couldn’t help but think: actually, the feelings that Duan Yuyang had given him during this period were similar to what he had felt during the time he spent with his saviour comfortable, unrestrained, he could do whatever he wanted, and with just one blink of his eyes, the other party would know what he was thinking.

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As for Han Yuranit’s not that Yuan Tianwen didn’t have any doubts about him, but he had no way of questioning him openly.


Yuan Tianwen had escorted Lin Xuanzhi and gang out of Profound city, and when they were nearing Qing city’s boundary, he had completed his mission and could return through the path where they had come from.

“Dage, I thought that Yuan young peak master would escort us all the way back home.” After Yuan Tianwen left, Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen naturally shared one horse. It was similar to their arrangement when they were on their way to Profound city. Yan Tianhen was sitting in front of Lin Xuanzhi and blinked his eyes as he asked.


Lin Xuanzhi said, “It wasn’t easy for him to have sent us this far . Also, it’s not like Yuan young peak master owes us anything.”

Yan Tianhen rubbed his nose, looked at Duan Yuyang, and said, “Dage, why do I keep feeling like Yuyang Ge has turned into a completely different person.”



“Shrivelled up figure, soulless eyes, despondent look, better dead than alive.”

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“Those who are brokenhearted are all like that.” Lin Xuanzhi said.

“Wei wei wei, both of you, that’s enough.” Duan Yuyang rolled his eyes exaggeratedly at these siblings who were bad mouthing him then said, “I’m not brokenhearted, honourable me is”


He hadn’t finished speaking when Duan Yuyang suddenly narrowed his eyes and threw out three talismans in succession. An explosion rang out and a few masked sword cultivators surrounded the three of them.

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Lin Xuanzhi shot them a cold look and said, “Who sent you?”


The man in black who was in the lead let out a strange laugh, then said, “Lin Xuanzhi, you can only blame yourself for hindering others so someone doesn’t want you to return to the Lin family alive!”

“Lin family?” Lin Xuanzhi narrowed his eyes.


The cultivation level of these few cultivators weren’t considered very high, but they were all of the Hardened Body stage which was above the Foundation Stage. If this situation had occurred in the past, Lin Xuanzhi wouldn’t have even given them a second glance. But now, he was a mere Foundation Stage cultivator, and he was a craftsman to boot. All the offensive power that he could dish out with his soul force was just a joke to the people in front of them now.

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In the cultivation world, a difference of one stage is akin to the difference between the heavens and earth.


Just as light reflected off one of their swords, Lin Xuanzhi shouted in a cold tone, “Aren’t you guys going to come out yet?”

The men in black paused. Yan Tianhen forcefully threw his Ground Splitting Hammer out and smashed one of them to death.


Duan Yuyang shouted, “Lin Xuanzhi didn’t you say that you still have a few bodyguards? Where are they? Honourable me hasn’t even seen a single hair on their body since the beginning!”

Lin Xuanzhi was inwardly furious as well. Not one of those cultivators that Fifth Elder had dispatched to secretly protect them showed up at this critical juncture!


The man in black who was in the lead couldn’t stop laughing and said, “Your words don’t seem to be of any use! Lin Xuanzhi, do you really think that the people Fifth Elder dispatched for you are under him? Brothers, come out and keep Lin Xuanzhi here!”

He clapped his hands and the cultivators who were dispatched to protect Lin Xuanzhi actually came out one by one from G.o.d knows where and appeared in front of Lin Xuanzhi.

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They wielded their swords in silence and formed a sword array with the tips of their swords pointed at Lin Xuanzhi.



“Don’t be afraid.” Lin Xuanzhi said.

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Lin Xuanzhi understood their situation with absolute clarity. He dismounted his horse and cast an indifferent glance over them, then said, “Since the one you want to kill is me, my Didi has nothing to do with this.”


“And it has even less to do with honourable me! I’m not even that familiar with them!” Duan Yuyang called out.

Lin Xuanzhi’s eyes swept over him. Duan Yuyang shrunk his neck and said, “We aren’t really familiar with each other in the first place anyway”


The man in black sneered and said, “We need to nip all plants in the bud and kill all witnesses. Duan young master, while you’re at it, you should probably stay here too ba.”

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When he finished speaking, the man in black’s sword flashed and emitted a sword will with majestic Qi, then he swung it at Lin Xuanzhi’s head.


Lin Xuanzhi flipped his hand over and stabbed the Chasing Sun horse’s b.u.t.t with a knife. The Chasing Sun horse was instantly agitated and started running away like it was mad.

Yan Tianhen was almost thrown off the horse, so he instinctively held onto the horse’s neck tightly.


“Dage!” Yan Tianhen shouted at the top of his lungs.

“Ah Hen, go ahead first and wait for me!” Lin Xuanzhi suddenly took out a few top-grade forged stones and dodged his way to Duan Yuyang’s side, then somersaulted onto his horse.


Right when Lin Xuanzhi landed, Duan Yuyang smacked his horse’s b.u.t.t and looked toward the back. “f.u.c.k, our target has shrunk!”

Lin Xuanzhi said, “How many more Blasting Skies talismans do you have?”

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“We’ll use them till we die.”

Lin Xuanzhi said, “Take your talismans out.”


Duan Yuyang sighed, then pulled out a thick stack of Blasting Skies talismans.

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Lin Xuanzhi said, “Throw them out.”



“Throw all of them out.” As Lin Xuanzhi spoke, he grabbed the whole stack of talismans and threw it behind them.


The yellow talismans flew all over the skies and it looked as if yellow rain was falling.

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The sword’s light hacked onto the horse’s leg; the Chasing Sun horse stumbled and nearly fell to the ground.


“Are you crazy?!” Duan Yuyang roared.

As he saw countless sword lights that were about to land on them, Lin Xuanzhi’s eyes turned grim and he quickly formed a hand seal, uttered a magic seal and made an “open and close” gesture with both his hands. Then he threw out a top-grade forged stone that whooshed through the air.


In the instant when the forged stone was floating in midair, Lin Xuanzhi shouted “open!” and the forged stone immediately detonated the rain of yellow talismans that were drifting in the air.

The talismans looked like they were being guided by an invisible force as they were all sucked towards the forged stone that was closest to them.


“Seven stars murderous array!” Duan Yuyang shouted in astonishment.

“What?” The moment one of the cultivators spoke, he was struck by a powerful thunderbolt that could split darksteel into pieces from head to toe and turned into a burnt corpse.

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The rest of their pursuers were extremely frightened. The Seven Stars Murderous Array is a huge array specifically designed to kill that can only be activated by a craftsman that had achieved a certain realm with the amalgamation of his soul force, magic tools and hand seals. Seven forged stones will a.s.sume the form of the Big Dipper as they spread out above the enemies’ heads.

If the magic tool used is of a fire attribute, the Seven Stars Murderous Array will turn into a conflagration that fills the skies; if it has an ice attribute, the Seven Stars Murderous Array will cover everything within 10,000 miles with frost and instantly freeze anyone within the radius into a frozen rod.


And this kind of thunder attribute is even rarer.

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After a round of loud and sharp cracks of lightning rang out, there wasn’t a single person who was alive underneath the Seven Stars Murderous Array.


And the Duan Yuyang who stood outside the range of the Seven Stars Murderous Array couldn’t help but stare agape, his heart filled with astonishment.

He had to force himself to gulp down his saliva, then patted his chest and said, “The Seven Stars Murderous Arrayisn’t it an array that can only be used by a primary-level cultivator? You’re only a Foundation Stage cultivator, and your soul force is far from enough to activate this array.”


Lin Xuanzhi also heaved a sigh of relief, then cast a glance at Duan Yuyang and said, “21 Blasting Skies talismans, 7 top-grade forged stones, coupled with all of my soul force and top-grade hand seals, it really wasn’t easy to activate the Seven Stars Murderous Array.”

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Duan Yuyang laughed cunningly and pointed at Lin Xuanzhi, “Esteemed Lin young master, it looks like you have quite a lot of secrets don’t you? You probably don’t just have a fire elemental soulfire ba?”


If he only had a single soulfire, then even if he had expended all the soul force in his body, it definitely wouldn’t have been enough to activate the array. Unless, Lin Xuanzhi didn’t have just one kind of soulfire in his body.

Actually, most craftsmen were like cultivators and didn’t have just a single, pure spiritual root. If cultivators can have three spiritual roots, then craftsmen can also have three soulfires.


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