Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 91

Chapter 91 Hundred Families Gathering

Ch91 – Hundred Families Gathering

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Xuanzhi was both proud and moved; no matter when, the first person Yan Tianhen thinks of would definitely be him.

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Fifth elder rolled his eyes at Yan Tianhen, Little guy, arent you just bearing a grudge against me for not standing up for your Dage? Do you need to mock an old guy like me like this?

Master, Ah Hen just cares too much about me, he wasnt targeting you on purpose. Lin Xuanzhi explained.

Fifth elder waved his hands indifferently,, If Benzun doesnt give you some sort of compensation, that younger brother of yours will probably nag me for the next 8 to 10 years.


Fifth elder pinched his fingers as he spoke and a purple card appeared in between them.

He threw this card to Lin Xuanzhis hand, then said reassuringly, Theres a total of 20 000 gold in that currency card. Thats worth as much as a core pupils family allowance for ten years.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled, then passed the card to the Yan Tianhen who was looking at the currency card eagerly, Much thanks to Master.

Yan Tianhens eyes were gleaming and had turned into crescents as he thanked Fifth elder, Much thanks to Fifth Grandpa. Actually, I realised that you dont look old at all, and youre actually very handsome!

Fifth elder didnt have much of a temper when he was handling these two young ones, and now he didnt know whether to laugh or cry because of Yan Tianhen, Kid, someone with a bad temper will die of anger if he talks to you.

Thats why Im saying that Fifth Grandpas temper is the best~! Yan Tianhen said without a trace of guilt.

Ai. Fifth elder sighed, then thought to himself, once this boy has been satisfied, he even changes the way he addresses me! Then he thought of how in the past, Yan Tianhen would pull a long face the moment he saw him and walk around him. Those who didnt know what their relationship was would have even thought that they had a feud.


Although Lin Xuanzhi had made quite a big profit today, his real goal had not been achieved yet.

Although he had been lucky and was barely capable enough to successfully defeat those assassins at Flying Luan Peak, if he doesnt quickly nip the problem in the bud and get Fifth elder to put his guard up, there will only be more and more of such assassination attempts in the future.

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Fifth elder, Master, the cultivators that you dispatched were supposedly loyal to you. However, not only did they not obey your orders, but they even colluded with the killers who had intercepted me on my way back. This is definitely not a simple matter.

Fifth elders wise eyes instantly narrowed, a cold glint flashing through them.

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For the guards he had dispatched to defect and collude with those disgusting bugs to harm Lin Xuanzhi was practically a slap to his face and a challenge to his power as an earth-level cultivator this was something that Fifth elder Lin Runru could not tolerate no matter what.

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Fifth elder uttered a hng, You dont need to worry about that, Ive already sent some people to investigate this matter. If I find out that that theres a mole in the Lin familyhehe. With one cold laugh, everyone else could already imagine the horrific end the mole would meet once he was ferreted out.

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Lin Xuanzhi said, Master, please go on.

Fifth elder said, Have you heard of the Hundred Families Gathering thats held once every 30 to 50 years?

Lin Xuanzhis heart turned cold and he solemnly nodded, I do know about it.

I know about it too! Yan Tianhen raised his hand and blinked his eyes, I heard that the Hundred Families Gathering will be the grandest occasion within the Five Continents, and the elite-class and first-class families will send their most promising younger members there to compete. All kinds of amazing people will attend the Hundred Families Gathering, itll be super lively!

Fifth elder nodded, Since youve both heard about it, then Ill get straight to the point. The Hundred Families Gathering will be held at the end of this year, which is about three months from now. Since your father, Lin Zhan, had done quite well in the previous Hundred Families Gathering, the Lin family is ranked 98th amongst the 100 families and was thus fortunate enough to obtain an invite to the Hundred Families Gathering. Even though the Lin family is far from what it used to be, we definitely can not let go of an opportunity like this!

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, Of course.


The Hundred Families Gathering was the grandest ceremony within the Five Continents. Its jointly organized by several elite-class families, elite sects, and chambers of commerce that are as wealthy as nations. Although this gathering was essentially hosted to give these families, sects and chambers of commerce the chance to flaunt their strength and deter the other families in the Five Continents from acting against them, this gathering also undeniably served as an important channel for the other families and sects to flaunt their strength, establish connections with more mighty powers, and even raise the status of their families.

One must know, while the younger generations of each family competed below, all the powerhouses of strong sects would secretly observe them from above. There were many genius youngsters who were discovered by those who wielded power in the strong sects during the competition and immediately achieved overnight success.

And there were even some young ladies in influential families who took a fancy to some youngsters and brought them back home to become sons-in-laws.

In any case, the Hundred Families Gathering was an opportunity that no family would forego.

But there were thousands of families within the Five Continents mainlands, and only a hundred families would have the honour of receiving an invite and formally enter the publics view.

If it wasnt because Lin Zhan had made a good showing, the Lin family probably wouldnt have gotten a place in the Hundred Families Gathering this time.

The Hundred Families Gathering was held once every 30 to 50 years, but the exact timing for when it is held would depend on the situation within the Five Continents mainlands at that time, as well as the astrological divination by some prophets to determine when would be the most appropriate time to host it.

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In his past life, Lin Xuanzhi vaguely remembered that this Hundred Families Gathering wasnt held this early, but was rather hosted several years later, and he hadnt participated in it.

He wasnt sure what had changed to suddenly bring the gathering forward by so many years in this life.

However, this kind of difference between his past life and his current one wasnt within Lin Xuanzhis scope of concern.

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Fifth elder calmly, Master, this is a good opportunity for our Lin family to raise our status, what does Master plan to do?

Fifth elder stroked his chin before looking at Lin Xuanzhi, Originally, I had received the invitation for the Hundred Families Gathering a long time ago, but at the time you werent in the best condition, so I wanted to make use of my right as the familys Master to give you a direct entry permit to let you attend the Hundred Families Gathering.

When Yan Tianhen heard this, he immediately frowned, Fifth Grandpa, thats not very nice of you. You obviously knew that Dage wasnt in good health and had suffered grave injuries, but you still wanted him to attend the gathering? Wouldnt he just be humiliated and sent to his grave?

Fifth elder cast a glance at Yan Tianhen and thought that he would eventually spit blood out from anger because of this kid, I havent finished, what are you being so anxious for? A kid like you doesnt know that the last checkpoint of this Hundred Families Gathering is to enter a blessed grotto-heaven left behind by an ancestor. Rumours has it that the blessed grotto-heaven was opened up by an alchemist before he ascended, and almost all of his assets are hidden inside. If you want to get a sky-level medicinal pill in the Five Continents mainlands, then you can only try your luck by going to that blessed grotto-heaven.

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Lin Runru had actually given this matter a lot of consideration.

Lin Xuanzhis current body was practically crippled, and it wasnt that he didnt want to find a sky-level medicinal pill to restore Lin Xuanzhis Dantian Qi sea, but the problem was that even the cleverest housewife couldnt cook a meal without rice. Lin Runru had no way of finding even just one sky-level medicinal pill in the Five Continents mainlands, but it just so happened that the Hundred Families Gathering was being hosted now, and the last checkpoint of this Hundred Families Gathering was actually linked to the blessed grotto-heaven of a sky-level alchemist!

Fifth elder thus thought of getting the entry permit that only Masters of a family could obtain which would allow its holder to jump straight through the beginning checkpoints and enter the last checkpoint straight away.

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If Lin Xuanzhi was lucky, under the assistance of the Lin familys younger members, he would be able to obtain a sky-level Restore Yuan pill in the grotto-heaven, and that would mean that he was truly blessed by the heavens. But if he cant find one and dies in the grotto-heaven instead, then that would just be his destiny.

Surely, Lin Xuanzhi would be willing to take this gamble too.

However, plans cant catch up to change. The Lin Xuanzhi now had already turned into a craftsman, so he would no longer need this entry permit. However, he would still need to enter the grotto-heaven.

After Yan Tianhen had figured out these key links, he stuck his tongue out in embarrassment and said apologetically, So that was what you were thinking. Fifth Grandpa, I misunderstood you.

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Fifth elder was too lazy to bother with this kid, Ill gather all the Lin family members who meet the requirements o come to the main branch today and arrange the relevant tests for them to undergo. The minimum requirement for this Hundred Families Gathering is that its participants must have reached the Refining Qi Stages fifth layer of their cultivation, and it cant be higher than the Foundation Stages fifth layer, or else they wouldnt be able to enter the grotto-heaven.

Lin Xuanzhi pondered for a bit, then looked at Fifth elder, Is there an age limit?

Fifth elder stroked his chin, They cant be over 27 years old.

Lin Xuanzhi raised his eyebrow, Thats a pretty stringent requirement.

You must know, someone who could reach the Refining Qi Stages fifth layer of their cultivation before turning 27 years old would already be considered to be quite talented in cultivation. If one starts cultivating when they are 3-years-old, it was very likely for them to only reach the first layer of the Refining Qi stage in their teens and the second layer a few years later. To be able to reach the third layer by the time theyre 27 was no easy feat.

Fifth elder snorted, Its necessary to be that stringent. The number of people who can actually meet those requirements within the Hundred Families is probably quite the terrifying figure. If we can come up with four to five names in our Lin family, then those elite families will definitely be able to come up with much more!

But will the disciples from the Five Major Sects attend? Lin Xuanzhi asked.


Although the Hundred Families Gathering is backed up by the Five Major Sects and there are many members of the Hundred Families within those sects, according to the requirements of the Hundred Families Gathering, those who have officially entered the Five Major Sects will not be eligible to participate in the gathering. Fifth elder smiled cunningly with wise eyes, Which is why Im saying that this can be considered a blessing in disguise for you, Xuanzhi. With this kind of screening, the number of strong opponents for you will be reduced by half.

One must know, geniuses who are blessed by the heavens within elite families would definitely have been selected by the Five Major Sects while they are still young, just like how Lin Xuanzhi had been taken away by Profound Sky Sect during his youth.

And for the sake of eliminating such people, the Hundred Families Gathering came up with a special rule that prohibited the disciples of these sects from participating in the competition.

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On the one hand, this was to give other members in the participating families a chance to display their talents. On the other hand, it was to ensure the independence of the Hundred Families Gathering.

When Yan Tianhen heard this, he frowned, But in that case, then wouldnt there be some influential families who would intentionally keep some outstanding members in their family from entering any sect to achieve good results in the Hundred Families Gathering?

Fifth elder was mildly surprised. He didnt expect that this unruly Yan Tianhen who showed no respect for his elders and had no filter for his mouth to actually have such a meticulous way of thinking.

Yan Tianhen had seen through the intentions of those elite families with just one sentence this was something that youngsters who have never joined the Hundred Families Gathering would find very difficult to imagine.

Fifth elder slowly nodded, That is one of the tricks that influential families may have up their sleeves. So at that time, Xuanzhi will inevitably encounter those geniuses from elite families, and those are the people who intend to seize the championship in the Hundred Families Gathering at all costs!

Lin Xuanzhi suddenly felt a surge of excitement in his heart.

He desired to meet more and more powerful people he needed this external pressure to force himself to continuously push himself forward on his quest to become stronger!

And for some reason, Lin Xuanzhi turned around and looked at the Yan Tianhen who stood next to him.

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