Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 92

Chapter 92 Make A Bet

Ch92 – Make a Bet

Translated by: DMlations/Zryuu

Edited by: Butter

In his past life, Lin Xuanzhi had never seen how Yan Tianhen looked like without the cracks that crawled all over his face, but his face had been depicted countless times in Lin Xuanzhis fantasies. In this lifetime, no matter what price he had to pay, he would definitely get rid of the array within Yan Tianhens body so that he could proudly and confidently live on in this world!


Yan Tianhen seemed to have sensed his thoughts so he raised his head and looked at Lin Xuanzhi.

When his eyes met Lin Xuanzhis, he involuntarily broke out into a bright and innocent smile.

Lin Xuanzhi couldnt help but smile as well, Ah Hen, Ill bring you to the Middle Continent this time to sightsee.


Yan Tianhen nodded with a scorching gaze, Ill be Dages servant then.

Why would you need to be a servant? Lin Xuanzhi smiled, then turned around and looked at Fifth elder.

Fifth elder suddenly had a really bad feeling about this.

What? Why are you looking at me? Fifth elders eyelids twitched.

Fifth Grandpa, lets talk about something. Lin Xuanzhi grinned, Ah Hen has found a cultivation method thats suited for him now, its just that if he wants to break through to the fifth layer of the Refining Qi stage before our familys internal selection, it may be a little difficult for him. So why not lets have Fifth Grandpa hand the entry permit in your hands over to Ah Hen ba.

Fifth elders eyes stared straight into the distance. If he had a moustache, the two ends of it would definitely be raised all the way up to the heavens right now!

Do you think the entry permit in my hands is some Chinese cabbage that can be given to whoever who wants it? Fifth elder blew his moustache up and stared at him, Are you kidding me? It would still be okay if I gave it to you, but if I gave it to this kid, whose hairs arent even fully grown yet, wouldnt he just get beaten up if he goes?


Yan Tianhen suddenly felt quite unhappy. He pouted, Fifth Grandpa, how would you know if my hairs arent fully grown yet if you havent seen it for yourself! Dont tell me that you secretly sneaked a peek when I was bathing or when I took off my clothes to sleep??!

Fifth elder had to restrain himself from slapping him. This rascal really didnt know what he should or should not say hes so infuriating that hes practically asking for a beating!

Just listen to that, what the hell did he think he was saying?

Lin Xuanzhi knew that Yan Tianhen didnt like it when others said his hairs werent fully grown, so he quickly mediated the situation, Fifth Grandpa, I know that everyone in the Lin family is eyeing the entry permit in your hands. But if I were to enter the grotto-heaven while leaving Ah Hen outside, I really wont be able to stay calm. I hope Fifth Grandpa can understand.

Fifth Grandpa snorted, I, your elder, will personally escort the two of you there and back safely. Dont tell me that you wont feel at ease even if your younger brothers safety is in my hands?

Aside from myself, I wont feel reassured no matter who I hand him over to. Lin Xuanzhi said without shying away the least bit.

Fifth Elder scrutinised Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen pensively.


Lin Xuanzhi generously allowed the other party to just look at him as he pleased. In any case, this was his stance he wanted to let everyone know that he cares about Yan Tianhen!

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O? What deal? Ill hear it. Fifth elder said.

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He had a very domineering presence.

Fifth elder immediately narrowed his eyes, Dont you know that saying that is easy, but actually doing it is harder than it seems its practically impossible!

Lin Xuanzhi smiled and responded in an arrogant manner, Since I dared to say such a thing, I naturally have the resources and confidence to carry it out. Now its up to Fifth Grandpa to see if you are willing to take a gamble!


Lin Runru stared at Lin Xuanzhis striking face, and after awhile, he suddenly burst out laughing. The entire hall reverberated with the sounds of his joyous laughter.

Hahahamy Lin family finally produced an heir who has the guts to go against the heavens!

Lin Runru waved his hand, Fine, since you have the confidence to do so, how could I pour cold water on you? Ill take a gamble with you today: if you win, then the position of the Lin familys young master will belong to you. But if you lose

I wont lose. Lin Xuanzhi smiled slightly, looking like a deity, then clasped his hands together, Fifth Grandpa can just stay here to wait for the day when all the other families come here to congratulate you ba!

Good, good, good! After he said three goods, Lin Runru felt extremely happy and relaxed.

In the past, the Lin family had been one of the elite families in the Five Continents. But, as time passed by, the Lin familys status declined.

And now, maybe it was due to the blessings of their ancestors that such a heaven-defying character like Lin Xuanzhi would appear in their family

Lin Runru had participated in god knows how many Hundred Families Gatherings before, but he had never felt this excited and impatient.

Anyway, it was just one entry permit, it didnt matter much who he gave it to. But what this entry permit could be exchanged for might just be the resurrection of the Lin family!

And now, they only had to wait for the advent of the Hundred Families Gathering!

After they left Fifth elders place, Yan Tianhen couldnt help but look at Lin Xuanzhi and ask, Dage, I heard that only cultivators who are at the fifth layer of their Refining Qi Stage can enter the grotto-heaven left behind by that alchemist. But I am only a Refining Qi Stage second layer cultivator, and I have just entered the second layer too. Do you really believe that I can successfully advance to the fifth layer of my Refining Qi Stage in just three months?

Frankly speaking, this was basically an impossible feat. Even the most talented Lin Xuanzhi of yesteryears spent half a year to cross his fourth layer and into the fifth layer of his Refining Qi Stage.

Lin Xuanzhis looked at Yan Tianhen with a profound look in his eyes, then smiled slightly, Of course Dage knows that advancing so much in just three months will rely on great luck and talent.

Yan Tianhen was puzzled, Then wouldnt Dage be wasting this entry permit?

He felt his heart ache. It was because of him that Lin Xuanzhi made such a huge bet with Fifth Elder, but now, he was still dragging Lin Xuanzhi down!


Lin Xuanzhi looked at Yan Tianhens aggrieved face filled with self-reproach and couldnt help but pinch his cheeks and smile, Ah Hen need not worry about this. I have magic treasures that can deceive the eyes of the grotto-heaven.

When he heard this, Yan Tianhens jaw almost dropped to the ground as he called out in surprise, Dage, you can even craft that kind of magic tool? Do you want to ascend to heaven?!

Yeah. Lin Xuanzhi smiled, then tapped Yan Tianhens nose and pretended to be conceited, Your Dage can ascend to the heavens and burrow underground. Theres nothing I cant do, and nothing I dont know how to.


Haha Yan Tianhens eyes turned into cresents as he smiled.

Lin Xuanzhi asked, Why isnt Ah Hen worried about whether or not I can fulfill the bet I made with Fifth elder?

Yan Tianhen responded, As long as Dage wants to do something, youll definitely be able to do it, so Im not worried at all.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled. But if Im really unsure about whether or not I would succeed, then what should I do?


Yan Tianhen uttered an ah, then frowned in distress as he pondered for a bit. He suddenly clapped his hand like an idea had popped into his head, In any case, weve already gotten the benefits we wanted. As for whether or not we can enter top 10, well just have to see what fate has in store for us ba. By then, even if we dont enter top 10, its not like Fifth elder can take the entry permit back.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled. No wonder youre my amazing Didi.

He actually had the exact same thoughts as him.

Fifth elder probably didnt want to put him in a spot when he made the promise with Lin Xuanzhi. Otherwise, Fifth elder would have definitely asked him to make an oath.

When they were approaching the gate of the courtyard, Lin Xuanzhi saw a young man who wore a black cultivator robe stand at the gate of their yard.

This young man rarely showed his face in the Lin residence, but when Lin Xuanzhi saw him, he knew who he was with just one glance.

Next to the young man stood a graceful young girl who wore a purple garment. The young girl had a somewhat charming face and she wielded a light purple sword in her hand. Her haughty breasts were just like the expression on her face high and lofty as they looked down on the masses.


These two were the son and daughter of Lin Jiang, the third of the four Lin brothers.

Lin Jiang had brought them with him while he travelled abroad for many years and had never returned to the family before now. There were no news on them either, and no one could contact them, so when Lin Xuanzhi saw Lin Jiang in his past life, it was when the Lin family was being massacred.

Lin Jiang did indeed return to try and rescue his family, but he died in the siege instead. Yet his daughter-son pair didnt think of it as any of their business. His son, Lin Yangzhi, cultivated in Sky peak Sect, while the other, Lin Yaer, had entered the top female cultivator sect in the Five Continents Cloud Jade Sect.


Neither of them had showed their faces till the end.

Lin Xuanzhi was truly and utterly disappointed in the Lin family in his past life, so he had also looked on coldly from the sidelines. But this didnt mean that he would make the same decision in this life.

Within the Lin family, Lin Xuanzhi didnt think much of the members of Lin Zezhis generation. But Lin Yangzhi and Lin Yaer definitely werent easy to deal with either in terms of strength or background.

If his conjecture was right, Lin Yangzhi should already be one of the disciples of the Middle Continents Sky Peak Sect.

Yan Tianhen looked at Lin Yangzhi and Lin Yaer, Dage, who are those two? Are they here to look for you?

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, Probably.

Lin Yangzhi looked at Lin Xuanzhi as well and casually swept a glance over his body, I heard that youve already turned into a good-for-nothing who cant cultivate?

Lin Xuanzhi remained silent.

Lin Yaer thought that they had poked his sore spot, so she immediately revealed a contemptuous smile and continued to pressure him, Lin Xuanzhi, you didnt expect the tides to turn like this ba? In the past you had such a bright halo on your head and the attention of all the Lin family members was focused on you. But now, any random member of the Lin family would probably be stronger than you. If I were you, I would have knocked myself dead a long time ago, whats the point in living?

Meimei, there are a lot of shameless people in this world. Even if they become useless, they would still hog their families cultivating resources and refuse to let go. Lin Yangzhis spoke sarcastically as his line of sight vaguely swept over Lin Xuanzhi.

Lin Yangzhi involuntarily gritted his teeth secretly with envy: why is it that Lin Xuanzhi can still stay in such a good courtyard even after he turned into trash?

His ignorance of what had happened in his clan could only be blamed on the prolonged amount of time he had spent away from home. After he returned, he had not looked for someone to clarify the situation before he wanted to look for Lin Xuanzhi to give him a good mocking, and thus the information he had was completely outdated.

Yan Tianhen gritted his teeth. What exactly did these two bastards come here for?

Within Lin Xuanzhis consciousness, Soul Bead exhaled and said coolly, I say, kid, your affinity with people really isnt too good. Why is it that so many people find you unpleasant one after another and always want to throw rocks at you while youre down?

Lin Xuanzhi said in his consciousness, I dont think Ive done anything to wrong them. But my talent is too heaven-defying, so ever since I was a kid I had become that kid in their parents mouths. Many Lin family members of my generation grew up under my shadow, so they indeed dont have many good feelings toward me.

After he finished talking to Soul Bead, the edges of Lin Xuanzhis lips curved up as he glanced at the two people in front of him, It seems like its too late for you to say those words to me right now.

Lin Yaer was stunned. She said as she furrowed her willow brows, Lin Xuanzhi, what do you mean by that?

Yan Tianhen sneered and emulated Lin Yaers condescending tone just now to speak in a cold manner, I say, this should be the first time for this auntie to come to the Lin residence ba? Otherwise, you could just ask anyone in the family about what kind of status my Dage currently holds!


What status? Lin Yangzhi asked.

You actually dared to call me auntie?! Lin Yaer said in an angry voice.

Yan Tianhen tilted his head to one side, I dont wanna tell you, pbbbbtttt, idiots!

Lin Yaer felt like she had been played with so she immediately flew into a fit of fury and pointed at Yan Tianhen, Ugly idiot, do you believe that this lady here will slap you to death on the spot right now?!

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