Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 95

Chapter 95 Auctioning At A High Price

Ch95 – Auctioning at a High Price

Translated by: DMlations/Zryuu

Edited by: Butter

Duan Yuyang took the Rocking Sky Fan and went to the Duan familys Font of Fortune


The auction houses steward immediately greeted Duan Yuyang with a smile when he saw him to butter up to him.

Young master, what good item did you bring over this time? The steward looked at Duan Yuyang with eager eyes.

You have a really good nose, dont you? Ive just arrived and you knew straight away that I have a treasure in my hands. Duan Yuyang smiled as he took the Rocking Sky Fan out of his storage bag.

The steward smiled as he accepted the Rocking Sky Fan. He scrutinised this magic treasure, Thats because young master only comes over when you have something goodyo, this is a three-in-one offensive, defensive, and auxiliary magic tool, and its even a high-grade one! Thats really rare in Qing city. Young master, where did you get this from?

Dont ask about where it came from, thats not important. Bring it to Master Yan for an evaluation first. Duan Yuyang said.

The steward hurriedly went upstairs with the Rocking Sky Fan in hand. Not long after, an old man with a long, white beard who wore a craftsman robe walked down with the Rocking Sky Fan.

Where did you get this Rocking Sky Fan from? Master Yan asked excitedly as he stroke his beard.

Duan Yuyang raised his eyebrow, Old man Yan, I cant answer that question of yours. But from how youre looking like right now, this Rocking Sky Fan should be worth quite a bit of moneyba?

Not only is it worth a lot of money, this fan is filled with an abundance of spiritual Qi and soul force; the crafting hand seals used are extremely rare, and did you see the patterns engraved on it? Master Yan excitedly pointed at the intricate patterns along the fans bamboo strip, Do you see these patterns? Each one of them is full of soul force! If it can be utilised to its utmost, it wont be much worse than a magic treasure!

You must know, even if the same materials were used, you may still not be able to produce a good magic treasure. But an amazing craftsman is wholly able to merge and refine ordinary materials through special hand seals and a strong soul force and get it to exert extraordinary effects.

Duan Yuyang had seen those dark patterns of course, and he couldnt help but think: usually, craftsmen would have some trouble with their forged engraving pens the first time they used it, yet Lin Xuanzhi was somehow able to utilise it this easily. He didnt know if it was because the divine firminia simplex pen was really good to use or because of Lin Xuanzhis so-called talent and secret.

But that had nothing to do with him.

However, for a mere high-grade magic tool to have the potential of exerting the same effects as a magic treasure is extraordinary.

Duan Yuyang clicked his tongue with admiration in secret as he asked, How is this craftsman as compared to you?


Master Yan can be said to be the top craftsman of the Duan family. Hes also one of the best within the whole Qing city.

He stroke his beard and thought for awhile before saying, The hand seals are well-practiced and mature; if we were to compare this master and me, this master is absolutely above my level.

Duan Yuyang was extremely surprised, Above you? How could that be?!

Why couldnt it be? Master Yans gaze swept over Duan Yuyang, Just based on those patterns alone if you didnt have several hundred years worth of experience, it would be impossible for you to carve them out. And I havent even mentioned that I think theres a hidden array within those patterns.


Duan Yuyangs jaw was about to drop to the floor. Does Lin Xuanzhi even know how indifferent of a person he is?!

Its just that I dont know what kind of person this senior actually is. Master Yan sighed as he threw Duan Yuyang a few winks.

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Zjrafg Tjc kjr raeccfv, Tbe vbca xcbk ktb tf lr?

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Master Yan immediately said in a stern tone, Then you shouldnt inquire about him anymore, craftsmen have always had weird tempers. He probably passed the fan to you because he was just passing by and had other plans in mind. If you probe around rashly for his identity, you could very well annoy him.

Thats what I thought too. Duan Yuyang felt no pressure at all as he lied. He sighed contentedly, It seems like this magic tool can be sold for a lot of money.

Master Yan immediately blew on his beard and glowered at Duan Yuyang resentfully, You rascalall you think about everyday is money money money, your mind is going to be filled with nothing but money! How could you measure this kind of magic tool with a vulgar thing like money?

Duan Yuyang didnt feel ashamed and instead felt proud as he said with a wide grin, But I cant help it~ Elder, youre the only Red Soul craftsman in the Duan family. The Duan family treats you as our VIP guest and gives you a high salary; if Im not always thinking about how to earn money, then how could we afford to support you?

Master Yan uttered ahng, Vulgar.

Duan Yuyang pondered for a bit before he said, What about this, since the elder Master Yan doesnt seem to think much of money and is so aloof, lets cut your offerings by half? Itll still be considered to be quite a lot a whole 2000 gold per month eh~Aiyaya, you get so much more than I, the young master of the family.

Master Yan,

This rascal.

Master Yan threw him the words keep dreaming, then held the Rocking Sky Fan like it was a treasure as he left.


Duan Yuyang was waving his handkerchief behind him as he shouted Master Yan dont leave~ lets discuss this a little more~. Master Yan quickened his pace and rapidly vanished from Duan Yuyangs line of sight.

Duan Yuyang laughed as he scolded old fox, then went to a first-class room to sit down. He drank some tea and ate a few fruits to wait for the results of the auction.

Yan Tianhen was currently shopping along Overlooking Immortals street with Lin Xuanzhi. Overlooking Immortals street was not actually a street, but an entire market where many cultivators would engage in various trades everyday. It was very lively.

Yan Tianhen wasnt in the mood to shop today. Every time he saw Lin Xuanzhi buy something, his face couldnt help but twist with bitterness. A 500-year-old Yin Snow Ganoderma, 5000 gold.

A Silver Silk Ice Jade the size of his palm, 13,000 gold.

Land Creation Rock, 5000 gold.

Yan Tianhen couldnt stop the chill that went down his spine as he used his fingers to count Lin Xuanzhis expenditure.

Lin Xuanzhi heard Yan Tianhen muttering to himself nonstop behind him, so he turned around and knocked on his head.

Aiya! Yan Tianhen held his head and looked at Lin Xuanzhi in anguish.

Ive listened to you mutter the whole way here.


Dage, youre too good at spending money. Youve finished spending all the money that Fifth elder had given you in one shot, and even spent what little savings we had left too. Yan Tianhen pouted as he complained, Were now up to our necks in debt. Dage, you bought so many useless items, theyre such a waste!

Lin Xuanzhi almost laughed out of anger. Ever since this kid knew that he was buying this many items to craft the equipment that can contain the Chiyang blood, Yan Tianhen had been persuading him incessantly not to waste money.

How could Lin Xuanzhi listen to him? Even if he had to use up all of his savings, Lin Xuanzhi would still do it in order to craft that medicinal bottle.

After all, keeping Yan Tianhens Mingyin body under control was Lin Xuanzhis biggest goal right now.

How could a craftsman not spend money? Lin Xuanzhi pinched Yan Tianhens cheeks, In any case, it goes out quickly but returns just as quickly, so its not that big of a deal.

Yan Tianhen shook his head, Once this sum of money leaves, itll never come back.

He wasnt ignorant. He knew what the purpose of buying all these things was for.

Lin Xuanzhi pretended to helplessly sigh, But Im the one who hopes that Ah Hen can become healthy again. In any case, lets settle it this way: if you start to mutter to yourself again, I might leave you at home and not let you come out with me anymore.

Yan Tianhen thus did not dare to act like aTang Monkagain.

Yan Tianhen was extremely moved as he thought,Dage really is the person who treats me the best.

Yan Tianhen gratefully said, Ill definitely cultivate properly next time and earn more money so that I can pay Dage my filial respects!

Filial respects? Lin Xuanzhi raised his eyebrows and thought this phrase was a bit weird.

No no, not just Dage. He thought for a bit, then solemnly clenched his fist to promise, And also my future sister-in-law!

Lin Xuanzhi, .

Wait, where the hell did a sister-in-law come from?

Daaang A prolonged noise sounded. Lin Xuanzhi raised his head and looked towards the East, Looks like the auction this afternoon has ended.

Yan Tianhen immediately nodded and said a bit nervously, I wonder how much money Dages Rocking Sky Fan was sold for.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled, The God of Wealth is coming, well know very soon.

In the distance, Yan Tianhen saw Duan Yuyang who was adorned in a glamorous attire with various magic tools and treasures hanging all over him. He was swaggering towards them under the escort of two guards.

Wherever he walked past, several young female cultivators who were shopping would quickly dodge to another place, as if they were extremely afraid that Duan Yuyang would take a fancy to them and snatch them away to be his bed-warmer concubine.

Duan Yuyang walked over unimpeded.

Yan Tianhen blinked, then sighed like the weight of the world was upon him, Yuyang Ge, the way those big sisters acted made me think of a phrase.

What phrase? Duan Yuyang asked, Is it overwhelming awesomeness?

Yan Tianhen shook his small head and sighed, Itsavoiding snakes and scorpions.

Duan Yuyang,


Duan Yuyang almost used his folding fan to smack Yan Tianhens head, but he held back. After all, Lin Xuanzhi was watching.

Duan Yuyang corrected him, What avoiding snakes and scorpions? These girls just know that they cant compare to honourable mes beauty, so theyre too ashamed to stand next to honourable me as theyre afraid of being called inferior. You must know, when a firefly is next to the sun and moon, you wont be able to see the fireflys light anymore.

Yan Tianhen looked at Duan Yuyangs delicate facial features that didnt lack any manly handsomeness, then nodded pensively.


Lin Xuanzhi looked at Duan Yuyang speechlessly. He considered it for a moment before he said, Why do I always hear people say that you deceive men and tyrannize women? And that you would even snatch people to serve as your concubines?

In his past life, Duan Yuyangs reputation was as lousy as a tattered rag because of this. And in this life, it didnt seem any different. You could tell just by looking at the reactions of those female cultivators.

Duan Yuyang waved his hand and rolled his eyes up to the heavens, then said unhappily, Fuck, isnt it all because of that bastard Duan Yuhao? He did all those dirty things yet he placed hisshit basinon my head.

Ah, so it was him. I just knew he wasnt a good guy the moment I saw his face. Yan Tianhen shook his fist.

When didyoubecome a prophet? Duan Yuyang looked askance at him.

I dont even need to be a prophet to be able to tell? Yan Tianhen said, Yuyang Gege, he might have given you his shit basin, but why did you accept it!

Duan Yuyang, .

That was clearly what he had said at first, but why is it that after it was processed through Yan Tianhens mouth, its flavour managed to change this much?

Duan Yuyang frowned in distress, then used his fan to knock his head, Im perplexed too. Why is it that no matter how I explained that I wasnt the one who did all those things to deceive men and tyrannize women, my Dad just refuses to believe me, and all those female cultivators firmly believe that I was the perpetrator too.

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Duan Yuyangs vagabond attire, then looked at his pair of peach blossom eyes that look seductive no matter how serious he gets, then thought about Duan Yuhaos angular face thats popular amongst the female cultivators and appeared to have understood something.

In order to prevent the topic from flying 800 miles away, Lin Xuanzhi said, How much was that Rocking Sky Fan sold for?

Duan Yuyangs eyes lit up. He patted Lin Xuanzhis shoulder and made eyes at him as he said excitedly, Xuanzhi bro, youre really too fucking awesome. That fan of yours started with a price of 10 000 gold, but no one expected it to actually be raised to 45 000 gold!

45 000 gold? Even Lin Xuanzhi was startled by that price. He knew that the items he craft are definitely of good quality, but there arent many people around whore good at recognising value, and there are even fewer people in Qing city who can recognise the value of items. At first he had thought if it could be sold for about 25 000 to 30 000 gold, then it wouldnt be too bad a price, but he didnt expect.

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