Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 99

Chapter 99 Punishing The Evildoers

Ch99 – Punishing the Evildoers

Lin Yangzhi wanted to stand up but he realised that the Qi within his Dantian Qi sea was on a rampage, as if it had received a great impact. His heart shook and he didnt dare to casually shift even half a step.

Xuanzhi! Lin Zhantians eyes lit up.

Lin Xuanzhi?

Whats he holding in his hand?

Dage! The moment Yan Tianhen saw Lin Xuanzhis back, his nose immediately soured as he shouted, That bad guy! He almost strangled Ah Bai to death! Hu Pos injured too!!

Lin Xuanzhi looked at the people in front of him expressionlessly, Just now, who had a hand in the fight?

The Lin family pupils who had clustered around Lin Yaer and Lin Yangzhi immediately took a few steps back, and those who wanted to help Lin Yangzhi up didnt dare to even take a single step forward.

Everyone talks about how good Lin Xuanzhi looks and how his appearance was akin to that of a deity, but no one has talked about how this immortal Lin Xuanzhi could have a kind of domineering presence that would make people want to go down on their knees!

It, it has nothing to do with me!

Neither does it have anything to do with me.

Imonly a passerby, hehe.

I didnt even say a single word~

Lin Xuanzhi looked at how they were all trying to dissociate themselves from the fight one by one and didnt try to make things difficult for them. He merely stated coldly, Irrelevant people should all leave immediately.

Lin Yaer looked at all those wimpy Lin family pupils and immediately jumped up in anger. She pointed at them, Are you guys still men?!

One of her cousins from a side branch smiled helplessly, then said apologetically, Of course were men, but if we provoke someone we arent supposed to then Im afraid we wont be men anymore.

Yeah Yaer Jie, a wise man submits to fate. Another pupil rubbed his nose and smiled sheepishly before he snuck a glance at Lin Xuanzhi. He said in a soft voice, He has an amazing magic treasure in his hands that could even blow Yangzhi Ge away. Im far below Yangzhi Ges standard, so its impossible for me to be his opponent. SoIll go pick up my medicinal pills now, okay~

After he finished saying that, the Lin family pupils quickly slipped away one after the other.

A Lin family pupil adorned in a yellow robe was about to sneak away when Yan Tianhens sharp eyes caught his escape and pointed at him, Dage, he kicked Hu Po before.

Ok. Lin Xuanzhi said lightly, then fanned that Lin family pupil in his face and blew him away.

That Lin family pupil crashed into a flower bed and immediately lost consciousness. He laid sprawled on the ground and half of his swollen face could be seen.

The remaining Lin family pupils were all incredibly shocked. All of them looked at the folding fan in Lin Xuanzhis hands, then quickened their pace as they hurriedly fled.

This Lin Xuanzhiwas getting more and more scary.

Fear arose in Lin Yaers heart as well. She stared so hard at the white jade fan that her gaze could burn a hole right through it, but she still couldnt discern what its grade was.

Just now, you strangled Ah Bai? Lin Xuanzhi asked expressionlessly.

Additionally, that wasnt even the end!

Lin Xuanzhi pinched a forged stone and leaned forward, then before Lin Yaer landed, he flew forward and clutched her throat with one hand!


The sound of bones being crushed together could be heard and Lin Yaer stuck her tongue out; her entire face was flushed red and her eyes rolled back into her head her appearance was extremely ugly.

A shock ran through Lin Zhantians heart, Xuanzhi, you absolutely cant!

Lin Xuanzhi had lifted Lin Yaer a foot away from the ground when he released his grip; Lin Yaer immediately fell onto the ground and held her throat as she coughed like her life depended on it.

This is a lesson for you today. If theres ever a next time, I definitely wont let you off so easily. Lin Xuanzhi looked like he was looking at an ant as his gaze swept over Lin Yaer. He didnt even spare Lin Yangzhi a glance as he turned around and walked towards Yan Tianhen.

Lin Zhantian heaved a sigh of relief and wiped his cold sweat off his forehead.

His injury wasnt a big deal, but he was really afraid that Lin Xuanzhi wouldnt have been able to resist his urge to kill Lin Yaer or Lin Yangzhi; if that had really happened, then it would be a huge problem for the Lin family.

Wuwuwuwu. Yan Tianhen wiped his tears away and sniffed as he looked at the Hu Po and Ah Bai who looked like wilted eggplants and couldnt stop crying.

Lin Zhantian sat down next to a table dejectedly and smacked his fist on the table, then muttered to himself, Its all because my cultivation isnt up to par that I was no match for him! Sorry, I wasnt of much help.

Lin Xuanzhi shook his head and said, It definitely wasnt your fault. On the contrary, I would like to thank you.

If it wasnt because Lin Zhantian had held them back for a period of time, Lin Xuanzhi wouldnt have made it in time to save the two tiger cubs after he left his seclusion.

Lin Zhantian sighed again, I didnt expect Lin Yangzhi to be that arrogant; he even dared to look down on the authority of the Lin familys Law Enforcement Hall.

Yet Lin Xuanzhi didnt seem to be the least bit surprised as he said lightly, He has a backer after all.

Lin Zhantian looked up at Lin Xuanzhi, Whos his backer? Dont tell me hes even more powerful than the Lin family?

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, then said with deep meaning, Right now, Lin Yangzhi is a disciple of Sky Peak Sect.

A disciple of Sky Peak Sect? Lin Zhantian was astonished as he said in disbelief, Why dont I know anything about that at all?

Because he didnt tell you. Lin Xuanzhi said.

Lin Zhantian,

Yan Tianhen looked at Lin Xuanzhi and said with tear-filled eyes, Dage, since he has a backer, then would he be so emboldened by his support that he would come harm our poor Ah Bai and Hu Po again?

When Ah Bai heard that, he immediately shuddered and uttered a shrill aowu.

Hu Pos hind leg had a wound caused by Lin Yangzhis sword Qi. He struggled to get up and limped to Ah Bais side, then nudged him with his head to try and comfort him.

A cold glint flashed through Lin Xuanzhis eyes as he said, It doesnt matter if he would be emboldened or not. Ive already taught him a lesson today, and Ive given him fair warning too. If he dares to provoke us without reason again, Ill let him have a taste of my strength!

Lin Zhantian thought, was what he tasted today not considered your strength?

Then wouldnt Lin Xuanzhi be a bit too scary in that case?

Lin Zhantian asked out of curiosity, What was that magic tool you used today? How can it be so powerful?

One must know, no matter how horrible Lin Yangzhi is, he was still a Foundation Stage cultivator. His cultivation is higher than that of Lin Xuanzhis by two small realms!

Within the cultivation world, even a difference of one layer could make a world of difference, and would be immensely difficult to overcome.

Lin Xuanzhi flipped his hand over and a fan appeared in his hand.

Youre talking about this? The edges of Lin Xuanzhis lips curved up as he said, Its just a primary-level high grade offensive weapon.

When Yan Tianhen saw it, he thought that it looked familiar. Its style was similar to that of the fan that they had brought to the auction house to sell. But, this fan only had offensive abilities, it didnt have defensive or auxiliary capabilities.

Lin Zhantians eyes suddenly gleamed, Is it a new equipment you crafted?

Yes. Lin Xuanzhi nodded.

Have you tested it before? Lin Zhantian looked eager to give it a try.

Not yet, I had planned to refine it a little longer to raise its grade first. Unexpectedly, I was forced to use it before I could do so. Lin Xuanzhi sighed regrettably as he fiddled with the fan in his hands, But thats fine too, Ill eventually need something for self-defense anyway.

Lin Zhantian said, I think this fan can probably withstand the attack of a Foundation Stage second layer cultivator by now. Brother Xuanzhi, this fan of yours is not an ordinary one.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled and said, Its merely has a mean and mischievous fire-type soulfire attached to it, so its a a bit irascible.

Lin Zhantian smiled as well, and didnt expose anything.

He had guessed that Lin Xuanzhis cultivation was probably at the Foundation Stage by now, or else, a craftsman below such a level would find it very difficult to craft a magic treasure that can send a Foundation Stage cultivator flying so easily.

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Lin Zhantian furtively, Brother Zhantian, Ill have to trouble you to take care of matters on the Law Enforcement Halls side.

Lin Zhantian nodded and said solemnly, Dont worry, I know the truth of todays events. I wont let the two of you suffer any grievances again.

Lin Xuanzhi said, Then thank you very much.

Lin Zhantian was actually more concerned about another matter, so he asked, When do you want to take that drop of blood?

I have been preparing its container for awhile, so Ill be able to take the blood in the next two days. Lin Xuanzhi looked at Lin Zhantian and said, After I take the blood, the Chiyang Qi in your Meimeis body will rise sharply, youll need to prepare the necessary medicinal pills beforehand.

Lin Zhantian took a deep breath, then slowly exhaled. After awhile, he nodded, Ive already prepared the ingredients for the medicinal pills. My mother will craft the pills tonight, but we cant guarantee a complete success.

Lin Xuanzhis gaze swept over Yan Tianhen who was still wiping his tears off in front of Ah Bai, You still need one more ingredient to craft your medicinal pills.

What ingredient? Lin Zhantian was shocked.

Ah Hens blood. Lin Xuanzhi said.

Lin Zhantian took an All-encompassing Bottle that contains three drops of blood and quickly left.

Yan Tianhen sniffed with reddened eyes and asked, Whats so good about my blood?

Lin Xuanzhi pinched Yan Tianhens cheeks and said gently, Ah Hen has a pure Yin constitution. Even though you have an array that is suppressing the Yin Qi in your body, an extremely strong cold Yin Qi is still running through your veins. If your blood were to be added into a medicinal pill, it would be very effective in suppressing the Chiyang Qi in his younger sisters body.

Yan Tianhen nodded pensively, then after he thought about it for a moment, he suddenly looked into Lin Xuanzhis eyes and asked, I have a Mingyin body type, while Lin Yuhang has a Chiyang body type. I heard Daddy say before that the harmony between Yin and Yang is considered the right way; if I were to become Dao companions with her in the future, then wouldnt we be able to neutralize the excess Yang Qi and Yin Qi in each others bodies and turn it into Qis that we can use?

Lin Xuanzhi paused, then stared at Yan Tianhen with an indescribable look on his face. His stare made Yan Tianhen get goosebumps.

Wh, what? Yan Tianhen said cautiously, Did I say something wrong?

Ah Hen likes girls? Lin Xuanzhi asked.

Yeah. Yan Tianhen nodded and said without thinking.

Lin Xuanzhi felt like something got stuck in his heart. He frowned, Do you have someone you like?

Yan Tianhen nodded and smiled a bit shyly, Well, no, I dont.

Lin Xuanzhi said, Then how do you know that you like girls?

Yan Tianhen thought that question was a bit strange, Am I not supposed to like girls??

After he said that, he suddenly remembered that Lin Xuanzhi had wanted to become Dao companions with a man before so he quickly explained, Even though there are many people who say that it is against the heavenly law for men to become Dao companions, in my opinion, other than an added difficulty for them to bear offspring in the future, its not like theyll hinder others in any way. So its fine as long as Dage is happy.

Lin Xuanzhi, .

Should he be complimenting Yan Tianhen for his thoughtfulness?

In his past life, he actually did have intimate relations with Yan Tianhen.

At that time, it was purely because he wanted to hurry and break through to the primary-level realm more smoothly. Moreover, he had just known about Yan Tianhens affections for him, so a sense of disgust and hatred instantly arose in the him who had hated Yan Tianhen.

As such, the past him harboured a malicious idea. When he was breaking through to the next level, he pushed Yan Tianhen who had visited him out of concern down, then ruthlessly rammed into his body and made him endure extreme torture and humiliation. After the deed was done, he left straight away.

The past himwas really quite filthy and despicable.

Lin Xuanzhi laughed bitterly as he closed his eyes. He owed Yan Tianhen too much, and if Yan Tianhen does not come to love him in this life, then he would definitely not force Yan Tianhen. This could also be considered his karma ba.

Dage, whats wrong? Yan Tianhens worried voice travelled into his ears.

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