Crazy Leveling System Chapter 102

Chapter 102 Rebels

Chapter 102: Rebels

Yun Tiansheng doesnt really care at this point whether this village will retaliate against them or not, because Xiao Lian has quite a lot of fortune with her, besides he didnt exactly protect them because theres no threat around there except for themselves

In your dream! Sister Xiao Lian wont go with you! Wang Dechuan stood up for her, holding a wooden stick, but that wooden stick is basically a toy for them, they could even send him flying with one finger due to the gap of their cultivation.

Yun Tiansheng ignored him completely, he just said to Xiao Lian. Hurry and make your choice. If you dont want to i will kill the villagers one by one in front of your eyes. If you agree, i will exempt this village from the tax for three years, not a bad deal i would say.

Its not like Xiao Lian is weak, but the gap between them is too huge, she realized this when she tried to parry Yun Tianshengs strike.

Xiao Lian bit her lips, she basically doesnt have any choice but obey Yun Tiansheng because shes not strong enough and if she refused, Yun Tiansheng will kill the villagers one by one until shes the only one remain and drag her with him anyway.

Sister Xiao Lian, ill fight! even if i die trying its better than letting these scums do whatever they want! Wang Dechuan made his resolve to stand his ground. He is afraid of death, but more than that, hes so furious at these bandits.

Oh, how inspiring! but go ahead and ask her, whether your futile resistance really amounts to anything Yun Tiansheng gave him a condescending look.

We would rather die than let Xiao Lian go with the likes of you!

You held my son captive. I have nothing else to lose, Ill fight!

Yes, Ive had enough of this crap!

At this time, everyone else was inspired by Wang Dechuan and decided to stand up and oppose this tyranny. They are afraid of death, but living like this is basically the same as dead.

Dont be hasty. We should listen to Sir Yuns words and let Xiao Lian and Sir Yun go to avoid further casualties. Im sure it would be an honor for Xiao Lian to sacrifice for this village! A man said from the crowd while running to Yun Tiansheng. Besides, well be exempted from protection fee for three years. This wouldve been unthinkable before! If it is not for Sir Yuns protection, we wouldve fallen prey to demon beast long ago!

Niu Zhi, what are you talking about! Wang Dechuan said with anger: Protect us? From what exactly?There is no demon beast nearby, we dont need their protection!

Yes, Niu Zhi, how can you side with that scum dont tell me youre the one who leaked the information about Xiao Lian Someone suspected him as the one who leak the information.

Information? Niu Zhi said with a sneer: Xiao Lian brought back lots of things, but barely gave us any!

The villagers cant believe what they just heard, and Xiao Lian is so furious. Its true that she didnt give everything she brought to the villagers since she has her needs as well, but she already gave most of what she brought here.

She was not that familiar with Niu Zhi, yet she still bother to give him some of her fortunes! Only to be stabbed on her back!

Youre a traitor Wu Liquan was so furious he never expected one of the villager would become a traitor and side with bandit.

Traitor? Im doing this for this vilages sake as well! Niu Zhi said with a sneer: the most logical decision to make is to obey Sir Yun. You think you can defy Sir Yun?

There is no doubt that he is the traitor, no wonder Yun Tiansheng already return here even though its still 3 months from the previous extortion.

You, you I will kill you! Wang Dechuan screamed and about to smash Niu Zhis face with a wooden stick, but was quickly stopped by Xiao Lian.

Hold it, you cant fight them Xiao Lian was also full of anger. Its been a while since her last return to her village and she gave the villagers a lot of things. But somebody snitched on her just because hes dissatisfied with what she gave him.

Theres no point in saying anything now, Yun Tiansheng and his men is too strong for her.

At least you understand that much, last chance to make your choice, before im running out of patience. Yun Tiansheng looked at her full of disdain.

Xiao Lian looked back at the villagers and finally grits her teeth and said: Alright, I promise you

She has no choice but to accept. If she refused Yun Tiansheng will kill the villagers one by one, and she cant fight them all.

Xiao Lian, do not go with them, these son of a bitch will kill you! At this time one man on a crutch came out of the house, limping.

After a few steps, he fell to the ground.

Xiao Lian ran and propped his father. why did you come out, you have to rest.

I didnt expect you to be her father. I did remember injuring your leg. Im sorry, if i know youre her father, I will definitely show my mercy. Yun Tiansheng smiled cruelly, showing no remorse at all.

However, since you agree to come with me, then I will leave some healing pills.

Xiao Lian trembled, she thought that the cause of her fathers injury is a serious illness, turns out its Yun Tianshengs doing!

Old Liu, Its an honor for your daughter to go with Sir Yun, why do you get in her way? Niu Zhi chuckled, villagers are disgusted seeing his wretched expression.

You traitor, leave at once! Old Liu said with anger: Dont let me see you again, or i will kill you!

No hard feelings, i just choose side based on logic, and I will go with Sir Yun, how can I stay in this poor village? Niu Zhi doesnt look sorry at all, as Yun Tiansheng promised to take him in, so hes not worried at all.

The villagers just looked at Niu Zhi with contempt, having a scum in Gong Village is really embarassing and frustrating!

Its about time, lets go. Yun Tiansheng said solemnly.

Xiao Lian immediately signaled the other villagers to come and help her father to return to the house. Instead they immediately walked to Yun Tiansheng.

Sister Xiao Lian, dont go!

Xiao Lian, come back!

Dont go, ill fight!

At this time, Yun Tianshengs men quickly pushed them back. They could not resist due to their lack of strength.

Take care Xiao Lian is about to cry, all she could is a small sacrifice.

Yun Tiansheng enjoyed this kind of scene unfolding before his eyes, to tear apart someone from their loved ones.

Who dares to take you?

At this time, a familiar voice fills the air, and everyone looked somebody blocking Yun Tianshengs path with his cold eyes.

Young Master When Xiao Lian saw Yi Tianyun, she instantly shed tears.

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