Crazy Leveling System Chapter 107

Chapter 107 Fighting With All Might

Chapter 107: Fighting With All Might

Yi Tianyuns aura combined with his killing freezes every bandit on their feet. There is not much they can do now after seeing their boss was cut in two. Yi Tianyun begun cutting every bandit he laid his eyes on. Ahhhh! Run away! He is a demon! We have to escape! every bandits starts to scream and shout. They scatters, but still they cant outrun Yi Tianyun.

The place turns into carnage in the blink of an eye, there is blood everywhere. There is still a few of the bandits lying around, as they didnt have the courage to face Yi Tianyun. Suddenly a girl comes out from the broken house earlier, covered with scars and quilt, obviously she was raped by the bandits. She still has the scared look on her face, she starts to look around scared and when her gaze falls upon Yi Tianyun and Xiao Lian, she suddenly stops.

Sister Xiao Lian

Meng Hua? Xiao Lian said with disbelief. She doesnt know this Meng Hua is also captured by the bandits. Suddenly, one of the surviving bandit grab hold of Meng Huas neck from behind and make her his hostage.

Dont, dont come over! Or I will kill her! The bandit was pale, holding a short sword in his hand and pointing the sword on Meng Huas neck.

Stop! Dont you dare! Xiao Lian screams at the bandit, her heart thumping from anger. Meng Hua starts crying but she doesnt care about her own life. She wants Yi Tianyun and Xiao Lian to get revenge for her and the villager that was caught. Dont worry about me! My life is already over when this bastard caught me! Just help me get revenge, and save the villagers. She said while crying. Shut up slut! the bandit handle Meng Hua rougher than before, halting her from talking any further. He s afraid Yi Tianyun will prioritize killing him over Meng Huas life. He wants to use Meng Hua as a human shield to get out of this place and escape. Xiao Lian standing beside him starts crying too, Meng Hua is her childhood friend, she cant abandon her now when Meng Hua need her the most. She wants to get closer to her, but she cant risk her safety.

Suddenly, a gust of wind drifting from the side, shocking Xiao Lian while the bandit holding Meng Hua died with a hole in his head. Xiao Lian looks at the direction of the wind and find out its Yi Tianyuns doing. Yi Tianyun throws a stone so fast it bust through the bandits head. No one can escape this place, there is nothing you can do about it. Yi Tianyun reaches out his hand for Xiao Lian to take. She immediately takes Yi Tianyun hand and began to stand. Sister Xiao Lian, you should stay here with her. She is still shaken by what happened here, no more bandits here, so it should be safe for you, but there is still half more place the bandit could go in this fortress. So leave the rest to me.

When he rushes forward into the enemys territory, he could feel a powerful killing intent comes from afar, followed by two core condensation cultivators. He raises his brows a little after knowing this fact. He doesnt expect to be fighting a core condensation cultivator in this remote place.

Who are you? said Fortress Lord Long Batian.

Meanwhile Yi Tianyun is observing them using his appraisal eye, and the information shows at once. The three of them are the Fortress Lord of Dragons Treasure Stronghold, they are in fact a brother by blood, and it seems the one in charge is Long Baitian followed by Long Weitian and Long Quantin.

Long Batian: Cultivation Second Level Core Condensation, Weapons Dragon Spring Blade, High Grade Spirit Tool, Equipment Middle Grade Spirit Tool armor, combat power 18,000. Weakness left foot has been injured. Easy difficulty enemy. Killing may have obtained the Item. There are Buddha Killing Palm (High Grade Human Level Martial Art), Heavenly Wind Blade

Long Weitian: Cultivation First Level Core Condensation, Weapon Tyrant Heaven Blade, High Grade Spirit Tool, Equipment Middle Grade Spirit Tool armor, combat power 16,000. Weakness the chest and the attack are easy to fall. Killing may have obtained the Item for Buddha Killing Palm, Heavenly Wind Blade

Long Quantian: Cultivation Eighth Level Spirit Refinement, Weapon is

The details of their powers are showed by appraisal eye. The weapons, the armor, the martial art, even their weakness. Yi Tianyun is clearly smirking with himself when he sees that they are not too hard to handle. He chooses to fight them head on, theres no need to make a plan against these small fries.

Oh, I am just a plain intruder who wants your life. Yi Tianyun said while smirking. He immediately jumps up into the air and cleaves his axe in the three brothers directions. The core condensation cultivator immediately jumps out into safety, but the third one whos still on his spirit refinement didnt have speed to dodge Yi Tianyun attack. He immediately split the Long Quantian in two. His hard armor is basically a paper for Yi Tianyuns axe.

[Dng, successfully killed Long Quantian, gained 32,000 experiences, 800 Crazy Point, got Buddha Killing Palm, Heavenly Wind Blade!]

Third Brother!!

The two brothers that dodge Yi Tianyuns attack is shocked seeing their brother died in front of them. Theyre filled with anger. You bastard, I will personally kill you with these hands! Long Weitian screamed, and slashes his sword at Yi Tianyuns direction. Yi Tianyun clearly is not fazed, he just dodges it easily, taunting Long Weitian more. Yi Tianyun put some distance between them suddenly, catching Long Weitian off guard and he cleaves his axe into Long Weitian directions.

Long weitian saw what Yi Tianyun wants to do, but he cant move to dodge Yi Tianyuns attack, he raises his sword to try to block the axe, but that move was in faint, as the axe easily cut the sword in half and smashes Long Weitian body toward a nearby wall. Chaotic Heaven Sacred Axe is really too powerful, with this axe only, he can kills his opponent with ease, there is no point in hiding against anything as the axe will surely cut through.

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