Crazy Leveling System Chapter 119

Chapter 119 Expert That Youre Looking For Is Me

Chapter 119: Expert That Youre Looking For Is Me!

Yi Tianyun isnt afraid of the elder in front of him, not even the slightest, so what if hes at spirit core. For him all that matter is how much combat power one possessed. With a slap alone, the elder was already blown away, proving no matter how high the level of cultivation is, the combat power is all that matters.

Youre pretty tough! Yi Tianyun says while cracking his fingers, ready to strike again.

How dare you hit me! I will kill you, you brat! Elder Wei says while fuming with anger. He immediately takes out his weapon, a pair of claw a Lower Grade Soul Tool, and stand up again. He immediately rushes over to Yi Tianyun direction, ready to shred Yi Tianyun to pieces with his claws.

Yi Tianyun doesnt fight empty handed, he takes out his own personal weapon, the frost fist. Seeing this weapon Yi Tianyun uses, Elder Wei becomes more enraged.

You dare to fight me using a gauntlet! How far would you underestimate your opponent boy! You will die a painful death! Elder Wei quickly uses his technique Burst Claw! he screams out while slashing his claws downward into Yi Tianyuns head.

The elder wants to kill Yi Tianyun so badly, he decides to use this technique right off the bat. The extreme speed from the elder technique makes the air quaking around the claw. Yi Tianyun doesnt even flinch in front of the elder technique.

Inspector Ge on the side was looking pretty happy by the situation right now, he really resent Yi Tianyun for slapping him around and in front of enraged Elder Wei, there is no way Yi Tianyun would be able to survive.

Yi Tianyun immediately uses his froze fist special ability Froze! and immediately after he shouts the word, the fast Elder Wei approaching Yi Tianyun becomes gradually slower and eventually turn into an ice sculpture.

Yi Tianyun slaps Elder Weis face again in his frozen state, making the elders body stumbled to the side. Not very long after, the elders body completely thawed from the frozen state he was in.

He looks at Yi Tianyun with horrified look on his face, he feels lucky that Yi Tianyun doesnt kill him while he was frozen earlier, but know he was frozen from fear, he has never seen such an overpowered technique before.

Yi Tianyun himself is not eager to end the fight so quickly, he wants to evaluate himself so he would be able to assess his next fight against an opponent in the spirit core level.

Didnt you say that you would kill me? Are you going to stop attacking me after a few slaps? Yi Tianyun says while smirking. He knows now the effect of the froze fist only lasted roughly 5 seconds for the elder.

He understands that the amount of time enemy would be frozen would be increased by the froze fist level, not his cultivations level. So he made up his mind to level up froze fist again in the near future. The scene unfolded in front of everyone else in the room leaves everyone speechless, they are really surprised and equally stunned from what Yi Tianyun had done to a spirit core expert.

The first slap is considered a lucky shot, but the second slap clearly means to destroy the enemys morale, its like Yi Tianyun is blatantly stating the fact that he is more powerful than the elder in a really bold way.

Shi Xueyun on the side is looking pretty satisfied with Yi Tianyuns power, she could relax knowing her nephew would not get injured for fighting Elder Wei.

Earlier, she feels really worried by the elders weapon, she knows if Yi Tianyun get slashed by that claw, he would be in another world by now.

You, what kind of evil martial art did you use! Elder Wei says to Yi Tianyun, while still shaken by Yi Tianyuns power.

Do you really need to know? Does it concern you? Yi Tianyun says indifferently. He already had enough of each of his opponent always asking his martial art, is not like they would be able to give that information to anybody else even if they know. They would be dead after fighting Yi Tianyun, so its not necessary for them to know.

Elder Wei is frowning with Yi Tianyuns answer, he wants to know what kind of demon that Yi Tianyun made a pact with to receive that kind of power. He never expects Yi Tianyun is even at his level, but its clear that Yi Tianyun is very strong cultivator.

Are you done talking now? Then, its my turn to attack now! So we will not waste anymore of our precious time. Yi Tianyun says while simultaneously activating his crazy mode.

His power increased exponentially, the crazy mode increase his combat power 4 times, originally he has only around 100.000 combat power, with all his equipment.

Now, after using Crazy Mode it get into 390.000 combat power! The combat power is not totally multiplied by 4 because the combat power he received from the equipment isnt multiplied by crazy mode. If crazy mode also multiplies the combat power from equipment, he would be the strongest cultivator in no time!

Elder Wei with his equipment have a combat power around 320.000, with Yi Tianyuns combat power of 390.000, its clear that he could defeat the elder with ease.

The explosive power that Yi Tianyun show just now send chill down Elder Weis spine, if he wasnt sure that Yi Tianyun is of Spirit Core Cultivator, he is sure now, Yi Tianyun is definitely a Spirit Core Cultivator Expert. Yi Tianyuns aura is far stronger than his own aura.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the Expert that you all wanted to know so badly is me! Yi Tianyun says while smirking.

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