Crazy Leveling System Chapter 128

Chapter 128 Rescue

Chapter 128: Rescue

Deacon Qian, you You betrayed us! They glared at Deacon Qian, pale and powerless, they never thought it would turn this way!

Deacon Qian looked at their shocked expression and immediately the said with a sly and cold smile: Heavens Top Mansion will perish soon, without resources, influence and power. Can I reach Spirit Core if I stay there? Of course not, its much better to follow Brother Bi! In this sea, even Profound Azure Mansion wont dare to come here, its totally safe!

Deacon Qian himself admitted that he colluded with the pirates, which obviously shocked all Heavens Top Mansions disciple. But what he said is an undeniable truth, Heavens Top Mansion has been declining these past few years, it isnt even comparable to Second Level Faction, and the resources have depleted. Definitely not a good environment for a Core Condensation cultivators who wanted to breakthrough.

No wonder you proposed to have a journey with us out of the blue, youve planned this all along! The women dressed in yellow, named Yang Xixue, who has the highest status and cultivation among them finally realizes whats going on.

Indeed, as expected of Miss Yang Xixue, seems like youre not the best innate among other disciples for nothing. Deacon Qian stares at Yang Xixue from the top her hair to the bottom of her toe and said with a smile: Little Lass, I like you, as long as you obey me, I promise no one will touch you.

Yang Xixue bites her teeth saying: get out of my sight you fucking traitor! Id rather die than become your plaything!

Right after saying that, she takes the sword aiming the tip to the neck, some other female disciples also follows Yang Xixue, Deacon Qian knew what they are planning and swiftly snatches the long sword from Yang Xixues hands.

Like Ill let you! Deacon Qian looked cold.

And suddenly, several male disciples rushed toward the female disciples and snatch their swords as well.

Senior Sister, what are you doing? Arent you satisfied with us They sneered, turned out Deacon Qian is not the only traitor, a few male disciples also defected to the pirates side.

Wise move. Come with us, well satisfy your needs. And rest assured, we will treat you well, after all youll give birth to our child! Bi Yuntao chuckled, the female disciples become even more panic,theyd rather die than becoming these scums slaves.

Huang Xiong, you, could you! The rest of the male disciples who did not defect is fuming while trembling.

There are a total of 20 people boarding the ship including Deacon Qian. And several male disciples along with Deacon Qian already defected.

Hey, didnt Deacon Qian mention it earlier. Joining them is more promising. There is no future at Heavens Top Mansion. Why bother remaining loyal?

Yes! And with the lack of resources, maybe it will last for another month, then itll perish, Heavens Top Mansion? More like Heavens Top Palace, hahahaha.

They sneered and continuously insult Heavens Top Mansion. They think this Heavens Top Mansion is a garbage and they dont deserve to be part of that sect.

Stop! Yang Xixue angered: Although we dont have that much resources, but many experts already went out of their way to train us, the least we can do is appreciate them. Although our sect is declining right now, I believe one day, we will achieve more glory than ever! she said proudly, other female disciples thinks so as well, they just nod their heads.

I dont care if one day Heavens Top Mansion achieve glory again, I only care about now, and the current Heavens Top Mansion better perish for all I care! Deacon Qian coldly snorted and said: Take them into custody, release them when they finally understand what I mean when I said Heavens Top Mansion is trash!

Heavens Top Mansion is quite blessed having disciples who still believed in them. At this time, a black shadow descend and landed on the ship. A mere thought of pirates plundering a ship already infuriates him, now even a deacon along with several disciples are in cahoot with those pirates, he cant sit idle much longer.

He thought because its already in a level of Mansion, a reinforcement is definitely coming to help them. Turns out, let alone help, even their own deacon and disciples are traitors.

Greed really is fearsome, it can corrupt peoples mind this easily.

Who is it?? Deacon Qian and all these pirates are alerted. All of a sudden an unknown figure appear among them, without them realizing it, besides where on earth did he come from.

Everyones eyes are focused on Yi Tianyun, whos standing on the ship and stare everyone indifferently.

An ally of Heavens Top Mansion.

Immeadiately after Yi Tianyun quickly used Absorbing Stars Great Technique, targeting Deacon Qian. Deacon Qian screamed due to surprise, but hes already too late, his spiritual power is continuously absorbed by Yi Tianyun, in a matter of minutes, half of his spiritual power is already absorbed by Yi Tianyun!

This, what is this wicked arts!

Deacon Qian tried to break free out of Yi Tianyuns clutch, but his body can no longer move at all. All he could do is watch as Yi Tianyun keeps absorbing his spiritual power!

Everyone else was shocked. The moment he appeared he already managed to immobilze Deacon Qian all by himself.

Youre an easy prey. Yi Tianyun lightly said with a smile.

Save me! Quick! What are you doing! Deacon Qian realized at this rate all his spiritual power will be gone in no time and quickly asked Bi Yuntao for help.

Bi Yuntao quickly come to Deacon Qians aid using the flying sharks to come over here, but thewhen hes about to reach the ship. A huge Black Dragon flatten them from the sky, they didnt have time to react and was sent flying.


When they were sent flying, the Black Dragon breathes intensely hot flame to their direction, the pirates, which were ignited by the flame jumped to the water to extinguish the flame, but turns out that the flame was not extinguishable by the ordinary sea water. As a result, their bodies are burnt to ashes!

Facing this sudden disaster, Bi Yuntao, the rest of the crew and the traitors are all shaking, what is happening?! How come there is a Black Dragon here!

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