Crazy Leveling System Chapter 134

Chapter 134 Taunt

Chapter 134: Taunt

Yi Tianyun looked at him mockingly, this young man was supposed to be a genius disciple of Profound Azure Mansion. But he couldnt even read this engraving on the stone tablet, now he is lying in front of these two girls to show off. This man is a fraud and a trash.

Can you really tell us what is written in here word by word? Yi Tianyun knocked on the stone tablet indicating the row of word in the stone tablet for Qing Liuyun to translate.

Did you understand it yourself for you to be so brave to challenge me? Qing Liuyun said with spite to Yi Tianyun.

Yi Tianyun just looked at Qing Liuyun with a bored expression and said Shame on you! Not only I can understand this kind of thing, I can even tell you the content of this one.

Yu Shiqian and Zhao Yu became excited knowing Yi Tianyun could deciper the stone tablet for them. Qing Liuyun was a bit surprised by Yi Tianyuns statement, but he suspected that Yi Tianyun was just saying things to demean him.

Well then, would you be so kind to explain what engraved here then! Qing Liuyun said with a slight smirk.

Yi Tianyun smiled knowingly and said This is easy, the text used on this stone tablet is not a regular rune used for the usual stone tablet, this text used the Spirit Race language. The content is nothing so extraordinary either. It is just a headstone for a tomb, the name is Huan Qins Tomb, and the name of the expert who wrote it was called Lei Yun. There is nothing you would obtain from this stone tablet. Yi Tianyun didnt bluff on the stone tablets fact.

He studied the spirit language as Jade Palace have a similar stone tablet with spirit language written on it too.

Nonsense! Clearly you are lying! Qing Liuyun was basically shouting, his face was completely red from embarrassment. He will not admit that he didnt know anything about this stone tablet in front of the two young lady behind him.

Now Im the one who talk nonsense? if you want to waste your time trying to get something from this stone tablet, then be my guest. Although this place is renowned as a dangerous zone, that doesnt mean no one was ever here. The Spirit Language sure was rare and complex, but there was still some people left who can understand it. If you really were able to find something from this tombstone, then you are a real genius, would you prove yourself? Yi Tianyun said ssarcastically.

Hearing Yi Tianyuns explanation, Yu Shiqian and Zhao Yu felt more reassured and at the same time wondered, what did Qing Liuyun expect from lying to them?

Wow, you are good! Clearly you are clever, but do you think any of us would believe you? Qing Liuyun said in anger.

if nobody believes that is fine. Its not like I am waiting for approval from any of you anyway. Yi Tianyun said, hes too lazy to argue with Qing Liuyun.

Qing Liuyun surely felt anger rushing in his body with the way Yi Tianyun completely disregard him. Qing Liuyun turned his attention to Yu Shiqian and tried to smooth talk her.

Dont listen to that mans word, little Shi. The Stone Tablet is not a tombstone at all, its. . . He cant seem to find a good word.

Its fine, it doesnt matter. All I need to do is find some Spirit Language expert later. Junior Zhao lets go, we need to search the island for demon beasts. Its strange not to find any Demon Beast around here. Yu Shiqian walks away with Zhou Yu in tows, leaving behind Qing Liuyun and Xiao Jianren without looking back at them.

Qing Liuyun frustrated that his plan didnt work because of Yi Tianyun, he just bit his lips in frustration as he saw the two young lady walked away from him. He saw Yi Tianyun walked away with a cold eye full of killing intent.

Big brother, I am sorry that I cant help you earlier. Xiao Jianren said while watching Yi Tianyun walked away with anger in his eyes.

There is nothing you can do, sometimes people are too busy meddling other peoples business that they dont know when to stop! Now you go around him, we will let him know whats the consequence of messing with us. Qing Liuyun said to Xiao Jianren with a killing intent.

Yi Tianyun arrived at another area, walking around reading many engraving along the path.

It seems that the runes are indicating theres a cemetery on the island, but where is it? Yi Tianyun wondered, as he keeps walking forward. After awhile he felt something ahead of him and he shouted Stop hiding and come out! He said slightly shouting.

It seems that youre not all talk! Xiao Jianren said, showing himself in front of Yi Tianyun. Qing Liuyun alse came from behind, completely blocking Yi Tianyuns escape.

What is the matter now? Yi Tianyun said while raising one of his brows at them.

There is nothing serious, it is just you succeed in provoking us! as soon as Qing Liuyun stops talking, Xiao Jinren immediately attacked with a short sword in his hand Heavenly Tiger Stamp! He shouted, a bursting energy can be seen in his feet which slightly shook the ground a bit. Xiao Jianren immediately rushed forward with his technique to attack Yi Tianyun. He leaped around the ground like a sprinting Tiger!

As he got close to Yi Tianyun, a Tiger can be seen behind Xiao Jianren, the short sword in his hand sparkling from the light of the tiger behind him. Yi Tianyun looked at Xiao Jianren lazily, he didnt even try to dodge Xiao Jianrens attacks.

Die! Xiao Jianren shouts as he was in range to attack Yi Tianyun.

Down, boy! In a flash, Yi Tianyun slammed Xiao Jianrens head down into the ground. His power shook Xiao Jianrens body, rendering him incapable of moving. With his new cultivation level, Yi Tianyun didnt have to go all out against this kind of opponent, there is no need to use Dragon God Bloodline, as his level was already high enough to deal with them.

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