Crazy Leveling System Chapter 140

Chapter 140 Heavenly Thunder Great Array

Chapter 140: Heavenly Thunder Great Array

Yi Tianyun absorbed the energy continuously, earning him so much exp.

Meanwhile Huan Qin couldnt do anything except staring at Yi Tianyun with her blue eyes, at this point she didnt care anymore whether she could get out or not, but rather Yi Tianyuns well being, she thought Yi Tianyun is pushing himself too far for her sake.

Are you sure youre okay? You can take a break you know Huan Qin worried.

Im fine really, just sit tight and ill break you out of here in no time. Yi Tianyun smiled.

What Huan Qin didnt know was, Yi Tianyun was totally fine,in fact he was ecstatic to be able to find such abundant exp source.

Suddenly the exp he gained plummeted, which means the 10 Times Experience Card and 5 Times Experience Cards effect expired, and he decided not to buy any more for now. Because buying additional Experience Card was just not worthwhile at this point due to the price kept increasing after each purchase, 10 Times Experience Card costed 250,000 Crazy Point, and the 5 Times Experience Card costed 100,000 Crazy Point at this point, which was very costly.

It seems that all I can use is Crazy Mode

Yi Tianyun shook his head, even if he kept the Crazy Mode active, the consumption rate was also quite a lot, at this level he consumed a hundred Crazy Point per minute. Thats not much considering he only activated it for about an hour now, besides earning more exp is more important right now.

Obviously now that the effect of experience card expired, he gained less exp, and it will be harder for him to level up.

Experience was reduced, but since the absorption rate wasnt affected, the all Fire Dragon Stone surrounding the cage was almost extinguished.

Already? Huan Qin was so excited that Yi Tianyun could absorb the energy this fast and from the looks of it he seemed fine.

Yi Tianyun absorbed all the energy, all Fire Dragon Stone was extinguished, this was too easy for Yi Tianyun.

Like I said, this is nothing.


Suddenly, a Divine Thunder immediately condensed in the air, and struck Yi Tianyun down at an unbelievable speed that Yi Tianyun cant dodge it, sending him flying toward the wall.

Hey He squirmed, and there was a blood on his lips. He was slightly injured due to the thunder strike.

Thunder strike? Yi Tianyun felt as if his body almost split in half. He couldve been killed if he hasnt reached Spirit Core, and luckily he activated Dragon God Bloodline, so the impact from the thunder strike was subsided.

His whole body was numbed, it really wasnt an easy task to break this cage.

This, this is Heavenly Thunder Great Array, Lei Yun engraved his Heavenly Thunder Great Array to this cage! Huan Qin said in horror: Stay away, go! He uses the lightning of this Devil Cloud Island as the last line of defense in case something happened to the Fire Dragon Stone, if you come any closer to this cage, you will be killed!

Yi Tianyun stood up, wiped the blood on his lips, and said with confidence : Do you think I will give up that easily? Im a little numb thats all, this is nothing.

He wouldnt give up that easily, he drew more power from Dragon God Bloodline, boosting his power.


Divine Thunder struck again, this time Yi Tianyun raised his hand and used Absorbing Stars Great Technique to absorb the energy of the Divine Thunder!


Yi Tianyun was sent flying once again! His absorption rate couldnt keep up with the momentum of the Divine Thunder, unless he leveled up the mastery of Absorbing Stars Great Technique, there was no way he could absorb that Divine Thunder.

You must stop. This Heavenly Thunder Great Array will gradually become more powerful. At this rate, you will definitely die! Huan Qin begged Yi Tianyun to stop: I know how you feel, but just go, leave me

Her eyes turned red, she wanted to get out but she couldnt let Yi Tianyun die helping her. Although she acquainted with him only recently, she couldnt bear seeing Yi Tianyun die in front of her.

Do not worry, I can handle this, I got more tricks up my sleeve

At this point Yi Tianyun was well aware that he couldnt take that Divine Thunder head on, so he observed the Divine Thunder for a while.

The next moment, he took out the Shadow Cloak which granted five seconds invincible!

Immediately, he rushed up again toward Huan Qin, and at the same time he looked at Huan Qins sad eyes and shook her head, she really didnt want Yi Tianyun to come closer and put himself in danger.

That look made Yi Tianyun even more determined to save her.


Divine Thunder struck again, but this time he used Shadow Cloak!


When the thunder struck him, he remained unscathed thanks to the effect of Shadow Cloak.

He quickly reached the cage and grabbed the cage with both hands.


Yi Tianyun made a dragon-like roar, firmly gripped the pillar of the cage and bent it to each sides a squeaky sound was heard as he bent it, a small crack appeared, and Yi Tianyun bent it even harder to the point that the veins in his hands are bulging!

Crazy Mode, double power!

Yi Tianyun screamed and tried to tear the cage open. At the same time an Wicked Fire emerge from the stone pillar and tried to enter his body through his arm. However, since the effect of Shadow Cloak was still active, it was negated.

This Wicked Fire was set up here beforehand

Yi Tianyun immediately knew what it was. Obviously Lei Yun prepared this trap beforehand to prevent anyone from breaking the cage from outside, and in case Yi Tianyun didnt activate the effect of Shadow Cloak beforehand, he couldve died by now!

Turns out there were two traps in addition to Divine Thunder to prevent anyone from rescuing Huan Qian.

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