Crazy Leveling System Chapter 142

Chapter 142 Instruction

Chapter 142: Instruction

After leaving the cave, they quickly hid themselves.

We are leaving right now, it would be troublesome if Lei Yun notices something. Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

Huan Qin nodded while looking around and said: there is no boat in around here, do you have something in mind?

Dont worry, I think there should be a giant eagle around here.

He came to the shore with Huan Qin and saw a carriage there. It was Qing Liuyuns carriage. Since they died, no one used that carriage.

I didnt expect a carriage to be here, does it belong to someone? Huan Qin was surprised.

Yes, it was, but they ticked me off, and then I killed them. Yi Tianyun said with a light smile.

I dont know who is that foolish, they are simply courting death. Huan Qin knew how strong Yi Tianyun was, but the most important thing was reaching Spirit Core at such a young age, that was something else, Lets leave this deserted island as fast as possible, I cant stay here much longer.

Well, thats true but I think this is where we part ways. Im pretty sure we have different destination in mind. I want to go back to Heavenly New City nearby, Yi Tianyun said.

But theres only one carriage, you have to go back by boat

The next moment, Yi Tianyun summoned a Black Dragon which of course surprised her.

Why would I need one? Yi Tianyun said with a smile.

Who are you really? You even have your own Divine Beast. Because its not like Huan Qin didnt know anything about Divine Beast, having Divine Beast was the prestige of Fourth Level Faction, it goes without saying Spirit Race had their Divine Beast as well, which made Huan Qin so curious regarding who Yi Tianyun really was.

I am just an Elder of a faction. Just consider me a lucky guy. Yi Tianyun did not hide the fact about Black Dragon, sooner or later people will find out about it anyway.

Moreover, he concluded that Huan Qin has no sign of hostility toward him, so there will be no problem.

Just an elder? Huan Qin said with a smile: you are too lucky then if were talking about lick.

You can say that. Yi Tianyun just smiled lightly.

You saved me out, I havent returned the favor Huan Qin was interrupted before she finished her sentence.

Giving me this rune to save me is way more than enough, besides, you cant trade this with money, its priceless. Yi Tianyun put his hand on his chest, and smiled.

No, I insist, ill give you one more thing. Huan Qin smiled lightly, and move her hand around, all of a sudden golden light was disappearing into the rune at Yi Tianyuns chest, and along with the golden light, a knowledge entered Yi Tianyuns mind. Thats my way of returning of the favor.

Yi Tianyun was shocked after knowing what knowledge it was. What Huan Qin gave him was not the some Martial Art, but the Divine Runes engraving method. Divine Rune are divided into several categories, and most of them are common knowledges for the Spirit Race!

Although he could learn Rune Master based on his status bar, but that doesnt mean anything if he had no knowledge about it, and by gaining mastery in Rune Master he could use more variety of Rune.

Regarding this, its not just Rune Master, it also applied to Blacksmith and Alchemist, for example the technique to forge a Spirit Tool differed among all other blacksmith, and different technique resulted in different effect for the Spirit Tools.

He didnt know anything about the existed Runes, which will be a task for him at a later date to look into it, for now maybe he could try things out based on the knowledge he just learned.

But the most important thing was, Huan Qin inherited Yi Tianyun a Secret Art belonged to the Spirit Race which was under normal circumstances couldnt be inherited to anyone, but because Huan Qin was a Saintess of the Spirit Race, inheriting that knowledge was possible, but if anyone found out about this, Huan Qin could be exiled

Why did you give me this knowledge? Yi Tianyun cant comprehend why Huan Qin went this far for him, nonetheless he was really touched. Its true that he saved Huan Qin, but she gave him more than he could imagine in return.

I forgot to mention it earlier but, I entrust it to you not only to return the favor, but also for the sake of Spirit Race. Huan Qin smiled and said: Ill go back to my hometown, in case I cant defeat Lei Yun, Spirit Race will be controlled by Netherworld Empire. So I passed on this Secret Art to you in case Spirit Race couldnt resist Netherworld Empire.

Yi Tianyun was shocked, because even if thats the case, wouldnt it be better if she just inherited it to one of the spirit race and order him/her to run and hide herself?

This is definitely what Lei Yun after, do you trust me? Yi Tianyuns eyes are very complicated.

I dont know why, but seeing your determined self saving me back then encourage me to trust you Huan Qin smiled: Youre the first one who is willing to go that far for me, can I entrust you on this

Yi Tianyun wanted to comfort her and made sure she could trust him, but no words are coming out of his mouth.

You know what? Its not like I have to go back to the city right away, ill tag along and help you Yi Tianyun couldnt help but blurt out, thats all he could say. He knew that Huan Qin was trying to solve an internal conflict, and fighting her own race might be inevitable.

I appreciate your help, but I can see that you still have something to do, especially when you are lose conciousness earlier, youre calling your Aunt the whole time and your cultivation, to be honest, is a bit low. Huan Qin smiled and patted his head, said with a smile: i understand your feelings but, its better if you utilize the Secret Art to its maximum potential and maybe if your cultivation is higher later, next time you can come and help me.

Even with my current cultivation, its still considered low? Yi Tianyun was a little surprised.

Yes, Spirit Core cultivation is not bad, but my enemies be Core Transformation, even Void Spirit,and of course Spirit Core. My cultivation was Core Transformation. Now because of the Seal, my cultivation dropped down to Core Condensation. I think youre really ahead of yourself if youre trying to help me, am I wrong? Huan Qin said with a light smile: But you are very young, give it some time and youll be much stronger. Stronger that anyone, I guarantee it!

These words excited Yi Tianyun, hell definitely become the strongest, and stood at the top, overlooking all the scenery of the world!

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