Crazy Leveling System Chapter 143

Chapter 143 Distinction

Chapter 143: Distinction

Stand on the top, thats a good idea actually. Yi Tianyun smiled slightly, the best way to protect his loved ones is to be become stronger, stronger than anyone else!

Hey, save your narcism for later, im still here you know. Huan Qin said with a smile may I know your name?

Yi Tianyun. He mentioned his real name, and took off his Hundred Transformations Mask, revealing his real face: This is my real face, the face youve seen just now is fake.

When Huan Qin saw Yi Tianyuns real face, she was shocked: You are you for real?

In front of her stood a 17-years-old boy, which was too young, the face Yi Tianyun created with Hundred Transformation Mask judge by appearance looked at least like a twenty-five years old man. Even being a Spirit Core cultivation, was already surprising, and now that he revealed his real face, its even more shocking!

Spontaneously, she stretched Yi Tianyuns face trying to make sure whether this was his real face or not, which of course ended up in failure.

Are you done? Yi Tianyun said helplessly.

Is this a joke or what Huan Qin was shocked. Youre already at Spirit Core at this age? Are you a genius of Divine Nation?

Like I said, im just an Elder of a small faction. Yi Tianyun affirmed.

Your Innate Ability must be amazing Huan Qin shook his head. If only were not in a conflict right now, I wouldve invited you to our country and ill grant you a title.

Youre just exaggerating right now. Yi Tianyun suddenly smiled.

Its not an exaggeration, youll definitely become an amazing cultivator in the future. Huan Qin said with a smile: Im looking forward to see your growth the next time we meet, this is where we part and yes, Huan Qin is not my real name, its just my title in the Spirit Race, my real name is Ye Qingxuan she soared to the sky riding the carriage drawn by the giant eagle.

Stay alive and well! I will catch up with you as soon as I finished my business! Yi Tianyun shouted.

If you can find me and I am still alive, I will marry you! Ye Qingxuan smiled and turned to look at him and finally shouted: But before that, be careful!

Immediately, her carriage disappeared from his sight.


Quest Completed

Reward: 200.000 Experience, 10.000 Crazy Point, 100 Huan Qin Favorability

Mission Completion message popped up. There was no continuation quest, perhaps if Yi Tianyun decided to come with her, there would be one. Its just that he has something to do now, so its impossible to leave with her. Profound Azure Mansion is his main goal now.

Immediately he checked his status bar.

Level: 34 (Fourth Level Spirit Core)

Experience: 1271529/21500000

Crazy Point: 818538

Prestige: 430

Sin Point: 231

Cultivation Technique: Dark North Divine Art, Dragon God Secret Art, Xuan Tian Divine Art

Martial Art: Absorbing Stars Great Technique, Blood Fiend Soaring Heaven, Transforming Heaven Palm *2, Netherworld Step *2

Weapon: Frost Fist, Blood Fiend Divine Spear, Sword of Endlessness, Chaotic Heaven Sacred Axe, Flowing Clouds Long Sword

Armor: Deity Armor, Shadow Cloak, Chaotic Heaven Divine Armor, Chaotic Heaven Battle Boots

Divine Ability: Crazy Mode, Luck Aura

Bloodline: Dragon God Bloodline

Innate Ability: Heavenly Eyes

Accessories: Forging God Hammer, Power bracelet, Power ring, Power Belt, Blood Fiend Bracelet

All items: Recovery Medicinal Pill *10, Gift Pack Lv41, Life*1, Bad Luck Divine Pill, Blast Divine Pill, 20 Times Experience Card, 3 Times Crazy Point Card, 4 Times Mastery Card, Walrus Skin *8, Octopus Feeler *6, Sea Cow Horn *8, Luminous Pearl *6, etc.

Treasure: Purple Fire Divine Furnace

Title: Guardian, Savior

Flame: Immortal Fire

More than 800.000 Crazy Point, need another 200.000 to level up Crazy Mode!

Yi Tianyun was so happy, killing so many Demon Beasts earlier gave him so much Crazy Points. He can even level up Dragon God Bloodline or Appraisal eye now, but he decided not to because he needed to level up Crazy Mode as fast as possible! Next level will grant 8 Times effect. This means which means he could get 8 times more exp, thats almost like using 10 times Exp Card.

Sell all these!

Yi Tianyun sold Netherworld Step, and other unnecessary thing for Crazy Points. His current goal is so simple, accumulate another 250.000 Crazy Points.

After selling those items and martial arts, his current Crazy Point was 870,000 Crazy Point! Another 130,000 Crazy Point to level Up.

Luminous Pearl is not bad, it is worth 5,000 Crazy Point. Yi Tianyun smiled and immediately rode Black Dragon, and leave the island. He planned to return to Heavenly New City for now.

There are still some Fire Dragon Stone left inside the cave for Yi Tianyun to absorb, but it would be a hassle in case Lei Yun sent someone to the island because the cage was torn apart and his traps were dismantled.

When he left, he saw a light from the island.


Out of nowhere something rammed into the island, creating a crater. A muscular man came out of the crater, holding a giant sword in his hand, and his eyes were cold. His footsteps were really heavy shaking the ground, and he himself was 2 meters tall.

He then walked into the cave where Ye Qingxuan was imprisoned before. Then he came out again immediately, his face was gloomy: How could this be. both Sir Lei Yuns Great Array was dismantled? Did the Elder of Spirit Race came here? It seems that I have to go back and inform Sir Lei Yun about this!

Then he held his sword firmly, and swung that sword, just with one swing, everything was leveled in the area leaving nothing but the ground.

Immediately, the man jumped and rode the long sword. Strong Divine Rune can be sensed from his sword, which then soared into the sky, with that man riding it.

It was several times faster compared to Yi Tianyuns Black Dragon, fortunately Yi Tianyun has left the island, that man would be a troublesome opponent even for Yi Tianyun.

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