Crazy Leveling System Chapter 157

Chapter 157 True Core Transformation Power

Chapter 157: True Core Transformation Power!

The menacing aura from afar immediately covered the area in an instant. A deep pressure instantly enveloped Shi Xueyun.

This pressure, this is from a Core Transformation Expert! she said while standing up, she felt fear crawling upon her mind.

This is an aura from the Old Ancestor of Profound Azure Mansion. Only them has this kind of power at their disposal. The old ancestor of Jade Palace said gloomily.

Not long after that, a pair of Water Crystal Coffin flew out through the air and land in the middle of the area. The menacing aura seeping out from the coffin incited fear to Jade Palaces disciple in ruins.

Welcome, Old Ancestor Blood Fiend. Qing Tianxun said while bowing his head to the old man that came out from the coffin.

Welcome Yi Tianyun said while stabbing his sword towards the old man. The sword of endlessness shone brightly, and the Water Crystal Coffin was sliced down, causing the old man to jump out from his place.

Impudent child! the old man said. Yi Tianyun noticed that a constant blood qi was flowing to the old man from everywhere.

The old man quickly raised his hand towards Yi Tianyun and in an instant, shot a powerful wave of aura towards Yi Tianyun. But as the attack hit Yi Tianyun, it disappeared as quickly, the sword of endlessness apparenly capable of absorbing the energy wave.

This power! the old man could not believe what he just saw.

He quickly charged toward Yi Tianyun in anger, DIE! he said.

Yi Tianyun quickly swung his sword in mid air, creating a blade wave, forcing the old man to dodge. The wave hit the Water Crystal Coffin once again and was blown to pieces.

As the old man stops charging at him, Yi Tianyun used this opportunity to look at the old mans status with his appraisal eye.

Name: Old Ancestor Blood Fiend

Cultivation: Second Level Core Transformation

Equipment: Middle-Grade Soul Tool

Combat Power: 1.300.000

Martial Arts: Blood Fiend Demon Palm, Blood Fiend Divine Art, etc.

Weakness: Water Attribute attack that can weaken the opponents attack.

He is in a second level core transformation rank. His combat power sure was amazing, but it was still nowhere near Yi Tianyun. However, Yi Tianyun noticed that the old man had not released his full power just yet.

Such a young age and you already reached this level, no wonder Tianxun asked for my help. It seems that I must settle personally. Old Ancestor Blood Fiend said, and suddenly, his eyes turned blood red, and he absorbed blood qi faster than before.

At this time, Yi Tianyun realized that the old mans combat power has increased by 30.000 points.

This Old Ancestor Blood Fiend is worthy of his title. Apparently, he could prolong his life span by absorbing blood qi from others. But this forbidden technique wouldnt last long.

Basically, there are two ways to prolong ones life. The first one is to take a life fruit, this fruit can extend life expectancy, but it couldnt be consumed in large number, and it was so scarce that hoping to find one was almost impossible.

The second way was to breakthrough the cultivation level, which was the simplest way but also the hardest. It was clear to Yi Tianyun that this old man was stuck!

He couldnt breakthrough to the Third Level Core Transformation. People around the old man apparently failed to notice that the old man was continuously stealing their blood qi, but if the old man didnt find a life fruit soon, he would be dead eventually.

That is why he used the water crystal coffin, which could contain his energy inside so that he wouldnt die as fast as he should.

You really need to teach your sect some manner. Just look at your sect! invading a small sect and in the process, bring an end to themselves! Yi Tianyun said coldly.

You have no say whatsoever about how we maintain our sect delusional brat! Just because youre still young, you think you can do whatever you want? As long as our old-timer didnt kick the bucket just yet, its still not your time! Old ancestor Blood Fiend said, sneering at Yi Tianyun.

As soon as he said that, the old mans body gradually transformed. His muscle and skin became tauter, and his complexion became more smooth and lively.

The Old Ancestor Blood Fiend became younger! The menacing aura from before multiplied as Old Ancestor Blood Fiend combat power rose!





This is the real power of the Second Level Core Transformation Expert! He sealed his power earlier, now that he released it, he became this powerful! Yi Tianyun became more excited seeing this transformation, What would happen once I finish this old man? What will I get afterward? Yi Tianyun mumbled to himself in excitement!

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