Crazy Leveling System Chapter 161

Chapter 161 Rare Item

Chapter 161: Rare Item

Phew, its finally over

Yi Tianyun was relieved, if he didnt upgrade Crazy Mode and use his Crazy Points to upgrade something else he wouldve lost.

If a Second Level Core Transformation Cultivator could reach 2 million combat power, how about third level and above?

Its true he did he solved the crisis, but there was no guarantee, same thing if not worse wouldnt happen in the future.

Jade Palace had no choice but to become stronger if they didnt want to be the prey of other faction. Because, even in this isolated place Profound Azure Mansion still pursued them, proving there was no stopping those with malice toward Jade Palace.

The best words to describe this world was survival for the fittest, gaining more strength was the only way to protect yourself and the one you held dear.

Now lets see what I got here.

As usual after a battle Yi Tianyun checked his stats, inventory, sold unnecessary Martial Arts, Weapon, etc and sort his inventory afterwards.

Host: Yi Tianyun

Level: 36 (SixthLevel Spirit Core)

Experience: 183722/7000000

Crazy Point: 1373689

Prestige: 430

Sin Point: 1956

Cultivation Technique(s): Dark North Divine Art, Dragon God Secret Art and Xuan Tian (Mysterious Heavens) Divine Art(s) and Heavens Devouring Divine Secret Art

Martial Art(s): Absorbing Stars, Blood Fiend Soaring Heaven and Qingyun Sword Technique and Azure Profound Step Technique

Weapon: Frost Fist, Blood Fiend Divine Spear, Sword of Endlessness and Chaotic Heaven Sacred Axe, Blood Dragon Skeleton Blade

Armor: Deity Armor, Shadow Cloak, Chaotic Heaven Divine Armor, Chaotic Heaven Battle Boots and Blood Fiend Divine Armor

Divine Ability: Crazy Mode and Luck Aura

Bloodline: Dragon God Bloodline

Adornments: Forging God Hammer and Power Bracelet and Power ring, Power Belt and Blood Fiend Bracelet

All item: Recovery Medicinal Pill x8 and Gift Pack Lv41 and life*1, Bad Luck Divine Pill, Blast Divine Pill and 10 Times Experience Card,

Treasure: Purple Fire Divine Furnace, Blood Jade, Coiling Dragon Treasure Map, Jade Pearl and Command Treasure Book

Title: Guardian and Savior

Flame: Immortal Fire

Yi Tianyun couldnt stop grinning after seeing he got 1 million Crazy Point, thanks to the 3 Times crazy point card, he got a lot of Crazy Point after slaughtering Profound Azure Mansions disciples. As for Sin Points, he didnt get that many from the disciples, the notable amount was only by killing Old Ancestor Blood Fiend.

Whats more he got some rare items!

Heavens Devouring Divine Secret Art: High Grade Earth Level Martial Art, Not Upgradeable, could automatically absorb the surrounding Spiritual Energy.

Yi Tianyun was ecstatic,this meant he could absorb the surrounding Spiritual Energy to cultivate, it was like giving him free exp, no wonder it was called Rare Item.

Blood Jade: A rare Item which granted enormous amount of blood qi to the user, no usage limitation, but will disappear after granting a fixed amount of blood qi.

Granting blood qi? Wow this is one hell of an item! Yi Tianyun was shaken with excitement!

Coiling Dragon Treasure Map: Contain the information about the location of Dragon Vein.( Recommended cultivation level to enter : Fifth level Spirit Core or above)

Jade Pearl: Increasing cultivation speed by three fold when equipped.

Command Treasure Book: Increase charisma and leadership when equipped.

Yi Tianyun was beyond satisfied with all these rewards, it was worth activating Luck Aura, although if the one Yi Tianyun killed had no items to begin with, even activating Luck Aura wouldnt help!

Tianyun, youre too reckless Shi Xueyun was slightly wobbly while making her way toward Yi Tianyun.

Yi Tianyun quickly ran toward her and supported her: are you all right aunt Shi?

No need to worry, I just need a little rest thats all. The Shi Xueyun was pale, her blood qi was unstable due to forceful integration to Cold Ice Soul Jade, Yi Tianyun could barely sense her aura.

Dont lie to me! Yi Tianyun turned serious: You dont really think id believe that after seeing your pale face right?

Yi Tianyun quickly took out that Blood Jade, just took, Old Ancestors of Jade Palace sensed enormous blood qi was emitted from an item Yi Tianyun took out.

This amount of blood qi what kind of treasure is that? Their eyes was completely locked on to Yi Tianyuns Blood Jade

These old coot thought that with that amount of blood qi they could stay alive for a little longer, and probably if theyre lucky during that time they could breakthrough to the next level of cultivation, and increase their life span.

However, they couldnt bring themselves to ask Yi Tianyun to give it to them seeing how frightening Yi Tianyun was when he slaughtered Profound Azure Mansion earlier, they didnt want to get on his bad side.

Aunt, hold this Jade, it will help you recover your blood qi! Yi Tianyun said while placing the Blood Jade on Shi Xueyuns palm.

No, no youve done too much for us, for this faction, I cant take this? Ill be fine after a little rest trust me

NO! you dont look so well, if youre still being stubborn, I wont forgive you ever Yi Tianyun was just as stubborn as Shi Xueyun.

Shi Xueyun noticed how worried Yi Tianyun was, she sighed gently, and held the Blood Jade in her hand. Blood qi flowed into Shi Xueyuns body, into every nook and cranny.

Old Ancestor just looked at Shi Xueyun enviously, but since they knew Shi Xueyun was in a critical condition, they decided to give up. At her current state, it would take years for Shi Xueyuns blood qi to fully recover under normal circumstances.

But as time passed, as long as Shi Xueyuns blood qi havent fully recovered, there was a possibility that Shi Xueyuns cultivation would be reduced, and also reduced, and dulling her Innate Ability.

I feel much better, I think thats enough Shi Xueyun quickly returned the Blood Jade to Yi Tianyun after just a few minutes.

No, no, you cant fool my eyes, if you dont absorb all these blood qi until you fully recovered, id rather smash this thing to smithreen! Yi Tianyun went as far as threatening Shi Xueyun so she continued absorbing the blood qi.

Shi Xueyun couldnt help but said: Alright alright, you won

She had no choice but to do as Yi Tianyun said, and finally when the Blood Jades color was starting to fade, Shi Xueyun finally recovered.

This is such a mysterious feeling, ive never been better, I felt like im even stronger than ever! Shi Xueyun said cheerfully.

Of course, its from your beloved nephew hehe. Yi Tianyun said looking a little bit relieved.

Yi Tianyun was finally convinced that Shi Xueyun was feeling better, in fact when he saw with his appraisal eye, Shi Xueyun leveled up into Peak Core Condensation, one more level and shed be a Spirit Core as well.

Although technically she has already reached Spirit Core, although it was when she forcefully integrated the Cold Ice Soul Jade, and afterwards reverted back into Ninth level Core Condensation, and after absorbing Blood Jade, she became a Peak Core Consation cultivator.

Cultivator was strange indeed, they could become stronger after recovering from a life or death situation, and Shi Xueyun was the perfect example of this, after each battle, she became stronger.

But of course she was totally no match compared to Yi Tianyuns Crazy Leveling System.

After receiving Blood Jade from Shi Xueyun, Yi Tianyun felt some eyes staring him, of course he realized it was those Old Ancestors ogling at his Blood Jade, but he would never hand it to them, it was such a rare item, there was no need to give it to them anyway, it would prolong their life span for a bit, but that was just like delaying the inevitable, it would be better to use it on someone else.

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