Crazy Leveling System Chapter 167

Chapter 167 Heavenly Eyes Might

Chapter 167 Heavenly Eyes Might

Yi Tianyun tried to fix the great array scattered around the Heavenly Immersing Ancient Ruins on his own, might as well try since he didnt have any plan for now anyway, even though he didnt know whether he would be able to fix it or not.

You need to be at least reach Fifth Grade Rune Mastery to be able to fix most of it. Old Xuan said nonchalantly.

Fifth Grade? Are you serious? Yi Tianyun said as he was startled by the fact. He, in fact, was at Fifth Grade of Blacksmith Mastery as well, but he spent a lot of time to achieve that level in Blacksmith. There was no way he could achieve that in Rune Mastery soon, which was deemed harder than Blacksmith.

Yes, with Fifth Grade Rune Mastery, you would be able to fix almost all of it, but some of them require a Divine Rune Master to be fixed. Old Xuan explained to Yi Tianyun.

Yi Tianyun just took a deep breath from hearing Old Xuans word, just how much amount of time that he needed to be able to cultivate the Rune Mastery to reach Divine Rune Master? There was just no way that he would be able to fix it all in anytime soon!

On top of that, he wouldnt be able to find any Divine Rune Master anywhere nearby. He remembered that Ye Qingxuan said that Divine Rune Master was so scarce even in Heavenly Border Continent. Plus, he didnt have the status nor any acquaintance who was able to invite someone from that degree to help fix the place. And Even if he got the chance to meet one somehow, he surely wouldnt be able to pay them as the cost to fix that level of an array must be really high!

Nonetheless, unless that Ye Qingxuan can reunite the Spirit Race, he doubted that he could find any Divine Rune Master anytime soon.

Take me to the easiest one to fix, for now, lets see what can I do for now. Yi Tianyun said to Old Xuan commandingly. Old Xuan just nodded and led the way to the easiest array to fix.

This is a Third Grade Array, it is just a simple and small spirit converging array. As far as I know, the damage is not that severe. Old Xuan said solemnly.

Yi Tianyun just nodded and checked the array immediately, as far as his knowledge goes, the array was working just fine even though that it was slightly broken as Old Xuan suggested. The knowledge he got from Ye Qingxuan is the only knowledge that he had for now, and it seems that fixing this was supposed to be easy, but since he didnt have any skill to do so at the moment.

He immediately reached for Divine Wood and Divine Rune Stroke that he had.

Divine Wood was the basic material for any Divine Rune works, either it to fix or to create any new array.

Divine Rune Stroke was the tool needed to engrave the divine runes on the Divine Wood, you could also use your fingers to engrave the rune to the Divine Wood, but only those with the advanced level of Rune Mastery could master this. As for now, he needed all he could to increase the chance of success to fix the array!

When he started to examine the array, he quickly searched for the vital spot to place the rune. He immediately remembered that Ye Qingxuan left him some gift for this exact purpose. She has given Heavenly Eyes Innate Ability as a token of gratitude.

Heavenly Eyes, activates! Yi Tianyuns eyes flashed immediately with a blue hue light. His vision changed slightly, now he could see a color play around him. This color that he could see indicating the existence of an array, now he could see the array clearly and could see which part of the array was damaged so that he didnt have to examine every part frantically.

Now, he finally really understood the meaning behind why Lei Yun didnt kill Ye Qingxuan immediately. This Innate Ability was very useful!

Innate Ability couldnt be stolen. It is, however, could be transferred to another person. So, Lei Yun, who had his eyes on that Innate Ability, would do anything to obtain it, even torturing Ye Qingxuan until she gave up and transfer the Innate Ability to Lei Yun. But a slight headache immediately hit him when he activated the Heavenly Eyes. He realized that Heavenly Eyes consumed a lot of energy to be activated. In his case, the Heavenly Eyes drained his Spiritual Power!

He proceeded to fix the array immediately as he didnt want to use Heavenly Eyes for too long. He stood at the place that the array splintered and broke apart a little of the Divine Woods and began to engrave the woods with runes using the Divine Rune Stroke. The woods immediately glowed in golden color, and the arrays splinter connected again, indicating the array was fixed.


Successfully repaired Third Grade Spirit Gathering Array.

Reward: 2.000 Exp, 50 Basic Level Divine Rune Mastery Points.

His hunch was right! He could get Divine Rune Mastery from actually fixing one, now he could increase his Mastery by repetitively fixing the array with low requirement around the ruins!

The array began to glow with a slightly blue hue, and the spiritual energy around the ruins was slightly enhanced, which meant everyone in Jade Palace now could cultivate faster than before! It was perfect for his ambition to make the Jade Palace not only a Third Level Faction but a Fourth Level Faction or even Fifth Level Faction!

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