Crazy Leveling System Chapter 182

Chapter 182 As Usual

Chapter 182: As Usual

Yi Tianyun was satisfied to receive the Divine Rune Mastery as his quest reward. But he thought that if he reaches an Advanced Level Divine Rune Master, this tournament would be like a walk in the park.

This second stage was very different from the previous stage, but it was still easy for Yi Tianyun.

This stage wont be only about the speed, the level of the constitution you have would be tested as well! Li Tianlong said.

I am sure that some of you would do great! Li Tianlong said this time with a smile plastered on his face. He didnt speak for several people, but he talked to all of the participants in the arena. During his speech, everyone in the arena already thought of their own strategy to get a better result.

As Li Tianlong finished his speech about the rules, the deacon started to distribute the Divine Rune Paper to be used for the second stage. They distributed it fairly to all of the contestants on the stage.

I am looking forward to seeing your struggle on the First Grade Divine Rune again! Lin Li said mockingly to Yi Tianyun.

Dont worry, I am not as stupid as you! Yi Tianyun countered, irritating Lin Li even more.

Lets see what youre actually capable of then. Lin Li said spitefully.

After everyone received their Divine Rune Paper, Li Tianlong gave the signal to the deacon to flip the hourglass once again, signaling contestants that the second stage is already started.

Everyone started to draw their Divine Rune as fast as they could, releasing spiritual power at the same time, filling the arena with spiritual power. However, a lot of the spectators eyes were still on Yi Tianyun, they were curious about what would Yi Tianyun do on the second stage.

Yi Tianyun casually grabbed his Divine Rune Stroke and began to draw his first Divine Rune. Much to everyones disbelief, Yi Tianyun once again drew a First Grade Divine Rune leisurely.

First Grade Divine Rune? everyone said in disbelief. Wang Family Head wasnt really trying to hold back his laugh in front of Zhu Tianhong.

It seems that kid only knows how to draw First Grade Divine Rune, no wonder he could draw a multi-layered Divine Rune on the first stage, his understanding on the First Grade Divine Rune is remarkable! Wang Family Head said mockingly.

Yeah, First Grade Divine Rune is too low. There is no way he can win against Lin Li with that! another Family Head said, backing Wang Family Heads word.

Everyone on the spectator seat looked at Yi Tianyun and Zhu Tianhong with ridicule, they looked down on him for drawing such a low-grade Divine Rune on a high demand tournament.

Wow, I really overestimated you! I guess all you could draw is First Grade Divine Rune like I predicted. Lin Li said with an eye full of pity.

Zhu Tianhong just sat at his spectator seat speechless, he didnt know what was Yi Tianyun thinking for once again drew First Grade Divine Rune now. He knew that Yi Tianyun was able to draw a higher grade Divine Rune!

The rest of the spectator badmouthed Yi Tianyun as well. They thought that Yi Tianyun was a one-trick pony, who didnt know when to give up. They laughed on their own joke about Yi Tianyun thinking that Yi Tianyun wasnt a notable participant like they thought he was.

Yuwei, why would Elder Yi draw First Grade Divine Rune again? He wouldnt be able to catch up this way! Zhu Yuxuan said worriedly to Zhu Yuwei.

I dont know why myself, elder sister. Elder Yi is known for his unpredictability since he chooses to draw First Grade Divine Rune, there must be a reason why he does that. Zhu Yuwei said confidently.

Zhu Yuwei completely trusted Yi Tianyuns decision no matter what. Zhu Yuxuan also believed Yi Tianyun, but she didnt know Yi Tianyun as well as Zhu Yuwei, as her time with Yi Tianyun was brief!

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